How Much Eggnog Is a Serving?

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Nothing screams Christmas like eggnog, and the fact that it is only available during the holidays is certainly the second greatest thing after putting up the tree. It’s a delightful creamy drink that’s a welcome addition to every Christmas celebration and, as a result, it’s easy to overdo it. Party hosts usually believe that having more is preferable than running out, but dealing with perishable leftovers that have no storage option is problematic. It’s a pity to waste perfectly delicious eggnog because there’s just too much of it, therefore your estimate should be as precise as possible. So, how much eggnog constitutes a serving?

A cup of eggnog is considered one serving. The typical individual consumes up to five glasses of eggnog. This number may, of course, increase, but it can also decrease. As a result, the average number of eggnog cups consumed each person is four or five.

Because eggnog is a delicious drink that is a must-have at every Christmas celebration, it is easy to get carried away and overdo it. Throwing it out would be a travesty and a waste of perfectly delicious eggnog. To assist you avoid this, I’ll explain how much eggnog is in a serving and how much you’ll need for a lot in the following paragraphs.

How Much Eggnog Is a Serving?

Before we begin, consider the table below, which indicates the approximate amounts of eggnog required for a certain number of individuals.

Number of people  5 10 15 20 25 30 40 50
Eggnog cups 25 45 70 90 120 140 160 220
Ounces  112 200 317 405 543 634 723 993
Grams  3 kg 200 gr 5 kg 670 gr 9 kg 11 kg 500 gr 15 kg 400 gr 18 kg  20 kg 500 gr 28 kg 160 gr

Only the top column, as you can see, calculates precisely five cups per person; the others calculate fewer.

A cup of eggnog equals one serving.Because eggnog is a strong drink, most people don’t consume more than four or five cups in one night.

Eggnog is made out of eggs, milk, sugar, milk, and cream. The alcohol concentration in eggnog is not often significant, yet it is evident. However, the danger of gorging on eggnog outweighs the risk of becoming intoxicated.

Another reason why individuals can’t drink much eggnog is because the eggs are uncooked. Raw eggs are far more difficult to digest, thus they may easily induce stomach discomfort, even if you have a strong stomach.

Sugar also plays a role, loading your body with carbohydrates that may rapidly cause bloating. To top it all off, the milk and cream mix gives the drink a pronounced fattiness.

As a result, eggnog is more of a liquid meal than a drink. Nonetheless, it may get you a little tipsy, particularly if everyone adds the amount of alcohol they want.

How Many Eggnogs Per Person for a Party?

Consider that one cup of eggnog includes significant amounts of saturated fats, carbohydrates, and cholesterol, regardless of your drinking capacity or fat tolerance. You won’t be allowed to go beyond five cups in such situation.

The typical individual may have five glasses of eggnog. persons with lower tolerance, on the other hand, drink a cup or two less; persons with greater tolerance, on the other hand, may drink more. Even yet, dividing the total number of cups by the number of individuals yields five cups per person.

When there are more than five individuals at a party, the odds of someone having more than five cups are low, but the chances of them having fewer than five cups are greater.

Five cups of eggnog are around 600 g or 21 oz of liquid. Because eggnog is a punch, it is denser and thicker than conventional liquid, and the chances of everyone at your party reaching the exact average figure are minimal.

since a result, I suggest making less than the precise number of people times the number of people, since you will most likely have significant leftovers.

You could always conduct a simple calculation, multiplying the number of persons by five, but it would be a fairly simplistic estimate. So, go with a smaller batch, but have the components on hand in case you run out.

Don’t be concerned about purchasing too much eggs, milk, cream, sugar, or alcohol. You may always utilize them for your next supper after the gathering.

How to Properly Drink Eggnog?

You can drink eggnog both cold and heated, although most people prefer it chilled.Eggnog is often served in a sturdy cup with a handle and a decorative stand. To add color, sprinkle some cinnamon on top, or add pretzel sticks or chocolate.

Some people serve it with a cocktail parasol and a piece of orange or apple on the lip of the glass. Finally, consume and serve it in the manner that you appreciate it the best, even as a coffee creamer.

What to Serve With Eggnog?

Eggnog may be used to make a variety of dishes, both sweet and savory.

Roasted Nuts

Roasted nuts are well-known eggnog partners.The opposing textures compliment one other well. The crunch of the nuts coupled with the creamy eggnog will make your tongue sing.


Biscuits and chocolate are usually good choices, as are biscotti and cake.The sweet flavor of the nibbles, the sweet creaminess of the eggnog, and the little edge of the alcohol work well together.


Fresh fruits such as oranges, apples, bananas, and berries, as well as roasted pumpkin pieces, may be added.Although wonderful, eggnog may be heavy, so mixing it with fresh fruits may be exactly what you and your guests need.

Cheese and Meat

Eggnog pairs well with cheese platters and smoked meat.Although sweet, the alcoholic flavor adds a new level to eggnog. It went well with soft, expressively milky cheeses with a subtle scent and emphasized milky taste.

Smoked meats like prosciutto, speck, pancetta, and spicy sausage also go well together. Something about the conflicting flavors makes this combo work really well.


What is the best ratio for eggnog?

Here’s your golden ratio for festive pop-ups: Try a 1 part alcohol to 5 parts prepared eggnog ratio. Do you want us to make things even simpler for you? If you purchase a 1-quart container of eggnog, you should use a total of 6.5 ounces of liquor.

Can you drink a lot of eggnog?

Bottom line: Pasteurized eggnog and egg white cocktails are the healthiest, although alcohol may inhibit the development of harmful germs such as Salmonella. So you may comfortably enjoy your eggnog this Christmas season, knowing that the only reason you could regret it the following day is if you drank one too many.

Is there a lot of sugar in eggnog?

A cursory glance at the nutrition information labels for some store-bought eggnog shows that the festive drink often has more than 20 grams of sugar – the equivalent of 5 teaspoons – for a half-cup dose. “The amount of sugar will vary depending on the recipe and the brand you purchase.”

How many calories are in a 6 oz glass of eggnog?

There are 230 calories in 6 ounces of Eggnog.

Should eggnog be drunk hot or cold?

Is hot or cold eggnog served? Eggnog is commonly served as a punch at gatherings and is often either cold or at room temperature. Warm eggnog, on the other hand, is a delectable delicacy. “To each his own!” we say in this circumstance. Enjoy your eggnog in whatever way you wish.

Are you supposed to mix eggnog with something?

Other additions to spice up your eggnog:

Ginger liqueur, peppermint schnapps, and white chocolate liqueur are among the cordials. More nutmeg, cloves, allspice, cinnamon, and vanilla extract. Other treats include coffee (which is very suggested), light brown sugar, chocolate syrup, and maple syrup.

How much is too much eggnog?

A drink’s serving size is typically 1 cup (8 fluid ounces). However, the serving size for eggnog on the nutrition information panel is just a half-cup. If you drink more, remember to double (or treble) the calorie, fat, and added sugar statistics on the box.

Is eggnog a junk food?

Eggnog contains a lot of saturated fat and sugar. It also contains a substantial quantity of cholesterol, which you can’t avoid since it comes from eggs.

What are the disadvantages of eggnog?

Extremely unhealthy. A four-ounce cup of store-bought eggnog has around 170 calories and more than 70 milligrams of cholesterol, which is about a fourth of your daily intake. Can only be drunk once each year.

Why does eggnog make me sleepy?

alcoholic beverages: wine, champagne, or eggnog

The body is sedated when exposed to alcohol. This may be contributing to your tiredness.

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