Which is better, Dairy Queen or Baskin-Robbins?

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Ice cream and summers have become synonymous, particularly among vacationing families. In the same vein, the names Dairy Queen and Baskin Robbins have become household names. As a result, the issue of which choice is preferable emerges.

Because of its 31 flavors mantra and over 6,700 stores globally, Baskin Robbins offers a considerably greater flavor choice and distribution. Dairy Queen has the benefit of not only specializing in ice cream, but also being a fast food restaurant that can give you a full course meal before the dessert comes.

We placed two of the biggest brands in the fast-food ice cream market, Baskin Robbins and Dairy Queen, in this article. Therefore, let’s examine how they compare in terms of flavor, unique characteristics, franchise strength, popularity, and so on. Finally, I’ll answer your question on which of them is superior.

Dairy Queen Vs. Baskin Robbins: Differences

Before you decide whether Dairy Queen or Baskin Robbins is superior, let me tell you more about the elements that set one apart from the other.


Let us begin this comparison with the most important factor: flavor! This is what will eventually gain you more clients than the advantages you provide.

We’ll start with Dairy Queen since it was the first. And there’s no better place to start than with their Blizzard item. The Blizzard, their most famous invention, is not really ice cream since it lacks adequate butterfat. Fans, on the other hand, couldn’t care less since this combination of soft-serve and customized mix-ins has been satisfying their taste for decades.

But, DQ is not limited to the frozen domain of ice cream. They also provide a full-service fast-food menu. Dairy Queen offers everything from burgers to fries, cakes to smoothies. And the majority of them are delicious enough to make you forget about the crazy number of calories some of these foods contain.

Baskin Robbins, on the other hand, solely provides frozen treats and does not have a similarly varied range. But, the variety they provide in that sector is simply unequaled. The tagline that placed Baskin Robbins on the map, 31 flavors, alludes to their speciality of having one flavor for each day of the month.

And they can make some fascinating choices, such as their Rocky Road cone or the limited edition Reeses 3-Pointer. While some of their options may fall short in terms of texture variety, you are guaranteed to discover at least one flavor that appeals to your taste buds.


It’s right there in the name. Baskin-Robbins’ major draw and marketing technique has always been their tagline “31 flavors.” Their attempt to provide at least one distinct taste for each day of a 31-day month placed them on the map. And they’ve only improved on that original concept, creating some unique and frequently limited-edition versions.

To uphold their commitment, Baskin Robbins offers consumers to try as many flavors as they like before making a final selection. Their small pink spoons have become nearly as synonymous with their brand as their motto.

Dairy Queen’s speciality is that you may start with a full course dinner and then finish with ice cream for dessert. Unlike prominent companies like Ben & Jerry’s or Baskin-Robbins, DQ takes pleasure in offering delectable meals and sweets. As a result, they are the obvious option when it comes to satisfying both your stomach and your taste senses.


You have two fast food industry behemoths here. Dairy Queen sold about $4 billion in goods in the United States alone in 2020. Dairy Queen began in 1938 with a single location in Illinois.

They now own over 5,700 locations globally, including over 4,300 of them in the United States. Except for Vermont, they have at least one shop in each state.

Yet, Baskin Robbins is not far behind in terms of reach. They were founded in 1946 with the merging of two ice cream shops and now have over 6,700 locations under their name in over 50 countries worldwide. In the United States alone, there are about 2,700 Baskin Robbins locations. This makes them the world’s biggest ice cream retailer.

Of course, Dairy Queen’s franchise price is substantially greater than Baskin Robbins’. DQ has established a $45,000 franchise fee, albeit with a lesser royalty rate. The lowest beginning price for a Baskin Robbins franchise is $25,000, plus a royalty charge of 5.9%.


A scoop of ice cream costs $2.19 (kids scoop), $2.79 (single scoop), and $3.99 at Baskin Robbins (double scoop). Their cones range in price from $0.99 to $1.49, depending on the quantity. They feature a variety of sundae selections ranging in price from $3.49 to $6.69.

Dairy Queen’s sizes do not have such sophisticated names. They just have small, medium, and big sizes for their Sunday snacks, shakes, and cones. Blizzard features an extra minor category. The Mini Blizzard costs $2.89, the Small $3.69, the Medium $4.09, and the Large $4.69.

Their ice cream cones cost between $1.99 and $3.19. Shakes cost $2.99 (small), $3.89 (medium), or $4.59 (large) (large).


It comes as no surprise that both of these firms are quite popular in the United States. In fact, due to its worldwide distribution, Baskin Robbins is possibly the most popular ice cream parlor chain in the world.

Dairy Queen’s fame stems from two factors. They are well-known for their dessert offerings. Yet, they are also a popular eating location. Dairy Queen is a more popular brand in the United States than Baskin-Robbins due to its more extensive eating options.

Dairy Queen Vs. Baskin Robbins: Which is Better?

It all depends on what you’re searching for. There is more to Dairy Queen than simply the dessert department. Thus, whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or supper, they have a more diverse menu.

Yet, if you want to satisfy your sweet taste with more varieties than you can imagine, Baskin Robbins is the place to go.

To summarize, there is a reason why these two brands have achieved such recognition and success. Both have played important roles in the American fast food sector as well as in your summer vacation.


Why Baskin Robbins is the best?

Baskin Robbins takes their ice cream production very seriously. In the procedure, they utilize actual dairy milk. In addition, they employ a variety of high-quality components in their dishes. They’ll add pistachios, almonds, walnuts, and even bits of name-brand candy bars depending on the taste.

Who is Dairy Queen’s biggest competitor?

Chipotle Mexican Grill, Jack in the Box, and White Castle are Dairy Queen’s biggest rivals. Summary of Competitors. Watch how Dairy Queen stacks up against its biggest rivals: KFC employs the most people (820,000).

Who is Baskin Robbins biggest competitor?

According to Similarweb monthly visit statistics, coldstonecreamery.com is the top competitor in February 2023, with 760.5K visitors. baskinrobbins.com Benjerry.com is the second most similar site, with 508.5K views in February 2023, while dunkindonuts.com rounds out the top three with 4.7M.

What’s the most popular ice cream at Dairy Queen?

The M&Ms Blizzard is one of the most popular products on the Dairy Queen menu, and it’s simple to see why.

What is Baskin-Robbins best selling flavor?

Mint Chocolate Chip has been one of the most popular flavors at Baskin Robbins since its inception, whether on a hot summer day or as an after-dinner treat.

What is the most unhealthy food in Baskin-Robbins?

Men’s Health magazine has published their yearly list of the “Worst Meals.” Taking the top rank as the worst meal in the country? Baskin-Robbins’ big Chocolate Oreo Shake. This bad guy has 2,600 calories, 135 grams of fat (59 percent of which is saturated), 263 grams of sugar, and 1,700 milligrams of salt.

What is the most famous ice cream in Baskin-Robbins?

Vanilla, Chocolate, Mint Chocolate Chip, Pralines ‘n Cream, and Chocolate Chip are the top five selling Baskin-Robbins ice cream flavors.

What is Dairy Queen best known for?

or cookies, brownies, or candies. Since its launch in 1985, when Dairy Queen sold more than 100 million Blizzards, it has been a menu mainstay. The Blizzard is a famous Dairy Queen delicacy that is soft-serve mechanically combined with mix-in items such as sundae toppings and sprinkles.

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