Monkey Bread Without a Bundt Pan: 6 Simple Ideas + Recipe 

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Monkey bread, also known as arany galuska, originated in Hungary and was introduced to the United States by Hungarian immigrants. It has since become a staple of the American Christmas table. The bundt pan used to make the monkey bread is one of the unique features of this delectable dessert bread. Although a bundt pan is not difficult to come by, it is not something that everyone has in their kitchen. So, how do you bake monkey bread in the absence of a bundt pan?

A sheet pan, tube pan, glass pan, loaf pan, or muffin pan may all be used in place of a bundt pan. Tin foil may also be used to construct your own mold.

It is possible to use a bundt pan alternative while retaining the iconic monkey bread form. To make things simpler for you, I’ll offer you some suggestions on how to create monkey bread without a bundt pan, give you some recommendations on how to retain the form, and give you a recipe, so you’re ready for your next monkey bread journey.

What to Use Instead of a Bundt Pan for Monkey Bread?

Monkey Bread Without a Bundt Pan: 6 Simple Ideas + Recipe 

Given how simple and tasty monkey bread is to prepare, it would be a pity to miss out on this delicacy just because you lack a bundt pan.Fortunately, the form of the bundt pan has nothing to do with its flavor, therefore there are many alternative possibilities outside the bundt pan. As a result, you may prepare your monkey bread in various pans such as a sheet pan, tube pan, glass pan, loaf pan, or muffin pan.

Sheet Pan

A sheet pan is the most versatile baking pan, having the most applications.This pan is ideal for monkey bread because it allows the buns to bake without becoming soggy. To create monkey bread in a sheet pan, line it with parchment paper and place the buns close together, just as you would in a bundt pan.

To make a form similar to the monkey bread circular shape with the hole in the centre, lay a metal saucer in the center of the sheet pan and line up the buns in a circle around it.

Tube Pan 

A tube pan is the greatest bundt pan alternative since its form is so similar to the bundt pan.The bundt pan and tube pan are both formed of the same material, which might be tin or coated steel.

Because the tube pan has the same form and substance as the bundt pan, it will transmit heat evenly, and what you get with the bundt pan, you will also get with the tube pan. The only difference is that the tube pan has a smooth bottom and the bundt pan has a wavy bottom, therefore the tube pan produces a flatter bottom layer of monkey bread buns.

Before placing the buns in the tube pan, oil the pan with butter to prevent the buns from sticking.

Glass Pan 

If you have no other option, use the glass pan, but keep in mind that it isn’t designed for pastries.Glass pans are heatproof pans used to bake meat, pasta, or vegetables; in general, anything that can be taken out of the oven, mixed, and returned to the oven. Glass pans are not recommended for pastry baking since they tend to bake the crust unevenly.

However, if you do decide to use a glass pan, be sure to grease it well and, if feasible, line the pan with parchment paper. Bake on medium heat, starting with the bottom rack and transferring it to the top racks as the buns bake.

Loaf Pan 

The loaf pan is an excellent bundt pan alternative for monkey bread since it is constructed of the same material and hence transfers heat in the same manner.The loaf pan will produce a loaf-shaped monkey bread, which isn’t a horrible notion in and of itself.

Because the loaf pan is small, you can easily stack the buns on top of each other, resulting in a rectangle of monkey bread with the same density and softness. As a result, I strongly suggest using a loaf pan instead of a bundt pan for monkey bread.

Muffin Pan 

Although monkey bread cooked in a muffin pan retains its flavor and quality, it is no longer monkey bread.Because the muffin pans contain distinct molds for one muffin, or in this instance, one bun of monkey bread, you will not be able to separate the buns because they are already divided.

Nonetheless, I would classify the muffin pan as a viable bundt pan equivalent since it is built of the same material, conducts heat in the same manner, isn’t sticky, and produces excellent results. Furthermore, if you truly want the monkey bread experience, prepare smaller buns and squeeze them within one muffin mold; this will result in more muffin-shaped monkey bread.

Don’t forget to spray the muffin tray with cooking oil before inserting the buns.

Custom-made Tin Foil Monkey Bread Mold

Because tin foil is wonderful for baking, your monkey bread will not burn, the thing to watch out for is creating the tin foil mold thick enough to contain the bread within.

Cut a few big sheets of tin foil, stack them, then spray the final sheet with cooking oil. Cut another big sheet, roll it into a ball, and lay it in the center of the sheet. Stack the monkey bread buns in a circle, beginning in the middle and working your way around the ball.

Make three layers of monkey bread buns and wrap the foil over them to form a nest. Place any leftover buns on top of the ones that are already inside; just make sure they all fit inside the foil.

