How Much Should Cake Pops Cost? How Can They Be Sold From Home?

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Cake pops are a delectable delicacy based on the conventional cake replica, except that the cake and icing are combined into one mass. This will undoubtedly be preferred by all cake enthusiasts. While it first gained popularity in 2009, this delicacy is still a big seller in US bakeries today. So how much should you charge for cake pops if you’re going to sell them from home?

Cake pops may be sold for roughly $4 per piece, given the cost of the materials, the time required, and the precise packaging required. You must be mindful of each country’s rules while starting a company from home. To progress, you must follow certain rules and procedures.

It will be hard to outline all relevant rules in the United States. Still, I have attempted to outline some key facts and links that might point you in the right direction.

How Much Do Cake Pops Cost to Make? How Much to Charge?

The list of cake pops ingredients is lengthy since the recipe is divided into two stages, each with its own set of ingredients such as flour, eggs, sugar, whipped cream, and so on. Therefore calculating how much it will cost to create them is difficult since it depends on the sort of item you pick, whether you purchase large or little packing, or simply the method you follow.

I would estimate that it would cost between $1 and $2 each piece of vegetables. Professional bakeries price roughly $2,5 per item, but they use specialized equipment and employees to make them.

But, you will make them at home, artisanally, which will need a bit more work. Hence, I’d charge roughly $4, and your customers should purchase a minimum of 8-10 pieces.

How Much to Charge for Custom Cake Pops?

Custom cake pops will, of course, cost extra based on the customers’ preferences. For example, if they wish to dip the cake pops in top quality chocolate, the price would rise proportionately. The same thing will happen if you need to add packaging or decorating items.

Most of the ingredients will cost no more than $2-$3 more, so you will know how much more you will charge based on how long you spent preparing them.

How to Package Cake Pops?

The cake pops wrapping may be a bit problematic since the chocolate must solidify completely before packing. Nevertheless, you may begin packaging after ensuring that the chocolate has solidified.

The best option is to use muffin liners. These will keep the cake pops secure without fear of them breaking or being destroyed while being carried to the customer. You may arrange them in a box together and use little sticks to rapidly shut it.

Another option would be to package them individually. You wrap them in little clear plastic wrap, tie them with adorable tape or other amusing features, and carefully place them in a box. This package is great for giving cake pops as a welcome gift at events or during conference coffee breaks.

The cake pop stander is the last choice. This method of packaging maintains the cake pops upright by securing the pops stick in the box’s basement. Due to packing charges, the pricing will be somewhat higher. Pop stander may cost up to $3.5 if it is an appealing variant, but there are more affordable options starting at $0,30 $0,80.

How Do You Start a Cake Pop Business?

You must first develop a plan, just like any other firm. Establish your objectives and do some research to assist you in developing a business strategy. Choose where your items will be sold and how you will reach your initial customers.

We often forget that one of the most crucial things is the network. Selling your wares at tiny markets around you is a fantastic place to start. Make contact with them, have them sample your items, and get them to market your products.

Create a website; it may be very basic, done by you in WordPress, but do not underestimate the value of the website as it is the most consistent method to sell things, and it also makes your brand seem more serious in the eyes of your customers.

Make your best effort in developing your marketing plan. A good name, a good logo, and compelling narrative have always had an effect. Be certain that the impression is good.

Hence, before launching your business, I recommend participating in various fresh markets, artisan fairs, or street food events. You can observe the effect of your product and how much consumers appreciate it. Becoming a member of these organizations may assist you with brand awareness and spreading the word even in your first year of operation.

Collaboration with third-party websites such as eBay or food apps in your area is another wonderful place to start. You will very certainly have to share a tiny portion of your profits with those apps, but consider this an investment in your growth.

Can You Sell Cake Pops From Home? How?

It is conceivable and practical to sell food such as cake pops. Yet, there are a few things you should be aware of. The most significant is the cottage food legislation, which was created to govern the process of selling handmade foods and to avoid dangerous foods.

The problematic part about this legislation is that it is applicable in 49 states but may differ from one to the next. To find out exactly what processes or requirements you must meet, go to your country’s official health ministry website and verify there.

Most states need a business license, food handlers license, company registration, sales license, or zoning permission to operate. As I already said, it is dependent on the country.

Several states, such as Florida and Texas, do not need a license. On the other hand, states such as New Jersey and Kentucky prohibit selling from home. To receive the permission, contact your state’s Department of Agriculture or Secretary of State.

Even after you have your license, each nation has additional laws and regulations about how you should pack. You must be extremely specific in the information you provide on the labeling, beginning with the name of the manufacturers, moving on to the goods, all thorough allergy information, nutritional claims, and indicating that it is cottage food.

Another critical point to consider is the market for your goods. In Florida, for example, you may sell your food online, directly to customers, at local markets, but not to restaurants. In Minnesota, you may also sell them at local festivals like weddings. California, on the other hand, allows you to sell food to a restaurant under stricter controls.

Overall, the state office will monitor your company and examine your kitchen to ensure that you have all of the necessary equipment to make safe and non-hazardous food.

Even in terms of income, there may be certain limitations. In Minnesota, for example, you are not permitted to earn more than $78,000 a year. As a result, each country’s methods are distinct. As a result, please read them carefully and precisely.

Cake pops are popular among children throughout the year due to their colorful look and contents. Small cakes are dipped in chocolate and sprinkled on top.

They are still popular for making birthday or wedding drink buffets seem lively. According to many studies, it ranks second among multiple dessert options. [1] Hence, in 2023, cake pops may be more popular than cookies and cupcakes.

Thus, if you’re planning a party and want to make your table stand out, incorporate some cake pops among the other treats. They could be the first to leave the table.


Is it profitable to sell cake pops?

Sell cake pops often have gross margins of over 40%, which helps you to build your company while effortlessly managing expenditures. The average time it takes to produce your product is short – around 7 months. This will help you to get your product to market more quickly.

How to package cake pops to sell?

Lay pops (always in treat bags) in alternate directions on a tiny strip of tissue paper in the bottom of the box. I can fit 3-4 in one box, depending on the size. The tissue they’re wrapped in will keep them secure when you seal the package. You just do not want them to move about in the box.

Why are cake pops so expensive?

Cake pops are inexpensive in terms of materials but costly in terms of effort. Bakeries manufacture them from leftover cake that would otherwise be thrown away, therefore they should be inexpensive.

What is a good price to charge for cake pops?

Cake Pops: How Much Should You Charge? A simple cake pop made with basic ingredients may range in price from $1 to $2 per slice. Cake pops with detailed patterns and created with quality ingredients, on the other hand, might cost up to $5 each cake pop.

How to start selling Pops?

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Is there a market for cake pops?

The worldwide cake pops market was valued at roughly $11.1 billion in 2022 and is predicted to grow to $20.1 billion by 2030.

How long do cake pops last in package?


Serve them in plastic treat bags or on a tray or platter as is. Cake pops may be stored at room temperature for up to two weeks. These will keep in the fridge for 3 weeks.

What is the average price of Pops?

The Pop pricing chart is straightforward: ordinary releases range from $8 to $11, whereas rare Funko Pops may cost up to $13,000 [2].

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