Snickers vs. Milky Way: What’s the Difference and Which Is Better?

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Choosing the ideal chocolate snack for you might be tough at times since there are so many options, but many of them are also so similar to one another. That is precisely the situation with Snickers and Milky Way, particularly considering they are produced by the same company. So, what are the distinctions between Snickers and Milky Way, and how can you know which is healthier for you?

Snickers and Milky Way are both manufactured by the same chocolate business, which means they share many ingredients and flavors. However, in addition to the same components, such as nougat and caramel, Snickers contains peanuts, whereas Milky Way does not.

This essay was created to give some insight on the distinctions between Snickers and Milky Way. If you appreciate these chocolate bars, it is important to understand what you are consuming when you consume these delectable treats. After reading the article, you will be fully aware of the components and nutritional values of both Snickers and Milky Way, as well as some other qualities that separate them.

Difference Between Snickers and Milky Way

Snickers vs. Milky Way: Differences & Which Is Better?

As I indicated at the start of this post, both Snickers and Milky Way have a lot of identical components and tastes, so many people are curious about the differences between the two.

This is significant since these extra qualities are what distinguishes and distinguishes them from other chocolate bars. They are designed for individuals with diverse preferences, thus it is important to respect their distinctions.


Snickers and Milky Way are both made by the same chocolate company, Mars Wrigley. This firm, also known as Mars Incorporation, is well-known for producing a variety of delicious chocolate bars that are famous all over the globe. This fact may not surprise you, and you are surely aware of the many chocolate flavors offered by Mars Inc.

Furthermore, the flavors of Mars Wrigley chocolate bars are distinct and recognized, making it simple to identify such distinguishing component combinations. However, many of the items are not accessible in all countries since the corporation has various restrictions for different manufacturing locations.


To begin, you may note that the packets of Milky Way and Snickers are pretty similar, i.e., the colors are comparable and the font of the letters is similar. Furthermore, when you open the chocolate bars and look at the whole surface, you will see that they are similar. This implies that you’ll have to bite them or split them in half to observe the changes in their structures.

As a result, cutting Snickers and Milky Way in half will reveal certain color and structural variations. While both feature brownish tones from the caramel and nougat, Snickers has a somewhat different structure because to the addition of peanuts. In other words, peanuts make the structure seem rougher and brighter than Milky Way.


Many of the same components may be found on the labels of Milky Way and Snickers.This is why these chocolate bars could have a similar flavor. As a result, milk chocolate, sugar, skim milk, corn syrup, lactose, milk fat, egg whites, and salt are the main components in both chocolate bars.[1][2]

Peanuts, on the other hand, are found in Snickers but not in Milky Way. Snickers is crunchy because of the peanuts, but Milky Way is smoother because of the mix of creamy caramel and nougat.

Nutritional Values 

If you compare two regular-sized chocolate bars, you will discover that Snickers is somewhat heavier than Milky Way, weighing 1.86 oz vs 1.84 oz. This is not a significant change, but it does result in a difference in the amount of calories in both chocolate bars. As a result, whereas Snickers has 250 calories per bar, Milky Way contains 240 calories per bar. [1][2]

Furthermore, there is a variation in the level of salt, with Snickers containing 125 mg and Milky Way containing just 70 mg. Furthermore, Snickers has less carbohydrates than Milky Way, as well as fewer sugars.

Finally, Snickers has always been regarded the superior choice since it has the most protein of any chocolate bar created by Mars Wrigley. The major reason for this is the presence of peanuts, which are the main source of protein. Milky Way includes protein as well, albeit in smaller amounts.


While both chocolate bars are popular over the globe, Snickers is more well-known in the United States and around the world. Snickers was consumed by 48.06 million Americans in 2020, while Milky Way was consumed by 16.76 million Americans. [3]

Furthermore, Milky Way is not accessible in all countries. In places where the Milky Way is not accessible, replacements such as Mars chocolate are available.

Snickers, on the other hand, is accessible all over the globe. Snickers is probably only available in a few places, yet everyone has heard of this chocolate bar. Furthermore, for this reason, Snickers is available in a variety of flavors, allowing consumers all over the globe to sample various varieties of the same delicacy.


Milky Way and Snickers are priced similarly since they originate from the same chocolate manufacturer. In most regions of the globe, they are either the same price or have a very tiny price difference. However, if you find that Snickers and Milky Way are priced differently someplace, this is because certain retailers adjust their costs according on their needs.

That is why you may get Snickers for a very low price in regions where it would be much more costly. Again, supermarkets and shops have the authority to vary pricing since they have distinct marketing strategies and procedures in place to maximize profits.

