[Tips + Recipe] Make Chocolate Waffles Using Pancake Mix!

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While fairly similar, waffle and pancake mixes are not identical. They include the same components, but the main distinction is that waffles are thicker than pancakes. Waffles are firmer on the exterior and soft on the inside, while pancakes are soft and smooth on the outside and fluffy on the inside. So, how exactly do you create chocolate waffles out of pancake mix?

Chocolate waffles may be made using pancake mix, however the amount of ingredients must be adjusted. To make waffles, add a tablespoon of oil or butter or one or two eggs to a pancake mix. In addition, waffles require more sugar in the batter than pancakes, as well as cocoa powder to make them chocolate.

When I have two groups of visitors, those who love pancakes and others who prefer waffles, it takes a long time to create two separate batters. It is also less expensive to purchase a single blend for both applications. As a result, in the following text, I’ll offer some of the tips I’ve learned for producing chocolate waffles using pancake mix, as well as how they vary and what to add on chocolate waffles.

How to Make Chocolate Waffles With Pancake Mix?

Although waffles need the addition of milk, eggs, baking powder, and sugar, the pancake mix should be fattier. Waffle mixtures need additional sugar since the surface of the waffles must be caramelized to provide that crunchiness on the exterior.

To create chocolate waffles using a pancake mix, adjust the fattiness of the waffles to match the fattiness of the pancake mix. Chocolate waffles need the addition of cocoa powder and the subsequent coating with melted chocolate.

Butter/Vegetable Oil

Vegetable oil will boost the fat content of the pancake batter and add to the soft and fluffy interior of the waffles. In addition, the butter will aid in the homogenization and thickening of the whole batter. Waffle batter is not meant to be as runny as pancake batter. Including butter


The waffles’ outsides are designed to be crispy and caramelized. The only way to do this is to add enough sugar. If the pancake mix has too much sugar, the pancakes will be sticky, which they should not be, and difficult to turn.

The surface of the waffles, on the other hand, has to be tougher and crunchier, which the extra sugar will achieve.


Separate the whites and yolks and combine them separately. Mix them into the pancake batter until it is homogeneous. The eggs will completely combine with the butter and sugar, considerably increasing the fat content of the mix and making it the ideal waffle mix.


Adding full-fat milk or buttermilk to the pancake mix can dramatically modify it and shift it toward the waffle side. The milk will also help to the fluffy inside of the waffles and make them creamier.


Chocolate waffles need the addition of cocoa powder to the batter. Since cocoa may be harsh, apply it gradually. Begin with a teaspoon and test the batter as you go.

Order of Ingredients 

It is not only necessary to add the components, but the sequence in which they are added is also important in repurposing the pancake mix to waffle mix.

As previously said, separate the whites from the yolks and combine them separately. Whip the egg whites until they are frothy. In a larger mixing bowl, combine the yolks and sugar.

After that, combine the dry pancake mix with the egg and sugar combination. Sift the pancake mix into the eggs and sugar mixture while mixing on medium speed with a mixer.

While mixing, add the buttermilk, vegetable oil, and cocoa powder. Stir one more with a mixer, then add the milk. After the mixture has been homogenized, add the melted butter.

Then, using a wooden spoon, carefully mix in the frothy whites.

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Quantity of Ingredients 

The amounts of extra ingredients for each pancake mix are listed on the back of the box. Determine how much of each you need and add one or half more. You add one additional egg if the packaging says so. If it specifies a cup of milk, add half of it.

Please feel free to modify the proportions of the vegetable oil and sugar. Vegetable book based on your preferences. Half a cup of butter is the normal quantity. Vegetable oil and sugar are less likely to be suggested; consequently, you must rely on intuition. Increase or decrease the quantity of sugar and butter. The quantity of butter

How Is Waffle Mix Different than Pancake Mix?

Waffle mix is higher in fat and sugar than pancake mix. Pancakes should be smooth on the exterior and fluffy on the inside, and they should be more elastic than waffles since they must be flipped.

On the other hand, the surface of the waffles must caramelize by the time they are fully cooked. Since sugar caramelizes when heated, they need additional sugar. Waffles also need extra fat because if they are too thin, their inside will burn until the sugar caramelizes.

As a result, if you use an unchanged pancake mix to produce waffles, they will either be burned on the inside and hard on the outside, or they will be undercooked completely.

What to Put on Chocolate Waffles?

There are several ingredients with which to match your chocolate waffles. Combine them with chocolate shavings and serve on top of whipped cream. Drizzle melted chocolate on top of the waffles to make a chocolate bomb.

Strawberries, melted chocolate, and whipped cream go well with chocolate waffles. Crushed nuts, almonds, and hazelnuts combined with melted chocolate and orange are another fantastic option.

If you’re looking for something oriental and elegant, honey, orange slices, and dried fruit are great options.

Feel free to experiment with various ingredients to enhance your delicious chocolate waffles.

Recipe for Chocolate Waffles Using Pancake Mix


Can you use pancake mixture for waffles?

How to Make Waffles from Pancake Mix. If you want to use your pancake mix to create waffles, you’ll need to add a little additional oil. Here’s how it works: Just add 2 teaspoons of oil for every cup of dry pancake mix.

What can I add to waffle mix to make it better?

3 cup sugar.
1 cup crushed pineapple (drained thoroughly); serve with whipped cream and coconut flakes.
Additional information…•August 20, 2014
For every cup of flour, combine 2 cups cocoa and 14 cups peanut butter)…. 1Bacon! A handful of blueberries or other tiny or sliced fruit.
Miniature chocolate chips. Miniature cinnamon chips. Peanut butter (approximately 1 teaspoon).

How to make waffles tips?

Best Tips for Making Waffles
Warm up the waffle maker. When mixing the batter, turn on the iron.
Do not overfill the waffle maker.
Don’t look!…
… Use nonstick cooking spray sparingly.
Tongs are used for taking hot waffles from the iron.
Jan 22, 2021

Is there a difference between waffle batter and pancake batter?

Waffle batter has more sugar, butter, and eggs than pancake batter, giving it a richer, higher-fat batter. Waffle batter has less milk than pancake batter. Texture: The greatest waffles are fluffy on the inside and crispy on the outside.

How do you thicken pancake batter for waffles?

Cornstarch: Aids in the thickening of the waffle batter, resulting in flawlessly crisp edges.

What happens if I add an egg to waffle mix?

Including an Egg

The egg will give the recipe richness and make the finished product taste like handmade pancakes. If your pancake mix already includes an egg, try adding another.

What does adding an egg to waffle mix do?

Admittedly, this seems like a hassle, but believe us when we say the ultimate effect is well worth it. Whipped egg whites give more air to the batter, ensuring that the waffles rise to their full fluffiness.

What happens if you use milk instead of water in waffle mix?

To make your waffles particularly rich, use full milk instead of water. 1 cup of water for every 1 cup of traditional pancake mix is typically required for one batch of waffles. A pair of big brown eggs will also contribute to the ideal fluffy inside of your waffles.

What is the secret to good waffles?

Our secret ingredient for the crispiest waffles is cornstarch. The cornstarch ensures that the waffles are crisp and tender. Baking powder and baking soda aid in the rising and browning of the waffles. I suggest using both for the lightest waffles possible.

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