Mars Chocolate vs. Hershey: What’s the Difference?

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For years, Mars and Hershey have been rivals, and many people have been curious in their differences in order to grasp the narrative behind their long-standing rivalry. To better understand their differences, it is necessary to go further into their tales so that you have a clear picture of what is going on. So, what are the primary distinctions between Mars Chocolate and Hershey’s?

The two largest chocolate makers in the United States are Mars and Hershey. Hershey has traditionally been the industry leader, with 43% of the market share, but Mars offers a significant threat to Hershey. Consumers prefer Marse chocolates because they are sweeter, while Hersheys are often regarded as sour.

The competition between Hershey and Mars has been one of the most intriguing in the chocolate industry. I’ll go over the key differences between these two chocolate companies in terms of market share and net worth. I’ll also go into the history of Mars and Hershey’s to give you a better understanding of what has led these two chocolate companies to become archrivals.

Mars Chocolate Vs. Hershey: Differences 

When two producers are at odds, it is natural to believe that they are selling the same or a comparable product to the market. In the instance of Mars and Hershey, they are presenting slightly different items but in the same sizes and packaging, so customers can immediately recognize that they are competing.

While Hershey has been the global leader in chocolate, Mars Chocolate offers a significant threat to the corporation, so they cannot relax their guard for even a moment.

To comprehend the argument between these two chocolate enterprises, you must first grasp what they have in common and what distinguishes them. As a result, I’ve outlined some of the similarities and differences that exist amongst them.

To begin, Mars and Hershey are the most popular makers of small-size chocolates in the United States. Nonetheless, Hershey consistently ranks #1 in sales, while Mars behind them by one step. In other words, despite being the largest supplier of small-size chocolates, Hershey constantly manages to maintain a top ranking.

Moreover, Hershey is ranked 42nd on the list of the World Top 100 Brands, while Mars is ranked 61st. [1] This is just another indicator that Hershey is still the dominant force in the chocolate market, despite the fact that Mars is not an easy competition. Moreover, there were periods when Mars was on the verge of surpassing Hershey.

Yet, when it comes to flavor and quality, Mars may be the superior option. According to customers, Mars makes better and sweeter chocolate, while Hershey’s is chalky and acidic. Because Mars is not manufactured in the United States, they use different ingredients than Hershey, so the taste is understandable.

Yet, it is crucial to note that customers have remarked that Mars has a superior flavor. This implies that no extra study has been undertaken to provide evidence of the quality of both firms’ chocolate.

Who Is Bigger: Mars Or Hershey? 

If you desire a better understanding of the two firms, you may question which one is larger. When the market share of both chocolate firms is determined, it is easy to decide which company is more successful. While some believe that Mars chocolate is better than Hershey’s, facts demonstrate otherwise, and numbers seldom lie.

As a result, Hershey is reported to hold the largest market share of 43.3% in the confectionery business, although Mars does not seem to be too far behind. In other words, Mars trails Hershey by just 29.8% of the market. That is why Mars is seen as a difficult opponent to Hershey, and therefore the source of the long-running rivalry.

Hershey Vs. Mars: Net Worth

If you want to know which firm is larger, the net worth is a good indicator. According to data, Hershey’s net worth is $140 billion every year, whereas Mars’ net worth is $94 billion. According to these figures, Hershey is much larger, i.e. significantly wealthier than Mars.

Are Mars And Hershey the Same Company? 

Mars and Hershey are clearly distinct firms, since Mars manufactures its chocolate outside of the United States, while Hershey was one of the earliest chocolate companies in the United States. If you have come across this query, it is not by chance since there is a valid answer for this kind of assumption.

This contentious subject stems from the period when Mars and Hershey were partners. This was in the 1930s, but they chose to break up after that. Their collaboration did not imply that they were the same firm, but this assumption has led many all over the globe to assume so, particularly since they sell similar sorts of chocolates and goods.

Does Mars Make Their Own Chocolate? 

