The 21 Best French Candies You Must Try

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France is well-known for its croissants, as well as its excellent cheese, pastry, and wine; so, many people purchase French items in order to have a taste of French delectability. Nevertheless, wine and croissants are not the only things that the French excel at; there are other sweets that have an incredible flavor. So, which are the best French candies to try?

For those with a sweet craving, French sweets are extremely delightful, and there is distinctive confectionery from every region of France. Salted caramels, nougat delicacies, hard licorice candy, and dragees are just a few of the French candies you should taste.

This article concentrates on the sorts of sweets from France that everyone should taste; hence, it provides a narrowed-down list to give you an idea of what you could discover on the market. The list will assist you in determining what will fit your preferences, allowing you to make an informed decision. I’ve also highlighted the most popular sweets in France so you know what French people consume on a regular basis.

List of the Best French Candies 

France has a lot to offer, including a wide variety of candies and sweets, so it might be tough to choose just one. As a result, I’ve compiled a list of the greatest and most popular French candies, allowing you to learn all you need to know before making a purchase. This way, you’ll know exactly what to anticipate after you’ve decided on a certain packet of French sweets.

French Almond Dragees 

The French dragees are the most popular fresh mint kinds in France and should not be missed.

French dragees are widely consumed because they are served at almost all special occasions, including weddings, baptisms, and communions. As a result, if you wish to follow the French custom while trying a specific sweet, choose the French Almond Dragees from Dragees Pecou.


French Truffles will be your favorite treat if you like chocolate. It’s just chocolate ganache that’s been rolled in cocoa powder. They’re so smooth and creamy they’ll melt in your mouth. That’s all there is to it.

Carambar Caramel 

You must taste the French Carambar if you visit France. This candy is only available in France, and it would be a shame not to taste it. It is a long caramel sweet wrapped in yellow paper, and its size and packaging are well-known. The French Carambar Caramel may also serve as a terrific keepsake, allowing your loved ones to enjoy a taste of France as well.

Black Tie Mercantile Eiffel Apple Bon Bons 

Eiffel Apple Bon Bons is an excellent alternative for folks who like chewy sweets with apple flavour. They are popular among adults as well as children because of their color and taste. If you want to experience something new, you should attend these green celebrations.

Gavotetes Crispy Crêpes

Crpes are a kind of pancake that originated in France. They are really thin, and after spreading your favorite spread on them, you just wrap them up. The French are so fond of crpes that they created a sweet called crpe biscuits.

Gavottes provides crunchy crpes cookies dipped in milk chocolate. Thus, if you adore chocolate-covered cookies, these sweets will be your new favorite snack!

Milk Chocolate Crispy Crêpes

If you believe Gavottes doesn’t put enough chocolate in their crispy crpes and that you’ll need more, Paskesz has excellent news for you. They produced chocolate-filled crpe sweets! Something reminiscent to Ferrero Rocher.

Lutti Arlequin Sour Candies 

If you like more acidic flavors, the French Arlequin Sour Candy are an excellent choice. These candies will add a festive touch to your life and will create a difference in your tongue from all the sweet and salty foods you consume on a daily basis. Don’t pass up the opportunity to taste some new and exciting cuisines.

Pierrot Gourmand Salted Caramel Lollipops 

The Pierrot Gourmand Salter Caramel Lollipops are the most popular candy among the French, and the reason is simple. They are a unique combination of classic and modern, representing France in a unique manner. The delightful caramel taste mixed with the elegant packaging is the nicest gift you can give yourself or someone close to you.

Krema Regal’ad Candy

Regalad Candy by Krema is the ideal French candy to choose for yourself if you are seeking sweets with various fruity tastes. These candies are not only tasty but also colorful, so they will bring some delightful brightness to your palette.

La Pie Qui Chante Michoko 

Michoko by La Pie Que Chante is the best sort of French candy for you. These milk chocolate-flavored candies are perfect for a snack or treat at any time of day. The French are famed for their milk chocolate delights, and once you experience Michoko, you will understand why.

La Vosgienne Pine Drops 

La Vosgienne Pine Drops are another minty candy choice for when you need some throat relief. They are delicious at any time of day and will undoubtedly fulfill your want for something sweet. La Vosgienne Pine Drops are the best option for individuals who want natural flavors in their sweets and do not want it to be too sweet.

L’Abeille Occitane Honey Pearls Candy

The most fantastic combination that can be incorporated in sweets is honey and lavender, and of course, the French have made it happen. LAbeille Occitane Honey Pearls are luxury hard candies with liquid cores loaded with exquisite honey and lavender tastes that are popular in France and many other countries of the globe. Also, these sweets include some nutritional benefit in addition to taste.

Krema Batna Licorice Candy

If you want some chewy licorice candy, you should definitely go for Krema Batna Candies. Those who appreciate licorice will undoubtedly enjoy the tastes of these French sweets. If you fall into this category, don’t pass up the opportunity to sample something really sweet and delectable.

Cambrai Bêtises 

Btises de Cambrai are the must-have sweets on the list. These are one of the most popular regional delights with a unique flavor that is loved by both residents and visitors. That being stated, make sure you attempt to get some of these tasty candy for yourself if you visit France.

