What Is Flash Rice? Meaning & Instructions

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In this limited time window today, we have cookers that cook on their own without you having to stand over the stove and stir. They have numerous options that facilitate cooking, providing excellent results so that you can have a short nap and your lunch ready simultaneously. Rice cookers are among the most popular these years, and they come with an additional option that is still relatively new, the flash rice option. So what is the flash rice option, what does it mean, and how to use it?

The flash rice option is a rice cooker feature that speeds up the rice cooking time. It gets the meaning from the time reference flash, which is less than a second. If the average rice cooking time for four cups of rice is about 35-40 minutes, the flash rice rice will need about 28 to 32 minutes to cook.

Since it has been around since the beginning of time, cooking rice isnt something new or exclusive. However, it can get a little annoying, especially since rice tends to become very sticky quickly, making you stand over the pot and stir, where you cannot leave the kitchen. Therefore, cooking your rice in a rice cooker is a very practical solution, particularly in a high-tech cooker, timing the cooking perfectly. So, in the following text, I will explain what the flash cooker option means, how to use it, and when you can use it.

What Is the Meaning of Flash Rice on the Rice Cooker?

What Is Flash Rice? Meaning & Instructions

If you want your rice to be ready in a flash, use the flash rice option.The meaning is just that, quick-made rice.Regularly made rice takes about 35 to 40 minutes while using the flash rice option will reduce that time to 28 to 32 minutes.

The flash rice option is viable for four cups of rice, and if you need to cook less than that, use the instructions given on the rice cooker, as it indicates the time for each quantity.

The rice you cook using the flash rice option usually comes out drier than regularly cooked rice because this option speeds up the evaporation of the water and its absorption into the grains of rice. It would be logical that this makes the rice moister, but the thing is, the hot air circulates inside the pot and dehydrates the rice grains.

If you like your rice somewhere between cooked and fried, the flash rice option is a good choice. However, since the time isnt that much shorter than cooking your rice regularly, Id recommend you consider the purpose of the rice before pressing the flash rice button.

I recommend using the flash rice option if you plan to top the rice with some kind of gravy or sauce or have a rice ball on the side. If you intend to mix it with other ingredients, such as meat, or something cheese-based, I will go with the standard cooking method. However, this decision should be based solely on your personal preference.

Nevertheless, the flash rice rice will still be soft and perfectly cooked, so even if it turns out dry, it will still be safe and tender.

How to Use the “Flash Rice” Setting?

What Is Flash Rice? Meaning & Instructions

The flash rice setting is just a button you need to press on the cooker, and it works very simply.Still, you should know a few things before you start cooking, especially if you are new to rice cookers.

Before I start with the general instructions, I must advise you that the first thing you need to do is to thoroughly study the instructions.I know this may sound redundant and worn off, but you can never be too careful when it comes to grains and electricity. This is not a one size fits all kind of thing, as each cooker has specifications that you need to be aware of to be safe and cook delicious food.

First, lets discuss the water-to-rice ratio. The general rule is that you need 1.5 cups of water for one cup of rice. Rice is very absorbent and will suck the water very quickly, meaning that if you underdo it, you will have one giant lump of rice instead of elegantly separable grains.

Rice absorbs water until theres water to absorb, so dont overdo it either, as you will end up with a potage-like substance that will look like rice pudding more than regular rice.

The next thing you need to remember is rice before water. You are probably used to pour the water first, and justifiably so; most cooking processes work like that. However, this is not such a case; therefore, you should put the rice in the pot and pour the water until it is fully submerged.

To lower the chances of your rice turning out sticky, it is a good idea to rinse it before placing it in the cooker. Rinsing the rice will not guarantee that it wont stick, as this depends mainly on the rice itself, but it doesnt cause harm, so Id recommend you go for it.

After youve done the previous steps, place the pot in its place inside the cooker and press the flash rice button, and youre done.

When cooking your rice using the flash rice option, and when using your rice cooker in general, consider the external conditions and the humidity in your kitchen, as sometimes they can influence the cooking process and the final result.

Also, dont open the lid too often because that will lower the temperature and pressure of the cooker. Id recommend opening the lid once or twice if you really have to.

And lastly, when you open the cooker, make sure your face is properly protected because often, the steam can get out explosively, which can seriously damage your skin.

How Long Does Flash Rice Take to Cook?

The maximum number of cups you can cook with the flash rice option is four which will take about28 minutesor a bit more. For one cup, youll need18 to 23 minutes; for two cups, youll need21 to 26 minutes; and for thee cups, youll need23 to 28 minutes.

Can You Flash Cook Brown Rice?

In theory, the flash rice option works for any type of rice, long white rice, Jasmine rice, and brown rice.However, brown rice is a more specific kind of rice that tends to get stickier; therefore, flash cooking brown rice is not that good of an idea.

When flash cooked, brown rice tends to get bubbly, which may damage the inside of the rice cooker pot. It can also splatter a bit on the pots inside, making it hard to clean.

However, these things only happen occasionally and dont make up the general rule about flash cooking brown rice. Whether you can or cant flash cook brown rice, for the most part, depends on the type of cooker and its quality, so Id recommend trying it once with a small brown rice amount and see how it goes. Note that there are many opinions on this subject, so it is best to test and run it yourself.

Can You Reheat Rice in a Rice Cooker?

Yes, you can reheat rice in a rice cooker; the rice cooker will likely have that option.The critical thing to do is to add 1.5 tbsps of water for each cup of rice before you press the respective button.


What does flash rice setting mean?

A: It cooks rice a little faster (5 to 10 minutes faster) and I believe it’s for white rice only.

What does flash cook mean?

Flash cooking simply entails heating food at a very high temperature for a very short period of time. To flash leftovers quickly on the stove, heat a sauté pan with a little oil over medium-high heat, add the leftovers, and quickly toss.

How long is the white rice setting on Aroma rice cooker?

Place the inner pot in the rice cooker, close the lid tightly and select the RICE function. Allow rice to cook for 10 minutes.

How long is the quick rice setting?

For manual instructions, set the cooking time for 15 minutes on low pressure. If cooking brown rice, select the “Multigrain,” “Pressure Cook,” or “Manual” setting and set the cooking time for 20 minutes at high pressure for chewy, separate grains of rice.

What does flash rice mean on Aroma?

The Flash Rice function is a button on some of the Aroma Rice Cookers, like the ARC-150SB and the Arc-914SBD for example. Aroma ARC-914SBD. Aroma ARC-150SB. Aroma itself describes it as “A great time-saving option for rice in a flash.” So in short, using this function your rice will be ready much quicker.

What is the quick rice setting on Aroma rice cooker?

The QUICK RICE button is a great time-saving option for rice in a pinch. This setting foregoes the rice cooker’s Sensor Logic™ for faster cooking times, although cooked rice will not be to the same quality of the White Rice and Brown Rice functions. The DELAY TIMER sets up to 15 hours for rice ready when it’s needed.

How much rice and water do I put in my Aroma rice cooker?

The Aroma Digital recommends using a 1:1.33 ratio of rice to water, which means for every 1 cup of rice you need to add 1 ⅓ cup of water to the pot. The Aroma Select Stainless states to use 2 cups of rice and fill the water up to line 2 inside the pot.

What does flash mean food?

flash-freezed. DEFINITIONS1. to freeze food very quickly in order to preserve its fresh taste. Synonyms and related words. Food should be preserved.

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