How Much Should Chocolate Covered Apples and Caramel Apples Cost?

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Chocolate and caramel apples are both premium goods on any confectionery’s menu. These are among of the most popular confectionery delicacies, particularly around Halloween and during festivals. So, how much should you charge for chocolate-covered apples and caramel apples if you’re making them yourself?

Charge $5-$6 for a chocolate-covered apple and $4-$5 for a caramel apple. This will pay for the ingredients, labor, and packaging. You may charge an extra $1 to $2 each item depending on the toppings you use.

In this post, we’ll look at how to prepare each of these delectable delights and how much they cost to produce. After that, you’ll have a better notion of how to price your candy apples.

How Much Do Chocolate Covered Apples Cost to Make?

You will need the following materials to produce one batch of chocolate-covered apples for this recipe:

  • ten apples
  • 2 pounds semisweet chocolate chips
  • 1 cup toasted almonds or other nuts

The most common apples for confections are granny smith and crisp honey. One 3 pound bag of granny smith apples will yield 10 apples and will cost between $4.50 and $4.60. A same quantity of honey crisps will cost about $7.

Ghirardellis semi-sweet chocolate chips cost $10.40-$10.50 a pound. A cup of roasted nuts will cost $2, and almonds will cost $7.

You will need one stick for each apple as an accessory. Such goods are widely available on Amazon. 10 sticks will set you back $0.70.

A square box with a glass window on one side is the perfect packaging for sweet apples. Purchasing them in a 100-piece case will save you money, and 10 boxes will cost you $5.5.

Hence, making one batch of chocolate-covered granny smith apples with almonds will cost between $22.50 and $23. As a result, a single apple will cost between $2.25 and $2.30. The price of honey crisps with almonds rises to $25 to $26; a single apple rises to $2.50 to $2.60.

How to Make Chocolate Covered Apples?

First, thoroughly wash the apples. Store-bought apples are often wax-coated to avoid drying and fungal infection. But, the wax will make it more difficult for the chocolate to adhere to the surface. So give them a good wash.

Next, with a delicate twist, remove the stem. One apple stick should be inserted immediately where the stem was. Keep extra toppings like nuts (finely chopped) and sprinkles on a large tray near the prep station. While coating the fruits, you must work swiftly. Furthermore, have a tray with wax paper on top on hand.

Put 2 pounds of chocolate in a big enough dish and set it on top of boiling water. This double-boil method ensures smooth, melted chocolate without the chance of a burn. Mix regularly with a rubber spatula until the mixture is beautiful and smooth.

With the stick, pick up the apples and dip them in the chocolate. To obtain an even coat, twist them around. Shake off any extra chocolate.

Next roll the apple over the other ingredients. After that, arrange the apples on the wax paper tray. This prevents the chocolate from sticking to the surface and making a mess.

Refrigerate the apples for 20-30 minutes, or until the chocolate has hardened. The goodies will be ready for eating or packing after they have cooled.

How Much to Charge for Caramel Covered Apples?

A batch of 10 normal caramel apples will cost roughly $16 in ingredients; $17.20 if you coat them with toasted almonds. As a result, a single caramel apple would cost between $1.60 and $1.72.

After accounting for labor time, extra packing, and profit, you should charge $4 to $4.50 for a normal caramel apple. If you utilize extra toppings or coating, the cost per item will be $5 to $6.

Can You Sell Chocolate Covered Apples from Home?

If you want to establish a home bakery, go to your local farmers market or county fair. With the introduction of social media marketing, you can now advertise your products across different channels. Begin by selling your apples to locals and then expand from there. You do not have to limit yourself to apples; you can also manufacture and sell chocolate-covered strawberries.

If you want to turn this into a company rather than just a pastime, you need have the necessary documentation and licenses on hand. These documents are not required for a home company, but they may save you from a lot of trouble.

How to Decorate Chocolate Covered Apples?

