Ranked: The 7 Greatest Candy Melts

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Candy melts are sugar and oil sweets that are used to cover a variety of desserts, including pops, truffles, pretzels, and many more. The sugar adds a wonderful sweet flavor to the topcoat, while the oil helps the sugar spread and cover the treat. It’s difficult to tell which candy melts are the finest among all the brands available.

This is because candy melts may be entirely white or highly multicolored, and flavored candy melts are available depending on the look you wish to create. Yet, the flavored candy melts have no different components than the originals; they only include flavor extracts. Chocolate candy melts, for example, feature chocolate flavour rather than genuine chocolate.

Being a great admirer of sugar melts and the enchantment they can create, I’ll list the finest candy melts I’ve tasted in the following paragraph.

List of the Best Candy Melts

Candy Melts Brand Pros  Cons 
Wilton Dark Cocoa Candy Melts  Great taste and easy to work with. Can melt in the bag and cause difficulty while melting.
Wilton Strawberry Candy Melts Taste like strawberry candy. Great color. Can be a struggle to melt them properly.
Merckens Coating Melting Wafers  Great taste and texture. Real chocolate taste. Good for topping and chocolate molds. Could get thick while melting.
Ghirardelli Melting Wafers, Dark Chocolate Great for different types of treats, easy to melt and work with. You can’t add color because the melt is too dark. Better as dipping chocolate than as a topping.
Wilton Orange Candy Melts Great to work with and very decorative.  Expressive vanilla flavor, which will dominate the treat.
Wilton Blue Candy Melt Light blue color is easy to combine with other colors. Melts nicely without a mess. The color is lighter than described.
Wilton Craft Supplies-Multicolored Great color and taste. The red candies may be harder to melt and sticky. Order with caution.

Wilton Dark Cocoa Candy Melts 

Wilton Dark Cocoa Candy Melts are my personal favorite dark cocoa-flavored candy melts. They are ideal for chocolate goodies and other sweet delicacies. You may use them to decorate cookies, pop cakes, pancakes, and waffles, among other things.

These are a good value for money and come in a six-pack package. Since they have a lengthy shelf life, a single order of them might last for a long period. The disadvantage is that they may melt in the bag, but the good news is that they provide instructions on what to do if this occurs.

Wilton Strawberry Candy Melts

Wilton Strawberry Candy Melts will transform your sweets into delicacies that taste like strawberries blended with sugar and pleasure. They are exactly what they seem to be: fruity, sweet, and visually pleasing. It’s a lot of fun to bake over the spring vacations.

Yet, there is a drawback to these sugar melts. Melting may get sloppy as a result of the additional color and flavour, and you may not be able to melt them effectively. But, you may avoid this by melting them gently and in small batches.

Merckens Coating Melting Wafers 

Merckens Coating Melting Wafers are white chocolate candy melts that may be used to cover foods and shape chocolate. They melt quickly and are not at all messy. Since they are white, you may add color to them and let your imagination go wild.

They might get too thick if melted too quickly, so melt them carefully. They’ve been known to melt perfectly in the microwave.

Ghirardelli Melting Wafers, Dark Chocolate

Ghirardelli Candy Melts are well worth trying as a dipping chocolate. It’s chocolate-flavored, so it’ll go well with chocolate-covered strawberries or any chocolate-flavored treat. It melts beautifully, is not at all messy, and is quite simple to use. The disadvantage is that it cannot be colored.

Wilton Orange Candy Melts

The name may be deceptive, since Wilton Orange Candy Melts are vanilla-flavored candy melts rather than orange-flavored candy melts. The vivid orange hue is entirely aesthetic, and it works well for brightening up your sweets. These melts have a strong vanilla taste, which is nice, but it takes over.

If you dislike vanilla, you should choose another flavor.

Wilton Blue Candy Melt

Wilton Blue Candy Melts are really simple to work with, don’t produce a mess while melting, and have a lovely blue hue. The blue isn’t too overpowering, so you may add color to make your sweets more joyful. Thus, if you’re anticipating a dramatic blue hue, you’ll be disappointed since it’s softer than the product description suggests.

Wilton Craft Supplies-Multicolored

Although being towards the bottom of the list, Multi-colored Candy Melts are certainly worth a try. They melt smoothly and the hue is true to the description, making them an Amazon best-seller. This melt is an excellent option for a colorful dessert narrative.

Yet, you might be buying items incorrectly since they have been sitting in the warehouse for a long time. Also, red candies are renowned to be tougher than the others. Still, speaking from my experience, I would suggest them.

The plus is that these candy melts are quite inexpensive, and the drawbacks are easily remedied.

Which Candy Melts Are Best for Melting? 