Tips for Monkey Bread

To improve the flavor of your monkey bread, consider adding nuts to the rolling mixture and broken biscuits to make the coating richer and more tasty.

You may also refrigerate the dough overnight and prepare the monkey bread the next day.

To add texture to the monkey bread buns, sprinkle some raisins on top.

What to Eat With Monkey Bread?

Fresh berries, apple slices, oranges, and even sugar-coated lemon slices pair well with monkey bread. It also goes well with nuts and dried fruit.To retain the cinnamon flavor of the monkey bread, combine it with honey-bound nuts and sprinkle with cinnamon.

What Ingredients Are Needed for Monkey Bread?

For the monkey bread coating, you’ll need brown sugar, cinnamon, and butter.Brown sugar is the greatest choice for sugar-coating since it melts easily and glazes the surface on which it is applied. Try granulated white sugar as an alternative, but don’t anticipate the same results.

The cinnamon is optional but recommended. If you don’t like cinnamon, you may replace nutmeg or any dessert spice of your choice.

The butter is required to dip the buns inside before coating them; this component is required. You may use margarine with the butter instead of oil.

For the buns, you’ll need milk, flour, an egg, yeast, and milk.It is not recommended to replace any of these components since they all add to the bread’s softness in their own distinctive manner. If necessary, replace the milk with a nondairy alternative and the egg with a vegan egg, but be aware that the dough will be less soft.

All of the ingredients you use must be fresh and must not be over their expiry date.

How to Store Monkey Bread and How Long It Lasts? 

Monkey bread should be kept in a plastic bag at room temperature.Keep it out of direct sunlight; it will be safe for four to five days, but no longer. Even though it includes perishable components (milk, eggs, butter), the sugar coat functions as a natural preservative.

Serve everything at once and divide the bread appropriately.Another option for extending the shelf life of your monkey bread is to freeze it. To freeze the monkey bread, slice it in half and store it in freezer baggies. You cannot re-freeze your monkey bread after it has been defrosted, so consider how much you can consume.


What can I use if I don’t have a bundt pan for monkey bread?

Is a Bundt Pan required for Monkey Bread? Though you may have seen numerous store-bought versions in the typical Bundt form, it is optional. Monkey bread may be baked in a bread pan, a cookie sheet, individual ramekins, or a loaf pan. It’s OK if you want to use a tube pan.

What can I use instead of a 6 cup bundt pan?

Place an empty, clean can (remember to remove the label and any glue!) in the middle of a normal round cake pan. Fill the can with rice to weight it down, then coat the whole thing with nonstick spray before filling the pan with batter and baking. Brilliant!

What pans can you use for monkey bread?

Monkey bread may be baked in a Bundt pan, tube pan, or loaf pan. Personally, I like to use a tube pan or Bundt pan since the tubular design enables hot air to move up into the center of the bread, ensuring that all of the pieces are cooked.

What alternatives can you use instead of a bundt pan?

When baking, a circular cake pan, springform pan, muffin pan, or pie pan may all be used in lieu of a bundt pan. Make careful to alter your recipe’s directions properly, and use parchment paper or cupcake liners to avoid sticking.

Can I use a regular pan instead of bundt pan?

When they see an amazing Bundt recipe, some home bakers may wonder, “Can you bake a Bundt cake recipe in a regular pan?” The simple answer is unequivocally yes!

What can I use if I don’t have a loaf pan for banana bread?

When you don’t have a loaf pan on hand, a cast iron skillet is a good substitute. Cast iron skillets distribute heat well, allowing you to bake your banana bread to perfection. What exactly is this? Your banana bread will not be a loaf, but it will still look and taste delicious.

How many cups is a 6 inch bundt pan?

This pan has a 6 cup capacity rather than the standard Bundt’s 10-15 cup capacity. This cake is ideal for a little gathering of 4-6 people.

How many cups of batter are in a 6 inch bundt pan?

Capacity of a Bundt Cake Pan

Traditional Bundt cake pans contain 12-cups of batter, which is the ideal amount for a two-cake cake mix. Most 10 to 12 cup batter recipes will fit properly in most bundt cake pans. Other pans include a 6-cup Classic pan and a Wreath pan that each accommodate 6-cups.

Is a 9×13 pan equal to a bundt pan?

A standard cake recipe provides around 6 cups of batter (enough for a 9″ x 13″ cake, a couple of 9″ rounds, or 2 dozen cupcakes), making it ideal for a 10-cup Bundt pan. (The batter for Chef Zeb’s Hot Milk Cake is seen here.)

How do you improvise a bread pan?

Make use of a Cake Pan.

Get your favorite cake pans ready. Round cake pans are ideal for rolls or breads that would normally need a skillet (just make sure the sizes are close). You may even create dishes like monkey bread in your favorite fluted tube pan.

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