How to Make Pillsbury Crescent Rolls Better?

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Pillsbury crescent rolls are absurdly simple to prepare (just roll and bake), but they also lend themselves to experimentation and inventiveness. So, if you want to branch out from rolling and baking, Pillsbury crescent rolls are the ideal playdough to experiment with and enhance your culinary talents. Even while Pillsbury crescent rolls are delicious and great on their own, there are ways to enhance them. So, how can you improve Pillsbury crescent rolls?

Adding herbs and spices, jam or cream, cutting the Pillsbury rolls into bite-sized pieces, combining them with sauce, transforming them into a pie, braiding them with seeds, transforming them into cream buns, adding cheese, or constructing a sandwich braid.

In the following paragraphs, I’ll show you how to enhance your Pillsbury crescent rolls and make the most of them by making little modifications to the dough or adding additional ingredients.

How to Improve Pillsbury Crescent Rolls?

How to Make Pillsbury Crescent Rolls Better?

Pillsbury crescent rolls are already a great option for whatever you’re wanting at the moment. You may eat them alone or with another food, or you can make them into a dinner by adding a few easy components. You may make them creamy, sweet, or savory, or you can just enhance them and eat them as is.

Here are some terrific ideas for sprucing up your Pillsbury crescent rolls and making them a more fun and tasty experience.

Add Spices

If you’re hungry but don’t feel especially creative or want to spend extra time and energy in the kitchen, seasoning your Pillsbury crescent rolls is a terrific way to kick them up a level.

You may use whatever spices you choose, but I prefer powdered garlic, onions, salt, and pepper. Keeping things simple is frequently the best option.

If you don’t like the combination of garlic and onion, use simply one or avoid them entirely. Instead, use salt and pepper and you’ll have them ready in no time.

You may also add curry, turmeric, pumpkin spice, cinnamon, nutmeg, or any other spice you choose. Furthermore, spice up the Pillsbury crescent rolls in various ways to experience the individuality of each one.

Pair Them With Sauce

Pairing your Pillsbury crescent rolls with sauce or dip may be one of the finest ways to enhance them, particularly if they are a touch dry for some reason.

You may bend Pillsbury crescent rolls into salty sticks, or you can shape them normally. In any event, creating a dip on the side and putting it over the Pillsbury crescent rolls may and will greatly increase their taste.

Add Jam or Cream 

If you’re craving something sweet and desert-like, try adding chocolate cream or jam to your Pillsbury crescent rolls.Smear a generous layer of cream or jam on the triangles before rolling them up, sprinkle with cinnamon, and bake.

You will be pleasantly surprised with how wonderfully your Pillsbury crescent rolls come out, as they will be soft, warm, and juicy, and full of flavor. Although I prefer cream, I must admit that jam has its merits.

Jam is more adaptable than cream; you just have to enjoy those little fruit fragments strewn around. You may apply your favorite jam or combine two or more jams to acquire the flavor you like.

Cut Them Into Smaller Pieces

I’m not sure what it is about little bite-sized pieces, but they taste better than larger chunks. If you cut the same Pillsbury crescent roll into many pieces, it will taste significantly better.

Instead of creating one roll from each triangle, create three little, charming rolls and bake them. They’ll be so delicious that you won’t be able to stop eating them. This is a fantastic way to transform Pillsbury crescent rolls into a tasty movie snack.

Turn Them Into a Pie

If you have the time and energy, and your creative juices are running, you can recycle your Pillsbury crescent roll triangles into pie.Simply take half of them and arrange them in a circle. Roll them together with a rolling pin to produce one large piece, then top with your favorite pie filling.

You may top it with cheese, spinach, meat, mushrooms, or fruit or marmalade. Roll the opposite half like you did the first. Cover the filling with the second rolled circle. Bake as normal and enjoy your enhanced Pillsbury crescent rolls in the shape of a pie.

Braid Them With Seeds

Not only are seeds healthful and nutritious, but they also increase taste. They go well with everything and are really one of the most versatile ingredients for adding taste and texture.

Roll out and cut the Pillsbury crescent rolls into strips. Sprinkle with whichever seeds you choose and braid them to make a rustic snack. The seeds will adhere to the rolls or braids, providing a wonderfully crunchy flavor.

Make Cream Buns 

Cream buns are among of the most delectable dessert treats, and they rise quickly to the top when prepared using Pillsbury crescent rolls dough. All you need is some chocolate cream to transform your kitchen into a dessert bakery.

Smear a heavy coating of cream on each Pillsbury crescent roll triangle and shape into a tiny bun. The buns will resemble dumplings.

