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You have many interesting elements at your disposal in the wonderful and often tasty world of cake decorations to create someone’s dream cake. Modeling chocolate, a blend of melted chocolate and corn syrup, is one such item. On the market, you can discover a variety of branded modeling chocolates, so here are the greatest modeling chocolate brands!

If you’re looking for high-quality modeling chocolates, Satin Ice, Hot Hands, and Squires Kitchen are some of the greatest options on the market. They all have a rich chocolate flavor and a workable consistency that is firm yet malleable.

In this post, we’ll look at some of the most popular commercially available modeling chocolates. We will examine their quality, taste, simplicity of application, availability, and other factors to determine how practical they are as a trial option for you.

List of Best Modeling Chocolate Brands

Brand Overall Verdict
Satin Ice ChocoPan  Satin’s modeling chocolate is a truly premium product. They offer plenty of variety in terms of color and flexibility in terms of application.
Hot Hands Despite their limitations in terms of pack size and available colors, Hot Hands modeling chocolate is fun, user-friendly, and provides you with a smooth finish.
Squires Kitchen  In terms of taste and texture, Squires Kitchen brings you one of the best choices for modeling chocolate available. Though they are not the most suitable for all dietary needs.

Satin Ice ChocoPan Modeling Chocolate

We begin with Satin Ice’s extensive line of modeling chocolates. They are available in a variety of forms and sizes. Satins modeling chocolate is available in three sizes: one pound, five pounds, and ten pounds.

They also offer 11 distinct color options to pick from. From brilliant yellow to deep brown, you are certain to discover the precise hue you are looking for.

The following are some of the benefits of using Satin Ice modeling chocolate:

  • Since they are made of genuine chocolate, you may mold and bend them to your preferred form without danger of the chocolate cracking or breaking.
  • The chocolate flavor comes through.
  • You may tweak the clay as long as it is still warm.
  • Colors may be mixed and matched.
  • These items are free of gluten and nuts.

These are some criticisms of this product:

  • It includes dairy products and milk. As a result, the product is not suitable for vegans.
  • According to their instructions, you should not expose this product to temperatures beyond 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Otherwise, the chocolate will melt and drip all over your cake.

Hot Hands Modeling Chocolate

Hot Hands modeling chocolate is next on the list. Their chocolate clay has appeared on several television networks and series, including the Food Network, Netflix, Cake Wars, Halloween Wars, and others.

This product comes in a 2-pound bag. These come in black and white, but they may be readily colored with food-grade gel and other colored sweets. Their product is available in two flavors: dark chocolate and vanilla.

Hence, here are some of the key characteristics that distinguish Hot Hands modeling chocolate as a premium option:

  • Their chocolate tastes come through. Dark chocolate is used instead of milk chocolate in one of the few luxury chocolate clay products.
  • The texture of the product is quite nice.
  • This device is incredibly easy to use. Beginner chocolate painters may readily begin adorning their desserts without any difficulty.
  • When you touch it, the chocolate stays hard. As a result, you may continue working on your embellishments without worrying about the chocolate melting too quickly.
  • Other colors are readily absorbed by the chocolate. As a result, you may use food-grade colors and gels.

Some of this product’s drawbacks include:

  • Their pack capacity is restricted. You can only choose the 2-pound option.
  • They don’t have a lot of hues of their own. As a result, you must color the clay using various means.

Squires Kitchen Modeling Chocolate

Squires Kitchen offers a variety of modeling chocolate suitable for every occasion. When you use this product, you can be certain of a superb flavor since it is made with the best Belgian chocolate.

Squires Kitchen offers a variety of taste and color variants for you to sample. Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, strawberry, orange, and vanilla are all options. You may get a tiny 150 g box, which is enough to adorn a single cake. You may also acquire a 1 kilogram bundle, which is a wonderful deal.

These are some of Squires Kitchen modeling chocolate’s highlights:

  • It tastes just like real chocolate.
  • It is available in a variety of taste profiles. All of the tastes taste authentic.
  • Simple to work with.
  • Over an extended period of time, the clay stays flexible without breaking.

Some of the drawbacks of this brand include:

  • Dairy is present in their goods. As a result, they are not vegan-friendly.
  • Allergens such as soy, nuts, gluten, and others may be present.
  • To make the chocolate clay, you’ll also need to purchase their modeling sugar paste.

How to Use and Color Modeling Chocolate?

You may sculpt the modeling chocolate into various forms using your hands, tools, or silicone molds. You may also cutout the clay using cutters of different shapes and sizes. Instead, you may just roll the clay into a huge sheet and cover the cake completely.

Step 1

It is better to work with modeling chocolate in little quantities at a time. Just pinch the quantity of clay required for a certain form and knead it until it becomes workable.

Step 2

Dust a clean surface with powdered sugar or cornstarch to flatten the clay. The clay should next be rolled into a thin, malleable sheet using a powdered rolling pin. Depending on the scenario, you may make the sheet as thin or as thick as you wish.

