What Is Strawberry Horchata and How Does It Taste?

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If you like strawberries but don’t feel like drinking milkshakes, there is a wonderful alternative. It is not widely used internationally, but it is growing more so, so why not try it now? Now, let’s find out what strawberry horchata is and how it tastes.

Strawberry Horchata is a drink prepared with soaking rice and strawberry puree, as well as sugar cane, cinnamon, and gloves. Strawberry horchata has a rich flavor due to the addition of sugar and spices. It may also include additional ingredients such as condensed, skimmed, or vegetable milk, a little amount of alcohol, and other fruits.

The recipe for this drink is simple, but it includes a few gimmicks that I’ll discuss below.

What Is Strawberry Horchata Made Of?

Horchata is a sort of vegetable drink from Mexico that may be made with rice or other vegetables such as tiger nuts. Strawberry horchata is often prepared using white rice rather than any other substance.

To be ready, the rice must be soaked; it cannot be boiled or eaten fresh. The soaking procedure begins at two hours and may go up to a whole day, twenty-four hours. This is determined by the kind of rice and your own preferences. Some individuals like to leave it for 24 hours to ensure a favorable outcome.

Strawberry horchata does not need cooking, thus the rice will not be cooked or fried but will be enjoyed as is. When it is ready to be cooked, you may either change the water or retain the same water in which it was soaked.

It comprises strawberries, which may be fresh or frozen, as the name suggests. All methods work the same, however if you use frozen strawberries, make sure you have a powerful blender and keep in mind that the horchata will be quite chilly right away owing to the frozen strawberries.

Sugar is also required to increase the sweetness, but which sugar should be used: white, brown, or cane sugar? I would use cane sugar since it is more organic and would keep this beverage healthy. A decent quantity of white sugar, on the other hand, may provide a lot of tastes while also being terrible for your health.

The last touch of horchata is cloves and cinnamon, two distinct flavors: one fresh and one spicy, combined with all other components to create a beverage with a distinct flavor.

And if you’ve made a decent beverage up to this point but still don’t think it’s ideal, you can add a little condensed milk to enhance the texture by making it more creamy and the flavor by making it sweeter. Again, I’m not a fan since it’s high in sugar, but a little amount every now and then can’t hurt.

What Does Strawberry Horchata Taste Like?

Strawberry is the most prominent flavor in strawberry horchata. This is what distinguishes it from the strawberry milkshake.

Since the original horchata contains a lot of rice, the rice and cinnamon flavor the final product. This beverage is likewise sweet, but the sweetness is determined by the amount and kind of sugar used.

If you add milk, a little alcohol, and spices like cinnamon, it may have a more nuanced flavor.

What to Add to Strawberry Horchata?

In addition to the pure strawberry, add some strawberry bits. Strawberry pieces may sometimes increase the flavor by making it stronger and more lively.

Even if the mixture has already cooled, add some ice. Some ice cubes may make it more appealing and provide the illusion of a milkshake. Ice is undoubtedly necessary in the summer. You may even combine again with the ice to ensure that everything is homogeneous.

Apart from the key components listed above, there are a few more things you can add to a strawberry horchata to improve it. First, pour some milk into it. As an excellent alternative, coconut milk comes in top position. If you like the flavor of coconut milk, use a considerable quantity; if you just want a hint of it, use less.

This dish is called strawberry horchata, but if you add some blueberries or raspberries, the flavor will only improve. Not too much, since you want the strawberry to be the main flavor, but just enough to set it apart from other strawberry horchatas.

With whipped cream on top, strawberry horchata becomes creamier and heavier, but still wonderful.

Is Strawberry Horchata Easy to Make?

Strawberry horchata is a simple drink to create.

Most of the time, the rice must be soaked, which takes time but does not need much work or care. The rice is then immersed in water for a period of time ranging from two to twenty-four hours.

Most people allow it to rest for at least two hours but no more than four hours. If the rice has been soaking for 2 hours, it has been demonstrated that there is no major change in flavor or texture regardless of how long it has been soaking.

Apart from that, the other half of the method may be rather simple to make, requiring simply a blender and a strainer. The preparation process will take no more than fifteen to twenty minutes in total.

How to Make Strawberry Horchata?

Basic Procedure

In most situations, strawberry horchata is made by mixing the soaked rice with the water and cinnamon sticks for a few minutes before filtering it through a sieve to remove just the juicy pieces.

Repeat the procedure with the strawberries, gloves, and sugar. Mix them together and taste them to determine whether the sugar levels are balanced. Instead, you may strain them through a sieve or add the pure in this manner. I like to add the pure like way since the fruit has greater nutritious worth.

You combine both elements in a glass and select whether or not to add condensed milk. The horchata is now ready. Add additional ice to make it cooler.


Likewise, in Mexican culture, agave is a fantastic alternative to sugar cane for sweetening your horchata. Choose a high-grade agave syrup; the higher the quality, the healthier the end product. I would choose organic agave syrup, but the amount will not be evaluated, so even if it is not organic, it would not be dangerous. You may also use other organic sweeteners instead of white or brown sugar.

