What Kind of Cheese Is Used in Green Bean Casserole? 11 Innovative Concepts

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Green bean casserole is a traditional Christmas side dish. Its flavor varies according on the components you use, but just a few of them are important. Green beans alone have a boring flavor, but when you add mushroom or chicken stock, they take on a whole new depth. Crispy-fried onion has a pleasant aftertaste, so this meal fills practically all of your senses. The cheese is what brings the flavors together, but what cheese belongs with green bean casserole?

Use aged cheddar, parmesan, or Tte de Moine for a bold and crisp taste in your green bean casserole. Choose Tilsit, young gouda, and edam for a milder flavor. Choose fresh cheeses such as ricotta, mozzarella, and chvre for a slightly distinct flavor dimension, since the cheese choice is entirely up to you.

When it comes to cuisine, cheese is the most essential secondary ingredient. When offering finer pieces of meat, I usually pick for more intense cheeses as a finishing touch, or softer ones when serving delicious and spicy foods. Here is a lengthy list to help you choose the finest cheese for your tastes!


What Cheese Goes In Green Bean Casserole? 11 Ideas to Try

Most green bean casserole recipes will most likely use cheddar. Its flavor varies depending on whether it is young or old. Young cheddar has a mild taste, is semi-soft, and has a velvety texture. It melts readily, resulting in a little mushy and delicious dish.

If you don’t want the cheese to overpower the flavor of the casserole but still want a melty consistency, use young cheddar. It is, however, a lighter shade of orange than the original. Furthermore, it does not have a strong aroma, thus it pairs nicely with strong spices.

Aged cheddar is the polar opposite, becoming hard and crumbly as cheese ages. It has a strong odor that tends to dominate any other flavor. If you have basic meat, such as roasted chicken, you can’t go wrong with some tanginess from old cheddar.

To soften its bite, combine young and aged cheeses for a milder flavor with a sharp sting. However, you may sprinkle some old cheddar over the casserole after it’s cooked to soften it up.


What Cheese Goes In Green Bean Casserole? 11 Ideas to Try

Tilsit is a kind of semihard Swiss cheese. Its mild taste complements the dish perfectly, particularly if you wish to add extra spices. It has a little spicy undertone, but not quite strong enough to overpower the overall flavor.

Besides, it’s buttery and moist, making it difficult to shred since it crumbles in your fingers. Despite this, Tilsit is an excellent cheese to use in the dish. Furthermore, unlike other pizza cheese, it will just tie the components together.


Among the grated cheeses used to garnish everything from pasta to vegetables, Parmesan is the most well-known. It quickly transforms any dish from ordinary to delectable. Just be cautious with the amount since it has a salty and acidic aftertaste.

With this in mind, the ideal way to pair it is with another softer cheese, such as Tilsit. When you serve bean casserole with mac and cheese, it is an unavoidable finishing touch. If you want a nutty and fruity start, liberally dust your casserole.


Unsurprisingly, Emmental is another Swiss treasure among the cheeses. It’s medium-hard, so grate it as soon as you take it out of the fridge so it doesn’t go sticky in your palm. It also has a moderate flavor and a creamy texture.

That implies it’ll go nicely in a buttery dish and provide a somewhat fruity touch. Notably, it melts easily, thus it will help to the sauce’s silky texture.


The most popular cheese, which fits in practically every dish owing to its basic taste, will make the bean casserole stand out. Instead of combining it with other ingredients, put the slices on top. It will melt and stretch, but not become too much.

Because it does not turn watery when melted, it retains its rich taste. Mozzarella has a creamy flavor with a floral undertone and a bitter side note. On the other hand, preserve its whey and knead an airy loaf or baguette so you may plunge into the delicious dish with oven-fresh bread.

Monterey Jack Cheese

Another mild-flavored cheese on this list is monetary jack. It’s a Mexican classic, with a greasy, juicy texture. Furthermore, it has a fundamental taste that is somewhat sweet with a hint of bitterness. Furthermore, it melts finely since it is pliable but not plastic.

Because of its high fat level, the jack will contribute to the ultimate creaminess of the dish. Of course, there is a pepper jack variation that is hotter. It has ground pepper, sweet peppers, habanero chiles, jalapeos, fresh herbs, and many more ingredients.

The pepper jack cheese will certainly spice up your dish, but it will retain the same texture as the mild cheese. Instead of seasoning the dish on your own, use shredded pepper jack to do it for you.


This is a staple among cheeses; its distinct taste complements both sweet and savory meals. However, it is moderate, though somewhat salty, with a nutty basis. Grate it liberally in your casserole, since it will just enhance the flavor and not overpower the others.

If you’re serving anything sweet with the dish, like chicken with dried fruits, don’t omit the edam. Its smoothness will elevate your meal to new heights.


