What to Eat With Boiled Eggs? [31 Ideas]

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Hard-boiled eggs make a terrific breakfast, lunch, or light supper. They are quite simple to create since the only ingredients required are eggs. As a result, individuals like to offer them to their guests in a variety of ways, resulting in a lot of leftovers. If you’re struggling, you may wonder what to eat with cooked eggs.

You may serve cooked eggs with baby spinach and cherry tomatoes, tuna sandwich, tuna bowl, spaghetti carbonara, wok, asparagus, sausage and beans, and chickpea salad. You may use boiled eggs to create moussaka, egg and tuna spread, hard-boiled egg casserole, or meatloaf.

As you can see, the possibilities are limitless. That is why I prepared this post and compiled a list of food ideas so you can simply identify your favorites and receive some new supper inspiration. You will be able to witness the greatest cooked egg sides and uses for breakfast, lunch, and supper.

What to Eat With Boiled Eggs for Breakfast?

What to Eat With Boiled Eggs? [31 Ideas]

Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day. If that’s the case, let’s make it a tasty one. So, for breakfast, let’s explore what works nicely with hard-boiled eggs.

Eggs and Tuna Spread

Eggs with tuna spread are a delicious way to start the day. The technique is fast and uncomplicated whether you prepare it in the morning or the night before. Simply combine tuna, diced eggs, and a dash of mayonnaise, and you’re done. You may also add some chilli pepper flakes if you want it hot.

If you’re in a hurry, spread it over a piece of bread, or serve it with toasted bruschetta garnished with chopped fresh parsley. This is the way I like it. Simply keep your spread in the refrigerator and consume it within a week, since cooked eggs go bad if not properly preserved or left out for more than a week. [1]

Serving eggs and tuna spread with bruschetta is also a terrific suggestion for finger food at your next get-together. This delectable buffet will wow your visitors!

Eggs and Tofu Spread

Since we’re on the subject of egg spreads, here’s another of my favorites: egg and tofu spread. This is an excellent alternative for those of you who dislike or do not consume fish. This spread is also very simple to create.

Drain the tofu and mash it with a potato masher to make it. Toss the tofu with the chopped eggs and season with salt and pepper to taste. You may add mayonnaise (or vegan mayonnaise for a vegan version) or Dijon mustard for a fuller taste if you want to make it more tasty.

This is a fantastic breakfast alternative that will brighten your day! Combine it with some sliced fresh tomatoes or roasted seeds for an even healthier way to start the day.

Egg Sandwich

Who doesn’t like a decent morning sandwich? This egg sandwich is a delicious way to start the day. And it’s quite simple to create.

Cut your cooked eggs into rough bits and combine them with some mayonnaise. Add a few drops of sour cream, pepper, and salt to taste, and that’s all there is to it. If you like it hot, you can heat it up even more.

Spread the egg mixture over your toast and top with avocados for added benefits. If you want a simple, well-balanced, and nutritious breakfast, an egg sandwich is a great choice!

Eggs, Cottage Cheese and Paprika

I prepare this boiled-egg treat whenever I feel fancy in the morning. Because this requires a little more work, I suggest cooking it just on days when you have extra time in the morning and want to treat yourself to a truly nice meal.

This type of boiled eggs is fast and simple to prepare. After cooking the eggs, all that remains is to cut them in half, remove the yolks, and smash them with a fork. Take some cottage cheese, combine it with the yolks, and season with salt.

Fill the previously separated egg whites with the mixture and serve dusted with paprika. I also like to add some chopped fresh basil, cilantro, or parsley to the filling. This will liven up your morning, making it more vibrant and stylish!

Baked Sausage and Beans

If the last meal option isn’t full enough for you, try an English breakfast. Make a feast out of your filled eggs, roasted sausages, and beans!

All you need to do for this breakfast is bake some chopped sausages over medium heat. You may use canned beans in place of dried beans. Remove the beans from the can, season with salt and pepper, and combine.

Serve everything on a dish with some fresh diced tomato on top. To add some crunch to your breakfast, toast some bread. This is a really full breakfast!


Another delicious cooked egg breakfast option! Believe me, boiled eggs and asparagus go well together. You should absolutely give it a go.

