Is Toblerone Good? Why Is It Famous?

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While it is not the most well-known, it is the most identifiable chocolate bar in the world. Im talking about Toblerone. Even if you didnt taste it yet, you could immediately know it by its form. Because it comes from the land of chocolate, Switzerland, you may wonder if the Swiss think it’s good and why it’s so famous.

Toblerone is considered good to average by Swiss due to the high competition. It is famous thanks to its golden, pyramid-shaped package and triangle-shaped chocolate bar with nougat and honeycomb parts. In addition, a popular notion regarding Toblerone is that you can only find them at the airports.

If you are interested in the narrative behind Toblerone, its quality, name origin, and recommendations on how to consume it, you come to the correct site. Ill discuss with you some intriguing facts and eventually offer you the solution to the question why do airports have Toblerone?

Is Toblerone Considered Good in Switzerland?

Swiss love Toblerone because it is some kind of a symbol of their country. They like to give it as a gift and they would happily eat it, but its not like Toblerone the only chocolate they eat.

Since the competition is very high when it comes to chocolateries in Switzerland, it is hard to be great, and even harder to be the best. When you are surrounded by numerous delectable chocolates, Toblerone appears only wonderful. Lindt, Cailler, and Nestle are among their well-known competitors.

Toblerones chocolate and nougat in the center taste delicious and creamy. But what distinguishes Toblerone from other nougat chocolates (besides its shape) are small parts of honeycomb. Honeycomb parts bring sweetness to the chocolate bar, but they are also sticky. Some individuals consider it a concern as they dont want anything to stay to their teeth.

It is important to note that not all Toblerone bars are made in their home country. The Swiss government even demanded that Mondelez (parent company of Toblerone) remove the Matterhorn drawing from the packaging if the chocolate bar is made outside of Switzerland. You may first verify the bar that is printed on it, until it becomes the rule. If it has a Made in Switzerland label, you dont have to worry whether its fully made in Switzerland.

Is Toblerone High Quality Chocolate?

Toblerone is a high-quality chocolate because it is made with special, high-quality ingredients. Many people mistake small parts of Toblerone for crushed nuts and are surprised when they take a bite. Those sticky bits are made of honey. Besides honey, there are two more main ingredients almond nougat and, of course, tasty, decadent chocolate.

There are four types of Toblerone Classic Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate and Milk Chocolate withSalted Caramelized Almonds.

When you eat Dark Chocolate Toblerone, you will get the most robust and intense flavor. Classic Milk Chocolate Toblerone comes in the iconic yellow wrapping, and it has a mild, yet sweet taste. White Chocolate Toblerone is for individuals who wish to enjoy a creamy melt-in-mouth pleasure. To taste sweet and salt rhapsody, choose Toblerone with salted caramel.

Why Is Toblerone Famous?

Toblerone is well-known for several reasons. The first reason is its famous, yellow pyramid-shaped packaging. The second reason is taste. Toblerone is a premium chocolate that almost everyone enjoys. Also, they are distinct from the others owing to the little pieces of the honeycomb inside of the bar. The final reason is that they are excellent storytellers.

Here is the story of Toblerone, so you get the idea of what I am talking about.

Jean Tobler founded a confectionery in the Swedish city of Bern in 1868. With the passage of time, he established the Fabrique de Chocolat Berne, Tobler & Cie.

His son, Theodor Tobler, inherited his store in 1900. He was the one who chose to add crushed chunks of nougat to Toblerone chocolate. And nougat was indeed the real innovation. It was actually Toblerone that first incorporated the filling into its chocolate. Therefore, they copyrighted their milk chocolate and nougat combination in 1909. You may read the brief tale on the inside of the huge triangular box.

Another tale that people tell is that you cant locate the Toblerone chocolate bar in American grocery shops. You can only find them at the airports. So every time Toblerone aficionados travel, they purchase a large Toblerone bar at a duty-free store.

The last tale is about the packaging. Everybody notices the mountain top on the wrapper, but only some people realize a bear silhouette hidden on the mountain. So, heres a task. Take a look at the Matterhorn top on the box and try to find the bear. Pretty interesting, right?

Why Is It Called Toblerone?

Theodore, the founders son, and his cousin are the ones to thank for the name Toblerone. They chose to incorporate the Italian nougat into milk chocolate, despite all of the options available. In fact, they liked the combination so much that they named their company after it.

