What Dessert Should You Offer With Lasagna? 21 Ideas

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Lasagna is a classic Italian meal that appeals to all meat eaters. This dish is a comprehensive meal that incorporates all sorts of macronutrients since it is soft and full of red sauce and fresh minced beef. So what dessert should go with lasagna?

With lasagna, you may offer a variety of sweets, from fruit, such as stewed pears and fruit salad, to cake and cookies, or even ice cream. There are a dozen recipe alternatives depending on the kind of cuisine you want to serve, such as traditional Italian sorbet or tiramisu or the French method of poached pear.

Whichever way you choose to arrange your diet, there will undoubtedly be a good alternative that allows you to enjoy both the lasagna and the dessert. I’ve selected 21 dishes that incorporate a little bit of everything, such as vegan options, cold and hot foods, and sweet but also sour recipes.

What Dessert Goes With Lasagna?

While lasagna is a hefty food with carbs, meat, and sauce, I would recommend a light dessert. In this situation, you may choose to go for a simpler, easier-to-digest dessert. Let’s look at some possibilities.


Let us keep within the realm of Italian cuisine. Sorbet is a delicious mini treat with 105 calories per 100 grams. Of course, the low calorie count isn’t what makes it wonderful, but the flavor makes a difference. [1]

Sorbet is refreshing and light, and it is often used to cleanse the palette between dishes. For example, if you serve lasagna followed by fish, a mango or lemon sorbet increases the flavor experience between those two dishes.

Sorbet’s acidity and ice content leave your tongue feeling refreshed after a hefty dinner.

Poached Pears

This is a French dish, but what if you make it with fine Italian wine? Pick some fresh pears from your area and a sweet wine ideal for eating with fruits. There are several recipes available that will show you photographs of how to clean the pears and the procedure step by step.

This simple dessert will leave a bittersweet aftertaste in your tongue after eating Lasagna. Additionally, Lasagna is a meat-based dish that pairs nicely with red wine, and an ending like this complements it well.

Vanilla Ice Cream

Vanilla ice cream is a wonderful option for sorbet. The natural flavor of vanilla seems great to complete a dinner with lasagna. Just a little scoop with some cookie crumbs.

At supermarkets, there are several decent and high-quality possibilities, but the finest part of this offering is if you cook it yourself at home. You just need four ingredients: whipped cream, whole milk, vanilla extract, and sugar, as well as a decent hand mixer.

To add some more taste, add some strawberries or roasted almonds, and you’ve got yourself some excellent homemade ice cream.

Fruit Salad

You have consumed the required amount of carbohydrates, protein, and fat after eating one nice (or even two) portions of lasagna. You’ll need some natural sugar. The ideal method to consume it is in the form of a fresh fruit salad.

Pick your favorite fruits. There are no limitations here; you may do anything your heart desires. Cut them into medium-sized pieces that are neither too large nor too little.

To improve the flavor of your fresh fruit bowl, create a dressing using orange juice, lemon juice, and a little honey. They can consume as much as they like depending on their hunger.

Stewed Pears

If you do not want to include alcohol in your meal, you may substitute stewed pears, which is almost the same dish but uses water instead of wine.

It has a somewhat different flavor than wine since it lacks the bitterness and acidity, but it is sweeter and gentler. If you want a different version of cooked pear for kids, this is an excellent alternative. It will also have less calories in this instance.

Avocado Cake

Have you ever tried putting avocado in a cake? It won’t be the sweetest cake you’ve ever had, but it will be an amazing and vegan dessert that goes well with Lasagna.

The avocado cake is one of the healthiest dishes available since it includes beneficial fat that substitutes the undesirable saturated fats. Moreover, since the avocado cake is a touch harsh and sour, sorbet may help you clear the palate at the conclusion of the meal.

Lemon Ricotta Cake

This cake is really easy to make and eat. It has a similar texture to traditional lemon cake, but it gets more thick and velvety as it bakes. This is due to five or six minutes of beating the ricotta with butter and sugar.

The good news is that you can stack this cake and fill it with citrus icing or any flavor of cream you choose. I recommend this recipe since it is unusual to taste cakes with ricotta cheese, which will make a difference.