You’ll need a skillet or a saut pan to cook this recipe. Cut your asparagus into 3-inch pieces and place them on a prepared baking sheet. Cook it until it’s done, which normally takes about 5 minutes.

Serve the boiled eggs in tiny pieces over the prepared asparagus. Drizzle everything with lemon juice and you’re done! In less than 15 minutes, you have a fantastic breakfast!

Avocado and Eggs on Graham Crackers

Everyone knows avocados are a healthy breakfast choice, but have you ever tried them this way? What are you waiting for if you haven’t tasted this elegant and nutritious breakfast yet?

Crackers provide crunch, while avocado and egg mix provide healthful fats, minerals, and antioxidants. To make it extra nutritious, I use whole grain or integral crackers, but you may use whatever sort of crackers you choose. This combination complements all of them! [2]

Simply dice your avocados and cooked eggs to create this. Combine them with mayonnaise, salt, and pepper. You may also add a drop or two of lemon juice for added freshness and vitamins.

Bacon and Cheese Egg Sandwich

Bacon and eggs are a marriage made in heaven! And what a unique way to enjoy them. Make a sandwich using boiled eggs!

These no-bread sandwiches resemble small tasty boats. Simply cut cooked eggs in half, sizzle some bacon, and place it between the two halves, along with a piece of cheese, to form the boats. If you’re preparing finger food, you may put anything you want in between the egg halves and secure it with a sandwich toothpick.

Simple, delicious, and effective!

Hummus and Boiled Eggs

Hummus is a great and appetizing breakfast choice that can be coupled with nearly anything. So it’s no surprise that it goes well with cooked eggs.

The richness of hummus pairs well with cooked eggs. When it comes to tastes, don’t be afraid to spice it up with some red pepper or chilly powder; the idea here is to keep it interesting.

Also, when fresh tomatoes are in season, I like to slice them, but my favorite combination is hummus, boiled eggs, and cherry tomatoes this is the finest thing ever, believe me. The colors and tastes will brighten your morning, and getting your day off on the right foot may make it a hundred times better.

What to Eat With Boiled Eggs for Lunch?

What to Eat With Boiled Eggs? [31 Ideas]

I compiled a list of my favorite lunch meals from among a plethora of options. Some are my favorites because they are so simple and easy to create, while others are just too good to leave out. So, here are some of the best boiled egg lunch ideas.

Savory Crepes

Crepes are my favorite food ever since they may be either sweet or savory. When in doubt on what to prepare, make crepes.

Crepes with cooked egg filling are ideal for lunch. Making savory crepes is not as difficult as it may seem at first; just season with salt and pepper to taste, sprinkle with chopped fresh parsley, and bake as many as you want (or as many as you have batter for:)). You don’t have to create a filling for the boiled egg filling; just slice the eggs, stuff them into crepes, and serve with a sour cream-based sauce.

To create the filling, cube the cooked eggs and combine them with mayo and sour cream, season with salt and pepper to taste, and add herbs and spices to suit. Fill the crepes with your favorite sauce and serve!


Who says you can’t have your favorite breakfast meal for lunch? Julienned fried potato pancakes are ideal for trying out new side dish combinations.

Combine hashbrowns with a BLT salad. If you’re unsure what to do with your boiled eggs, just dice them and toss them into your salad. A tasty and simple alternative.

You may also create an egg spread (see the breakfast options section for instructions) and spread it on top of your hashbrowns. Herbs and spices may be used to provide additional taste. Delicious!

Pasta Carbonara

What complements boiling eggs better than pasta? For lunch, try mixing spaghetti carbonara with cooked eggs.

The smoothness of the spaghetti carbonara complements the texture of the cooked eggs, while the saltiness of the ham adds flavor to the eggs’ neutral taste. A well-balanced pairing.

Furthermore, you can simply add to the tastes by selecting a variety of cheese with a stronger flavor and higher quality. Use Pepper Jack cheese to add some zest, or Monterey Jack cheese to provide a bit of sweetness. You may also stick to staples like Parmesan and pecorino. Don’t be hesitant to try new tastes and see what you enjoy!

Hard-boiled Eggs Casserole

If you’re stuck for what to do with your cooked eggs and it’s lunchtime, a casserole is a nice option. It is an effective method to create a meal out of your boiled eggs. It is a basic dish that you can simply prepare ahead of time.

