How to Make Betty Crocker Cake Mix Better? 7 Tips

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People who like baking would almost certainly never use box cake mixes. Box cake mixes, on the other hand, are a practical alternative for novices and those who do not have the time to prepare delicacies from scratch. One of the most popular brands is Betty Crocker. But, how can you improve Betty Crocker Cake Mix such that it tastes like homemade?

Betty Crocker Cake Mix may be improved by adding more eggs, additional butter, substituting water with milk, adding vanilla extract, or having more layers. Choose some of the ideas, and your cake will be more moist and flavorful.

You may use the suggestions provided below to give your box cake a handmade flavor and appearance. So, stay reading because I’ll go through each point in depth.

Add More Eggs to the Cake Mixture 

Because you’re using a box cake mix, you’re definitely seeking for easier and more convenient ways to bake a cake. That is why Betty Crocker cake mixes provide basic recipes, i.e. a few simple components that must be combined to produce batter for your cake. As a result, the recipe on the back of the package asks for one or two egg tops.

However, if you want your cake to be more juicy and fudgy, you need use more extra components, beginning with eggs. When you use more eggs than the recipe calls for, your cake will have more moisture and richness. Two more egg yolks will undoubtedly improve both the flavor and appearance of the cake. The same procedure may be done when making Betty Crocker brownies.

However, if you want to acquire the lightness and airiness of your cake, you may add more egg whites to attain the desired outcome. This is a useful suggestion if you plan on cutting the cake in half to add extra layers.

Include Butter and Sour Cream

Boxed cake mixes are an easy and fast answer, but they lack the handmade taste. To deceive our visitors, we must discover a means to increase the tastes in store-bought cake mixes. This is when butter is placed on the table.

More fat will be required while making the batter to obtain a more delicious taste. Use butter instead of vegetable oil, and use more than the package directions call for.

In other words, utilizing butter will increase the richness of your cake, and you most likely have this component on hand at all times.Finally, a little amount of sour cream or heavy cream may be beneficial in this situation.

Replace Water with Whole Milk 

Because you need some liquid to produce the batter, all box cake mixture recipes ask for water. Of course, Betty Crocker recipes are not exempt from this restriction, therefore water will almost always be the key component in batter making. However, water lacks flavor, so don’t expect your cake to taste handmade if you use water as the major liquid in the recipe.

Fortunately, there is a suitable alternative for water that may significantly improve the flavor of your cake. Milk would be an excellent substitution component, responsible for the improved density and taste of your cake.

Now, if you want to be a little fancy with your cake and get additional richness, you may use buttermilk. Buttermilk will provide an incredible flavor to your box cake mix. Your Betty Crocker cake will taste just like a handmade cake cooked from scratch, and no one will be able to tell the difference.

Use Soda Water

If you wish to skip milk and stick to water for any reason, choose soda water over still water. This kind of water will give the cake greater fluffiness, allowing you to add additional layers. More frosting means more layers. More icing equals more moisture.

Use Vanilla and Salt to Achieve the Real Homemade Taste 

You’ve surely heard that vanilla extract can do amazing things for your sweet baked products; the same may be said for box cake mixes. With a dash of vanilla essence and a touch of salt, your cake will have a really handmade taste and flavor. The taste balance that vanilla extract and salt can accomplish is astounding, and you’ll be astonished that such basic components can make such a big impact.

These are the fundamental elements that distinguish all cakes, regardless of whether you use a box cake mix solution. As previously said, you must be clever to make your cake taste good; nevertheless, you do not need to be a professional chef to improve the flavor of a box cake mixture. As a result, combining salt and vanilla will put you on the correct approach to achieving handmade tastes.

Experiment with Different Flavors 

Vanilla and salt aren’t the only things that may improve your Betty Crocker cake mix. In reality, you may experiment with other tastes to get the same outcome. For example, if you want to add some distinct tastes to your cake, you may use almond, rum, or orange essence.

If you’re making a yellow or white cake, you may enhance the tastes of your cake mix by adding a little quantity of lemon zest or juice. When I say “experimenting with different flavors,” I don’t just mean liquids and extracts. You may also add chocolate chips, dried fruit, or nuts to your cake ingredients to give it a unique flavor.

Include Some Layers 

You may have finished baking your cake, but you still get the feeling that something is missing, implying that there is something extra you could do. You are accurate in your assumption that there is always something you could do to increase the taste and richness of your Betty Crocker cake mix. Specifically, even after you’ve finished baking, the mixture enables you to add some layers that will improve the appearance of your cake.

