The Best Chicken Sandwich Sides [17 Best Ideas]

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Consider the following scenario: You’ve finally gotten around to cooking your favorite chicken sandwiches for supper. However, when you take your first bite, the sandwich seems a little lonely. Don’t be concerned; I’ve got you covered. Here are 17 great side dishes that will turn your chicken sandwich experience into a fantastic group feast. So, what are the finest chicken sandwich sides?

Salads, vegetables, coleslaw, fruit, corn and salsa, and macaroni go well with this sandwich, as do dips, sauces, and spicy condiments, as do baked potatoes, sweet potatoes and yams, honey-glazed carrots, roasted broccoli or mushrooms, baked beans, roasted beetroot, fruit kebabs, or vegetable soups.

So, now that you’ve mastered the ideal chicken sandwich recipe, it’s time to round out your dinner with some delectable sides. There are several recipes available for various vegetables and salads. And, best of all, most of these dishes can be made ahead of time, making them ideal for hectic weeknights. So, what are you holding out for? Start cooking!

Veggie Salads

The Best Sides for Chicken Sandwich [17 Best Ideas]

You may create a variety of quick and excellent side dishes to accompany your chicken sandwiches. A basic salad is usually a good choice, and you may tweak it to your liking.

I like to experiment with various veggies in my salads. Roasted red peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, and shredded carrots are among my faves. I also like to add a little dressing on my salad to add flavor. A basic vinaigrette or olive oil and vinegar dressing would suffice.

Crunchy Slaw and Coleslaw

The Best Sides for Chicken Sandwich [17 Best Ideas]

Crunchy slaw is one of my favorite chicken sandwich side dishes. I like how the cabbage and carrots give the sandwich a crisp texture and a fresh taste. It’s the ideal complement to the tender, juicy chicken.

Coleslaw is another excellent alternative. I like a creamy coleslaw with a little of sharpness, although there are other types available. Coleslaw may be readily customized to your preferences, and it’s a terrific way to use up leftovers.

Baked Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, and Yams

When it comes to chicken sandwich side dishes, potatoes are usually a good choice. Baked potatoes, as well as sweet potatoes and yams, are popular side dishes.

All of these root veggies offer a mild sweetness that complements the savory tones in chicken sandwiches. What’s not to love about them roasting up wonderfully in the oven and making your kitchen smell lovely while they’re cooking?

Simply brush them with oil and place them on a sheet pan with your sandwich toppings. You may also season it with herbs and spices like as rosemary, oregano, garlic powder, paprika, or whatever tastes you choose. Brush the potatoes with melted butter before baking to add even more flavor.

Whatever method you choose, I’m confident your potatoes will be a hit!

Different Types of Chips and Crackers

Chips and crackers are usually a good choice for side dishes with your chicken sandwich. There’s something for everyone, from crisp tortilla chips to buttery saltine crackers and everything in between.

Flavored pita chips are a particular favorite of mine; they’re salty, crispy, and perfect for scooping up sauces! Nothing beats a decent chip or cracker dunked in ranch dressing or a fiery BBQ sauce, let’s face it.

Whatever sort of chip or cracker you serve with your chicken sandwich, the choices are unlimited! Experiment with various tastes and textures to create the ideal side dish.

Fresh Fruit Salad for Added Sweetness

Fresh fruit salad is an excellent way to add a delicious side dish to any dinner. I like mixing seasonal fruits like apples, pears, and berries. Toss them with a little drizzle of honey and a squeeze of lemon or lime juice after cutting them into bite-sized pieces.

This light and healthful meal is high in vitamin C and antioxidants. And who doesn’t like a little sweetness in the mix?

If you want a heartier side, add some Greek yogurt or oats for texture and protein. This dish also makes a fantastic breakfast side, so don’t be afraid to cook it ahead of time; it just gets better with time! [1]

Spicy Condiments

If you want to spice up your chicken sandwich, consider including some spicy sauces. A homemade sriracha mayo, for example, may enhance the taste of your sandwich. Simply mix up equal parts mayonnaise and sriracha sauce, and you’re good to go!

Chipotle chile pepper sauce is another excellent garnish for your sandwich. This smokey sauce is full of flavor and intensity, making it ideal for spice aficionados. The greatest part? It just takes 5 minutes to create!

Simply combine mayonnaise, adobo sauce, chopped garlic, and lemon juice to make a delightful side dish for your chicken sandwich.

So, if you want to add some more taste to your sandwiches, experiment with spicy condiments. They’ll definitely give your food a kick!

Delicious Dipping Sauces

Dipping sauces are an excellent method to enhance the taste of your chicken sandwich. Plus, who doesn’t like a tasty dipping sauce?