Variations of Chocolate Bars 

Because Mars Wrigley has been on the market with the same goods for a long time, it is logical that they have made some adjustments in order to avoid a boring loop of the same items. As a result, both Snickers and Milky Way sell a variety of the same chocolate bars, but they are not accessible everywhere.

As a result, the identical chocolate bars may be found in a variety of sizes, containers, and tastes. Manufacturers responsible for a certain nation may pick which varieties will be offered, i.e. which ones will be accessible to buyers, based on specific market demands. when a result, when you travel, you may come across several kinds of these chocolate bars, particularly Snickers.

Vegan Features of the Chocolate Bars 

People question whether Milky Way and Snickers are good for vegan diets since they are largely comprised of chocolate. Unfortunately, owing to the inclusion of milk and egg whites, neither is vegan.

While they are perfectly OK for vegetarians, Milky Way and Snickers are not suitable for vegans, so if you are one, you should avoid adding these chocolate bars in your diet.

Milky Way vs. Snickers: Which One to Choose?

Because Snickers has a main component that alters the flavor of the chocolate bar, your decision is mostly determined by your own preferences. For example, some individuals cannot handle peanuts in their chocolate bar, therefore they will not choose it even if you say that it is the superior alternative. Also, we’re talking about two pretty comparable chocolate bars with many of the same components, so there’s not much of a difference in terms of beneficial aspects between them.

However, if we are going to dive further, Snickers is definitely the best option. This is mostly owing to the chocolate bar’s increased protein content and reduced sugar content. Snickers contains more calories than Milky Way but less sugar, fat, and carbohydrates.

Given this, it would be better for you and your diet to choose Snickers, but keep in mind that the difference is little. This implies that if you’re desiring a Milky Way, go ahead and get one since you’re not making a very different decision here.

Which Came First, Milky Way or Snickers? 

Milky Way was the first on the market, according to historical facts and occurrences. It was created and released in 1923, while Snickers followed in 1930. It’s also worth noting that peanuts were added subsequently to the same chocolate texture.

As you can see, Milky Way and Snickers have many distinct characteristics, but the peanuts in the latter may make a significant difference for specific tastes and palates. There are no substantial differences in terms of health in those relationships, albeit Snickers is regarded somewhat healthier than Milky Way.


What’s the difference between a Milky Way and a Snickers bar?

Only one or two important components distinguish the bars from one another. Snickers, for example, contains peanuts, but the other two do not, and Milky Way is the only one that contains malted barley.

Is Snickers the healthiest candy bar?

Snickers bars were voted the healthiest candy bar by three experts, even surpassing plain milk chocolate. While all chocolate-based candy bars had the same calorie range, Snickers bars had the least amount of saturated and trans fats.

Are Snickers and Milky Way made by the same company?

Mars is well-known for its confectionery products such as Mars bars, Milky Way bars, M&M’s, Skittles, Snickers, and Twix.

Why is the Snickers bar the best?

Consider it: sugar for a rapid boost, peanuts for long-lasting energy and nutrients; it’s the ideal energy bar if coupled with a healthy gym-inspired protein shake that has all of the other wonderful things required at the gym.

Why are Milky Way bars so good?


At least, that’s what we’d like to believe. MILKY WAY bars are the ideal blend of dark chocolate, creamy stretchable caramel, and fluffy nougat. They were introduced in 1924 and are the oldest remaining Mars chocolate bar brand.

What came out first Snickers or Milky Way?

In reality, when Mars Inc. debuted 3 Musketeers in 1932, it was the company’s third big product after Milky Way in 1923 (“chocolate malted milk in a candy bar”) and Snickers in 1930.

What is the unhealthiest candy bar?

Twix Bars in a Variety of Sizes

Twix bars not only contain the most calories, but also the most fat, making it the least healthy candy for your youngster to consume. A Fun Size Twix has 250 calories, 17 grams of sugar, and 14 grams of total fat.

What is the most unhealthy chocolate?

White chocolate is the worst since it contains more calories and sugar than milk chocolate.

What are the cons of Snickers bar?

Snickers bars are heavy in fat, salt, and sugar, and are referred to as “empty calories” by a Healthline research because they are “void of nutrients like vitamins, minerals, protein, fat, and fiber, which your body needs to function optimally.” Similarly, they are an ideal formula for body fat.

What is nougat in Milky Way?

According to Wikipedia, “the word nougat comes from Occitan pan nogat (Occitan pronunciation: [panuat]), which means nutbread.” However, the nougat in Milky Way [paid link] includes no nuts. It’s a nougat made using chocolate malt.

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