You Must Try These 9 Best And Most Popular Spanish Candies!

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Without a question, Spain is one of the world’s best vacation locations. For example, the nation is renowned to host some of the world’s most important ancient sites. Aside from that, Spain boasts some of the world’s greatest and most popular foods, sweets, and candies.

While we’re on the subject of Spanish cuisine, paella and potato omelet are two dishes that come to mind when visitors visit the nation. Few people think about Spanish sweets, which are unquestionably among the greatest in the world.

That being said, throughout the remainder of this post, I’ll be sharing with you some of the greatest and most popular Spanish sweets you should taste. So, without further ado, let’s get right to work.

9 Best Spanish Snacks and Candy

Are you planning a trip to Spain but are unsure what to do once you arrive? If you answered yes, there are several options for relaxing. For example, you might eat some of the finest foods and delicacies in the nation.

In case you didn’t know, Spanish sweets are among the greatest in the world. The candies come in a broad range of forms and formulations. Surprisingly, you do not need to go to Spain to enjoy the sweets. Yes, you can always get some of the greatest and most famous Spanish sweets online and have them delivered right to your door.

That being stated, you may find some of the most popular and tastiest Spanish sweets to sample after your meals listed below.


Mantecado is a sort of pastry biscuit created using typical Spanish ingredients. You’ll feel like a true Spaniard if you eat these sweets over the holidays. This is because Mantecados are traditional Christmas treats that pair well with coffee, tea, or other hot beverages.


Turrn, commonly known as Spanish nougat candy, is one of Spain’s best-known and most popular sweets. Turrn is a southern European nougat confection dating back to the 15th century.

Turrn’s major components are honey, sugar, egg whites, roasted almonds, and a few additional nuts. Turrn is often prepared in the form of a rectangular tablet or a circular cake.

Turrn is also primarily eaten in Spain, Italy, and a few other nations, particularly those that were formerly part of the Spanish Empire. Turrn, which comes in numerous varieties, is usually served as a traditional Christmas dessert.


Lacasitos is widely regarded as one of the greatest and most popular Spanish sweets available. Lacasa S.A., a Zaragoza-based Spanish candy firm, originally created the sweet in 1982.

Furthermore, the Lacasitos chocolate product has a spherical form with a diameter of roughly 1cm. The chocolate is available in seven various colors: white, green, yellow, brown, red, blue, and orange.

Milk and chocolate are two of the major components needed to make Lacasitos. Whole milk powder, cocoa mass, lactose, butter, emulsifiers, and natural flavoring are among the constituents in the chocolate. Skimmed milk powder, candy-coated chocolate, soy lecithin, and other components are also utilized in the candy.


Mayuca cookies are similar to Mantecado cookies, however they have a stronger flavor. As a result, they are great for dipping in warm milk.

These cookies may also be used to make a cheesecake foundation.


Conguitos ranks third on the list of the greatest and most popular Spanish candies. Conguitos is a traditional Spanish candy made by Lacasa, the same firm that makes Lacasitos. Lacasa launched Conguitos in 1987, five years after the first manufacture of the famous Lacasitos sweets.

Conguitos are also available in a variety of flavors. The original, for example, includes chocolate. Other items include chocolate with Milk Conguitos, White Conguitos, and Conguitos Mini-Shocobolas.

Peanuts are the main component in Conguitos. It is often roasted for around 20 minutes before being mixed with additional ingredients such as sugar, glucose, chocolate, milk, and a few others.


Huesitos ranks fourth on the list of the most popular and finest Spanish candies available. Chocolates Hueso, a Zaragoza-based firm, first developed the sweet in 1975.

Huesitos is a chocolate and wafer bar made with a variety of ingredients, including milk chocolate and cocoa. Furthermore, the candy comes in three varieties: Huesitos Superchoc, Huesitos Blanco, and Huesitos Leche.

Huesitos also has a high nutritional value for humans. For example, its 100g product has 500 calories, 65.2 grams of carbs, 6 grams of protein, 23.8 grams of fat, and less than 0.4 grams of sodium.

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Kinder Bueno

Another famous Spanish candy that you should try is Kinder Bueno. Ferrero, a well-known confectionery company, invented this sweet in 1978.

