What Is the Difference Between Vindaloo and Curry, and Which Is Better?

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Vindaloo and Curry, one of completely Indian origin and the other Indian-appropriated, have evolved to become renowned globally as lively, colorful, and spicy treats. Despite the fact that one is a dish and the other is more of a style, they are quite similar and hence comparable. Many people confuse Vindaloo with Curry, however there are some significant distinctions. So, what is the difference between Vindaloo and Curry?

Vindaloo is a traditional Indian meal, while Curry is a distinctively Indian culinary method that includes curry spices. Vindaloo is a meat-based cuisine, while Curry may be both meat-based and vegetarian. Vindaloo has a lot of garlic, which isn’t a common ingredient in curry.

Vindaloo and Curry are quite similar, and if you are unfamiliar with Indian cuisine and cooking traditions, you may mistake one for the other. In the next sections, I will compare and contrast Curry and Vindaloo to determine which is superior.

Vindaloo vs. Curry: Differences

Vindaloo vs. Curry: Differences & Which Is Better?

Vindaloo and Curry vary in many ways, including flavor, texture, composition, and origin.Although they seem and taste similar, they contain significant characteristics that separate them into two distinct groups.


While Curry is a traditional Indian cooking technique, Vindaloo is of Portuguese origin and was brought to Indian cuisine by Portuguese explorers during colonialism in the 1600s.

The dish’s name, vindaloo, is a simplified and easy-to-pronounce version of the original Portuguese word, Carne de vinha dalhos, which translates to “meat in a garlic marinade.” As a result, it is solely a meat-based cuisine.

The Portuguese explorers had meat marinated in garlic and wine to keep them going throughout their lengthy exploring journeys, and the marinade helped the meat last longer. As a result, when they landed in Goa, they brought the original meal to the locals, who altered it to their own preferences and cooking ways.

Curry, on the other hand, is a traditional Indian cooking method that requires a lot of veggies, spices, and rice.Curry is more of a custom and a native Indian sauce added to various foods than a dish in and of itself.

When you hear the term curry, you generally think of curry powder, which first appeared in the 18th century, when the curry style became popular in Europe. It also became a fantastic trading opportunity.

Curry is derived from the Tamil word Kari, which meaning sauce or gravy, implying that Curry is more than simply a dry spice powder but a full cooking method. There are several curry varieties, including vegetarian and carnivorous ones.

The curry was initially fairly spicy but not hot. The chili peppers that are currently extensively used in curries were introduced by the Portuguese in the 18th century in order to make the curry more palatable to Europeans.


Because garlic is one of the key components in the meat marinade, the Vindaloo is a strong-flavored meal with an expressive garlic accent.While the marinade base was initially wine, the vindaloo recipe gradually began to use vinegar as a marinade, thus the first thing you notice in the vindaloo flavor is its acidity.

Vindaloo is a strong meal due to its expressive acidity, rich garlic taste, and scent. Some claim that Vindaloo may be a vegetarian meal, however the name implies that there should be meat, since the beef marinade is what distinguishes this cuisine.

Vindaloo has a distinct Indian cuisine aroma, so you’ll immediately detect the Indian influence in this meal. Its silky and smooth gravy is also incredibly creamy.

Curry, on the other hand, is a complete Indian style, and although it isn’t a meal in and of itself, but rather a sauce that may be added to other foods, it has a distinct taste and scent.The Curry, unlike the Vindaloo, is more greasier since it takes a lot of oil to homogenize the components.

Curry may be vegetarian or carnivorous, and rice is its main element.

Curry, unlike Vindaloo, has various varieties that vary in spiciness, hotness, and intensity.


Vindaloo is richer and more flexible in terms of texture, mixing meat, veggies, lentils, and chickpeas, so there is certainly a variety of textures in this meal.Vindaloo is deliciously fun because it combines creamy, firm, and gritty elements in a single dish.

