How to Make Strawberry Milk Tea Without Boba?

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Strawberry milk tea is a popular drink for good reason: it’s wonderful. The largest issue, though, is locating Boba. Boba is available at Asian stores, and if none are close, you may get it online. Still, it would be wonderful to have a backup plan or an alternative until you receive your Boba. So, how can you create strawberry milk tea without Boba?

Strawberry milk tea may be made without Boba by using blueberries, jelly bits, coconut meat, or coffee jelly for the Boba. Strawberry milk tea can be made without Boba or Boba alternatives, but it will not be bubble tea.

Because it might be difficult to locate fresh Boba, knowing how to make strawberry milk tea without it is really useful. I’ll describe how to prepare strawberry milk tea and what to use instead of Boba in the following paragraph.

How to Make Strawberry Milk Tea?

How to Make Strawberry Milk Tea Without Boba?

Making strawberry ice tea takes time, but basic culinary skills are more than enough to prepare yourself a glass of this delicious drink at home.

Strawberry powder or frozen strawberries, sugar, milk (dairy or vegan, such as soy, coconut, almond, rice, etc.), green or black tea, and boba pearls.Fresh ingredients are required.

Regarding the strawberries, I suggest using fresh strawberries rather than frozen or strawberry powder. Fresh strawberries will add natural sweetness and freshness to your strawberry milk tea, as well as the recognized strawberry sourness and zing.

When using frozen strawberries, the strawberry flavor and perfume are much diminished, and the strawberry syrup becomes more watery. If you must use frozen strawberries, let them to defrost at room temperature before creating the syrup.

Strawberry powder is difficult to locate, and even if you can, I do not suggest it since it has an overpowering fake strawberry taste. It has a strong flavor that contrasts with the milk and tea. The sweetness of the strawberry powder is very noticeable and unappealing.

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Is Strawberry Milk Tea Good Without Boba?

Strawberry milk tea isn’t the same without Boba, but it’s still delicious. Boba pearls have a really unique taste. The bubbles are caused by the fact that it is incredibly sweet and bouncy.

Still, there are Boba pearl replacements that will not give you the original Boba experience but will provide you a nice drink that you will love just as much.

What Can You Use Instead of Boba in Strawberry Milk Tea?

There are several great Boba replacements that will complement your strawberry milk tea beautifully.

Blueberries are a good replacement. They will froth up your drink and are tiny enough to pass through the straw. They will also impart some of their magic in terms of flavor; just add them to your drink as is.

Coconut meat is another option, particularly if you’re using nondairy milk. You may add coconut bits to your drink to bring a more exotic depth to your strawberry milk tea. As you whisk it, it will get frothier.

Jelly bites are a terrific and inventive option since you can create jelly out of almost anything. Make the jelly into any form you choose, but keep the jelly bits tiny.

If you want to up the ante, use coffee jelly for the Boba pearls. They will add a bitter note to an otherwise sweet drink. Just be aware that green or black tea includes caffeine as well.

How to Serve Strawberry Milk Tea?

Strawberry milk tea pairs well with fresh fruit on the side. Because you already have a strong strawberry taste, you may combine it with something that has opposing but complementary flavors, such as apple pieces, apricots, cherries, or sour cherries. However, since taste is subjective, feel free to mix your drink with whatever you believe would go best.

Because strawberry milk tea is already rather sweet, pair it with bittersweet dark chocolate shavings or a dessert that is severely bitter.

Biscuits are versatile, so pair them with strawberry milk tea to add some texture. Almonds, nuts, and hazelnuts are also appreciated.

How Long Does Strawberry Milk Tea Last?

Place your strawberry milk tea in the refrigerator if you do not want to enjoy it right away. This drink does not hold up well at room temperature, becoming sweeter, thicker, and nearly mushy.

On the counter, it would last little more than half an hour. It would keep in the fridge for up to 24 hours.

How to Store Strawberry Milk Tea?

Refrigerate strawberry milk tea in a glass, not a plastic cup. Cover it with a cover and keep it away from foods with strong aromas.

To prevent extraneous odors from infiltrating the strawberry milk tea, use an airtight glass container.

Strawberry Milk Tea Without Boba Recipe


What is strawberry milk tea made of?

Milk with Strawberries Tea consists of tea, milk, strawberries, and a little amount of sugar. It may be served cold or hot, with or without boba bubble pearls (as shown). They are manufactured from tapioca flour or cassava and have no taste on its own.

How to make boba at home without boba?

Surprisingly, I discovered that you can easily create boba at home using cornstarch as an excellent substitute for tapioca flour. This recipe requires just three ingredients: cornstarch, strawberry ice cream, and strawberry syrup.

Can I get bubble tea without boba?

Milk tea is a pleasant and adaptable beverage that may be consumed without the addition of boba. There are many alternatives for preparing this wonderful drink without the additional calories from chewy tapioca balls if you’re seeking to indulge in something sweet. Plus, it’s simple to create at home with just a few basic ingredients!

How to make tea with milk without pearls?

Pour the milk and the remaining 2 tablespoons of heavy cream into a jar. Mix in the sweetened and cooled black tea until thoroughly blended. Half-fill a glass with ice. Fill the glass halfway with milk tea, then top with frothed cream and serve.

What makes strawberry milk pink?

Call it the Frappuccino’s tempest. Some Starbucks customers were upset to hear that the pink tint of the chain’s Strawberry & Creme Frappuccino was caused by crushed insects. The coloring in question, cochineal, is derived from the Dactylopius coccus, a microscopic white bug.

Can you put milk in strawberry tea?

Chop the strawberries and combine with the sugar. To prepare a puree, combine all of the ingredients in a blender. Pour the strawberry puree into a tumbler with ice and top with the black tea. Fill it up with milk and sweeten to taste with syrup from the popping boba.

What can replace boba?

Chia seed. When soaked in liquid, chia seeds have a similar feel to tapioca pearls and are a fantastic gluten-free alternative.

How do I make my own boba?

Bubble tea can be made in 5 easy steps!
Combine equal parts water and sugar to make your simple syrup.
Cook the tapioca pearls according to the package directions.
Brew your tea until it reaches the required consistency.
Fill a glass halfway with syrup, ice, milk, and tea.
Enjoy with the boba.

How to make boba from scratch at home?

Bring 8 cups of water to a boil, then add the dried tapioca pearls. Allow this to cook on for 6-8 minutes on medium-high heat. Reduce the heat to low and simmer for another 5-10 minutes. Once the tapioca pearls begin to float to the top, remove them from the boiling water.

Can I swallow boba without chewing?

Tapioca is used to make boba. Because of the tapioca element, the “pearls” or “bubbles” do not disintegrate rapidly when extended to their utmost extent. As a result, eating them without chewing may be dangerous.

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