Kinder Bueno comes in a variety of flavors, with the primary components being hazelnut cream and chocolate. Some of the items also include white nougat and white chocolate.

Kinder Bueno is high in nutrients. For example, each 100g of the product has 560 kcal of calories, 53.5 grams of carbohydrate, and 8.7 grams of protein.


Fresquitos is ranked sixth on the list of the most popular and finest Spanish candies available. Fresquitos are a kind of Spanish candy with a stick and acidulated powder.

Yes, Fresquitos are sweet like a lollipop stick. It comes with a bag of sweet acidulated powder. To eat the candy, dip the stick into the bag for a more sweetening sensation. Furthermore, there are other varieties of Fresquitos available, the most prevalent of which being cherry, coke, and strawberry.

Chupa Chups

Chupa Chups are an excellent product to consider trying if you’re seeking for Spanish candy. The Spanish sweet comes in a variety of flavors, including lollipops and bubble gum.

Furthermore, Chupa Chups are regarded as the first lollipop ever created. Enric Bernat, the originator of the Chupa Chups lollipop firm, which has its headquarters in Barcelona, Spain, first created it in 1958.

Although Chupa Chups is mostly consumed in Spain, the products are also sold in several other countries across the world. The major components used in the goods are sugar, glucose syrup, whey milk powder, and fruit puree, which comes in a variety of flavors such as apple, strawberry, cherry, raspberry, lime, pineapple, lemon, and many more.

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What Is Traditional Spanish Candy?

Turrn is one of the most popular and delicious Spanish candies you should taste. It is historically drank in Spain and a few other former Spanish Empire nations. Turrn candies are primarily enjoyed during the holidays.


What is the must try Spanish candy?

The Most Popular Chocolates in Spain

What is the most popular chocolate in Spain?

VALOR is Spain’s biggest and most prominent chocolate manufacturer. The firm first opened its doors in the province of Valencia in 1881, and it was an immediate success. Valor chocolate is now available in every store in Spain; my favorite bar is their extra dark chocolate with nuts.

What is the most popular Christmas candy in Spain?

Turrón is the most traditional Christmas confection in Spain. It is created using pure honey, sugar, almonds, and egg whites, however these components may be increased if a less common turrón is used.

What is the most popular candy in Barcelona?

Turrón. Torró is a thick nougat and almond tablet in Catalan. It is without a doubt the most popular holiday treat in Barcelona and across Spain.

What is Hispanic favorite candy?

#1 Mazapan De La Rosa

These delicious crumbly treats will melt in your tongue straight immediately. De la Rosa Mazapan, a chocolate-covered speciality mazapan, is a delightful salty-sweet peanut treat.

What are the top 3 most popular candies?

According to, the following are the top ten sweets in America:
Tamales are spicy.
Sour Patch Children.
Kisses from Hershey’s.
Tootsie Rolls.
Sweet corn.

What sweets are Spain known for?

The Best Desserts in Spain
Flan. The best way to end a great lunch in Spain is with a flan cake | Unsplash | Kobby Mendez.
Arroz with Leche (Rice with Milk).
Tarta de Queso (Cheese Tart).
Catalan crema.
Santiago tarta.
Tocino del Cielo, also known as Tocinillo de Cielo.
Churros with chocolate.
Sandwich with cheese.

What is the most popular sweet in Spain?

Flan. The Spanish flan is a caramel dessert prepared from milk, sugar, and eggs. It’s served in practically every bar and restaurant in Madrid and beyond, making it the king of all Spanish sweets.

What sweets to bring from Spain?

Churros with Chocolate (A Traditional Spanish Dessert!) Churros with chocolate are a famous and adored Spanish pastry.
Torrijas. Torrija is the Spanish word for french toast.
Catalan crema.
Yema de Santa Teresa is a fictional character.
Rice with milk.
Buenos dias de Viento.

What is the most famous in snack Spain?

Churros are perhaps Spain’s most famous and well-known food. These fried dough pieces covered in chocolate are a delectable way to start the day. They are available for breakfast as well as in the afternoon when folks want a snack!

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