Another method is to prepare the Pillsbury cream buns first and then inject the cream inside using a syringe. You don’t need anything special, just a standard syringe filled with chocolate cream.

When they’re done, roll them in smashed nuts for more taste and texture.

Turn Them Into a Sandwich Braid

Making a gigantic sandwich braid out of Pillsbury crescent rolls may be the finest thing you do all week. Line up two parallel rows of Pillsbury crescent roll triangles and cut them into stripes.

Smear some butter on them and top them with cheese, meat, sauce, and anything else you want in your sandwich braid. Cover the filling with the stripes and bake as usual.

Cut your Pillsbury sandwich braid into little pieces and serve with your favorite dip.

Add Cheese

Cheese is a terrific ingredient that adds taste and texture to any dish.When enhanced with cheese, dough, in particular, becomes wonderfully delectable. Pillsbury crescent rolls are no exception, so don’t be afraid to add some cheese to the center of the triangle before folding it up.

To increase the taste of your Pillsbury crescent rolls, you may also add olives, deli meat, or mushrooms.

How to Make Pillsbury Crescent Rolls Flaky?

How to Make Pillsbury Crescent Rolls Better?

Pillsbury crescent rolls are already flaky and delicious. They may, however, dry out owing to incorrect storage, although they are totally safe to consume. The secret to great Pillsbury crescent rolls is flakiness; otherwise, they won’t taste right and you’ll be dissatisfied.

Fortunately, there is a method for making your Pillsbury crescent rolls flaky and enjoying them to the maximum.

Add Butter and Flour

You’ll need butter, flour, and a rolling pin to make your Pillsbury crescent rolls flaky. Start rolling the Pillsbury crescent roll triangles with some butter.

The rolling will naturally produce narrower triangles, which is not what we want. To avoid this, ball up the dough as it begins to get thinner. Roll it out again with extra butter.

This is merely re-flaking the dough, not laminating it. When you’re finished, sprinkle some flour on the surface and re-roll it out. Keep the thickness as near to the original triangular thickness as possible.

It’s not always simple to restore the flakiness of Pillsbury crescent rolls. It may be difficult to return them to their original condition, particularly as ready-made dough is less sensitive to new components and techniques than newly created dough. Add additional butter to the crescent rolls that are ready to bake before baking.

As a result, proceed gently and avoid adding too much flour or butter too fast. Maintain the thickness of the Pillsbury crescent roll triangles by rolling lightly.


Do Pillsbury crescent rolls need to rise?

Wrap loosely in plastic wrap* and a towel. Allow to rise for 30 minutes in a warm environment (80° to 85°F) or until doubled in size.

Is Pillsbury crescent dough sheet the same as puff pastry?

Although they are created using very identical materials and procedures, crescent rolls vary from puff pastry in that they employ yeast.

Do I need to grease pan for crescent rolls?

Spray a baking sheet pan with oil or butter, then put crescent rolls approximately 12 – 1″ apart on the oiled pan. Cover gently with a kitchen towel and let aside for 30 minutes, or until the dough puffs up. Preheat the oven to 400°F.

What happens if you don’t let rolls rise before baking?

To put it simply, if you do not let your bread to rise, it will be thick and flavorless. Because it will be only dough and not the myriad of air bubbles that transform bread into the fluffy loaves that everyone knows and loves, it will be more comparable to a cake than anything else.

How do you make Pillsbury dough not spread?

Chill your cookie dough before baking to make it simpler to deal with and control the spread. How does it function? When cooked, cookies may spread and lose their form. Allow your cookie dough to rest in the refrigerator for an hour before rolling it out and cutting out shapes to correct this.

What can I add to dough to make it stretch?

Gluten contributes to the dough’s flexible nature, enabling it to stretch without breaking. Though it is crucial to completely knead your dough, it is not required to knead your dough for an extended period of time.

How do you fluff up dough?

A modest bit of dough enhancer per loaf is all that is required to produce a considerably lighter and fluffier product. Using a dough enhancer like Vital Wheat Gluten improves the texture and elasticity of the dough while also lengthening the gluten strands. This gives the gas in the dough more space to grow and rise.

How do you keep crescent rolls warm without getting soggy?

To prevent your rolls from becoming soggy when carrying them, keep them aired to reduce moisture on the bread while keeping them warm. You may cover them in aluminum foil and towels. Heat packs may also be used as a bread warmer.

Can you use Pillsbury crescents as puff pastry?

Fortunately, easy-bake crescents can substitute in for conventional puff pastry. It’s a traditional dessert made easy!

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