A casserole is fantastic because you can add nearly anything to it, from leftover meat or veggies that have been lying in the fridge for a while to boiled eggs. And each time you receive a wonderful supper with little effort.

To prepare a hard-boiled egg casserole, just cut your eggs in half, stack them in a dish, cover with sliced potatoes, then top with sauce and cheese. You may also top it with chopped fresh cilantro for taste and color.


Moussaka is a delicious lunch meal that goes well with cooked eggs. Moussaka, a creamy, eggplant-based Greek casserole dish, is delicious on its own, but it’s even better with cooked eggs.

If the combination of cooked eggs and moussaka doesn’t appeal to you, try it with tahini. This will make or break the situation. Tahini, made from roasted sesame seeds, will provide the right nutty taste to this combo, taking it to the next level of deliciousness.

This combo is all about flavors and textures complimenting each other.


The greatest combos are minced beef and cooked eggs! This is the first thing that comes to mind when asked to mix anything with cooked eggs for lunch.

Meatloaf may be made into a whole supper in a matter of minutes. Serve with sliced fresh tomatoes sprinkled with pink salt or in a colorful salad. On the side, boil some potatoes and toss them with chopped fresh parsley.

Tomato Sauce and Spaghetti

You may be amazed at how nicely tomato sauce and pasta complement cooked eggs. Making spaghetti with tomato sauce is quite straightforward, and cooked eggs will undoubtedly provide chew.

The predominant taste, though, will come from the tomato sauce. So, to enhance the taste, add some spices, herbs, or roasted seeds. Also, avoid overcooking the pasta. The textures will be off if your pasta becomes mushy.

This is also an excellent option for a quick lunch. If you use a pre-cooked sauce, you can make this in approximately 20 minutes. This manner, you’ll be able to finish your food quickly.


Ramen soup, a substantial meal ideal for chilly weather, is all you need to brighten your day. A decent cup of soup can both warm you up and fill you up.

Ramen soup is a terrific basis to which you can add anything. Add some protein with meat, or some nutrients with steamed spinach; create a flavor and mood-appropriate mix.

Keep in mind, though, that there is perfection in simplicity, so don’t go overboard with add-ins.

Tuna Salad

If you’re in the mood for a salad and have some cooked eggs on hand, why not prepare a tuna salad?

A tuna salad is a delicious way to start the day. Your salad will be perfect when combined with cooked eggs. The colors and tastes instantly stimulate you.

It’s like a much-needed hit of dopamine on a bad day. Simply combine the ingredients in a blender and garnish with sliced cooked eggs. Plus, if you prepare your salad using fresh veggies, it will taste much better.

Spaghetti and Tuna

Another spaghetti recipe! Boiled eggs and spaghetti go well together. So, combine them and enjoy the textures.

If you need to make something fast, simmer your pasta while you take your tuna out of the can and make a sauce. Do you have any cooked eggs? It’s time to eat!

You may obtain a delicious supper that will fill you up and put a smile on your face quickly and simply.

Tuna Bowl

Proteins are linked because like attracts like. This is also why tuna and cooked eggs work so well together. And a tuna bowl is an excellent way to mix the two.

This does not have to be anything elaborate. You can practically create a tuna bowl out of anything you want and believe would go well together. Experimenting is the most effective technique to discover what you dislike. Also, you don’t have to start large by trying out several sorts of lettuce.

You can also add fiber to your tuna salad by adding seeds on top. Flax and sunflower seeds are two of my favorites. You may also add chia if you like a chewier texture, or sesame if you don’t mind the texture but still want to get your fiber fix. [3]


Nothing beats the combination of wok meals and boiled eggs for lunch. All wok dishes go well with boiled eggs. Boiled eggs provide taste, but they are also high in protein, which is essential if you follow a vegetarian diet.

You may also cook an outstanding wok meal with just materials from your cupboard. Add some noodles or rice and cooked eggs for a filling meal. I prefer to mix boiled eggs with a chicken wok. I usually have a yearning for anything pickled after eating this.

So my whole wok boiled egg lunch usually includes pickles, pickled onions, or kimchi if I have some on hand. Pickled foods usually vanish fast in my home.