Instead, you may place the clay in a big zip bag to keep your workspace clean and neat. You may also use a pasta machine to roll out the sheet.

Step 3

You may cut off pieces of clay after you’ve rolled it to the correct thickness. Cookie cutters, fondant cutters, and pizza cutters may all be used. If you want to make more elaborate patterns, you may also use a knife.

You don’t need to cut it any more if you wish to cover the whole cake with the clay-like fondant. Just roll the clay until it is thin enough, then spread the chocolate over the cake with a rolling pin.


The most enjoyable aspect about modeling chocolate is the complete control you have over your product. There is no correct or incorrect procedure here as long as it is used properly and hygienically.

But, specialised modeling tools may make modeling a little simpler. You may acquire a variety of equipment to make the process easier, from dedicated cutters and extruders to little gum paste tools that will help you shape the clay better.

How to Color Modeling Chocolate?

The modeling clay you purchase at the shop will be a single, consistent hue. In certain circumstances, this is beneficial. Yet, if you want to experiment with color while decorating your cake, you have a few possibilities.

You may change the color of your modeling clay by adding coloring gel, liquid food coloring, or powdered food coloring.

If you’re using candy coloring gel, start by adding a little drop to your clay. Then begin kneading the clay to notice how the complexion changes. If the color is too dark, add one more drop of color at a time until you get the required consistency.

You can do the same thing using store-bought liquid food colors. But, keep in mind that adding moisture to the clay can soften it.

Powdered coloring is ideal for vibrant colors that stand out. Because using a liquid or gel-based substance to get the same degree of color would make your clay too soft to work with. Nevertheless, with powdered colors, you may add as much as you like without affecting the clay’s consistency.

What Is the Difference Between Chocolate and Modeling Chocolate?

Chocolate is just a cocoa-based confection. Modeling chocolate is made by combining chocolate with corn syrup or regular syrup and other components to create a clay or play-dough-like consistency.

Is Modeling Chocolate the Same as Modeling Paste?

Modeling paste may refer to any paste used for ornamentation that is edible or not. But, modeling chocolate is a paste made specifically for the purpose of preparing meals.

Which Is Better, Fondant or Modeling Chocolate?

Fondant is significantly softer than modeling chocolate and will stay that way even after being used. As a result, fondant is a preferable option for cake coating. Nevertheless, modeling chocolate is more suited for creating intricate forms and other structures.

To summarize, modeling chocolate is a fun and trendy technique to decorate any cake, transforming your magical fantasies into delectable desserts. After reading this post, you should have a better idea of which modeling chocolate brand is perfect for you.


Is fondant or modeling chocolate better?

Modeling chocolate may be used to adorn and cover cakes in the same way that fondant is, or it can be used as a sculpting substance to create forms and shapes. Since modeling chocolate dries firmer than fondant, sculpted sculptures created of it will keep their form quite well.

Is modeling chocolate good?

Modeling chocolate is very versatile and is used for a variety of purposes in the cake decorating business. Since it behaves similarly to clay, I find it useful for creating realistic faces. It keeps details quite well and may be built up and smoothed down.

What is the shelf life of Modelling chocolate?

Moreover, modeling chocolate has a shelf life of about a year, allowing you to plan ahead and have a stock pile of figures on hand for last-minute cake orders. In addition, modeling chocolate produces neater cuts with no jagged edges or clinging, as fondant often does.

Can modeling chocolate go bad?

If properly preserved, it may last for months. If it gets too firm, split it up into little pieces and knead it until soft. If you can’t do that, thaw the hard chocolate clay in the microwave for 3-5 seconds.

Does modeling chocolate crack?

But, I will add 10% fondant to obtain a very thin medium (modeling chocolate will break the thinner you roll it because the colder it becomes and the stiffness of it will produce cracks) or to color my modeling chocolate a lighter shade.

How far in advance can you make modeling chocolate figures?

Models, like gum paste, may be built ahead of time and kept properly for months. Let them to solidify immediately and keep in a cardboard box in a very cold area, but not in the fridge due to condensation.

What is the No 1 rated chocolate?

1. Lindt. Lindt Chocolate takes first place in our list of 20 chocolate brands. For nearly 170 years, the company has been improving chocolate.

What quality chocolate for molds?

Compound chocolate and couverture chocolate are two of the most common chocolate grades for molds and other popular procedures like as dipping and enrobing. They are useful for much more than these, but they are also two of the most common possibilities, so we will concentrate on them.

What is the best chocolate in the world rated?

Teuscher. Teuscher, named the Best Chocolate in the World by National Geographic Magazine, provides a delicious chocolate experience that is the culmination of years of chocolate love and tradition.

Why is my modeling chocolate so greasy?

The problem is that modeling chocolate is oily or greasy.

Solution: Oily modeling chocolate occurs when the chocolate was too hot when the corn syrup was applied, causing the oil to separate from the chocolate. Another option is that you worked on it for much too long with your hands.

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