You won’t go wrong with either young or aged gouda. The flavors of gouda and cheddar are fairly similar, with some small variances. Young gouda has a touch of sweetness and a toffee flavor.

Aged gouda, on the other hand, takes on more caramel-like tones, nut base notes, and a tinge of bitterness. Add it to the meal for a stronger flavor, or mix it in to keep it subtle.

Goat Cheese

Chvre is a delicate kind of cheese that is popular with sophisticated palates. It’s earthy, creamy, and tangy all at the same time. Aged goat cheese has a richer flavor and is more pungent than young goat cheese. Furthermore, it has a little amount of lactose, making it an excellent alternative for individuals who are lactose intolerant.

If you prefer a milder cheese flavor, go for young Chvre, which is great for topping the casserole since it is soft and spreadable. So, if you’re making a spicy dish, opt for goat cheese.

Soft ripened and aged chevre is more substantial, with a lemony finish. The aged one has a woodsy undertone, so select it if you prefer a deep but not overpowering flavor.


Choose creamy ricotta for a taste of Italy. Fresh cheese is not a popular addition to green bean casserole, but it is something you should experiment with. It has a soft but somewhat grainy texture, similar to cottage cheese, and an insipid flavor with a sweet aftertaste.

It will increase the creaminess of the dish while affecting the taste just little. Aside from that, it is high in protein and minerals, which is an added bonus. If you’re serving cornbread with green bean casserole, ricotta is a game changer.

Tête de Moine

This is undeniably stinky cheese, best served grating over the meal as a finishing touch. It has a strong, musty, nutty flavor that is subtle in taste. The fragrance of this cheese is wonderful, and you shave it rather than grate it.

It has a distinct appearance and will look great on the table. Dust the casserole with this cheese if you’re serving it with a plain piece of meat. It will accentuate the meaty tastes, but if you don’t want too much tang, cut the mushrooms.


What can I add to green beans for flavor?

Garlic powder, onion powder, thyme, salt, and pepper are all excellent additions to freshen and flavor your green beans.

What goes well with green beans casserole?

What Should You Serve with Green Bean Casserole? 10 DELICIOUS SIDE DISHES
Chicken Tenders that are really crispy.
Steak on the grill.
Scallops, seared.
Soup with French Onions.
Mac and cheese.
Ahi tuna that has been seared.
Gratin of broccoli and cauliflower.

Is it okay to prepare green bean casserole the night before?

So, you get it by now—it’s absolutely OK to create a green bean casserole ahead of time for supper. However, freezing one is a another story. The sauce will most likely split, separate, and be a watery mess whether you prepare it from scratch or use canned soup.

How do you keep green bean casserole from getting mushy?

Include a thickener.

While your green bean casserole is cooking, include a thickening, such as cornstarch or flour, into the veggies. According to The Kitchn, in a cup, add cornstarch with a tiny quantity of water or broth and whisk until the lumps are gone and the consistency is thick yet drizzling.

What is a good flavor to beans?

Most beans pair nicely with herbs such as parsley, rosemary, sage, savory, and thyme. You also can’t go wrong with garlic and onions. Other herbs and spices have affinities with certain beans, such as fava beans or mung beans.

How do I jazz up green beans?

12 Different Ways to Dress Beans, Green
Pecans with pomegranate seeds.
Lardons or crispy bacon.
Crumbled goat cheese with chopped herbs.
Almonds, herbs, and lemon zest.
Pine Nuts, Cranberries, and Herbs.
Garlic and shallots sautéed.
Vegan Nondairy Cheesy Sprinkle.
Vegan Cheese Sauce Made Without Dairy.

How do you thicken green bean casserole?

The Casserole Is Overly Soupy

Don’t worry, there’s a simple and fast solution to soak up the surplus liquid: To help thicken it up, make a slurry of flour or cornstarch in liquid (broth or water), then simmer it for a little longer.

Which is better in green bean casserole canned or frozen?

Green beans from a can have already been cooked to death and include a lot of sodium, which might make your casserole overly salty. Frozen French-cut green beans are preferable. They keep their texture better than canned and may be cooked directly from the freezer.

How many days can you eat green bean casserole?

A green bean casserole, which is best prepared using canned green beans, and other baked casseroles can keep in the fridge for four days. Cooked casseroles, like mashed potatoes, are acceptable to consume from the freezer, but the quality will deteriorate, according to a food safety expert at the USDA Meat and Poultry Hotline.

Is green bean casserole better with canned or fresh?

With this meal, I would use fresh green beans! Canned green beans are mushy and flavorless once baked into the casserole, but fresh beans cooked in chicken broth are crisp-tender and full of flavor! I just take a couple large handfuls of beans, cut off the ends, and cut them in half.

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