How to Create Navy Blue Chocolate!

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Chocolate dyeing is a useful skill that enables you to use melted chocolate to make more aesthetically attractive and creative coatings and dips. But, if you do not use the correct hue and kind of food coloring, your chocolate will be ruined. So, how does one go about making navy-blue chocolate?

Melt the chocolate to a smooth consistency before gently adding the navy-blue food coloring. If you don’t have any navy blue, combine royal blue and violet. Be careful to obtain white chocolate since darker or dark brown may result in murky black hues.

Although coloring chocolate is not a simple process, if you read this guide carefully, you will end up with results that seem professional.

How Do You Get Navy-Blue Chocolate?

To produce a smooth consistency, first melt the white chocolate in a microwave, dry oven, or double boiler.

Melt the chocolate in the microwave in 10-second increments on medium power, stirring after each interval. You might alternatively melt it in a double boiler over low heat or in a dry oven heated to 110 degrees Fahrenheit (the chocolate may take an hour to melt in the oven).

Then, pour the melted chocolate into a separate dry basin to color separately. Using a plastic spatula, stir in little quantities of navy-blue food coloring into the chocolate.

If using powdered coloring, sprinkle some on top and mix it in. You should also reheat the oil-based coloring since a temperature difference between it and the chocolate might cause it to seize.

What Colors Make Navy-Blue?

The precise navy-blue tint you want for your chocolate may be achieved by combining the appropriate colors in various amounts and combinations.

Obtaining navy-blue hue takes one part of the royal blue oil-based food coloring and one part of the violet coloring.

To obtain the navy-blue hue, use a 4:1 ratio of light blue to purple. Next, using a chopstick or toothpick, stir and combine.

What Type of Food Color Is Best for Chocolate?

When it comes to coloring your chocolate, only the greatest quality will do. Excellent quality results in brilliant hues that do not impair the taste of the chocolate.

For coloring chocolate, use oil-based coloring since it is designed to bond precisely with oil-based items such as chocolate. You might alternatively use powdered color since it does not contain any liquid and is thus safe to use with melted chocolate.

You may also use gel-based coloring, but make sure it’s the same temperature as the chocolate. Gel coloring is created by combining synthetic coloring with water and a glycerin or corn syrup base. It has a thicker texture and is less liquid than water-based coloring.

In any case, apply the color very gently to avoid it becoming lumpy.

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How to Make Navy-Blue Chocolate Ganache?

The navy-blue chocolate ganache is simple to prepare and results in a stylish and colorful dessert. The navy-blue ganache may be made by tinting the cream before adding it to the melting white chocolate. Instead, you may create the ganache first and then add the navy-blue color.

You might also make navy-blue ganache by combining cream and navy-blue chocolate melts. The cream, on the other hand, may dilute the color.

To prepare the ganache, you must use a two-part white chocolate to one-part cream ratio. Also, since ganache includes cream, you may use standard food coloring.


What colors make royal blue chocolate?

Compound of 100 grams white chocolate.
6 drops royal blue food coloring.
as required Color of silver edible powder.
Mar 30, 2020

How do you make dark blue candy melts?

If you want to make a huge batch of brilliant blue candy melts, combine 20 royal blue and 20 white melts.

How do you mix royal blue chocolate?

Cooking Directions
Meanwhile, heat water in a flat-bottomed pan and cut chocolate into tiny pieces.
After the chocolate begins to melt, take it from the pan and stir constantly with a spoon to make it smooth and velvety. Add Royal Blue color drops one at a time, mixing until the desired color is obtained.
Additional details…•March 30, 2020

What colors make navy blue?

To make navy blue, gradually add a little black or orange to a pure blue. Keep a sample image of the desired navy blue tint on hand, as well as scrap paper, for testing your freshly mixed paint and determining when your blend is close to a navy hue.

How do you make navy blue food coloring?

Color Correct Food Coloring Concentration

Navy blue is not one of the basic colors, but it may be made by combining Blue, Red, and Pink.

How do you color dark chocolate melts?

Just melt your candy in a small microwave-safe dish according to package directions to color it using oil-based candy colors. Add a little quantity of candy color to the melted candy using a toothpick or the tip of a knife. Stir with a spoon or spatula until everything is incorporated.

Why does my chocolate get hard when I add food coloring?

Since chocolate is oil-based, adding gel coloring will cause it to seize (just like if you added in a few drops of water). Chocolate and water do not go together. Yet, there are some fantastic options! Color Mill brand oil-based food coloring is recommended.

What is the color code for dark candy blue?

#626389 is a blue color in the hexadecimal color system. #626389 is made up of 38.43% red, 38.82% green, and 53.73% blue in the RGB color model. #626389 has a hue of 238° (degrees), 17% saturation, and 46% lightness in the HSL color space.

What colors do you mix to make dark chocolate?

There are several methods for turning chocolate brown. The most basic is to combine blue, yellow, and red paint before adding a little quantity of black or white paint to modify the depth of the shade as needed. Brown may be created by combining red, black, and yellow, as well as black and orange.

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