L’ Envie en Rose Pur Sucre de Canne

If you want to try something new, I recommend L Envie en Rose. These are the original French rose-shaped sweets. They are naturally colored with various fruit varieties. Because of the attractive packaging, they make excellent gifts.

They may also be used as a decoration on cupcakes or cakes.

Les Anis De Flavigny Hard Candy 

If you want to experience French candy, start with Les Anis de Flavigny since these sweets will definitely transport you to France. These little sweets are composed of anise seed coated in flavored sugar. You may choose from a variety of tastes, including mint, licorice, orange, and rose.

French Burnt Peanuts

This is probably something you’ve never heard of: charred hard shelled peanuts. It is essentially a wonderful peanut candy that looks so intriguing that everyone will inquire about it.

They may seem spicy, but they are not. The flavor is fairly moderate and suitable for people of all ages.

They come in antique packaging that will be ideal for large family gatherings.

Maxim’s de Paris French Fruit Jellies

Maxims de Paris French Fruit Jellies are well-known French jellies. They come in fascinating packaging, so if you’re searching for a gift for a France-lover, you won’t go wrong with these candies.

Michel et Augustin Gourmet Cookie Squares

You may credit Michel at the Augustin firm for the French version of thumbprint biscuits. They created square-shaped cookies with caramel and luscious chocolate ganache fillings. You may purchase a whole box of these individually wrapped cookies and share them with your loved ones.

Marrons Glaces Glazed Chestnuts 

You may have tasted glazed chestnuts before, but if they were not French, prepare to be blown away. The Marrons Glaces are some of the most delectable glazed chestnuts that will transport you to France. These have the correct sweetness balance, so don’t worry if you don’t like too sweet candy.

Maxim’s Jellies

Choose this box of Maxims jellies if you can’t decide which one to try or if you simply want to taste more of them.

What Is the Most Popular Candy in France? 

Carambar is the most popular sort of candy in France. This is a caramel-flavored candy that is even brought as a memento from France, and a comparable form of sweet can be found nowhere else in the globe.

What Sweets Is France Famous For? 

France is also known for salted caramels and French dragees, in addition to the Carambar. Dragees are utilized for a variety of important events, including weddings and communions. If you visit France, you will almost certainly be served a salted caramel or see French dragees as a decoration on a coffee table.

As you can see, there are many different sorts of French candies to pick from, and they are all delicious. Prepare to fall in love with whatever kind of French sweets you sample since they all taste delicious and enticing.


What is the most popular French candy?

In France, there are many various types of sweets, but the macaroon is the most popular. Almond and cocoa powder are used to make macaroons. Macaroons are typically circular in form and very soft. It is highly popular in France, and it can be found in many stores across Paris!

What kind of candy do the French eat?

French candies, sometimes known as bonbons or confiseries, are recognized for their handmade features. There are industrial versions, but many sweets are still handcrafted by artisanal candy makers in France, known as chocolatiers and confiseurs.

What is traditional French candy?

Verdun Dragées. The Dragées de Verdun are France’s oldest confections, famous for their usage at weddings, baptisms, and communions. They are almond-shaped and frequently white or light pink, with a firm kernel of almond or other dry fruit. In moving copper vats, this dried fruit is subsequently coated with sugar syrup.

What sweets to bring from France?

These are some fantastic French souvenirs to pick up in Paris:

Try croquants prepared with almonds and sugar if you want something not too sweet. Mendiants are a good option if you want more chocolate (chocolate discs topped with dried fruit). If you like macarons, try Ladurée or Pierre Hermé (my fave!).

What sweets is Paris known for?

10 French sweets and cakes
Opera cake… Chouquettes (sugar puffs)… Mille-feuille (vanilla cream slice)…
Religieuse. …
Bourdaloue Tarte (French Pear Tart)…
Macarons. Financier.
More to come…

What snacks are France known for?

There are several classic French snacks, but the ones mentioned below will appeal to a wide range of palates.
The Fraises Tagada.
Dames’ Palets.
Pommes Chaussons.
Bread with raisins.
More to come…

What candy do French people like?

Liquorice sweets have captivated the hearts of the French.

When it comes to sweets, liquorice is the French’s favorite. Traditionally, liquorice was offered as a treatment for some respiratory ailments.

What is the famous Provence candy?

The Calisson, a classic and historic delicacy, is acknowledged as the favorite sweet delight of Provence, France. Calissons were developed in the fourteenth century and are now one of the most popular sweets in France. The Calisson is sometimes connected with an elaborate creation narrative.

What is the favorite French snack called?

Go no farther than the eclair for a delectable and sumptuous French nibble. This choux pastry is filled with flavored cream and covered with chocolate. Eclairs are available in most pâtisseries around France and are a popular option among both residents and visitors.

What chocolate is France known for?

The Greatest French Chocolate Brands in the World

Several of France’s famed sweet delights are available without having to travel long distances. Several brands are available when you purchase at World Wide Chocolate, like Michel Cluizel, Pralus Chocolate, Valrhona, Bonnat & Pralus.

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