What to Eat With Boiled Eggs for Dinner?


A delicious supper does not have to be complicated. Enter a delectable mash-up of quesadillas and cooked eggs.

You may either add cooked eggs straight to the quesadillas or serve them on the side. A tasty supper does not have to be visually appealing to be useful.

Boiling eggs will melt nicely into your quesadilla, whether it’s meat or veggie-based. You may easily use a stronger cheese or add additional spice to the mixture for a fuller taste. Whatever you do, you’re certain to have a good time!


Pizza with scrambled eggs? Yes and no. Boiling eggs, whether sliced or whole, make an excellent pizza topping.

Boiling eggs, sliced, make a wonderful pizza topping. The technique is the same whether you make your own or bake a frozen pizza; place sliced boiled eggs on top before placing the pizza in the oven.

Ham, bacon, cheese, sliced cooked eggs, and sour cream poured over everything is one of my favorite topping combos. You may add some pepperoni on top for some more heat, and you’ll have the ideal pepperoni pizza.

Chickpea Salad

A colorful salad at supper would undoubtedly help you sleep better. Combine your cooked eggs with chickpeas and chopped vegetables to make it as colorful as possible.

Simply chop and dice the vegetables, combine them with the chickpeas, then top with sliced eggs. You can prepare a tasty vegetable salad using cherry tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers, and radishes. To add color and nutrition, add some fresh spinach leaves.

You won’t be sorry if you have a chickpea salad for supper; it’s a light meal created with little effort that will fulfill your appetite.

Fried Rice

Do you have any leftover rice? Great! Combine your cooked eggs and rice to make a great leftover meal.

The finest meals are leftovers. You not only get to use up food that might otherwise wind up in the garbage, but you can also let your creative juices run. The same as with fried rice. When I have leftover rice in the fridge, I always make fried rice.

There isn’t much work to be done. Simply prepare some veggies, stir-fry them with rice, and finish with chopped cooked eggs. You may add oyster sauce to give extra flavor, but soy sauce also works well. Yum!

Boiled Potato

Another delicious meal option is to combine cooked eggs and boiled potatoes. Throw in some cooked bacon and you’ve got yourself a feast! The three will create an excellent and delectable meal.

Combining cooked eggs and potatoes with creamed spinach is a delicious vegetarian alternative. Add some garlic bread and you’ve got yourself a supper.

The boiled egg-potato combo is a terrific starting point for putting your own spin on a supper dish. Because the two have a pretty neutral flavor, you may construct an infinite number of combinations. Try your hand at mixing!

Stuffed Eggs With Ham

A delicious supper! Boiled eggs packed with a yolk-ricotta combination and ham are a treat!

Simple to prepare and much simpler to enjoy. It’s not difficult to combine the yolks and ricotta and season with salt and pepper to taste. Dinner is ready when you take some sliced ham and arrange it on a nice platter.

This may also be served as an appetizer. Furthermore, you may replace the ricotta with cream cheese to make things more interesting. The result is a creamier mouthfeel and a more delectable meal.

Baby Spinach Salad

For supper, I like to serve cooked eggs with a baby spinach salad. This is it: a little meal will put you to sleep. This is such an easy and satisfying combo.

It’s also a really simple dinner to prepare. This meal is rich in nitrates, which assist control blood pressure, and is high in fiber, which aids digestion. [4]

Put some carrots or watermelon radishes in your baby spinach salad for added color; this is an easy way to make it seem more appealing.

Chicken Sandwich

Dinner is more than just a plain chicken sandwich. Make it more nutritious as a result. Are you unsure how to proceed?

Simple Serve your chicken sandwich with sliced cooked eggs! Make the finest chicken sandwich with your favorite bread, favorite sauce, favorite cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and cooked egg slices! Make sure it’s packed!

If your chicken sandwich is still feeling lonely, try serving it with a side. This will undoubtedly fix the issue. Salads are some of the greatest sides for you, but there are plenty of other options that will create the ideal meal with your chicken sandwich.

Salmon Sandwich

Make a fantastic salmon sandwich for supper and stuff it with sliced cooked eggs. Boiled eggs provide a great texture and taste that complements the salmon.

