What Can a Freeze Dryer Be Used For?

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When it comes to food preservation and shelf life, a freeze dryer may be regarded a revolution in the food sector. This apparatus was designed in 1906 to preserve blood serum, and it has since been utilized by NASA to prolong the shelf life while maintaining the quality of food sent to space. Now, everyone may have it in their kitchen and enjoy the beautiful impact. So what may a freeze dryer be used for?

Since the freeze dryer process cannot operate with items that have a high sugar and fat content but a low water level, there are many products that can and cannot be frozen dried. Meat, fish, milk, vegetables, and fruits are excellent candidates for freezing drying. Some goods, such as butter, honey, or mayonnaise, cannot freeze dry.

While each product has its own set of techniques, I’ve shared all of them with you today. So you may start freeze-drying food now and store it for years in your house.

Can it be freeze-dried? Yes No
Chocolate Chips X
Cocoa powder X
Pancakes X
Cookie Dough X
Honey X
Marshmallows X
Fats X
Butter X
Almond Milk X
Breast Milk X
Cream cheese X
Mayonnaise X
Lettuce X
Nuts X
Fish X
Sausage X
Dates X
Coffee beans X
Liquids X
Soda X


Can You Freeze Dry Chocolate Chips?

Chocolate is not one of the goods that can be freeze-dried since the moisture content is so low. The concepts of freeze-drying cannot be used in this circumstance. But, if chocolate is added in a biscuit recipe, this strategy has been demonstrated to work.

Can You Freeze Dry Cocoa Powder?

One of the functions of a freeze dryer is to increase the shelf life of a product at room temperature. Cocoa powder is a commodity that has a long shelf life. It has a shelf life of three years if unopened and one year if kept in a dark environment.

As a result, I don’t believe you need to freeze dry it. Also, the moisture content in this product is rather low, 5-6%, making it unsuitable for dry freezing.

Can You Freeze Dry Pancakes?

Freeze-dried pancakes are a product available in the US market from military surplus stock. Their version may be stored in an unopened container at room temperature for up to 25 years. Its long shelf life is due to the absence of oxygen and water in the cans.

Pancakes can be eaten freeze-dried without issue, but they can also be rehydrated. Wet them in cold water, pat them dry with a towel, and set them aside for 30 minutes in an airtight container. Additionally, steaming works effectively for restoring moisture to this product.

You can accomplish it if the conditions are correct. Butter is another product that does not perform well in a deep freezer. To begin, if you want to freeze dry cookies, locate an alternative to butter, such as apple sauce, banana, or pumpkin puree.

Chocolate chips are another commodity that may cause problems during freeze-drying. Hence it’s best not to utilize them as well. This approach may be used with any cookie recipe that does not include butter or chocolate.

After freeze-drying, there is one more little issue. You don’t want to break your teeth in a cookie since the dough will be tough. Nevertheless, unlike pancakes, you cannot consume freeze-dried cookies like that; they must be prepared again.

They may be soaked in milk or water. But, it is best to measure the doubt beforehand so you know how much water evaporated throughout the procedure and how much water or milk to begin with.

Can You Freeze Dry Honey?

Regrettably, honey is one of the goods that cannot be frozen dry owing to its high density of over 18%. But, there is no need to be concerned since honey has a very long shelf life of up to 2 years.

Can You Freeze Dry Marshmallows?

Marshmallows are a great product to freeze-dry. They may endure for decades if properly stored (if you want to prepare for an apocalypse and have marshmallows with you).

You don’t need to freeze-dry them for more than six to eight hours since they’re in little bits. Shortly after removing them from the machine, they must be stored in oxygen-free packaging to ensure long-term survival.

Dairies and Fats

Can Fats Be Freeze-dried?

Fats are one of the things that cannot be freeze-dried. Since they contain a low amount of water, this procedure will not operate well. Olive oil, for example, has a water content of 0.2%, which is inadequate for success. The same is true for butter and other high-fat foods.

Can You Freeze Dry Almond Milk?