Decorating your chocolate apples will only add to their allure. And there are plenty enjoyable methods to do this. Sprinkles or M&Ms are also excellent choices. These sweets feature eye-catching brilliant hues that will appeal to children in particular. Sprinkles make the apples seem more festive and appropriate for a particular event.

Just have a bowl or tray of sprinkles or M&Ms on hand. After dipping the apples in chocolate, roll them in the candy of your choosing. Apply a good, even coat on all sides using your hands.

You may even use extra chocolate to decorate the apples. You may draw imaginative patterns on the apples with the remaining melted chocolate. Simple swirls to ornate decors are examples of these styles. You may also melt white chocolate and write names on top of each apple using a pipe. This is perfect for creating very customised goodies.

A ribbon is a beautiful but simple accent for adorned packaging. Tie a ribbon on top of the sticks if you’re putting them in a cellophane bag or a box to make them seem more elegant.

How Long Do Chocolate Covered Apples Last?

Chocolate-covered apples may be kept in the fridge for up to two weeks if properly refrigerated. Nevertheless, if you store it for too long, the apples will lose their crisp quality.

Apples, like other fruits, will begin to rot if left out in the open. Apples lose their crispness when they lose their freshness. And the crunch is a large part of what makes caramel or chocolate apples so appealing. Therefore you must keep that freshness at all costs, or the price of your sweet apple will plummet dramatically.

Chocolate does not spoil as soon as fruit does. Yet, after a while, its flavor and quality will begin to deteriorate.

How Long Do Caramel Covered Apples Last?

Caramel apples last the same amount of time as chocolate apples. These may be kept in the fridge for a number of weeks. It is advisable to consume or sell them within that time frame. The longer you wait, the worse the quality of the apples will be.

Finally, the natural tartness of apples blends well with the richness of chocolate and caramel to create a wonderfully delectable dessert. These holiday goodies will be a delight whether you make them for yourself, your family, or your clients.


Do caramel apples sell well?

Caramel apples have a high perceived value and may be sold at a premium price, especially if customized with toppings. Average gross profit margins are expected to be 60% or higher.

How long do caramel and chocolate covered apples last?

Under ideal conditions, you should aim to consume your caramel apples as soon as possible to retain the apple’s freshness. In the event that you are unable to do so, your caramel apples should survive for around two weeks before turning bad.

Do chocolate covered caramel apples need to be refrigerated?

Can Caramel Apples Be Stored in the Fridge for Days or Weeks? We suggest that you keep your Gourmet Caramel Apples refrigerated as soon as you get them. This is the greatest approach to keep their firmness and flavor.

What apple is best for caramel apples?

Caramel Apples’ Best Apples

You may use whatever apple kind you choose, such as Granny Smith, Fuji, or Honeycrisp. Granny Smith apples are a popular option for caramel apples because their acidic flavor complements the sweet buttery caramel.

Do caramel apples have to stay cold?

Caramel apples should not be left out at room temperature. Candy or caramel apples will not be infected with listeria if made at home and consumed immediately. If a sweet or caramel apple is kept chilled, the hazardous germs cannot thrive.

How many apples will 5 pounds of caramel cover?

Each 5 pound block of caramel covers around 25 medium apples.

How do you store chocolate caramel apples?

They should be kept in the fridge. This prevents any undesirable growths while also keeping them fresh and refrigerated for a longer period of time. If you’re going to store your caramel apples in the fridge, make sure they’re in an airtight container like a ziplock bag. This contributes to even more freshness!

How do you keep caramel from sliding off caramel apples?

To avoid the caramel from slipping off the apples, place them in the refrigerator as soon as you finish dipping. This will swiftly chill the caramel, allowing it to stick to the apples without falling off while still hot.

Can you make caramel apples the night before?

Make Ahead and Refrigerate

The caramel apples may be made ahead of time. Room temperature storage is not recommended for caramel apples. Refrigerate and keep refrigerated for up to two weeks. Let them to come to room temperature before serving; the caramel will be more malleable and the apples will be easier to eat.

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