Where Can I Get Graza Olive Oil? [6 Locations]

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Graza has lately captivated the internet’s attention, and for good cause. They sell single-source olive oil in two varieties: Sizzle for cooking and Drizzle for drizzling. They also come in a squeezable container for added convenience.

If you want to discover why people adore Graza or if you just need to resupply, check out these places.

Whole Foods Market

Unless you live in the country, there is almost certainly a Whole Foods Market near you. And if you’re shopping for Graza olive oil, you’re in luck: all Whole Foods shops carry bottles of Graza’s Sizzle and Drizzle.

If you don’t have time to go shopping, remember that Amazon can deliver Whole Foods things to your door. Hence, in a manner, Amazon might also be an alternative for you while looking for bottles of Graza Olive Oil; however, you must first have a Prime subscription.

The Fresh Market

Does Whole Foods disappoint you with their Graza selection, or is it at an inconvenient location for you? Then you should check out The Fresh Market. If you do discover a bottle in one of The Fresh Markets locations, you may as well pick up a few other products to go with it.

Sadly, unlike Whole Foods, The Fresh Market does not provide delivery. Hence, if you want to check a different shop for bottles of Graza olive oil, you’ll have to go there yourself.


Residents of the Northeastern states, Virginia, North Carolina, and Washington, DC may get bottles of Graza olive oil at their local Wegmans. The popular olive oil is available at all of the grocery chain’s locations.

The main disadvantage is that the farther you go from the Northeastern states, the less likely you are to locate a Wegmans nearby. If you’re fortunate enough to have one, but they’re out of Graza, you’ll have to wait for a resupply or find another bottle.


Given how common Meijer is in the Midwest, you should have no trouble finding a location near you. Those who reside farther away may need to travel to their nearest Meijer to check for Graza stock.


If you reside in an area having a Shoprite shop, don’t disregard it in your search. The cooperative supermarket is also listed as an approved goods reseller on Grazas’ website.

Shoprite also provides groceries delivery services if you prefer to purchase online. It’s worth a shot to see if they can send a bottle or two of Graza olive oil right to your home.

Graza’s Online Store

I recognize that the majority of the shops mentioned above are regional chains or are only available in big cities. If you reside in a small town or in the country, you will need a different alternative.

Graza, thankfully, provides an internet shop for those who cannot visit particular stores. Each bottle is sent separately or as a bundle. Graza also provides subscription programs that save you 10% and allow you to choose the delivery frequency to monthly, every two months, or every three months.


Where is Graza olive oil located?

Spain, Jaen

Graza is the name of the olive oil. We’re manufactured from 100% Picual olives from Jaen, Spain, which produces more than half of the world’s olive oil.

Who owns Graza olive oil?

Graza is a co-founder on LinkedIn. CEO Andrew Benin

Can you drizzle extra virgin olive oil?

Drizzle, like a sprinkle of flaky salt or a superb condiment, offers a tremendous explosion of flavor immediately before you bite in. (This is why it’s referred to as a finishing oil!) Drizzle’s tastes are delicate, so keep it away from the flame.

Who founded Graza olive oil?

Andrew Benin developed Graza to support his passion of cooking and his conviction that everything tastes better with olive oil.

What is the world’s best olive oil?

The Greatest Olive Oils in the World
Brazil, Capolivo Koroneiki. … Château d’Estoublon Béruguette in France. Aglandau…. Pasolivo Classic. America. San Antonio Mix. Croatia. Frantoio. Monte Amiata Mixture. Italy. Medium. The Gay Farmer Early Harvest. Spain. Medium. Organic…. Laurel & Flame. Greece. Olvia Organic is from Greece. Organic.
More to come…

Where is Costco olive oil from?

Manufactured in Italy, Kirkland Signature Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Val Di Mazara, 1 L.

Who is the largest olive oil producer in the US?

California Olive Ranch (COR), the country’s biggest olive oil producer, received a Gold and two Silver Medals at the 2022 NYIOOC.

What is the most expensive bottle of olive oil ever sold?

Seferihisar Belediyesi produces the world’s most expensive olive oil. A half-liter bottle of the world’s most expensive olive oil was sold in Seferihisar for 22.000 TL (6040 USD). The olive oil collected from ancient trees in Seferihisar has been auctioned off at the Teos archeological site.

What not to do with extra virgin olive oil?

Cooking with olive oil at high temperatures is not recommended.

And where there’s smoke, there’ll be fire shortly. This is why extra virgin olive oil, with a low smoke point ranging from 350°F to 410°F, should not be used for high heat cookery, particularly frying.

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