Sauces, Salads, and Other Side Dishes to Serve with Ravioli

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Ravioli are filled pasta that are popular in Italian cuisine. They’re often served with a side dish and in a broth or sauce. So, which sauces, salads, and other items go well with ravioli?

Ravioli may be served with a spaghetti sauce, a creamy parmesan sauce, or a slow-cooked broth. You may serve ravioli with apple salad, Panzanella, spring salad, and other salads. You may also try roasted or grilled veggies such as brussels sprouts, cherry tomatoes, asparagus, and so on.

There are several methods to cook ravioli. As a result, different varieties of ravioli complement various side dishes. And in today’s piece, we’ll look at some of the various possibilities available to you. From sauces to salads, here are some of the greatest ravioli accompaniments.


What Meat to Serve with Ravioli?

It’s normal to see meat in ravioli meals. Generally, the ravioli will be stuffed with a single variety of meat. Nonetheless, ravioli may be served with a meat-based sauce. Chicken, ground beef, lamb, and other meats are all good choices for ravioli. You may serve ravioli with whatever kind of meat you like.


You may fill your ravioli with minced boneless chicken meat. You may also create a chicken broth or sauce to accompany the ravioli. If you use the chicken as a stuffing, you may add veggies like spinach, avocado, and so on.


Lamb is another protein that goes well with ravioli. This meat pairs well with goat cheese and a butter sauce. The ravioli may also be stuffed with other herbs.


Beef ravioli is a popular ravioli filling. Making a one-pot recipe with beef and ravioli is a quick way to enjoy beef and ravioli. To balance the meal, a creamy sauce is usually required.

Best Salad to Serve with Ravioli

Salads are a fantastic way to add freshness and vibrancy to a ravioli meal. Salads to serve with ravioli range from the simple Caesar salad and apple salad to the more complex Panzanella and Caprese.

Grilled Corn Panzanella Salad

Panzanella is a kind of salad that originated in Italian cuisine. It’s made using soaking stale bread, tomatoes, onions, and sometimes cucumber and basil. The salad is then tossed with olive oil and vinegar.

Grilled corn pairs well with this salad. You can also toss in some homemade croutons and mozzarella cheese. This savory, colorful side dish goes well with any sort of ravioli, such as lobster or chicken ravioli.

Broccoli Rabe or Rapini with Roasted Veggies

Rapini, often known as broccoli rabe, is a kind of cruciferous plant that looks like regular broccoli. One major distinction is that rapini may be eaten in its whole. Broccoli has a somewhat bitter flavor comparable to ordinary broccoli and pairs very nicely with butternut squash ravioli. The sweet and bitter flavors complement each other well on your palette.

You may serve the rapini alone with a suitable sauce or with other vegetables such as roasted tomatoes or capsicum.

Spring salad

If you’re searching for a light side dish to go with your ravioli, consider creating a spring salad. Mixing asparagus, peas, radish, and a variety of herbs is an excellent way to add flavor to any meal. Add some goat or feta cheese to the mix, and you’ve got a fantastic salad side dish.

Since you may experiment with the salad’s contents, it can go with any sort of ravioli meal. You may also add nuts to the mix for crunch.

Roasted Cherry Tomato Caprese Salad

Here’s another Italian salad to go with your ravioli. A Caprese salad is a straightforward salad made out of sliced mozzarella, tomatoes, and fragrant basil. Of course, it’s drizzled with olive oil.

The difference here is that you use roasted cherry tomatoes instead of sliced tomatoes. This gives the meal a lovely smokey taste. You may add crusty bread to give it a different texture. This lovely salad complements the spinach ravioli well.

Caesar Salad

A fast and easy Caesar salad is a delicious way to enjoy spinach ravioli. Just toss some fresh lettuce and cheese with mustard, olive oil, and lemon juice. Remember to season the salad with salt and pepper to taste.

Apple Salad

An apple salad is always in season. And the procedure could not be easier. In a large mixing bowl, combine the apples, green onions, blue cheese, and butter lettuce. Dress with cherry vinaigrette and mix the vegetables in it.

What Side Dishes Are the Best for Different Kinds of Ravioli?