To add juiciness to your dessert, split the cake in half and top it with jam or marmalade. Even a little amount of syrup will suffice. A luscious coating of something fruity shouts “homemade” like nothing else. Not only will this make your cake sweeter, but the layers will also make it seem much prettier.

Is Betty Crocker Cake Mix Better With Milk or Water? 

Water is a well-known fact that may be a more handy and less expensive solution. However, every cake tastes better with milk rather than water. Using milk instead of water in your Betty Crocker cake mix can improve the flavor of your cake.

What Does Adding An Extra Egg Do to Cake Mix? 

Extra eggs in cake batters are utilized for a variety of objectives, including making the cakes lighter and adding moisture. If you want to achieve wetness, you should add more yolks. Extra egg whites are recommended if you want a light and fluffy cake.

Do You Need a Mixer For Boxed Cake Mix?

When it comes to creating the batter from the boxed cake mix, you do not need to use a mixer. However, it may be the most convenient alternative. You won’t need any electric equipment to create the cake batter if you have the correct tools and utensils.

Finally, you’ve seen that you can always improve the flavor of box cake mixes, and you don’t even need any complicated components. So, use some of these ideas to make your Betty Crocker box cake mix taste like you baked it from scratch.


What can I add to my Betty Crocker cake mix to make it better?

Here are six simple ways to jazz up a standard cake mix.
Add one additional egg.
Pour in some milk, coffee, or soda.
Replace the oil with butter.
Mix in the Instant Pudding.
Enhance the flavor with a citrus extract or zest.
Decorate the cake with homemade icing.

How to make Betty Crocker cakes better?

How to make a box cake taste like it came from a bakery
Use an additional egg. Adding an additional egg or two to your box cake adds richness and moisture.
Instead of water, use dairy.
Experiment with different liquids.
Instead of oil, use butter.
Mix with a couple spoonfuls of mayonnaise.
Mix in the instant pudding mix.
Include unique components.

How to spice up Betty Crocker cake?

Add a Few Exciting Mix-Ins

As a general guideline, limit your mix-ins to 1 cup (at most). Try adding chopped crystallized ginger, dried fruit, or fresh berries to vanilla or yellow cake mixes. Try adding unsweetened shredded coconut, toasted chopped almonds, or chocolate chips to chocolate or vanilla cake mixes.

Is it better to use milk or water in Betty Crocker cake mix?

When your box mix specifies for liquid, add MILK, not water. The milk gives your combination solidity, fat, and, most importantly, taste.

How to make Betty Crocker cake mix fluffier?

“An extra egg makes a richer, fluffier cake,” adds Waterson. Mix in an extra egg than the recipe calls for, and continue to mix as usual. Egg whites: Egg yolks are higher in fat than egg whites. Replace entire eggs with egg whites for a light, fluffy cake.

How to make boxed cakes better?

8 Simple Tips & Tricks to Improve Box Cake
Ingredients should be at room temperature.
Substitute milk or buttermilk for the water.
In the Mix, substitute Sour Cream.
Oil may be used in place of butter.
Increase the number of eggs.
Pour in the Vanilla Extract.
Make a Chocolate Lovers’ Cake out of it.
Make Your Cake Look Like A Pro.

Is Betty Crocker cake mix better with butter or oil?

Cake mixes nearly often ask for vegetable oil as the fat; butter, on the other hand, has a lot more flavor and a far superior texture. Simply substitute the oil with an equivalent quantity of melted butter to make a much nicer cake with a more nuanced taste.

Can I use milk instead of water in Betty Crocker cake mix?

Yes, you may use milk instead of water to make SuperMoist cake mixes; however, the cake may be somewhat drier than if made with water. Keep in mind that milk will add calories and somewhat alter the nutrition.

How much sour cream should I add to a box cake mix?

Sour cream, according to the food-science site Food Crumbles, may help thicken and moisten a cake. Because sour cream includes fat, your cake will be richer as well. According to the baking site Liv for Cake, you should start with around 1 cup of sour cream.

What does replacing water with milk do to cake?

By replacing the water with milk, your cake will taste immediately handmade, whilst adding buttermilk will make it rich and creamy. Simply substitute the same quantity of milk or buttermilk for the water (since buttermilk is so thick, you’ll need to add more liquid than the recipe asks for).

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