Whoopie Pie vs. Moon Pie: What’s the Different and Which Is Better?

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Moon Pie and whoopie pie are two names that spring to mind when we think back on the sweets and desserts that pleased us as children. Maybe you had a preference for one over the other. Maybe you liked them both equally. In any case, these snacks have made many youngsters happy. But what are the distinctions between them, and which is superior?

Moon pies are made out of two chocolate-coated graham crackers with a marshmallow filling, while whoopie pies are made up of two layers of chocolate cakes or soft cookies with a marshmallow core. Moon Pies are a trademark of the Chattanooga bakery, but whoopie pies are a generic term for similar sorts of cookies.

Today, we’ll put on our nostalgia goggles and examine two famous confectionaries. We will go into their history, manufacture, variants, and much more.

Whoopie Pie vs. Moon Pie: Differences

Let us first examine those distinctions in further depth.


The origins of Moon Pie are a fairly quirky affair. Call it a folktale or a factual narrative, your choice. Nevertheless, in 1917, a traveling salesman named Earl Mitchel asked a Kentucky coal miner what kind of snack he preferred. In answer, the miner ordered a snack the size of the moon.

Earl Mitchel took this request and reported back to Tennessee’s Chattanooga bakery. The moon pie was created in response to this request by the bakery. Since then, the popularity of Moon Pies has expanded steadily. [1]

Whoopie pies do not have such a fun backstory. However, it is believed that this pie became famous in the Amish community due to the use of leftover batter. The pie was originally sold commercially in 1925 at a tiny bakery in Lewiston, Maine.

The explanation for its naming system is, once again, extremely imaginative. As soon as they opened their lunch boxes, children who received this pie exclaimed whoopie. As a result, the term whoopie pie was adopted.

Taste and Texture

The texture of whoopie pies is soft and delicate. It’s similar to a tiny cake with a marshmallow icing filling. This is also why whoopie pies are often bigger. They have a bigger, fluffier shell and more filling.

A Moon Pie, on the other hand, has a crisp and hard exterior. The graham crackers provide much-needed crunch, which contrasts well with the creamy marshmallow middle.

Moon Pie’s chocolate is also in the shape of a thin, silky coat. The whoopie pie, on the other hand, is similar to a chocolate-flavored cake.


While both have a marshmallow core and a chocolatey coating, Moon Pies and whoopie pies are substantially different.

A Moon Pie is made out of a marshmallow filling and two huge, spherical graham cracker slices. After then, a thin coating of chocolate is applied to the whole object.

A conventional whoopie pie, on the other hand, consists of two huge, round slices of cake or soft cookies sandwiching a marshmallow center.

Whoopie pies are often bigger in size than Moon Pies. Some whoopie pies are small enough to hold with one hand, while others may be split apart like cakes. Moon Pies also have a flatter look since they contain less filling.


The Moon Pie has undergone various modifications since its conception. There are currently a variety of tastes available, ranging from strawberry and banana to vanilla and salted caramel. There are also single-decker and double-decker catalogs available. For a bigger Moon Pie, the double-decker uses three graham crackers.

The variants are less formal since whoopie pies are not a trademarked product. Various bakeries may specialize in whoopie pies. Chocolate is the most prevalent taste profile. But, other types, such as pumpkin and strawberries, have grown in favor.


Moon Pies, being a branded item, comes in an officially licensed packaging. The individual pies are wrapped in plastic. The pies are then packed in a single box and distributed to various locations around the nation.

Depending on the bakery or company that sells them, whoopie pies may come in a variety of containers.

Whoopie Pie Vs. Moon Pie: Which Is Better?

Despite the fact that both are marshmallow-based treats, whoopie pies and moon pies provide diverse sensations.

Whoopie pies are more like cake, while Moon Pies are more like cookies or smores. Moon Pies provide some crunch to the fluffy marshmallow. This may provide much-needed diversity to your palette. Whoopie pies are often soft all the way through.

But with whoopie pies, you have a lot more leeway. You may build it yourself and make it as large or tiny as you like.

Hence, if you want varied textures in the same dish, Moon Pies are the way to go. But, if you prefer a soft cake and don’t mind the homogeneous texture, whoopie pies are more likely to please you.

What Chocolates Are Similar to Moon Pies?

Numerous other firms have created their own versions of marshmallow filling spread between graham crackers or other comparable items. These are some goods that might give you the sensation of a Moon Pie:

  • The Wagon Wheel
  • Marshmallow Pies by Little Debbie
  • The Ding Dongs
  • Chocolate Cake

To summarize, both Moon Pies and Whoopie Pies have thrilled many generations of both children and adults. And they’re still doing it, adding additional variants and complexity to their formula with time.


What is the difference between a MoonPie and a whoopie pie?

Unlike airy Whoopie pies, the marshmallow core of the MoonPie is sandwiched between soft graham cracker-like cookies rather than cake. The chocolate covering surrounds the dessert (other options include vanilla, salted caramel, banana, orange, lemon, and strawberry).

Are whoopie pies like moon pies?

Whoopie Pie vs. Moon Pie – Let’s start with a frequent misconception: Whoopie Pies are not the same as Moon Pies. A typical moon pie features graham cracker cookies sandwiched between marshmallow filling and then coated in chocolate. That sounds good…but it’s not a Whoopie!

Do moon pies taste good?

Based of the brilliant look, you’d think the taste would be considerably greater. Stomachs presumably like the more neutral tastes since they don’t appear to become irritated when they’re served Moon Pie after a long day of work. The general taste of the dessert is cookie and marshmallow, with a tinge of banana.

What’s the difference between a moon pie and a scooter pie?

Scooter Pies are a Moon Pie variation named after New York Yankees infielder Phil “Scooter” Rizzuto. They consist of two graham-like crackers sandwiching a layer of chocolate-covered marshmallow.

Are Moon Pies crunchy or soft?

What’s the deal with this not being a s’more? The structure is different, and the finished result has a considerably softer feel than the crispy campfire favorite. Marshmallow is sandwiched between two spherical graham cracker cookies, which are covered in a small coating of chocolate.

Why are whoopie pies so high in calories?

The serving size is one of the main reasons whoopie pies are so high in calories. One sandwich has the equivalent of around ten sandwich cookies, or at least four servings. You may manage the portion size and lower it to a more sensible level by cooking them in your own kitchen.

What is the equivalent of Moon Pie?

comparable goods

A comparable product known as a “Scooter Pie” and a single-cracker marshmallow biscuit known as “Mallomars” are available in northern parts of the United States. Little Debbie also sells “Marshmallow Pies,” which are essentially similar to moon pies.

Are moon pies chewy?

Moon Pies are soft and chewy, with a rich and creamy filling. They are chalky and crunchy, similar to malted milk balls.

What does whoopie pie taste like?

The traditional whoopie pie consists of chocolate cakes with vanilla flavored filling, however current whoopie pies come in a variety of flavor combinations; generally sweet, but some savory as well!

What is the best tasting pie in the world?

The top eight pies from across the globe
The Scotch Pie. Check it out at Pirie and Son in Newtyle, Angus.
The bako pie. Taste it at Orient: The Original Buko Pie Bakeshop in Los Baos, Philippines. Soparnik. Taste it at La Bûche in Québec City. Check it out at Soparnik.eu, Dalmatia.
vlaai limburgse…
Butter pie. Karjalanpiirakka. Cherry pie.
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