Ranch dressing is a good option. It’s creamy and tangy, and it goes well with the delicate chicken. You may also try a mayonnaise-based sauce, such as the traditional honey mustard or the spicy barbecue. Honey mustard adds an extra layer of sweetness to your sandwich, while barbecue sauce adds a smokey flavor.

You may also experiment with some more unusual dipping sauces, such as teriyaki, honey garlic, or sweet chili mayo. If you’re searching for something spicier, consider Buffalo sauce or sriracha mayo.

Whatever dipping sauce you pick, it will give an additional punch of flavor to your ideal chicken sandwich!

Refreshing Yogurt-Based Dips

Are you sick of the same old side dishes? Why not experiment with yogurt-based dips? Refreshing and adaptable, you may experiment with various ingredients to create a variety of tastes.

Tzatziki is a classic side dish that goes well with grilled chicken sandwiches. You just need Greek yogurt, cucumber, garlic, olive oil, fresh dill, and lemon juice to prepare it.

Or, if you’re feeling brave, try my simple beetroot dip. Because beetroot is high in minerals and vitamins like vitamin C and folate, your body will enjoy this side dish as much as your taste buds will![2]

Cooked beets, Greek yogurt, garlic cloves, lemon juice, and mint leaves are all you need. In a blender or food processor, combine all of the ingredients, and voilà! In no time, you’ll have a delectable side dish on the table.

Corn and Salsa Salad

This corn and salsa salad goes well with chicken sandwiches!

It’s simple to prepare and tastes excellent. It’s also a terrific way to use up any leftover corn you may have.

Simply combine corn, diced tomatoes, red onion, jalapeos, and fresh cilantro in a mixing bowl. Then, add some olive oil and lime juice to taste, and season with salt and pepper.

Because this salad is best served cold, it’s ideal for packing in a lunch or bringing on a picnic.

Jalapeno and Honey Glazed Carrots

These Jalapeno and Honey Glazed Carrots go well with your next chicken sandwich.

You just need a few items to prepare them: carrots, honey, jalapeño pepper, olive oil, salt, and pepper. Peel and slice the carrots into small pieces first. Then, in a small saucepan over medium heat, cook the honey. Stir in the jalapeño pepper and olive oil to mix.

Stir in the carrots to cover them in the honey glaze; season with salt and pepper to taste, and simmer for 4-5 minutes, or until the carrots are soft. Serve hot or cold.

Garlic Parmesan Roasted Broccoli

This is another delicious side dish for your chicken sandwich that is simple to prepare and bake. Preheat the oven to 400°F (200°C) and trim 1-2 broccoli heads.

Toss with olive oil and chopped garlic, put on a baking pan, season with salt and pepper, and bake in a warmed oven for 25 minutes.

Remove from oven after 25 minutes and top with freshly grated Parmesan cheese. Cook for another 5 minutes, or until the cheese has melted. Serve with your wonderful chicken sandwich for a tasty vegetarian side dish!

Herb-Roasted Mushrooms

Herb-roasted mushrooms are the ideal taste and texture compliment.

You’ll need button or cremini mushrooms to make herb-roasted mushrooms. To begin, slice them thinly and combine them with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, chopped fresh herbs of your choosing (such as basil or oregano), minced garlic, salt, and pepper.

Place the mushrooms on a baking sheet and roast until golden brown and beautifully caramelized, about 20 minutes.

Herbed mushrooms are very tasty, juicy, rich, and earthy. They’re ideal for topping sandwiches or as a standalone side dish.

Roasted Beetroot With Feta

Beetroot is a versatile veggie that works well as a side dish for a chicken sandwich. Roasting it enhances its sweet, earthy taste, and topping it with feta provides a wonderful creamy tang that complements the savory chicken.

I love to roast my beets in the oven, but they may also be grilled. All you need is olive oil, salt & pepper, and your favorite herbs or spices. Once the beetroot has cooked through (it should be tender when pressed with a fork), top with crumbled feta cheese and serve.

It’s a terrific way to add color and nutrients to your lunch while also providing something distinctive to make your sandwich taste even better. Furthermore, it is really easy to implement. [3]

Vegetable Soups

Nothing goes better with a delicious chicken sandwich than a creamy and warm vegetarian soup. A soup adds extra nutrition to a meal, provides hearty warmth that nothing else can match, and may be made with a variety of ingredients and variants.

Cauliflower cheese, tomato basil, roasted vegetable, lentil & sweet potato, and butternut squash are some of my faves; all of these soups provide the same amazing benefits of veggies in a beautiful creamy form. Plus, adding flavor ingredients like cheese or herbs takes the soup to the next level!

