How to Fix Bland Spaghetti Sauce? 12 Fresh Ideas

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Spaghetti is one of the most adaptable cuisines you will ever taste. It is simple and excellent with nearly anything on it. It’s difficult to mix them up, whether you serve them with a hearty sauce like Bolognese or with something as basic as olive oil and garlic like Aglio e olio. Still, it is possible to make the sauce a bit too thick, resulting in a bland sauce. You can mend the sauce faster than you can screw it up. So, how do you make bland spaghetti sauce?

Adding salt and pepper, dried herbs, cayenne pepper, fresh basil, curry, and turmeric to your boring spaghetti sauce will greatly improve its flavor.

It would be a pity to squander perfectly good spaghetti sauce, therefore it is well worth adding some more spice to remedy the problem. In the following paragraphs, I’ll show you how to simply and quickly remedy your boring spaghetti sauce.

What Spices to Add to Bland Spaghetti Sauce?

How to Fix Bland Spaghetti Sauce? 12 Fresh Ideas

Sometimes you underseason your spaghetti sauce, which doesn’t imply the sauce is bad, only that it needs more zing.The spaghetti sauce seasoning is the last phase in the sauce-making process, and the spices must be added in the last five minutes.

Adding the spices too early can cause them to burn within the sauce, leaving you with a bland sauce even if you weren’t sparing with the spices. If you add the spices too late, they will not blend properly with the rest of the sauce, resulting in a bland sauce.

If you wind up with bland spaghetti sauce, there is a simple cure, but you may need to add some more ingredients in addition to the spices.

Salt and Pepper 

Whatever goes wrong, the salt and pepper pair will always come to the rescue.

Adding salt to the spaghetti sauce not only adds taste but also enhances the other flavors in the sauce. It’s also a wonderful fixer since it goes well with any sort of spaghetti sauce.

The pepper gives a distinct flavor to the spaghetti, and depending on how much you use, you will get a more or less hot sauce. Pepper may even make your spaghetti sauce seem spicy, so if that’s what you’re looking for, go for it.

Dried Herbs

Dried herbs are yet another versatile fixer that may be used in ketchup, cheese, or meat-based sauces. Choose the dried herb you will use based on the sauce.Red sauces made with ketchup pair well with basil, thyme, or oregano.

Meat-based sauces pair well with basil or oregano, while thyme works well with cheese and milk-based sauces.

A sprinkle of each of these herbs, or all of them together, may provide a fresh taste and scent to your boring spaghetti sauce.

Cayenne Pepper 

Cayenne pepper, like paprika, is a terrific tasting addition to spice up and revitalize your dull spaghetti sauce.Cayenne pepper is an edgy spice that you either love or hate. It’s not as sweet as paprika but it’s surely more pungent.

Cayenne pepper is a little limiting due to its unique character, and it cannot be used in any spaghetti sauce. Instead, you should be more cautious about the sauces you use. Cayenne pepper complements tomato and meat-based sauces but not cheese-dominated combos.


Turmeric is curry’s gentler sibling.The curry is more expressive, whilst the turmeric is more subdued. So, if you prefer the flavor of curry but not the strength, I suggest trying turmeric.

The same is true for the curry; whisk constantly and properly distribute it.

Fresh Basil 

Fresh basil leaves have a strong taste and scent.Adding them to the sauce and heating it for a minute will allow the basil leaves to release the flavors in the sauce and return it to its original form.

The combination of salt and fresh basil has shown to be the most effective, so don’t skimp on the basil leaves, but be cautious with the salt.


Although it works in any spaghetti sauce, if you like curry, it works best in tomato or cheese-based sauces.The curry taste and scent enhance the spaghetti sauce, making it hotter, zestier, and more edgy.

As the powdered spices like to cluster and adhere to particular sections, add little by little and continually stir. If you don’t stir when adding the curry, the heat will be unevenly distributed, making some bits quite fiery and others bland.

How to Make Spaghetti Sauce More Flavorful?

If you like your spaghetti sauce to be more powerful and flavorful, you may add a few ingredients to make it colorful and zesty.


When I say add meat, I don’t only mean raw meat that has to be cooked ahead of time.Instead, I’m thinking of things like cured meat, smoked sausages, or leftover meats.

We’ll save the raw meat for another time since, although you don’t technically add it, you do cook it on purpose, and it’s not something you can simply chuck in your spaghetti sauce if it’s lacking in taste.

Even a little amount of prosciutto, ham, or bacon in your spaghetti sauce may greatly enhance its taste. Smoked sausage chunks are another great method to add flavor to your spaghetti sauce.