You don’t have to go all out with your salmon sandwich; simplicity is beautiful. Nonetheless, I’ve discovered a particularly excellent mixture. Take some whole-grain bread, spread it with cream cheese, then top it with salmon.

Then, drizzle the salmon with lemon juice and top with sliced cooked eggs. After that, all you have to do is place another piece of bread on top and take a big bite. Delicious!

Ham Croquettes

Ham croquettes with a creamy bechamel sauce and deep-fried to perfection go well with boiled eggs. The savory and rich taste of boiled eggs balances out the crispy and deep-fried texture.

This simply suggests that the two are a perfect fit. Anyone would like this supper.

If you opt to create homemade croquettes and like spicy foods, you may spice them up with some red pepper flakes. You don’t have to be concerned about the croquettes being overly spicy since cooked eggs will balance it out.

What to Eat With Boiled Eggs for Weight Loss?

If you’re trying to lose weight, you’re undoubtedly searching for strategies to cut out fat from your diet. As a result, boiling eggs are a much superior choice over fried eggs.

You may consume numerous veggies as a side dish for boiled eggs when reducing weight, such as asparagus, brussels sprouts, tomatoes, radish, onion, lettuce, and so on. Boiling eggs may also be eaten with ham, cottage cheese, salmon, tuna, or chicken breast.

Ways to Eat Hard-Boiled Eggs on Keto

Because they are low in carbohydrates, hard-boiled eggs are ideal for the Keto diet. One egg has just 0.6 gram net carbohydrates, 5 gram fat, and 6 gram protein. [5]

Some Keto-friendly ways to consume hard-boiled eggs include preparing egg bites (split the egg in half and fill with cheese and ham), eating them with tuna salad, serving them with bacon and asparagus, stuffing them, and so on.


What pairs well with boiled eggs?

What Should You Serve With Hard-Boiled Eggs? 7 DELICIOUS SIDE DISHES
1 – Broccoli sautéed.
2 – A fresh green salad topped with Greek yogurt.
Potato Salad (No. 3).
4 – Asparagus Stir-Fried.
Salmon pan-seared.
Baked Beans (6th).
7 – Toasted Cheese Bread.

What to do with 30 eggs?

Here are some fantastic egg dishes to use up if you have an oversupply of whole eggs:
Hash on a Sheet Pan.
Crowd-pleasing roasted eggs.
Poached eggs on top of lentils.
Rancheros with Huevos.

What vegetables go with boiled eggs?

If you’re wondering what veggies go well with eggs and what recipes you can prepare with them, go no further than this delectable list!
Onions in green.
Sweet potatoes are a kind of potato.

Is 3 boiled eggs a good lunch?

Summary. Eggs are an excellent source of protein. Two to three eggs per day are safe as long as they are consumed as part of a balanced diet.

What is a good meal to eat with eggs?

22 Ingenious Ways to Cook Eggs for Dinner
Poached eggs on top of spaghetti marinara.
Sweet potatoes with turmeric, poached eggs, and lemon dressing.
Sesame Salad with roasted asparagus, egg, and bacon.
Baked Spinach and Mushroom Eggs.
Squash Rings with Eggs.
Eggs, ham, and cheese Grilled cheese sandwich.
Casserole with Spring Vegetables and Eggs.

What can I eat with hard boiled eggs to lose weight?

Lemons, limes, oranges, watermelon, berries, and grapefruit are all low carb fruits. Coconut oil, butter, and mayonnaise are all used in tiny quantities. Water, sparkling water, diet soda, and unsweetened tea and coffee are available as beverages.

Is 30 eggs a day too much?

The American Heart Association advises up to one egg per day for most individuals, less for persons with high blood cholesterol, particularly those with diabetes or at risk of heart failure, and up to two eggs per day for older people who follow a balanced diet and have normal cholesterol levels.

Is 30 eggs a week too much?

There is no set amount of eggs that should be consumed as part of a balanced diet.

How many eggs feed 30 people?

30 people = 60 eggs.

What carbs go well with eggs?

If you’re eating this for pre- or post-workout sustenance, Antonucci advises adding some carbohydrates to the meal, such as oats, sweet potato, beans, or two slices whole-grain bread, to help with recovery. Filed under: Diet, Food & Drink.

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