What Bread Goes with Potato Soup? 11 Ideas

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Potato soup has various matching possibilities since it is tasty yet understated, therefore it works well with many cuisine categories and matches especially well with bread. Potato soup, creamy and thick with pieces of potatoes and carrots, is a true delicacy with lovers all over the world. Potato soup is more than simply a soup; it’s a complete meal in and of itself. So, what bread pairs well with potato soup?

Potato soup pairs well with cornbread, sourdough, focaccia, rye bread, cottage bread, garlic and herb bread, flatbread, parmesan bread, naan bread, brioche, and ciabatta.

Finding the correct bread for potato soup isn’t rocket science, but there are a few things to consider. Potato soup is best with light bread that isn’t too thick but yet holds together. As a result, in the following paragraph, I will examine which breads go best with potato soup.


What Bread Goes with Potato Soup? 11 Ideas

Potato soup pairs well with cornbread. Rich, deliciously crumbly, and bursting with flavor.The cornbread’s expressive corn taste pairs extremely well with the potato and carrot flavor of the potato soup.

Moreover, cornbread is very easy to make, which makes this bread even better. Simply combine cornmeal, baking soda, an egg, and buttermilk in a mixing dish and pour into a loaf pan. Bake for 20-30 minutes at 300 degrees Fahrenheit (150 degrees Celsius) and serve.

You may slice the bread and serve it on the side, or dice it and toss it into your soup.


Sourdough bread is not difficult to prepare, but it takes time. The starting should be made around 12 hours before baking the bread. The starter, which is consisting of flour, yeast, and water, is let to ferment for at least 12 hours before baking.

Sourdough bread has a wonderfully sour taste that complements the thick and creamy potato soup perfectly.It has a firm crust and a soft center, making it ideal for soaking up the rich juices of the potato soup.

You may serve it on the side or dip it into your soup; either way, you’ll appreciate it.


Focaccia bread is one of the simplest forms of bread to prepare and one of the most delicious to eat. It is made with simply wheat, yeast, salt, water, and oil.You must combine all of the ingredients, knead the dough until it is homogeneous, and let it to leaven for 20 minutes. Place the leavened dough on a baking sheet and push your fingers into the dough to create the trademark dough dimples.

Before baking, smear it with oil and sprinkle it with rosemary.

The focaccia bread is a feast in itself, and when coupled with the excellent potato soup, both the bread and the soup shine. The crunchy, crispy crust and the spongy, soft, and rich inside complement the creamy smoothness of the potato soup well.

Rye Bread 

Rye bread, which is dark, aromatic, and thick, is one of potato soup’s finest buddies.This bread will certainly become a regular in your kitchen since it is nutritious, diet-friendly, and incredibly simple to prepare.

Combine white and rye flours, as well as salt and active yeast. Knead the dough for 20 minutes and set it aside. Bake for 20 minutes at 150 C (300 F) and serve.

The center of the rye bread is denser and spongier than a sponge and absorbent, making it ideal for potato soup croutons. You may either dip the bread in the potato soup or serve it separately.

Cottage Bread 

Cottage bread, made of nothing but wheat, yeast, salt, and water, will please you with its softness and healthy scent, adding a rustic flavor to your potato soup.

After mixing the ingredients, let the bread rise for approximately 30 minutes. Bake at 150 C (300 F). The inside of the bread’s cloud-like softness, mixed with the crispy golden-brown exterior, will flatter and enrich your potato soup.

Although solid when dry, cottage bread rapidly loses its stability when wet, thus unless you prefer watery bread, don’t use cottage bread pieces as croutons. This bread is best served with a heavy spread of butter on the side.

Garlic and Herb Bread

You can make garlic and herb bread out of whatever bread you have on hand.Bake a few garlic cloves with olive oil and herbal spices like basil, oregano, thyme, dill, basil, and so on. Smear a thick coating of this mixture over the bread pieces and bake for approximately ten minutes.

Your bread cooked this way will not only enhance your potato soup experience but will trademark it, as it will dominate the entire setting. That is not to say that the potato soup will be completely invisible. The garlic and herb bread will take the lead, and the potato soup will follow the mood of the meal.

Flat Bread 

Flatbread has a long history of usage with soups, stews, and broths since it is rather solid and holds up well when wet.You may bake the flatbread until it is crispy and serve it as croutons or on the side for dipping. Season it the way you like it and enjoy its magic.

To prepare this bread, combine flour and water and form a dough. Allow the dough to rest for 30 minutes before rolling it out into circular tortilla-like pieces. Bake for 15-20 minutes before serving.

Parmesan Bread 

If you add parmesan to any bread, it becomes parmesan bread.Yes, it’s that easy. Slice your bread and sprinkle it with parmesan stipes. Place it in the oven to melt the parmesan.

The tastes of parmesan bread and potato soup are quite complimentary and balance out beautifully when mixed. The richness of the parmesan bread will complement the creamy smoothness of the potato soup wonderfully.

Naan Bread 

The thick and fatty naan bread is spongy and elastic, making it ideal for pairing with soups, particularly potato soup.To create naan bread, combine flour, an egg, yogurt, yeast, and butter until the ingredients are homogeneous and the dough is formed. The active yeast will produce bubbles, resulting in a bouncy, fluffy, and light naan bread.

The combination of potato soup and naan bread will pleasantly surprise your taste buds and awaken your senses with the subtle sourness of the bread.


Brioche and potato soup complement and flatter each other, being mildly sweet and expressively buttery and milky.Brioche is a little more difficult to create and requires a little more time, but it is well worth the time and work.

Brioche requires the following ingredients: flour, oil, eggs, milk, sugar, active yeast, and a sprinkle of sugar. Mix the ingredients until they are homogeneous, then knead the bread until it is beautiful and smooth. Brioche is not difficult to make, but it does take time.

Brioche must be leavened three times. You must knead it after each rise, which may take anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour.

When finished, the brioche bread and potato soup will offer you just wonderful results. The brioche’s sweetness will allude to the gentleness of the potato soup, which will softly tickle your tongue.


The ciabatta bread, the last on this list, is a lovely, folksy bread, full of flavor and perfume, and the right consistency to pair with the potato soup.To make this bread, you need yeast, water, flour, and salt. Make the dough by combining the ingredients; allow it to rise before baking.

This cheery people’s bread goes well with your people’s soup. Both easy, fun, and light, these two will undoubtedly brighten your day by providing you with a good gastronomic experience.

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