How Many Servings Does a Pie Have? How Many Do You Need to Bake for a Crowd?

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Pie, whether sweet or savory, is always a welcome addition to any meal. It is the ideal go-to choice for creating a warm and welcoming ambience. Nevertheless, finding the appropriate amount is critical since pie is best eaten fresh and does not reheat or freeze well. So, how many serves does a pie have, and how many do you need for a large group?

Depending on the thickness, a conventional 9-inch pan pie includes 6-8 pieces. A traditional pie serving is one eight per person, thus a 9-inch pan pie serves 6-8 people. Making a pie for a crowd complicates the arithmetic since the amount of pie does not proportionately follow the number of guests.

Since pie is a regular visitor to my kitchen, I’ve perfected the skill of both creating and presenting it. Pie baking is not as straightforward as it seems, and certain mathematics are required. In the next sections, I will explain how much pie is a serving based on the pan size, how many pies to prepare for a crowd, and how to correctly slice it.

How Many Servings Is a Pie?

A conventional pie serving is one slice, which is one-eighth of a pie. But, depending on the pan size (9-inch pans, 6-inch pans, 8-inch pans, etc.), the pie may not contain eight pieces. In this situation, the greatest number of pieces the pie may contain is the number of serves.

How Many Servings in a 6-inch Pie?

A 6-inch pie may provide 4-6 slices, resulting in 4-6 servings. A pie of this size is ideal for a dessert, particularly for two people. If you serve this size pie to more than two people, you risk running out, which is highly possible, therefore if you have more than two visitors, select a larger size pie.

How Many Servings in an 8-inch Pie?

You may wish to consider the thickness of the pie slices depending on the pie filling and other foods on your table. If the pie filling is heavy and the rest of the food is fatty, cut the pie into thinner slices; if the pie is combined with lighter food and the filling is similarly low-fat, cut broader slices. A pie of this size, fairly fatty, and paired with moderately fatty cuisine should have 6 pieces, but you may cut two extra.

How Many Servings in a 9-inch Pie?

The most frequent pie size is nine inches. It serves 6-8 people, which is a great quantity for a typical gathering. That is why this size is the most popular, since one pie may serve all of your guests.

How Many Pies to Bake for a Crowd?

Now comes the hard part. It is not always easy to get the pie quantity correct, particularly when feeding a large group.

One 6 inch pie for every two visitors and one 8 or 9-inch pie for every six people is the generally recognized norm.

Feeding up to five people is simple; that’s one or two pies, no leftovers, and no running out, absolutely right. But, feeding 10, 15, or 50 people or more complicates matters; pies will not rise correspondingly.

Of course, the conventional quantity of pieces is one per person, but someone may have two, leaving someone else with none. Additionally, if the filling is thick, more pie will result in more leftovers, but if the filling is light, one slice per person may be suffice.

If the pie is smaller, it is best to estimate two pieces per person, however some may eat three.

Both circumstances are undesirable, particularly when serving a large group, since you will not be able to go into the kitchen and prepare more if you run out. Likewise, the leftovers from a large gathering aren’t simply a few pieces you can eat later, but a substantial quantity of pie you won’t know what to do with.

As a result, the tables below might be your ally in avoiding a pie tragedy. The first is the amount of pieces and pies for a medium to hefty pie (9 or 8 inches).

Number of people 5 10 15 20 30 40 50 100
Number of pieces  5-8 10-15 15-22 20-30 30-50 40-60 50-70 100-150
Number of pies 1 2-2 ½  3 Almost 4 6 ½  7 ½  8 ½  19

This table indicates the amount of dessert pie portions and pies (6 inches).

Number of people 5 10 15 20 30 40 50 100
Number of pieces  5-8 10-15 15-22 20-30 30-50 40-60 50-70 100-150
Number of pies 2 3 3 ½  5 8 10 12 25

As you can see, the 8-inch and 9-inch pies are on the same table since the amount of parts varies just little, one piece less or more. As you examine the amount of pieces in both tables, you will see that the number of pies is not the same.

