Where Can I Get Blackpink Oreo? Is it available in the United States?

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To celebrate variety, the K-pop girl band Blackpink and the Oreo brand agreed to cooperate and bring out the best in each other, giving birth to the Blackpink Oreo. The Blackpink Oreo is the same delectable sandwich cookie that we’ve all come to know and love, but in a new box and with a more modern appearance. So, where can you get Blackpink Oreo?

The Asian market includes the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, and South Korea. They are very limited edition and are not yet available in the United States. However, Blackpink Oreos may be ordered online.

Because Blackpink Oreos are becoming more popular and seem quite appealing, it is only logical to question where you can acquire them. In the following sections, I’ll explain what Blackpink Oreos are and where you may get them.

Where to Find Blackpink Oreo?

Where to Buy Blackpink Oreo? Is It Available in the US?

Blackpink Oreos are presently exclusively accessible in Asia. They may be found in the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, and South Korea, among other places. You may, however, purchase them online.

However, purchasing Blackpink Oreos online and picking them up in store are not the same thing since you will be charged for delivery. Shipping fees vary depending on where you live, however you will spend more than the price of the Blackpink Oreos.

Furthermore, you will have to wait at least two weeks for these delectable treats to arrive. Furthermore, the online availability of Blackpink Oreos is quite restricted, since it is not carried by the larger and more established online retailers. As a result, you’ll have to go through some lesser-known websites to find Blackpink Oreos.

This isn’t an issue in and of itself, but they are unreliable and often closed due to maintenance, which may occasionally take a day or two. The good news is that you can get them through Amazon; however, they only offer package deals, which are now out of stock.

Where to Buy Blackpink Oreo In The US?

Blackpink Oreos are not yet available in the United States. However, rumors suggest that this is soon to change. The Blackpink fans, aka the Blinks, are speaking out on this issue. There are also Reddit discussions and other online communities where people actively work to make this happen.

Even if you live in the United States, you can still get Blackpink Oreos online. However, the internet retailers that offer Blackpink Oreos are often down for maintenance, not to mention the extra fees that arise from online buying.

Furthermore, access to the official Blackpink Oreo website is limited to some regions of the globe; however, the United States does not come under this category, so you may get them from there. Nonetheless, you will be charged for the shipping separately.

What Does Blackpink Oreo Taste Like? 

In a nutshell, Blackpink Oreos are amazing. They retain the distinctive Oreo charm while being pleasantly new and fresh. There are two kinds of sandwich cookies in the package. Brown cookies with hot pink strawberry filling and pink cookies with deep dark brown chocolate filling are available.

Both are really tasty and combine the expressive tastes of chocolate and strawberry. They are not only visually appealing, but also incredibly colorful, with crunchy cookies on the surface and creamy filling on the inside.

The box is black and pink to match the Blackpink band colors, and the cookies are also black and pink.


Where can we get Blackpink Oreo?

You may get a broad variety of blackpink oreo cookie online in India on Etsy, from one-of-a-kind handmade selections to antique treasures waiting to be cherished again.

Are the Blackpink Oreos coming to the US?

The much-anticipated Blackpink Oreos are officially available. There are whole boxes and mini packs available. There are no PC ones yet. Oreos come in chocolate or strawberry flavors, and they’re really rather tasty.

Is Blackpink Oreo Limited Edition?

Oreo has released a limited-edition cookie pack inspired by the worldwide K-pop (Korean pop) group BlackPink.

How do I get a Blackpink Oreo card?

Sign up and complete the form. Choose a member of Blackpink to meet you. Scan the BARCODE located at the bottom of your OREO pack. Wait for your customized video!

What is the rare Oreo?

The cookies have the standard Oreo branding on one side and the Pokemon characters on the other. There are 16 distinct characters, with the legendary Pokemon Mew reportedly being the most uncommon. I began browsing the Oreos, and believe it or not, the third one I chose from a package of 32 cookies was…. a Mew.

What OREO flavors are not sold in the US?

10 Oreo Cookies You Won’t Find in the United States
8 8.

Will BLACKPINK come to USA?

After their North American tour concludes in 2022, they will return to the United States.

They will visit cities across Asia, Oceania, and Europe before returning to the United States. Check out the dates listed below. Tickets will go on sale on April 26.

Is BLACKPINK coming to USA?

BLACKPINK has confirmed a North American tour for August of this year, after 14 sold-out gigs in October and November of 2022. More information: BLACKPINK will lead the push for K-pop at Coachella, but are UK festivals slipping behind?

Has BLACKPINK ever sold out?

How Quickly Did Blackpink Tickets Sell? Blackpink tickets were very popular, with several venues totally sold out within minutes. The group’s great popularity, as well as the fact that they are the first K-Pop female group to perform at Coachella, contributed to the strong demand for tickets.

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