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Orange Polenta Cake

Since it contains polenta, this orange cake is still popular in Italian cuisine. Apart from the bittersweet oranges, Orange Polenta Cake has a corny flavor that may gratify all polenta enthusiasts looking to try something new on a cake.

Hot (Or Cold) Chocolate

Of course, Cappuccino or coffee is the ideal way to end a meal for everyone, but melting chocolate is never too much for chocolate aficionados. It doesn’t matter if you want it hot or cold; you can adjust it.

With hot chocolate, I like to add cinnamon, cream, or marshmallows, and in cold chocolate, I like to add chunks of brownie cake. If you wish to keep the sugar content under control, you may do it in both circumstances.

Fruit Pizza

If you want to eat fruits but want something a bit different, a fruit pizza is the greatest option. You’ll need to prepare a basic cookie dough first, and then fill it with cream cheese and any fruits you desire.

Strawberry, kiwi, orange, and grape are just a few of the fruits that will make this dessert bright and tasty. The combination of sugarless cream cheese and the juiciness of fresh fruits will make everyone pleased.


Do you know who Pinolata is? Pine nuts may be used to produce tasty pestos as well as pastries. Pinolata is a simple pine nuts cake made with the required ingredients plus a dozen pine nuts that tastes delicious after baking.

To forgo the traditional cake, try Pinolata and top it with jam or a tiny amount of peanut butter. Simply said, this traditional Italian cake will add value to your dinner.

Lemon Cookies Or Bars

Returning to lemon-based desserts, I believe that an acidic and light dessert is required after the lasagna. Lemon cookies or lemon bars are two options. In any case, the components and technique will be simple to make. Likewise, those meals may be made ahead of time and served chilled.

Lemon cookies will be light and simple to digest, and everyone at your table may eat as many as they like without feeling obligated to complete the amount.


It may seem corny, but I like combining lasagna with tiramisu. Tiramisu is a high-calorie dessert with at least two forms of fat, whipped cream and mascarpone cheese, yet it has a very soft feel.

I would love to have a mouthful or two of tiramisu after every meal since it fully melts in your tongue and properly balances the white cream and coffee flavors.


Chocolate cakes are one of the things I would avoid as a heavy choice to take after a rich cuisine like lasagna. Alternatively, if you like chocolate and want to include it on your menu, choose chocolate eclairs.

The choux pastry is thin and tiny. You may fill it with chocolate cream and other creams such as pistachio or coffee cream, or simply a combination of those three tastes, giving you a lot of alternatives. If you really want to wow your guests, try strawberry and rose eclairs, which are on another level of patisserie.

Creme Caramel

Creme caramel, a really soft dessert that melts in your tongue, is another fantastic choice to serve with lasagna. The basic crème caramel recipe may be gorgeous. If you want something more distinctive, there are other recipes available, such as crème caramel with mango mojito syrup or another with apple and cinnamon.

Everyone has had crème caramel, but mango or apple syrup are not as prevalent, so why not? Such recipes are simple to make yet extremely impressive.

Banana Bread 

It’s called banana bread, but it’s more of a dessert, with a naturally sweet flavor and soft texture. Banana bread is a light-as-air dish with a dominating banana flavor, but adding walnuts or hazelnuts will make it more nuanced and delicious.

You can serve banana bread cold if you make it ahead of time, even a day ahead, since the banana content keeps it fresh and tender. Of course, you can make frosting for it, but I wouldn’t recommend it since it has all it needs even without it.

Baked Apples

Instead of picking heavy dough sweets, consider baked apples. Apples and cinnamon are two foods that work well together, even if served raw with a dollop of peanut butter.

Nevertheless, if you want something more refined, baking them with cinnamon and brown sugar is the way to go. It is low in calories and includes more carbohydrates than fat.

Chia Pudding

Chia pudding is an excellent option. With just two ingredients: chia seeds and coconut milk, this dish is very healthful. This is a nice combo, but you may add additional components to make it more unique. Acai and pecan chia pudding is a wonderful example.

Stuffed Dates

Dates are great ingredients to have on hand if you want to make delicious healthy sweets quickly. Of course, the simplest method to make it is with peanut butter and toppings such as chocolate chips or pomegranates. But, there are many recipes for what to do with dates, and the results will always amaze you.