While the 6-inch pan is the preferred size for a dessert pie, the numbers on the table for the 6-inch pie represent the number of dessert pie portions. Baking a pie as a main course on a 6-inch pan is impractical since you will need much more pies for the same number of guests.

This last table shows the amount of slices in a light pie (8 or 9 inches).

Number of people 5 10 15 20 30 40 50 100
Number of pieces  10-12 20-25 30-40 40-50 40-80 80-100 100-120 200-250
Number of pies 1 ½  3 ½  5 6 ½  10  12 ½  15 31 ½ 

The figures in this table represent the amount of pie pieces and pies required for a light filled pie. As a result, the calculations estimate two pieces per individual, with adequate reserve if someone has three pieces, minimizing the danger of running out or having too much at a minimum.

All three tables are provided as references. Feel free to change the amounts to your specific circumstances based on our visitors and the quantity of additional food you’ll be offering.

How to Properly Slice a Pie?

As easy as this activity seems to be, it does need some knowledge and expertise. First and foremost, never slice a hot pie. The filling will begin to drop, and the crust will crumble into the remaining pie.

As a consequence, you’ll get a mash with no consistency and a horrible texture that won’t surprise your mouth.

To be effectively sliced with the crust intact, the pie must be compact and sturdy. As a result, please chill it for 20 to 30 minutes before serving. This will properly chill the pie, allowing everything to solidify and making the crust more elastic and simple to cut.

Instead of cutting your pie when it is ready, press it. Use a sharp knife large enough to cut the pie in two. Gently push the knife on the pie until the crust is scored with lines denoting the parts.

The real components will be cut next. Follow the score lines with a smaller knife, beginning in the center and working your way to the rim. Gentle motions are recommended, and don’t forget to clean the knife after each piece.


How many pies do I need to feed 100 people?

8 = 37.5). To be on the safe side, round up any numbers that include a decimal. This calculation assumes that the average individual consumes three slices of pizza, with the standard pie being divided into eight slices. Determine How Much Pizza You’ll Need

Hence, for 100 people, purchase 38 pies (100 x 3).

How many pies do I need for 30 adults?

30 people equals 12 pizzas.

How many pies do you need for 12 adults?

If you want to serve numerous slices per person (and no additional desserts): 2 pies for 8 persons or fewer. 3 pies for 9-12 people. 13-16 persons equals 4 pies.

How many pies do you need for 35 people?

8 pies for around 35 people. Everyone gets apple, pumpkin, lemon meringue, cheesecake, something extremely chocolate, ice cream, and whipped cream. Bryan is somewhat correct. A 9-inch pie feeds 8 people.

How many pies do I need to feed 25 people?

To put it simply, a family should eat one whole pie for every six people at the table.

How many pies do I need for 25 adults?

Cooking For Crowds recommends that one 3-inch slice of pumpkin, sweet potato, or apple pie equals one serving. Hence, depending on how much dessert your guests like, two or three 9-inch pies might feed a gathering of 25. Just make three pies, to be honest.

How many pies do I need to feed 15 people?

Desserts. Guests may be slowing down and filling up by the time dessert is offered. Two cakes or three pies will enough for a group of 15 to 20 individuals. If you’re providing individual cookies or pastries, estimate that each visitor will have two or three, and purchase 40 to 50.

How many pies can you cook in the oven at one time?

You can bake up to four pies at once in a regular 30 inch oven if you leave at least an inch or two between them. It is critical that the heat circulates evenly throughout the pies.

How many people does a 16 inch pie feed?

A giant (23″) pizza serves around 10-11 people. A medium (12″) pizza serves roughly 2-3 people, a large (14″) pizza serves approximately 3-4 people, a super large (16″) pizza serves approximately 4-5 people, and our gigantic (16″) pizza serves approximately 4-5 people.

How far ahead can you bake pies for Thanksgiving?

The pie may be prepared and baked up to two days ahead of time and still taste delicious on the big day. Just put the pie in the refrigerator rather than on the kitchen counter until ready to serve.

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