Although it is true that Mars has been a long-time client of Hershey’s, this does not imply that Hershey creates Mars goods. As previously said, they were partners, yet they made their chocolate independently.

In reality, Mars manufactures its chocolate outside of the United States, while Hershey employs all-natural ingredients sourced from American areas.

History Of Hershey And Mars

Hershey and Mars have a long history, which is usually referred to as the “battle of chocolate businesses.” [2] They have been the industry’s top chocolate figures, putting Hershey in a favorable position. Nonetheless, Mars has never decided to abandon this rivalry, thus it remains a fierce and persistent opponent to Hershey.

These corporations had a type of cooperation in the 1930s, but they have since split apart. After it, Mars promised that they will defeat Hershey in the chocolate business, and they have not given up on the goal. Even if Hershey is in first position in terms of market share, they cannot relax their guard since Mars continues to impose some hurdles on it.

Hershey has had ups and downs in terms of pricing and sales, and Mars has always capitalized on these fluctuations. As a result, Hershey can never totally rest in the face of a competitor like Mars.

As you can see, the competition between Mars and Hershey is intense, therefore assuming that they are the same corporation is incorrect. Notwithstanding their disparities, particularly in market share and financial value, they are still pretty similar in terms of the quality of the chocolate they offer.


What is the story of Hershey and Mars?

In 1923, Mars founder Frank Clarence Mars asked Hershey to provide the chocolate for his Milky Way candy bar. This resulted in the success of Milky Way, the evolution of Mars into a national brand, and the rest is history.

What is the Hershey vs Mars documentary?

The chocolate battles between industry behemoths Hershey and Mars are far from sweet. Joel Glenn Brenner’s The Emperors of Chocolate exposes the harsh legal and marketing battles, palace intrigue, and personality conflicts that govern Hershey and Mars—and the confectionery business as a whole.

How is Hershey chocolate different from other brands?

What makes Hershey’s chocolate so delicious? Hershey’s offers a delightful, distinct flavor due to the usage of farm fresh milk! HERSHEY’S Milk Chocolate is one of the few milk chocolate companies that still employs fresh milk in its manufacturing, giving it a unique flavor.

Who is more successful Mars or Hershey?

In terms of overall candy market share, Hershey retained the lead, although only by a fraction of a percentage point above Mars. Milton Hershey started the Hershey Company in 1894, and it is based in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

What is the story of Mars chocolate?

Forrest Mars, Jr., son of American candy producer Frank C. Mars, introduced the Mars bar in Slough, England in 1932. He based it on his father’s Milky Way bar, which was already popular in the United States, and tweaked the formula to suit European preferences.

What is the story of Mars candy?

Frank Mars created Mars in 1911, selling candies from his home in Tacoma, Washington. Forrest Sr., Frank’s son, joined the firm in 1929 and assisted his father in developing the malt-flavored nougat that formed the foundation of Milky Way.

How did Hershey and Mars help each other?

Formerly, the two enterprises were mutually reliant. Mars hired Bruce Murrie, and it made logical at the moment to propose to name one of the Ms after him. Moreover, Hershey assisted Mars in the design of several of its machinery, and it was the vendor that provided the Mars Company with its chocolate.

When did Mars stop using Hershey’s chocolate?

There was a time when the two corporations were friends. Mars purchased the majority of its chocolate from Hershey until 1964.

What is the reason why Mars sues Hershey for over Malteser brand?

Mars filed a lawsuit this spring accusing Hershey of deceiving American customers by distributing “fake” sweets under the Malteser name. Mars claimed that Hershey’s Malteser brand was confusingly similar to Mars’ own Maltesers product. In 1998, Hershey purchased the Malteser trademark from the Netherlands business Leaf Corp.

What are two major differences between Hershey and Nestle?

Nestle syrup is available in chocolate and strawberry flavors. Hershey’s, on the other hand, offers chocolate, strawberry, and caramel-flavored syrups. In addition, Hershey offers dark chocolate, calcium-added, and various sugar percentages.

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