Almond milk and other milks from nut families, such as cashew, may be freeze-dried. You should run them through the machine for around 25 hours to get a firm mass that you can easily crumble with your hands.

Soy, oats, and coconut milk may all be used in the same way. If you wish to dehydrate them again, just add more water and thoroughly mix them. All of the milks stated above will return to their original state, with the same flavor and nutritional qualities.

Can You Freeze Dry Breast Milk?

Breast milk is one of the greatest items to freeze-dry. Breast milk, like milk, may be freeze-dried and then utilized as a power source. Mothers are being forced to leave their babies alone for economic reasons, often sooner than they would want.

To ensure the baby’s well-being, you may harness the power of breast milk to feed it anywhere, even when you are not around. It may be blended with juice or water and is ready in a matter of minutes.

This milk has a three-year shelf life. You may wonder why you will need it for so long, given that newborns typically consume breast milk until they are one year old. Yet, you may always give it or share it with other women who are without milk for a variety of reasons.

You may also opt to donate it to orphanages for toddlers who do not have access to their moms’ milk. As previously said, this is one of the finest things to freeze-dry.

Can You Freeze Dry Cream Cheese?

Cream cheese is a dairy product that may be freeze-dried and produces satisfactory results. It will take around 28 hours to finish, but you will end up with a wonderful cheese that can be preserved for a long time.

Cream cheese will not crumble and will not lose its form. To get a more firm shape, place it in the fridge before placing it in the freeze-dry.

Can You Freeze Dry Mayonnaise?

Because of the high fat and egg content, it is not the greatest choice for freeze-drying. If you do this, you will have difficulty obtaining the original texture of the mayonnaise. It will become quite thin and no longer tasty.

Meat and Plants

Can You Freeze Dry Lettuce?

It all depends on how you want to eat it afterwards. If you want to use it in fresh salads, do not freeze-dry it. This is due to the high water content of lettuce, which is over 96%. Hence, if you try to freeze-dry, all of the water removal will break the lettuce’s cell walls, thereby destroying the product.

Overall, lettuce seems to be too delicate to withstand this kind of treatment. Nevertheless, if you want to use lettuce in soups or smoothies, go ahead. The texture will be different, but the dehydration will occur due to the moisture in the soup.

Can You Freeze Dry Nuts?

You may freeze-dry nuts if they are an ingredient in a recipe; otherwise, freezing them individually is not a smart idea. This is due to their high fat content, which will impede a positive outcome.

Can You Freeze Dry Fish?

Fish and shellfish are excellent candidates for freeze-drying since this approach allows them to retain all of their wonderful nutritional contents while also extending their shelf life. It doesn’t matter whether the fish is raw or cooked, grilled or broiled, smoked or not; you may freeze it any way.

Cod is an excellent choice for freeze-drying. This approach guarantees a shelf life of 25 years for cod, which is rich in vitamins, minerals, and protein. Isn’t it enough time to go through space and return? And, in general, you can keep it outside the fridge for a long time.

Salmon is another fantastic seafood to freeze-dry. Salmon has a wide range of nutritional and culinary applications, and it has responded well to freeze-drying. But, this method may also be used with shrimp or other seafood. Soft and fatty fish, on the other hand, are more delicate and should be eaten fresh.

To eliminate odor effect, it is best to store fish in a different room from other goods that you may freeze dry. Additionally, ensure that the temperature in the room is not too high.

Even the procedure of rehydration is straightforward. To begin, place the fish or seafood in a bowl of hot water and let them to absorb all of the required amounts to achieve their original texture. Following that, pat it dry with a towel before cooking or eating it raw.

Can You Freeze Dry Sausage?

Meat is highly likely to freeze-dry; from bacon to chicken, beef, and sausage, you may choose whichever you wish to consume for an extended period of time. Make sure the sausages don’t have a lot of fat in them.

Use the same freeze-drying processes as you would for other meats. To dehydrate the sausages, place them in a basin of water and refrigerate them overnight to achieve the original shape.

Can You Freeze Dry Dates?