Goat Cheese Cheesecake

You may make a simple cheesecake using goat cheese instead of cream cheese and benefit from its nutritional advantages, as well as whatever fruits you like, from strawberries to mango or any other fruits that you want to be prominent in your dish.

Chocolate Souffle 

Last but not least, there is chocolate souffle. I saved it for last since it is a substantial dessert that I cannot resist on any occasion. Three factors that make this dish wonderful are a chocolate center, a soft souffle heart, and a dollop of vanilla ice cream to balance the flavors.

The soufflé is sweet, but you don’t notice it since the dough inside is thin and nearly moist. And, as previously said, the ice cream and maybe a little strawberry provide the ideal balance of components.

I never pass up an opportunity to have a souffle, especially after a meat course or lasagna. It is impossible to go wrong when combining Italian with French food.


What is a good dessert to have after lasagna?

17 Greatest Desserts to Go with Lasagna Gelato.
Cookies from Florence.
Salad with fruits.
Ice cream with vanilla flavor.
Berry tarts in little size.
Sorbet with fruit.
Panna Cotta (Panna Cotta).
Additional details…•June 10, 2022

What to serve with lasagna for Christmas dinner?

What are the best sides to serve with lasagna?
Roasted Zucchini in 20 Minutes (Not Soggy!) Discover how to roast zucchini so it doesn’t go mushy! … 10 Minute Cheesy Baked Tomatoes Harvest Salad. Soft Gluten-Free Breadsticks. Baked Broccoli with Cheese. Strawberry Feta Salad. Bacon Maple Brussels Sprouts. Cranberry Raspberry Jello Salad.
Additional details…•January 24, 2022

What to serve with lasagna for dinner party?

What to Serve with Lasagna: 10 Fantastico Italian Antipasto. Serve an antipasto dish with your lasagna supper to add a real Italian touch! Breadsticks. Tomato Feta Salad. Green Salad. Wedge Salad. Chicken Wings. Roasted Vegetables. Roasted Tomatoes.
Additional details…•July 4, 2021

What to serve with lasagna for a crowd?

Lasagna is frequently filling enough on its own, but who doesn’t like a bigger spread with a few traditional side dishes? Garlic knots, roasted veggies, Brussels sprouts, garlic bread… the choices are endless!

What is the most high end dessert?

The dessert is made using an exquisite combination of 28 cocoas, including 14 of the most costly in the world. The sundae was created in collaboration with premium jeweler Euphoria New York. The dish is adorned with 5 g (0.17 oz) of edible 23-karat gold and served in an edible gold-lined cup.

Which dessert is best after dinner?

15 Delectable Treats for After Dinner
Cake in the color red velvet. Red Velvet cakes are always popular; people like the flavor of this exquisite cake. Rasmalai is one of every Indian’s favorite after-dinner sweets. … Cup Cake…. Jar Cake…. Kitkat Cake…. Chocolate Truffle Cake…. Coffee Cake…. Ferrero Rocher Cake.
More to come…
•Oct 27, 2022

What do Italians eat lasagne with?

Garlic Bread as an Italian side dish with Lasagna.
Salad with grilled Romaine.
Bread with pesto and garlic.
Garlic Knots that are vegan.
Focaccia is a kind of bread.
Salad Caprese Spinach.
Broccoli grilled.
Brussels sprouts that are crisp.
More to come…
•Mar 26, 2022

Is it OK to serve lasagna for Christmas dinner?

Lasagna is a traditional Christmas dish. Also ideal for a holiday buffet party. Growing up, a staple Christmas Eve supper was Holiday Lasagna. My mother usually cooked turkey for Christmas dinner and served lasagna the night before since it was so different from turkey!

What is served at an Italian Christmas dinner?

Baked spaghetti is a requirement in Southern and Central Italy. Traditional Christmas cuisine in Northern Italy includes Lasagne Bolognese and stuffed pasta such as manicotti and ravioli. The big event, the meat, follows. Roasted veal, roasted chicken, sausages, or braised beef are popular Natale entrées.

How do you bring lasagna to a party?

I gather wooden boxes anywhere I can for for this purpose. Cover the crate with a blanket or thick towel, add the foil-wrapped lasagna, fold the quilt over to keep the heat in, and leave for the party.

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