Here’s a table that just summarizes the whole tale and may be used as a cheat sheet. But keep reading because I’ll go through everything in depth.

Type of Ravioli Side Dishes
Beef Ravioli Cipollini Onion
Braised Leeks in Butter
Spring Salad
Honey Roasted Baby Carrots
Four Cheese Ravioli Braised Leeks
Asparagus Wrapped in Prosciutto
Chicken Caesar Pizza
Chicken Ravioli Chicken Ravioli with Pesto and Veggies
Mushrooms and Spinach
Easy Parmesan Cream Sauce
Cauliflower Gratin
Slow Roasted Tomato Salad
Ricotta and Spinach Ravioli Truffle Butter Sauce
Sage Butter Sauce
Datterini Pomodoro Sauce
Ravioli en Brodo
Fried Ravioli Greek Salad
Roasted Cabbage Steaks
Italian Chicken Drumsticks
Parmesan Garlic Rolls
Lobster Ravioli Italian Bread
Watermelon Feta Salad
Roasted Brussels Sprouts
Sauteed Mushrooms
Creamy Polenta

What to Eat with Beef Ravioli?

Beef ravioli is made by stuffing pasta with ground or minced meat, herbs, and cheese. Generally, in this sort of meal, the beef is paired with side dishes that provide sweetness and acidity to the mix, cutting through the salty taste of the meat for a balanced feast.

Cipollini Onions

Cipollini onions are similar to conventional onions, but somewhat smaller. They’re also a quick and simple method to combine with beef ravioli. When caramelized, these onions have a wonderfully sweet flavor that is ideal for cutting through the savory flavor of beef. It also adds some acidity to the meal.

Just sauté the onions in butter and balsamic vinegar until gently caramelized and glistening. That is all you need to do to create a fantastic combo.

Braised Leeks

Leeks, like our last article, are an excellent choice for sautéing in butter. Leeks provide a lovely counterpoint to the beef’s heaviness. Just braise the leeks in butter and lemon juice for some much-needed acidity.

Spring Salad

If you want something more bright, try a beautiful spring salad. You may use whichever veggies and herbs you desire. It’s so easy to prepare, but it adds so much color and flavor to the ravioli.

Roasted Baby Carrots

Roasted baby carrots with honey, melted butter, and garlic are quick and delicious. The sweetness of the carrot complements the steak well.

What Goes Well with Four Cheese Ravioli?

Instead of just one kind of cheese, four cheese ravioli is made by stuffing the ravioli with four different varieties of cheese. There are a variety of side dishes to go with this cheese delight, including braised leeks, prosciutto-wrapped asparagus, simple Caesar pizza, and more.

Braised Leeks

Not only do leeks and cheese sound nice together, but they also taste delicious. The mix of cheese ravioli, spicy parmesan sauce, and butter braised leeks is too tempting to pass up.

Asparagus Wrapped in Prosciutto

Asparagus and prosciutto are often served separately with ravioli. When you combine them, you get a unique and fascinating meal.

Steamed asparagus is not only a healthy dish to consume; it also pairs well with cheese. The asparagus are then wrapped with smokey prosciutto. It’s crispy, salty, juicy, and excellent all over.

Chicken Caesar Pizza

What about combining one famous Italian dish with another? Pizza already has a lot of cheese in it. If you want to go all out, serve it with your favorite cheese ravioli.

This easy pizza dish has chicken breast, bacon, parmesan cheese, and mozzarella. Next you pour on some Caesar salad dressing. And then you pile the hot ravioli on top.

What to Serve with Spinach Ravioli?

Ravioli does not necessarily have to have meat in it. It may be made with a variety of vegetables, with spinach and ricotta being a common combination. Moreover, to complement the spinach and ricotta ravioli, here are some vegetable-centric side dishes.

Easy Spelt Focaccia

Focaccia is a sort of bread that is baked. It has a texture and appearance similar to pizza. And it’s simple to dress up with oregano, cherry tomatoes, and feta cheese. It’s a basic bread that goes well with your ricotta and spinach ravioli.

The one unusual component is spelled flour. It is a kind of wheat flour with a somewhat nutty taste. It may be worked in the same way as conventional wheat flour.