In general, the smaller the pieces, the easier they will melt. The fat content also contributes to the ease with which the chips melt. The fatter they are, the simpler they are to melt.

How Long Does a Candy Melt Last?

Candy melts have a shelf life of up to 18 months. These are confectionery items, which implies they are long-lasting.

Which Candy Melts Are Best for Pops?

Wiltons candy melts are the finest candy melts for pops. They are available in a variety of colors and flavors. There are numerous brands on the market, but Wilton sugar melts are the most well-known.

Is It Better to Use Candy Melts or Chocolate for Cake Pops? 

Candy melts lock in the moisture of the cake pops, creating a beautiful, soft pop. As a result, candy melts are preferable for cake pops.

But, if anything can replace candy melts, it’s chocolate. Chocolate, on the other hand, has less oil than candy melts.

Hence, if you prefer to use candy melts instead of chocolate, be sure to add oil.

Which Candy Melts Are Best for Strawberries? 

Dip chocolate is required for strawberries. As long as it melts without becoming sticky, any chocolate-flavored candy melt will suffice. Ghirardelli Melting Wafers were recommended here as a wonderful example for dipping chocolate, so it would absolutely be a good option.

Are Wilton Candy Melts Tempered? 

Wilton candy melts have not been tempered. Although chocolate must be tempered to prevent it from hardening too quickly, candy melts do not. They have a completely different structure from chocolate since they are comprised of sugar and oil.

Candy melts are designed to be melted, but chocolate is designed to be eaten as is. As a result, melting candy melts requires fewer operations.

Do Wilton Candy Melts Taste Good?

Wilton candy melts are maybe the most well-known candy melts. They taste well in general, although their flavor varies greatly according on the kind.

They feature a large selection of candy melts in a range of flavors and colors. Wilton Dark Chocolate Candy Melts and Wilton Strawberry Candy Melts are two of the greatest Wilton candy melts.


What brand of Candy Melts are the best?

Finest Melting Chocolate
Godiva Chocolate Milk Chocolates that melt in your mouth.
Dark Melting Wafers from Ghirardelli.
Best Belgian Dark Chocolate from Callebaut.
Melting Wafers Merckens Chocolate Milk.
Chocolate Pro Melting Wafers from Wilton.
Lily’s Sugar-Free Baking Chips.
Coating Wafers from Sarah’s Candy Factory.
Melting Wafers Dolci Frutta.
More to come…

Which Candy Melts are best for cake pops?

Wilton Candy Melts are arguably the most widely accessible cake pop coating choice. These are available in a variety of colors from Michael’s. These come in 12 oz. containers.

What chocolate melts are best for cake pops?

What are the finest chocolate melts for cake pops? Wilton Candy Melts are the most widely accessible kind of chocolate melts, but you may create cake pops with whatever sort you like. Any brand should provide you with the gloss and smooth coating you want!

Do all Candy Melts taste the same?

How Does Candy Melts Candy Taste? Regular Candy Melts candy is vanilla flavored; however, dark and light chocolate tastes, as well as a number of special edition varieties, are available. If you wish to add your own flavour, use an oil-based extract.

Which melting chocolate is the best?

High-quality semisweet and bittersweet chocolates are excellent options. The greatest option is couverture, which is preferred by candy makers. Chocolate is available as solid bars, as well as various sizes of chips and discs. If you’re using chocolate bars, cut them into uniform pieces to ensure equal melting.

What is the difference between candy melts and chocolate melts?

What is the difference between candy melts and ordinary chocolate? The usage of cocoa butter distinguishes candy melts from normal chocolate. In lieu of cocoa butter, candy melts employ palm kernel oil and other vegetable oils. Tempering the candy melts is no longer necessary thanks to these oils.

What is the difference between Candy Melts and melting wafers?

Candy Melts®, candy wafers, chocolate coating, and almond bark are all goods that may be dipped, molded, and coated without the need to temper chocolate. I’ll call them candy wafers here, but don’t be shocked if you find them offered under a different name. They’ll all do the same thing.

Do you have to thin out Candy Melts for cake pops?

Tips for Melting Candy Melts

Thin it out- In order to create a smooth candy coating that ensures your cake balls have a beautiful outside shell, thin it out. For a runnier consistency, add Crisco shortening, coconut oil, or EZ-thin dipping aid.

Are Ghirardelli melting wafers good for cake pops?

Ghirardelli Melting Wafers, which come in white chocolate, dark chocolate, and milk chocolate, are my favorite! Nevertheless, candy melts and ordinary chocolate also work well. I simply am not very good with tempering chocolate, therefore I like to use wafers. You will also need lollipop sticks.

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