These soups are also simple to prepare ahead of time or to acquire in pre-packaged containers at your local grocery store.

Baked Beans

Baked beans are my next idea for chicken sandwich side dishes. Baked beans are simple to prepare and surprisingly healthful! They are high in fiber, protein, and antioxidants, which are beneficial to your health.[4]

Furthermore, they are delicious when served with condiments such as ketchup or spicy sauce. You may also take the usual approach and add some brown sugar to make them sweet and smokey.

If you’re short on time, you may always use canned baked beans instead of cooking your own. Just be sure to seek for low sodium kinds so they don’t overshadow the taste of your sandwich.

Macaroni Salad

Macaroni salad is a crowd-pleaser that works well as a side dish with chicken sandwiches. The nicest thing about this side dish is that it is quick to prepare and can be customized to your liking.

Macaroni may be tossed with mayo, sliced peppers, onion, carrots, celery, mustard, and pickles. Feel free to experiment with other components! You may also add hard-boiled eggs or tuna to make it a more hearty side dish.

Fruit Kebabs

Last but not least, fruit kebabs are an excellent accompaniment to a wonderful chicken sandwich. You can always be creative with your kebabs, whether you choose pineapple, peaches, apples, kiwi, or a combo of your favorites!

Thread all of your favorite fruits onto wooden skewers and serve with your sandwich for a refreshing nibble.

Fruit kebabs are also an excellent way to use up any leftover fruit in the fridge. And if you’re looking for taste ideas, just combine various liquids with your favorite fruits. You may also top with a sprinkling of cinnamon for extra sweetness.


What are good sides for sandwiches?

Sandwich Sides: 15 Healthy Options
Salad with pears and prosciutto.
Seasoned French Fries from scratch.
Furikake-flavored Elotes corn.
Coleslaw made with Greek yogurt.
Miso Jalapeo Cheddar Cornbread.
Fritters made with corn and zucchini.
Salad with Quinoa and Arugula from Harvest.
Potatoes with Herbs in a Pan.

What to serve with hot chicken sandwiches?

What Should You Serve With Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches? 10 DELICIOUS SIDE DISHES
– French fries Is there anything that a platter of fries cannot enhance? … Coleslaw. – Macaroni and Cheese. – Potato Salad. – Onion Rings. -… Salad with rice. Garlic Potato Wedges. -… Collard Greens in the Instant Pot.

What vegetables go with sandwiches?

Avocado is a kind of fruit.
PicklesAdding some vegetables and herbs to your sandwich is the simplest way to add fiber and taste.

What is a good side dish for Nashville hot chicken?

A Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich is a filling lunch on its own, but it also goes well with potato chips, tater tots, or French fries. Other traditional side dishes include coleslaw, potato salad, cornbread, and mac & cheese.

What is the best side dish?

Smashed potatoes with garlic and herb butter.
risoni “Spanakopita”
Tahini dressing on rainbow slaw.
Mashed cauliflower.
Salad with Asian soft noodle cabbage.
Cornbread with jalapeos.
Salad with Asian chicken.
Roasted parsnips with caramelized sugar.

What are examples of side dishes?

Asparagus is a typical vegetable used as a side dish.
Beans that have been baked.
Potatoes baked.
Dinner rolls or different types of bread.

What side goes with buffalo chicken sandwich?

12 Buffalo Chicken Side Dishes to Try Right Now!
Sticks of celery and carrot. Crudités like celery and carrot sticks complement buffalo chicken so wonderfully.
Dip in blue cheese.
Dressing with ranch.
Chips created from scratch.
Macaroni with cheese.
Rings of onion.
The bread rolls.
Fries made with avocado.

What does a classic chicken sandwich have?

On a toasted bun, a delicious lightly breaded crispy chicken breast with crunchy lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise, and the ideal pickles. It’s the perfect mix of nostalgia and excitement.

What to serve with barbecue chicken sandwiches?

These delectable side dishes will set your BBQ apart from the crowd!
Pudding made from corn. The traditional comfort dish is created with a few basic ingredients and pairs nicely with BBQ chicken, turkey, and other meats.
Macaroni with cheese.
Beans that have been baked.
Collard Greens.
Salad with fruits.

What are some popular finger foods?

Top Finger Foods
Pigs on a Blanket is a children’s book.
Skewers of antipasto.
Pizza Rolls with Pepperoni.
Mac & cheese balls that have been fried.
Eggs deviled.
Poppers with jalapeos.
The Air Fryer Bites of Cauliflower.
Stuffed Mushrooms with Vegetables.

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