Air Fryer Vegetables

Assume your spinach ravioli is in the pan and you don’t have time to prepare a delectable side dish. You do, however, have an air fryer on standby. And you can use that fryer to quickly prepare some excellent veggies to go with the ravioli.

Combine your chopped veggies in a large mixing basin, including bell peppers, onions, zucchini, squash, cauliflower, and peas. Next season the vegetables with salt, pepper, and, for a fiery bite, paprika. Drizzle with olive oil and toss everything together. Next, in the fryer, cook all of the veggies.

That’s all there is to it. Vegetables for your ravioli that are fast, flavorful, and healthful.

Cauliflower Parmesan

Cauliflower cooked in the oven with wonderful marinara sauce and parmesan cheese is a delectable combination. So combine it with your spinach ravioli to enhance the whole experience.

And it doesn’t take much to prepare this recipe. 1 big cauliflower, 1 cup marinara sauce, and fresh parmesan. Save some marinara aside to sprinkle over the ravioli afterward.

What Goes with Chicken Ravioli?

Another common filling for ravioli is chicken. It also combines nicely with other veggies and a sour sauce. Therefore, products like basil pesto, mushrooms and spinach, and creamy mozzarella sauce go well with chicken ravioli.

Chicken Ravioli with Pesto and Veggies

Pesto is an Italian sauce that has a characteristic green color. You may simply prepare it yourself in a food processor by combining fresh basil, pine nuts, parmesan cheese, garlic, and other ingredients. If you are allergic to nuts, leave out the pines. Next, to produce a sauce, add olive oil to the mixture.

You now need the veggies. Cook them in the same pan as the chicken for the ravioli or separately. Use bright veggies such as asparagus, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, and bell peppers, or whatever you have on hand. The ravioli, veggies, and pesto are then combined and served.

Mushrooms and Spinach

A usual meal includes mushrooms, spinach, and chicken. As a result, they’ll go well together in a ravioli meal.

Sauté sun-dried tomatoes and sliced mushrooms in olive oil in a pan. Continue cooking after adding fresh spinach, minced garlic, and red pepper flake. Cook for a few minutes after adding the chicken ravioli to the skillet. If it’s too dry, add some more olive oil.

Easy Parmesan Cream Sauce

A recipe for chicken and spinach ravioli coated in hot and cheesy parmesan sauce that is both simple and delicious.

Then, sauté the mushrooms, garlic, and nutmeg in olive oil for 6-7 minutes, or until softened. Heat for a couple of minutes with some heavy cream or half and half. Next, over low heat, add grated parmesan cheese and stir until the cheese melts correctly. Remove from the fire and season with salt and pepper to taste.

Add the ravioli to the sauce and serve!

Cauliflower Gratin

A gratin is a dish that is topped with breadcrumbs or cheese combined with butter pieces and then baked until the top layer is crispy golden. A cauliflower gratin is a creamy, cheesy delicacy that goes well with chicken ravioli.

Slow Roasted Tomato Salad

As a result, many of our solutions are fast and straightforward to implement. If you have the time, we suggest making this gently roasted tomato salad. Instead of normal or cherry tomatoes, this version uses heirloom tomatoes that are carefully roasted in the oven until they are sweet and juicy.

You can take this side dish a step further by adding asparagus and cabbages. It’s a healthy and delightful way to eat ravioli.

What Goes Well with Fried Ravioli?

When most people think of cooking ravioli, they envision boiling the pasta in water. But, you may sauté them for a crisper and toastier pasta. These fried ravioli pair beautifully with salads, cream sauces such as parmesan, and roasted vegetables.

Greek Salad

Greek salad, also known as horiatiki salad, is mostly found in Greek cuisine. It has tomatoes, feta cheese, cucumber, onion, lettuce, bell peppers, and Greek dressing.

In a large mixing basin, add the veggies. Then toss in some olive oil and the dressing to make a homogenous consistency. This salad is a bright and delicious accompaniment to any fried ravioli.

Roasted Cabbage Steaks

Roasted cabbage steaks are juicy and tender, and they pair well with fried ravioli. They’re also very simple to create with just a few ingredients.