Toblerone derives from Tobler, founders family name, and Torrone, the name of an Italian nougat. When you put together Tobler and Torrone, you get Toblerone.

Why Toblerone Is a Triangle?

What inspired Toblerone’s distinctive shape remains a mystery. One theory holds that the designer was inspired by the Matterhorn, the most iconic European mountain peak in the Swiss Alps. According on this belief, the packaging of Toblerone holds clues about its origin.

Another hypothesis states that the design was inspired by a human pyramid the Folies Bergeres dancers made at the conclusion of their concerts in Paris.

Overall, Toblerone’s triangle form has become both famous and identifiable over the globe. So, if they just wanted to distinguish themselves from the competition, they succeeded.

Is Toblerone Expensive?

Toblerone is so well-known over the globe that they were able to charge a somewhat higher premium for its sweet and sticky nougat. But the real reason is that they use high-quality ingredients, which are becoming more and more expensive over the years. In addition, they have a farm of 14,000 Swiss cows in order to produce the needed milk.

Its fans were also dissatisfied with the brand’s redesign in 2016, which reduced the amount of chocolate per bar while creating wider gaps between triangles. The cost of many ingredients had increased for Toblerone as well, like many other companies.

Toblerone has recovered a dedicated fan base by selling Toblerone ice cream, despite their contentious change of form in 2016. The shape and size of the original were returned two years later although at a higher price.

The last thing is, again, storytelling. The brand itself is so huge that they never needed a famous spokesperson or a catchy song to get the attention. Their story about chocolates origins, packaging, and oversized bars at the airport made the experience of eating this chocolate feel like a luxury and nostalgic experience at the same time.

How Are You Supposed to Eat Toblerone?

Break off a piece by pushing it inwards, or toward the bar, rather than pushing it outwards. The Toblerone triangle will break off much easier.

Why Do Airports Have Toblerone?

It is a part of the brands storytelling. Some people claim that Toblerone is trying to collect as much data as they can. Toblerone may gather information on who buys products before embarking on travels by scanning your boarding card at the cashier; especially, persons who buy Toblerones.


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Why is Toblerone famous?

Toblerone is a Swiss chocolate bar made with honey and almond nougat. Toblerone, which was founded in 1908 by Theodor Tobler, is now available all over the world and is instantly recognizable due to its distinctive chocolate peak shape and unmistakable packs.

Why is Toblerone so tasty?

The iconic Toblerone bar has a lovely blend of rich milk chocolate and crunchy almond nougat with just the right taste of honey. The sequence of pyramids are exactly the appropriate size of popping off one at a time to experience that delectable combo.

Is Toblerone chocolate famous?

Toblerone’s distinctive pyramid-shaped chocolate bars are adored the world over. The distinctive shape of the chocolate bar has been openly copied by its competitors.

Where is Toblerone famous?

“The Toblerone bars are still and will continue to be produced in Switzerland.” That includes replacing the phrase “of Switzerland” with “established in Switzerland” on the label, and scrapping the iconic Swiss mountain that’s graced its boxes since 1970.

Why do people buy Toblerone?

It has authenticity and European cultural heritage. It feels very new for something that is so old in history.” Despite its timeless appearance, the candy is only 112 years old.

What makes Toblerone different?

Its form was inspired by dancers.

It’s often assumed that the form of Toblerone reflects the mountains of Switzerland. Yet, the design is intended to imitate dancers at the Folies Bergères, a cabaret music venue in Paris. At the end of the show, the dancers form a pyramid, hence the triangular shape of the candy.

How do people eat Toblerone?

You’ve probably been breaking pieces off by pulling them to the outside. This can take some dexterity and muscle power, and often results in chocolate covered digits. Instead, you should be pushing triangles inwards, towards the rest of the bar. A simple tap on the tip should do it.

Is it healthy to eat Toblerone?

In a 33 gm bar of Toblerone there is 15 gm of sugar which is high and not recommended for diabetics and those with lifestyle diseases.

Which is the most famous chocolate?

The Most Popular Chocolate In The World
Cadbury. Dairy Milk.
Mars. Bar. Cadbury. Caramilk. Lindt. Excellence. Bar. Tony’s. Chocolonely. Milk. Chocolate.\sOther.

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