Dates are a fruit that passes through many stages of development before reaching the ultimate state. Dates contain a lot of water at first, 83.6%. Dates have a maximum of 12.7% after four stages.

Yet, the sugar level in the last stage remains relatively high, ranging from 49.9% to 64.1%. As previously said, a big amount of sugar hinders the freeze-drying process, therefore avoid using it for the dates.

But, you should be aware that the dates may be stored in the fridge for up to a year, so freeze-drying may be unnecessary.

Can You Freeze Dry Coffee Beans?

Coffee beans are one of the greatest goods to dry freeze. According to studies, this procedure produces an outstanding quality coffee. Freeze-drying is an excellent technology and the first stage in the creation of instant coffee. The flavor, fragrance, and taste remain constant throughout the procedure.

How to Use Freeze-dried Coffee?

You may use it just like ordinary coffee. It is ideal for going on holidays or camping since it can be prepared in 3 minutes with a hot cup of water. You might also try selling it. Everyone would want to have it in their homes because of the organoleptic properties that stay the same excellent, but the shelf life will be longer.


Can You Freeze Dry Liquids?

It is entirely dependent on the sort of liquid you want to freeze dry. At all costs, avoid using this procedure with industrial drinks such as Coca-Cola. You will just be cleaning up the aftermath of the ultimate outcome. Fresh juices, even if they are fresh and without additions, contain a lot of sugar, thus they are also a no. Maybe apple or orange juice will help, but I cannot assure it.

So, what kinds of liquids can you freeze dry? Green smoothies that are fresh and organic are an excellent choice. You freeze them, dry them, turn them into powder, and then utilize them in your daily life by combining them with water or milk again. For example, after a workout, during a lunch break, or on other times.

Can You Freeze Dry Soda?

One of the goods that should not be frozen dry is soda. Since soda is essentially made up of water and sugar, the enormous amount of sugar makes freeze-drying impractical. A considerable alteration is also destroyed by the can of soda.


What can you use a freeze dryer for?

Although freeze drying is ideal for fruits and vegetables, it also excellently preserves meat, fish, dairy, eggs, ice cream, and even fully-cooked meals. Learn how enjoyable and tasty freeze-dried sweets and snacks can be! From freeze-dried ice cream to gummy bears and, of course, Skittles!

What are the disadvantages of freeze drying?

Disadvantages: Requires water for reconstitution (except for simple snacks)
The typical cycle time is 24+ hours.
Several people loathe the styrofoam-like texture.
Certain foods cannot be freeze dried.
Long-term storage necessitates the use of airtight containers.
There are no space savings since the food’s cellular structure is essentially preserved.
More to come…

Are freeze dryers worth it?

yes! If you value food security and preservation, a home freeze dryer is not only worthwhile, but also useful. With this in mind, if you do not value generating nutrient-rich shelf stable food for yourself, then the freeze dryer may not be worth it for you.

Can raw meat be freeze-dried?

Meat and eggs, both raw and cooked, may be freeze-dried. The freeze-drying technique, on the other hand, does not eradicate hazardous germs that might cause foodborne sickness.

Can you save money with a freeze dryer?

A family of four can freeze dry enough food to cover the cost of a home freeze drier in less than a year. The capacity to freeze dry food completely transforms the household budget.

What is the shelf life of freeze drying?

Since 98-99 percent of the moisture in freeze-dried food is removed during the process, it has a shelf life of at least 25 years.

Why freeze drying is not widely used in food industry?

The biggest downside of freeze-drying is the high cost of operation and maintenance owing to its high energy consumption. The energy needed for freeze-drying is about double that of regular air drying.

Is it safe to eat freeze-dried food?

Freeze-drying is a scientific art that combines science and a well managed procedure to produce beautifully preserved food. It keeps more nutrients than any other food preservation technique while also retaining color and taste. Freeze-drying is also one of the most secure techniques of food processing available today.

Can you freeze dry eggs?

Yes. You may freeze dry raw or cooked eggs. I like to mix my raw eggs first, then set them in the freeze drying trays, freeze them until frozen, and then place them in the freeze dryer.

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