Remove the stalk from the cabbage and chop it into four flat discs. Coat each item generously with olive oil. Next, generously season the cabbages with seasoning (salt, pepper, garlic powder, and paprika for a little of fire) and cover with your hands. Next, bake the cabbages in the oven until they are tender and tasty.

Italian Chicken Drumsticks

Fried ravioli may be used as a wonderful appetizer. Now, for the main dish, how about some chicken drumsticks to go with the ravioli? Here’s a basic recipe to get you started:

The marinade will need the following items. salt, black pepper, red pepper flakes, and lemon juice. First, combine all of these components.

Coat all of the chicken drumsticks in the marinade and place in the refrigerator for at least 4 hours. Following that, heat up your grill to high heat and sear the drumsticks for 2-3 minutes on each side.

Place the chickens on a plate and continue to roast them in an indirect oven for at least 15 minutes. You may add extra marinade to the drumsticks as you rotate them. To check the interior temperature, use a cooking thermometer. If it registers about 165 degrees F, the meat is okay to consume.

Parmesan Garlic Rolls

These parmesan garlic rolls are the best method to create overnight supper rolls since they are soft, cheesy, and quick to cook. If you are short on time, you may prepare the rolls yourself or purchase them from the shop.

Just drizzle melted butter over the dinner rolls. Next grate parmesan cheese on top and toss the rolls to coat evenly and thickly. If you wish to make the rolls ahead of time, wrap them in plastic wrap and place them in the refrigerator.

Preheat the oven to 350°F when you’re ready to cook. If you freeze the rolls, thaw them first before baking for 15 minutes. You may also brush some more butter on top for a lovely golden hue.

What Sauce to Serve with Ricotta and Spinach Ravioli?

To go with the ricotta and spinach ravioli, create a truffle butter sauce for a creamy and nutty side dish. You may also serve the butter sauce with sage. Here are several tasty sauces that are simple to create and go well with this kind of ravioli.

Truffle Butter Sauce

Truffles are highly regarded in Italian cuisine. And they go really well with butter sauce. This dish requires just truffles, butter, and salt & pepper to season.

Put the butter in a mixing basin. Grate the truffles into the butter and thoroughly combine. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Transfer the butter to a pan for a genuinely creamy appearance. Put in your ravioli and cook for a couple of minutes on low heat. Turn off the heat and serve.

Sage Butter Sauce

Compound butter is made by combining melted butter with a variety of herbs and spices. This butter complements a variety of foods, including ravioli. Again, the only ingredients needed for this dish are melted butter, fresh sage, pepper, and salt.

Datterini Pomodoro Sauce

There are just two ingredients: basil and tomato. The outcome is simple in execution yet quite effective. This flavorful and light sauce complements any ravioli meal.

Sauté several garlic cloves in olive oil in a skillet over medium heat. After a few minutes, add tomato puree and freshly chopped basil to the pan, or until the garlic gives a pleasant aroma. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Boil the sauce on low heat until it thickens. If it becomes too thick, just add additional water until you get the required consistency.

Just add your ravioli to the sauce, stir for a minute, then remove from the heat. Alternately, put the pasta on a platter and spoon the sauce over top.

Ravioli en Brodo

Ravioli soaked in broth is a typical ravioli preparation. This, however, is possibly the most difficult assignment of all the concepts given here. Preparing your own broth can take you many hours. But the end product will be well worth it. Hence, if you want real, tasty, and fulfilling broth for your ravioli, be prepared to wait.

What to Serve with Lobster Ravioli?

The combo of lobster and ravioli is fantastic. And it works especially nicely with foods like watermelon and feta salad, roasted tomatoes, grilled zucchini, or simply baked Italian bread.

Italian Bread

Let’s start with a pleasant and easy complementing dish: handmade bread. Handmade bread is one of life’s better pleasures. It’s chewy and substantial, and it pairs particularly well with dipped ravioli in broth.

Watermelon Feta Salad       

This is the ideal summer supper. A refreshing and flavorful side dish for any ravioli is watermelon salad with feta cheese, fresh basil, and mint.

Cucumbers and watermelon should be chopped into bite-sized chunks. To make the dressing, combine basil, mint, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and salt and pepper in a food processor and blend until smooth. Then sprinkle the dressing over the cubes of watermelon. Serve with crumbled feta cheese on top.

