Is it OK to have hot chocolate when fasting? Dos and Don’ts

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Fasting has become a popular way of life, with several possible health advantages like as weight loss, mental sharpness, and fitness. It also allows the body to destroy damaged cells. Yet, in order to get the maximum advantages, you must refrain from breaking the fast. Certain meals, supplements, and drinks are known to accidentally break your fast. Is hot chocolate included in this category?

During fasting, you should not consume hot chocolate. This is because it contains dairy products, which include natural sugars, calories, and carbohydrates, all of which may increase insulin release. This will break the fast since fasting is intended to limit calorie intake and reduce insulin production.

This article might assist you if you have begun your fasting regimen and are unclear of which liquids can or cannot break a fast. I’ve been there, so I’ll do my best to answer any of your questions on what you may drink while fasting.

Why You Can’t Drink Hot Chocolate while Fasting?

Fasting regulations vary from person to person, but one thing is that liquids high in sugar or carbohydrates may induce the body to create the hormone insulin, breaking the fast. As a result, if you consume chocolate and chocolate milk while fasting, you may undo your fasting efforts.

Chocolate includes carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids, which may help you break your fast. Although cocoa butter has no effect on insulin or glucose levels in the blood, it will technically break your fast. That’s because the body will cease metabolizing fat and instead turn to butter for energy.

Chocolate milk has a lot of calories. A cup of chocolate milk has around 200 calories and 24 grams of sugar (of which 11.5 g is additive sugars). [1] It should be noted that a person should consume between 25g and 36g each day. Also, the rich cream in chocolate milk might interfere with the fat-burning process, affecting your fasting condition.

What Can You Drink When Fasting?

It is essential to keep hydrated, but you must be cautious about the sort of liquid you consume to prevent breaking the fast. Since water has no calories, you may drink it to stay hydrated. Take still, sparkling, or add a squeeze of lemon or line in the water. Artificially sweetened water enhancers should be avoided since they might disrupt your fast. [2]

Black coffee has no effect on insulin levels since it is a low-calorie beverage (just three calories), and it has no effect on your fast. Regular (caffeinated) or decaf coffee may be consumed, but no sugar, milk, cream, or sweeteners should be added. Spices such as cinnamon may be added to coffee to enhance the flavor.

Tea is another low-calorie drink that may be consumed when fasting (a cup has two calories). But, you should avoid commercial teas that include sugars, fruit, or other substances like artificial flavoring. Use pure tea instead, such as black, green, or white tea, peppermint, rooibos, or chamomile.

You may eat unsweetened dark chocolate when fasting (without cream, butter, or sweeteners). Dark chocolate may fulfill your sweet taste while having little impact on insulin and glucose response. Moreover, flavonoids in chocolate have been linked to anti-inflammatory effects for cardiovascular and brain health.

During your fast, you should consume bone broth or vegetable broth. Although it provides calories, it has no carbohydrates and so helps you remain in ketosis. The soup is also high in sodium and other minerals, which help the body replace electrolytes and stay hydrated. Moreover, broth aids in the prevention of hunger.

Also, consuming diluted apple cider vinegar (1-2 tablespoons in a glass of water) might help you stay hydrated and avoid cravings during fasting.

Can You Drink Hot Chocolate While Trying to Lose Weight?

A small hot chocolate cup has over five teaspoons (20g) of sugar in it. These calories might derail your weight-loss plan and success. Also, they may raise the risk of heart disease.

Moreover, if the hot chocolate is prepared with full-fat milk and whipped ice cream, you will consume more calories and fat. To make a healthy hot chocolate, combine unsweetened cocoa powder with a low-calorie sweetener like stevia and heated low-fat milk.


Can you drink hot chocolate when doing intermittent fasting?

“Intermittent fasting allows you to enjoy chocolate, and dark chocolate flavonoids have been related to anti-inflammatory effects for brain and cardiovascular health.”

What hot drinks don’t break a fast?

Eating or drinking any calories technically breaks a fast. That is, it is normally acceptable to have black, unsweetened coffee or tea, as well as water.

Does sugar free hot chocolate break a fast?

Yes. There are no calories, and the fast is not broken.

Does a hot chocolate count as food?

Hot chocolate in the form of drinking chocolate or cocoa is now regarded as a comfort meal and is extensively enjoyed across the globe.

Does hot chocolate ruin a fast?

Overall, if you’re searching for a drink to consume while fasting, hot chocolate is a safe choice. So examine the contents list and be aware of the possible concerns if you use milk instead of water. It’s one of the hottest diet and wellness trends.

What not to take during intermittent fasting?

You should avoid foods that are rich in calories and have a lot of sugar, fat, and salt. “They won’t fill you up after a fast and may even make you hungry,” adds Maciel. “They also give very little nutrients.”

What hot drinks are best for fasting?

What beverages are permitted when fasting?
Water and sparkling water, both of which may be flavored with fresh lime, lemon, or a dash of sugar-free juice.
Coffee (generally best enjoyed black) (usually best enjoyed black)
Tea (generally best drank without milk or sugar) (usually best enjoyed without milk or sugar)
Broth made from bones.
Sep 28, 2020

What can I put in my coffee that won’t break my fast?

To prevent breaking a fast, many individuals add modest quantities of the following substances to their coffee:
Milk made from almonds.
Himalayan pink sea salt.
The oil of coconut.
Sep 23, 2021

What beverages are approved while fasting?

The meals and drinks listed below are suitable for fasting.
Water. Water, whether plain or carbonated, has no calories and will keep you hydrated throughout a fast.
Coffee and tea are available. They should mostly be drunk without the addition of sugar, milk, or cream.
Apple cider vinegar, diluted…. Good fats….
Broth made from bones.
Sep 26, 2019

Is 14 hours enough for intermittent fasting?

If you’ve been thinking about trying fasting but have been put off by the notion of missing out on your favorite breakfast, we’ve got good news: new study reveals that a 14-hour fasting window is all that’s required to boost health.

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