Is there an expiration date for Kit Kat?

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Kit Kat is one of the world’s most delectable and popular chocolate bars. Consumers who purchase Kit Kat in bigger quantities or in larger-size containers want to know the expiry date of these chocolate bars so they know how long they can eat them, i.e. how long they will last. Is there an expiry date on Kit Kat, and how can you read it?

Kit Kat has an expiry date since it is mandated by law on all food containers. The expiry date may be seen on the back of the Kit Kat container, where you open it. Yet, the chocolate will not spoil; it only implies that Kit Kat should be consumed by the specified date.

You’ve come to the correct site if you like Kit Kat and want to know how to read the expiry date on Kit Kat. Here, I’ll explain why Kit Kat writes the expiry date on their products in such an unusual manner, as well as how to read it correctly. In addition, I will discuss Kit Kat’s shelf life, so you will know when it is safe to consume your Kit Kat chocolate bar.

Where Is Kit Kat Expiry Date?

To begin, it is critical to recognize that every sort of food must have an expiry date since the law requires it. The expiry date on food, such as different varieties of chocolate and chocolate bars, does not guarantee that the chocolate will go bad after that date. In actuality, it is a form of guarantee that states that the chocolate is best utilized by that date, i.e. that the quality of the specific chocolate is best until the date specified on the packaging. [1]

In general, eating chocolate that has beyond its expiration date is safe, particularly if it has remained unopened. The same may be said with Kit Kat. Kit Kat’s expiration date is normally printed on the back of the packaging near the barcode. When you attempt to open it, you can find it in the center. It is shown in the image below.

Yet, you may observe that the expiry date differs from what you would anticipate. In other words, Nestle sometimes uses expiry codes instead of the standard expiration date forms. Thus, if you believe the expiry date on your Kit Kat is missing, take another look and attempt to uncover a code that indicates the expiration date.

How Do You Read a Kit Kat Expiration Date? 

If you observe the standard format of dates on your Kit Kat chocolate bar, the first one refers to the date of manufacture, while the second refers to the date of expiry. Nevertheless, as previously stated, Nestle sometimes uses codes instead of dates.

There is no special cause for this, yet people are often perplexed. Fortunately, the codes are simple to decipher. You should be able to figure it out on your own if you examine attentively and think about it for a while.

As a result, if there is no conventional date format, you will most likely see a number and one letter, i.e. the code. In this situation, the number represents the year, and the letter represents the month. If you observe any additional figures, characters, or letters, you should be aware that they are not related to the chocolate bar’s shelf life.

When purchasing bigger quantities, such as boxes of Kit Kat chocolate bars, the same codes will appear on the whole box as well as the packets of the chocolate bars themselves. But, keep in mind that these dates or codes correspond to the quality of the Kit Kat, which means that as time passes, you may detect some variations in the flavor.

What Is the Shelf Life Of a Kit Kat Bar?

Kit Kat typically has a shelf life of up to 12 months, as mentioned on the packaging. This implies that Nestle guarantees the quality of Kit Kat’s flavor for a year, so if you observe any changes in the chocolate bar beyond the expiration date, the company accepts no responsibility. The date, however, is only guaranteed if your chocolate bar is unopened and well preserved.

Kit Kat should be kept in a cool, dry area to keep the ingredients in excellent condition. If you expose your chocolate bar to high temperatures and light, you should not expect your Kit Kat to retain its quality.

Is It Safe to Eat Kit Kat After Expiration Date? 

The date on the packaging does not indicate that your Kit Kat will go bad, therefore you may consume your chocolate bar even after the date has passed. If there is a problem with the ingredients, you may notice changes in color, texture, and perhaps mold.

Is Kit Kat Bad For You? 

Kit Kat includes sugar and fat, thus it is not a healthy snack. Yet, if consumed in moderation, you may be able to retain equilibrium. In addition, if you are physically active, one Kit Kat will not harm you.


How long do Kit Kats last after opening?

One year if unopened and well kept, and 6-8 months if opened and properly stored.

Can you eat chocolate 2 years out of date?

Chocolate does not have a use by date since germs cannot survive in it. Even if a bloom appears or your chocolate has an unusual odor, it is still safe to eat.

How do you read an expiration date code?

These codes should be read as MMDDYY, where “MM” represents the month, “DD” represents the day, and “YY” represents the year. This is one of the most prevalent codes seen on food products. For instance, “121518” would be interpreted as December 15, 2018.

How do I read Nestle expiration date?

Fortunately, the expiration date code is very simple to decipher. It has one number that represents the year and one letter that represents the month. Any other digits or characters you see on the packaging are codes that do not relate to the product’s shelf life.

Can I eat a 2 year old Kit Kat?

Yes, expired Kit Kats are generally okay to consume. The sugar and chocolate in a KitKat work as a preservative, making the candy resistant to mold and microbial growth. Nevertheless, the taste of the candy may alter with time, becoming tougher or stale.

Why does my Kit Kat have white spots?

When you cook chocolate to a high temperature, the cocoa butter within melts and separates from the other components. It forms a white covering on the surface. Excess moisture causes the sugar in the chocolate to crystalize, resulting in a white, speckled, or spotted covering.

Can you eat expired Kitkat?

No. Expiration dates for foods with an extended shelf life, such as Kit Kats, are concerned with food quality rather than food safety. The taste may degrade beyond the expiry date, but it will not be unsafe to consume. Even if the chocolate is rancid (the lipids have oxidized), the only impact is a change in taste.

Can you eat 10 year old chocolate?

Your chocolate’s golden years may have past, but it’s still safe to consume as long as it looks, smells, and tastes normal. The shelf life of chocolate varies depending on the type of chocolate, its quality and ingredients, and how it is stored.

Can I eat chocolate 3 years after expiration date?

Dark chocolate goods often have best before dates of more than two years, and you may usually consume it for up to three years beyond that if kept correctly. Most sources say milk chocolate may last about a year, but take this with a grain of salt.

What foods don’t expire?

9 Foods That Never Go Bad (Ever)
Honey. Honey is the longest lasting of the lot due to the magical activity of bees (they have specific enzymes that effectively suppress bacterial development) and the way it’s prepared for storage. … Rice…. Instant Coffee…. White Vinegar…. Vanilla Extract…. Salt…. Dried Beans.
Additional information…•September 7, 2016

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