Inexpensive Meal Ideas for Your Next Party

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A party needs much preparation. You want enough food to feed all of your guests without breaking the wallet.

I’m here to provide you some low-cost dinner ideas for your next get-together. As a result, your party will stay within your budget and be a success.

Pancakes, slow cooked meat and mashed potatoes, and vegetarian stuffed bell peppers are all economical party food options.

I’ll offer you advice on each of these dinners. But first, let’s go through some crucial considerations to identify which economical meal options would work best for you.

Time and Occasion

Inexpensive Meal Ideas for Your Next Party

When arranging your party, keep the time and the event in mind. When will it take place? When hosting a brunch for all of your guests in the early afternoon, the food will differ substantially from that of a dinner party.

Your event may also be shaped by the occasion. A surprise birthday party for your husband, for example, may feature different cuisine than a wedding shower for your bestie, depending on their preferences. Taking some time to evaluate the ideal time and occasion to hold a party can help you keep your meals affordable.

Number of Guests and Dietary Needs

When determining a meal budget, it is important to consider how many people will be attending. This will assist you in determining how much food to purchase and what sorts of meals would work best.

Another important issue to consider is the visitors’ dietary requirements. If you have a vegetarian buddy, you will want to provide an alternative that they will appreciate. Take into account any food allergies or intolerances, such as a peanut allergy or gluten sensitivity.


Send out RSVP sheets to determine who will come and their dietary requirements.

Inexpensive Meal Ideas

Now that you know what things to remember for your next party, you may look into cheap food options. I’ll start with brunch ideas.

Pancake Bar

Do you like flapjacks? Consider hosting a pancake bar for your event! This inexpensive breakfast fare works well since you can create it using things you already have in your cupboard. Pre-made mixtures are also less expensive and typically simply need the addition of water.

Guests may personalize each pancake by selecting from a variety of toppings. Some of our favorites are:

  • Fresh fruit
  • Nutella
  • Maple syrup
  • Whipped cream

Slow Cooked Beef and Mashed Potatoes

Guests may warm up with some meat and potatoes during a dinner party while it’s freezing outdoors. This may be accomplished by preparing shredded beef in the slow cooker. Cooking the meat in this manner is simple and results in delicious taste and temperature.

Serving the steak atop mashed potatoes compliments it wonderfully and adds a sense of coziness. Discover the finest potato preparation methods to make your side dish absolutely remarkable.

Vegetarian Stuffed Bell Peppers

You can create traditional meals vegetarian-friendly and not miss the meat at all. Consider making some stuffed bell peppers for a low-cost supper that works nicely in the afternoon or evening.

Black beans and brown rice are two wonderful vegetarian choices to explore. These ingredients will add a Mexican flavor to this tried-and-true cuisine. You may also provide garnishes like as sour cream, guacamole, and fresh salsa to your visitors.

I hope you appreciated these hints and meal suggestions. With a little effort, you can organize a budget-friendly party.


What is the cheapest meal to make for a party?

20 fantastic low-cost party food ideas
Pinwheels with ham and cheese.
Mini pies with spinach.
Bolognese spaghetti.
Toppings for baguettes (bruschetta)…
Skewers of egg, cheese, and ham.
Pot pie with chicken.
Straws of cheese.
Pasta with cheese. Make a few servings of macaroni and cheese and serve them from warming trays.

What is the cheapest food to feed a crowd?

Pasta is one of the cheapest and most filling pantry essentials you can purchase, which is why it’s ideal for feeding a crowd! In addition, everyone enjoys a superb pasta meal.

What is a cheap food for a housewarming party?

Provide inexpensive food.

Include a fruit buffet, a veggie tray, tiny sandwiches, hot dogs, or deviled eggs. If you’re in the mood to cook, return to Pinterest for fast, uncomplicated recipes before purchasing bulk items to save money.

What food is good for large groups?

Recipes for feeding a large group
recipeJools’ easy beef stew recipeSicilian cauliflower and chickpea stew served with fluffy couscous.Lorraine quiche with carrot and parsley salad.recipe for vegetable kormaKerryann’s vegetarian chili recipeDIY party combinations – prawns with Marie Rose sauce.Toast with roasted beetroot.

How do you feed a crowd cheap and easy?

The Instant Pot comes to the rescue!
Make as much food as possible ahead of time.What is the best way to feed a large number of people?
Choose a recipe that can be multiplied without having to prepare or bake additional batches.
Make a “Bar” and serve everyone a cafeteria-style meal, such as a potato bar.
The slow cooker

What to cook for 20 people?

Simple Meals for 20 People
Pizzas on French bread.
Sliders with meatballs.
Braid with sausage and cream cheese.
Tetrazzini with chicken for $20.
Pancakes on a Sheet Pan.
Lasagna Paula Deen for $20.
Quesadillas de Pollo with Pollo.
Baked Macaroni and Cheese from scratch.

What are good finger foods for a party?

Top Finger Foods
Pigs on a Blanket is a children’s book.
Skewers of antipasto.
Pizza Rolls with Pepperoni.
Mac & cheese balls that have been fried.
Eggs deviled.
Poppers with jalapeos.
The Air Fryer Bites of Cauliflower.
Stuffed Mushrooms with Vegetables.

What is the cheapest meat to feed a crowd?

Whole chicken is one of the most affordable cuts of meat to choose from. A whole chicken is a wonderful, low-cost meat choice that is adaptable and simple to prepare on the barbecue or in a smoker.
Thighs and drumsticks of chicken.
Wings made from chicken.
The whole turkey.
Back Ribs of Beef.
Ribs de porc.
Ribeye Steak, Chuck Eye.
Beef ground.

How to cater for 20 people?

20 Large Group Catering Food Ideas
1 vegetable curry.
Pasta Bake with Cheese and Tomatoes.
Platter of 3 Beetroot Hummus.
4 Casserole with Chicken Parmesan.
Platter of Baked Camembert and Doughballs for 5.
6 Sandwiches with Grilled Chicken.
There are 7 cinnamon rolls.
There are 8 little pizzas.

What is the best food to make for a party?

Meatballs are one of the easiest party foods to make. They’re fast, simple, and ideal for any celebration! …
Skins on potatoes.
Rolls with sausage.
Truffles made of chocolate.
Empanadas de Pollo with Pollo.
Quesadilla with steak and cheese.
Baby potatoes with a Parmesan crust.
Tenders de chicken.

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