Add Milk

Many types of milk are permitted, from skim to coconut or almond milk. You may add as little or as much as you like. Milk is added to enhance the flavor or to boost the nutritional content. With this recipe, I avoid using skim milk in favor of almond or coconut milk, but this is totally personal preference.

Take into account that if you use natural milk, you should avoid using condensed milk; there is no need for both.

Fresh or Frozen Fruit

It makes no difference whether the strawberries are frozen or fresh in this scenario. Fresh strawberries are required in other recipes, such as cheesecake, but this is not the case here. The formula will be equally wonderful in both circumstances. You may alternatively microwave the strawberries for two or three minutes to defrost them.

How to Store Strawberry Horchata?

It’s best to put it in the fridge as soon as you finish making it. I placed the horchata in a glass container since it is more sanitary than plastic. Cover the jar or container tightly to avoid odor interference.

Freezing is also a possibility. Freeze it in tiny chunks, and if you want to eat it, take it out of the deep freezer and place it in the fridge; it will return to its original state in a couple of hours. If you notice that the texture isn’t quite right, try adding additional milk to the mix.

How Long Does Strawberry Horchata Last?

If properly kept in the refrigerator, this beverage may last up to 5 days. This is a good time for the strawberries to be ready for eating, and there is no significant danger of horchata spoiling until day five. To regain the original texture, be careful about mixing it every time you drink it.

By day five, it’s best to be cautious; take a taste and if you see that the freshness has faded, don’t drink it.

What to Use Instead of Strawberries to Make Horchata?

Horchata is a beverage that was originally drank without strawberries, therefore it was a white liquid that was nonetheless sweet and attractive to drink. To boost taste, Mexicans began to add strawberries, a soft and sweet fruit.

Yet, this beverage does not include just strawberries. You may add different fruits to your liking. Mango, for example, is another soft and sweet fruit that may make horchata taste the same delightful.

Pumpkin is a unique product that might work well with this sweet beverage. Yeah, pumpkin has been shown to be quite tasty. Apart from the necessary components, you may also add some milk, such as skim milk, almond milk, or coconut milk, to thin it down and soften the pumpkin flavor.

Apricots are another fantastic substitute for strawberries. Once again, they must be dried rather than fresh. To ensure the finest quality, keep them in a cold, dark place until combining with horchata. Horchata with apricots will not be the sweetest since dried apricots do not contain much sugar, but it will be extremely tasty and served cool in the summer.

I recommend you take a risk and try horchata with watermelon. Since watermelon contains a lot of water, it will be simple to squeeze it and extract its juice to add to horchata to give it a watermelon flavor.

The last recommendation is to add pure melon or pineapple to give the horchata a melon or pineapple flavor. The cooking principles will be the same as with other fruits, and you may use whichever milk or sweeteners you like.

Simple Strawberry Horchata Recipe


What does horchata taste like?

Mexico’s cold milky beverage’s rich, creamy cinnamon flavor may now be found in a number of other items. Horchata is a popular beverage in Mexican restaurants, often prepared with rice, grains, or nut milks. Vanilla, in addition to cinnamon, is a popular component.

What is strawberry horchata made of?

This Mexican Strawberry Horchata is a delicious drink to sip on hot summer days. This horchata recipe uses fresh strawberries, cinnamon, and sweetened condensed milk to create a smooth and creamy drink that the whole family will enjoy.

Where does strawberry horchata come from?

Horchata is a sort of beverage that originated in Mexico but is now available in most Latin American nations.

Is horchata supposed to be sweet?

Horchata Color and Flavor

This drink is often moderate, sweet, and creamy. Horchata, despite its richness, is intended to be refreshing. This drink is ideal for a hot summer day in the sun or after a workout.

Is horchata good or bad for your health?

Horchata is very healthy and high in iron. While the drink is ready to drink, it is best consumed outdoors on hot days. It tastes nothing like the rice horchata (horchata de arroz) popular in South America.

Do you drink horchata by itself?

Horchata is a sweet drink with a milky texture that is often prepared with rice, cinnamon, sugar, and water. Few things beat a refreshing drink of horchata with ice cubes in the summer. Horchata complements every meal, but it’s also delicious on its own as a snack.

Does horchata taste like bubble gum?

Nutty, sweet, somewhat thick, and devoid of bubblegum flavor.

Why do people drink horchata?

Horchata is a sweet and pleasant drink that is often flavored with lemon and cinnamon. It is often drank during the summer months in Valencia, when temperatures increase. It’s nutritious, with iron, potassium, and antioxidants, and it’s an excellent replacement “milk” for folks who don’t consume dairy.

What the heck is horchata?

or drained crushed grains or almonds), mixed with water, sugar, and cinnamon, and served chilled. Some flavors include vanilla, nutmeg, and chocolate. Horchata, pronounced or-CHAW-da, is a classic creamy drink prepared from milk (and other ingredients).

What are the different flavors of horchata?

Other ingredients vary by area, but may include ground cocoa, cinnamon, sesame seeds, nutmeg, tiger nuts, vanilla, ground peanuts, almonds, and cashews. It is created in Nicaragua using semilla de jicaro and rice as the foundation.

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