Even unsalted butter may add flavor to meals that need it.It bonds the components, enabling them to entangle and release more flavor. It also generates a creamy texture, which helps to make a rich and tasty spaghetti sauce.

Grated Gouda Cheese 

Whatever your spaghetti sauce lacks, you can’t go wrong with gouda cheese.Allow some grated gouda to melt on top of the sauce, or grate the cheese and allow it melt while working it into the sauce.

It will work its magic, making the sauce creamy and delicious. The greatest melting cheese for spaghetti sauce is Gouda. It’s creamy and expressive, lending a special softness to the sauce.


This is another great ingredient that pairs nicely with basil leaves or other herbal spices.Whether you use slices or grated Parmigiano, it will melt just enough to become creamy while retaining some of its original consistency.

It’s a truly amazing remedy for flavorless spaghetti sauce, and it goes well with any style of spaghetti sauce.

Red Wine

If you have a tomato-based sauce, particularly one containing meat, such as a Bolognese sauce, adding red wine and letting it boil for a few minutes gives the sauce an incredible richness.

The red wine thickens and enhances the taste of the sauce. The nice part is that you can use a cheap red wine and still get great results.

Naked Bacon Bits

Naked bacon has no additives and provides the most real bacon taste.Even a vegetarian sauce will benefit from the addition of naked bacon pieces to the top of your spaghetti sauce.

The naked bacon pieces are delicious in any sauce, but they work especially well in cheesy and milky sauces.


How do you fix tasteless spaghetti sauce?

Add some acid. A little splash of high-quality, fragrant vinegar, a squeeze of fresh lemon juice, or a few drops of not-too-hot hot sauce can certainly lift and improve the tastes of a flat or bland sauce.

How do you add flavor to bland spaghetti sauce?

Topping your sauce with basil slices, thyme sprigs, or oregano may take it to the next level. Although fresh herbs stand out more, dried herbs and spices may be just as effective. Red pepper flakes, a touch of parsley, and a splash of salt and pepper may spice up canned spaghetti sauce.

How do you spice up bland tomato sauce?

Make it more interesting.

Seasonings may be added to a simple tomato (marinara) sauce to enhance taste. Red pepper flakes, dried oregano, parsley, or basil, or an Italian spice combination are also wonderful possibilities.

How do you make store bought spaghetti sauce better?

Alternatively, onions.
Squash purée is used to sweeten and thicken the dish.
Add a sprinkle of chili flakes to spice things up.
Try this unusual ingredient.13 Recipes for Any Jarred Pasta Sauce Better
Begin with the proper pasta and sauce.
Season with dry herbs to taste.
Alternatively, season with fresh herb sprigs.
Increase the amount of tomato deliciousness.
Increase the amount of garlic and

How to make spaghetti sauce taste homemade?

With some sautéed garlic and onions, everything tastes better. Sauté finely chopped onions and garlic in olive oil till aromatic and golden, then add the sauce and let it boil for a few minutes to let the flavors to combine.

How do you add depth of flavor to a sauce?

Here are some of the magical ingredients that our culinary editors swear will enhance the flavor of any dish.
Stock. Using stock in cooking offers depth and richness that both complements and brings out the flavor of a meal.
Basil. Garlic. Sriracha.
Lemon. Coriander.

What gives spaghetti sauce the best flavor?

When it comes to spice, experts agree that fresh garlic, browned onions, bell peppers, and dried oregano and basil (rather than “Italian Spice” blends) provide the greatest old-fashioned taste. If you choose fresh basil, be sure you obtain fresh oregano as well.

Why does my spaghetti sauce have no flavor?

Blandness is frequently caused by a lack of seasoning. When making a meal like spaghetti sauce, season as you go rather than at the end. Salt improves the taste of dishes while also performing several crucial activities during cooking, such as extracting moisture from materials and increasing their flavor.

Why does my spaghetti always taste bland?

Finally, before serving, taste the pasta. If it appears bland, it probably simply needs another pinch of salt. Topping each plate with a touch of one of the dish’s ingredients—a handful of mint leaves, a dusting of chopped parsley, or a teaspoon of more lemon zest—could potentially offer extra punch.

How do I make bland spaghetti better?

How to Improve Boring Pasta
Season with salt. Well, of course.
In a bowl, grate enough of Parmesan or Pecorino. If you apply it right over the spaghetti, it will soon melt and you will forget how much you put.
Sprinkle with pepper.
Add some red pepper flakes on top.
Drizzle it with olive oil.

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