If you want some crunch in your salad, add some toasted pine nuts or walnuts. You may also add red onion for sweetness and acidity, honey for sweetness, and pepper for a spicy bite.

Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Brussel sprouts aren’t always the most interesting dinner table fare. Nevertheless, with a few little tweaks, you can make the star perfectly match your lobster ravioli.

In a cast-iron skillet, heat some olive oil. Add the sprouts to the pan and season with salt and pepper to taste. Sauté until the sprouts are brown. Transfer the sprouts to a preheated oven and roast for 15-20 minutes, rotating halfway through.

While the sprouts are roasting, combine the balsamic vinegar and maple syrup in a small saucepan over medium-high heat. Bring to a boil, then lower to a medium heat. Next, continually whisk until the syrup mixture thickens and turns glossy. Take care not to overcook it or it may become too sticky.

Remove the sprouts from the oven and toss them with the vinegar and syrup mixture in the pan. Now you’ve got yourself some delicious, glossy roasted brussels sprouts to go with your ravioli.

Sautéed Mushrooms

Sautéed mushrooms are simple to prepare. Just sauté mushrooms in olive oil, seasoning with salt and pepper to taste. For a spicy kick, sprinkle with chili flakes.

Creamy Polenta

Lobster and polenta go together like clockwork. And when you add butter to the mix, you get a creamy treat.

What Is Ravioli Traditionally Served With?

Ravioli is traditionally served with a cream sauce or a tomato-based pasta sauce. They are frequently served in broth or with roasted vegetables as a side dish.

To summarize, just as there are several methods to prepare ravioli, there are numerous side dishes to accompany them. Taste various side dishes at your leisure for fresh palate sensations.


What salads go well with ravioli?

Green salads are an excellent accompaniment to a fresh and uncomplicated ravioli meal! 23- Italy Fennel, Citrus, Pomegranate, and Salad- A tasty side salad with vivid red and fresh pomegranate seeds that works well in the winter. It is an excellent accompaniment to ravioli.

What is ravioli traditionally served with?

They began as a classic delicacy in Italian cuisine, usually served in broth or with a sauce. Ravioli are generally square, although various shapes, such as round and semi-circular, are occasionally used (mezzelune).

What do Italians eat ravioli with?

Ravioli is a classic Italian home cooking staple that is often served with a broth or sauce. The contents for ravioli vary according to area. Ricotta, spinach, nutmeg, black pepper, and lemon peel are common ravioli fillings.

What meat goes well with ravioli?

Notes on the Recipe

Delicious selections include cheese ravioli and ravioli loaded with ground pig, beef, or Italian sausage.

How do you serve ravioli to guests?

To serve, place 5 or 6 drained ravioli on each serving dish, followed by roughly a cup of sauce. Let visitors to garnish with grated parmigiano.

Do you eat salad with pasta?

Salads that are crisp and crunchy

A large green salad is a traditional pasta side dish. Arugula mixed with lemon juice and olive oil, or a conventional Caesar salad, are also excellent choices.

Is ravioli eaten with sauce?

Everyone has a distinct way of eating ravioli. Some people like to smother them in tomato sauce, while others like garlic butter. Here are three excellent suggestions: Parmesan & Basil Butter (#8124) by Chef Shamy.

What is a dish that is related to ravioli?

Agnolotti. This Piedmontese pasta is similar to ravioli but smaller. Agnolotti pasta may be prepared using a variety of agnolotti recipes, including butternut squash agnolotti and maize agnolotti.

Do you serve ravioli in a bowl or plate?

Serve spaghetti on a dish to be completely correct.

MF: You serve it on a dish, as is appropriate. Nonetheless, trattorias and families will use a soup bowl, which is similar to a shallow plate.

What are the four main pasta dishes in Italy?

Classic Roman pasta recipes include cacio e pepe, carbonara, amatriciana, and alla gricia. Each one is a variant on the other — cacio e pepe plus guanciale is alla gricia, carbonara is gricia plus egg, and so on. These four meals are well-known across Italian cuisine, not only in Rome.

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