Curry may not have the same rich texture as Vindaloo, yet it is not to be overlooked. The creamy and gritty texture of the Curry is a strong competitor for the Vindaloo. However, because to the considerable quantity of oil used, the Curry is not as creamy and rich as the Vindaloo, which includes coconut milk.


Vindaloo and Curry vary in content and structure because to the diverse ingredients used.While the veggies are the same, the lentils and chickpeas are Vindaloo-specific, and the rice is Curry-specific.

Furthermore, Curry may be vegetarian or carnivorous, but Vindaloo has a lot of pig or beef. When curry is cooked with meat, it is usually chicken, although this does not rule out other forms of meat.

Vindaloo vs. Curry: Which Is Better?

Vindaloo vs. Curry: Differences & Which Is Better?

Vindaloo is a food, but Curry is a style, a sauce, and to suggest one is superior is inaccurate since they vary in many ways.

It is more about what you enjoy and prefer and which one is better for you than which one is best in general. Overall, Curry is softer than Vindaloo, so if you like milder flavors with a kick, go for Curry.

Vindaloo is an excellent option if you like different tastes on a single dish, such as sour, salty, spicy, acidic, and hot.


How is vindaloo different from curry?

“Vindaloo is often thought to be an Indian curry, although it is really a Goan version of the Portuguese dish ‘carne de vinho e alhos’… According to culinary historian Lizzie Collingham in her book Curry: A Tale of Cooks and Conquerors, “the name vindaloo is simply a garbled mispronunciation of vinho e albos.”

Is vindaloo spicier than curry?

Vindaloo eaten in UK restaurants varies from the original vindaloo meal in that it is a spicier version of the normal “medium (spiciness)” restaurant curry with the addition of vinegar, potatoes, and chili peppers.

Is vindaloo or masala better?

Biju Thomas of Denver’s Biju’s Little Curry Shop recommends mixing up the sauce and ordering vindaloo instead of tikka masala. It’s really spicy, but it also has a lot of bright, acidic, and vinegar-tinged undertones. This contrasts with tikka masala, which, although wonderful, is creamy and rich.

What is the difference between lamb curry and lamb vindaloo?

Vindaloo is a sort of curry powder that is often combined with a protein such as beef or lamb. Curry is an Indian culinary preparation that incorporates curry spices. Furthermore, curry may be made vegetarian, but Vindaloo is often cooked with meat.

Does vindaloo taste good?

It’s one of the most delicious meals in current Indian cuisine, and it works equally well with meat or vegetarian approaches. From the definition of “vindaloo” to its preferred side dishes, learn all you need to know about this fiery curry meal.

Does chicken vindaloo taste good?

Chicken Vindaloo is a tasty dish that is popular in Goan restaurants and Konkan families. It’s hot, sour, and flaming red in color, and goes well with steaming rice or poi (traditional Goan bread).

Which is the most spicy curry?

It’s not every day that chefs use gas masks while cooking. When they do, though, the meal in issue must be Phaal curry. Phaal is the world’s hottest curry because it contains Bhut Jolokia, the world’s hottest chilli.

What is masala vs vindaloo vs curry?

Tikka Masala: A richer sauce containing Indian spices, tomatoes, onions, and cream. Korma: A spicy curry cooked with coconut milk. Vindaloo is a spicy, sour sauce with a tomato basis. Curry: Tomato and onion are also present, although the darker sauce is often strong on cumin.

Is a vindaloo too hot?

Vindaloo curry, a dish from Goa (India’s southwestern coast), may provide a great punch of 175,000 – 500,000 points on the Scoville scale, is a notch below these but still within the range of the very spicy.

Which curry is tastiest?

Thai Red Curry is an excellent option if you want a flavorful and spicy curry that will warm your heart and spirit. It’s full of taste and spices, and it’s ideal for individuals who like their meal spicy. This dish is composed with red curry paste, coconut milk, and your choice of chicken or beef.

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