How Many Layers Should Be in Red Velvet Cake?

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Layers are popular in the baking industry, so you’d think the more the merrier, but that’s not the case here. Red velvet cake has the typical velvety, airy, and delicate texture that necessitates it being a little thicker. There are several methods to bake a red velvet cake, whether conventional or unique, and it will remain delicious. But what do baking enthusiasts think about the topic of how many layers are in a red velvet cake?

The number of layers in a red velvet cake ranges from one to eight. A one-layer cake is delicious and easy to create, but at least two layers are required for a true cake feel. Two, three, or four layers will maintain the characteristic sponginess, but more is a whole new input in the baking process.

I don’t always have time to make three layers of cake, so I experimented with fewer and it worked nicely. Baking is a combination of science and creativity, so experiment with unusual combinations and discover your go-to recipe. Continue reading for advice on layering and unusual combinations. Let’s get started!

How Many Layers Should Red Velvet Cake Have?

How Many Layers Should Be in Red Velvet Cake?

Red velvet is the reigning queen of layer cakes. It is advisable to create at least two layers, with three being ideal but four being overkill. The more layers you bake, the more frosting you’ll need to ensure that the cake is moist, creamy, and tangy. Also, since there are more layers, they don’t have to be as thick, particularly if you like the buttercream over the dough.

There are recipes that call for five to eight layers of cake, but it might be more. So, if you want a standard cake, three sheets is more than plenty. To ensure the thickness of a three-layered cake, bake each layer individually.

Even them out for aesthetic purposes, but only after they have totally cooled. Red velvet cake will lose its inherent taste if the layers are too thinly baked. Its silky and soft layers are what distinguishes the cake, therefore retain them all the way.

Still, if you want to try something different, build thinner layers, similar to Dobosh cake, but in red. It will still taste delicious, but it will lack the distinctive sponginess. Without a doubt, paper-thin layers of cream cheese frosting are required.

What Layer Can You Add to Red Velvet Cake?

How Many Layers Should Be in Red Velvet Cake?

The options are unlimited, but here are some of my favorites!

Choco and Spice

If you can’t fathom the cake without chocolate, feel free to substitute chocolate icing for the cream cheese. Chocolate goes well with floral cocoa and buttermilk in the butter, both of which have a dark chocolate flavor. The high-quality ganache will enhance the original tastes and add a whole new depth to them.

Spice things up to make this cake a true winter delight! Cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and clove combine well with chocolate ganache. This fragrant combination imparts a warm, nutty, and lemony flavor to the cake as a whole. It goes well with a glass of cooked wine or apple cider, wonderful!


Another eye-catching combination is cream cheese and raspberry (or, for that matter, a combination of your favorite berries). Raspberries, which are fresh and somewhat acidic but yet sweet, will definitely inspire all other tastes. Fresh berries dipped in cream cheese icing are the best combination.

This not only tastes great but also looks great in a cross-section. Red velvet will be much moister with fruit juices, and it will quickly ease the sweet cake. Cherries, with their acidic yet sweet underlying note, are another excellent choice.

Peppermint Feel

If a traditional cream cheese spread bores you, spice it up by adding one or two items to the basic combination. A few drops of peppermint essence will enhance the floral notes of chocolate and vanilla’s richness. It has a very fragrant finish that contrasts with the thick chocolate tones.

To vary the texture, add bits of dark chocolate to the frosting for crunch. If you are still not ready to place your Christmas ornament in the box, grind a few peppermint candy canes instead. Mint is usually a wonderful idea, so give it a go!

Can You Make Red Velvet Cake With Only One Layer?

Red velvet cake, believe it or not, will be delicious with just one layer, thickly decorated with cream cheese or whip cream. It will be as rich and delicate as layered, but it will be quicker and simpler to prepare since you only need to bake one sheet. Because it demands chunky, moist, and buttery dough, this reduced recipe is no worse than any other. Related to this post is How Can You Improve Betty Crocker Red Velvet Cake Mix? 8 Ways


How many layers should I make my cake?

Your cake will need at least two tiers. I believe three layers is the ideal ratio, but you may stack as many as you like. You may use whatever cake recipe you choose, but the one shown is my traditional chiffon cake! It’s the ideal airy cake that goes with almost any icing or filling.

What makes a cake a red velvet cake?

Red velvet cake is now produced by blending cocoa powder, butter, sugar, eggs, and flour, as well as buttermilk, vinegar, and red food coloring, which gives the cake its signature red hue. A basic red velvet cake is combined with cream cheese frosting, however the cake may be frosted with anything.

How do you keep red velvet cake from drying out?

Various Liquid. Don’t use too much cream.
Sprinkle with Baking Powder or Baking Soda.
Pour in the oil.
Avoid over-mixing.
Don’t overcook.
Brush With Plain SyrupHow to Avoid Dry or Dense Cake
Make use of Cake Flour. Instead of all-purpose flour, use cake flour.
Pour in the sour cream.
Butter at Room Temperature

How do you get the red in red velvet cake?

How Did Red Velvet Cake Get Its Red Color? Anthocyanin, an antioxidant found in cocoa powder, is pH-sensitive, meaning it reacts to acids and bases. Raw cocoa powder becomes dark crimson when it mixes with acidic substances like buttermilk and vinegar.

How much cake filling per layer?

You also risk the filling oozing out the edges of your cake. I suggest 12 cup of filling for a 3-layer, 8-inch cake and 14 cup for a 4-layer, 6-inch cake.

Does a 3 layer cake need support?

Dowels are required if you are building a multi-tiered cake (stacked or pillared). Cake isn’t a suitable construction material; if you put enough weight on top of it, it will compress. After a few hours or days, you’ll most likely discover that your multi-tiered masterpiece has succumbed to gravity.

What makes red velvet cake so good?

This signifies that the cake’s color is mostly due to the inclusion of cocoa powder, buttermilk, vinegar, and red food coloring to the cake mix. This mix of ingredients is responsible for the cake’s distinct color and flavor.

Why are red velvet cakes so expensive?

Why is red velvet cake so pricey? To be honest, red velvet cakes aren’t significantly more expensive to bake than any other kind of cake. The only components that may raise the price of the cake are the red food coloring and the cream cheese required to prepare the cream cheese icing.

Why do you put vinegar in red velvet cake?

A classic red velvet cake is significantly more sophisticated than a chocolate cake colored red. The crimson undertones in the cocoa powder are naturally brought out by the buttermilk and vinegar, giving the cake a red colour. They also help to break down the gluten in wheat, resulting in a softer cake.

Does red velvet cake need to be kept in the fridge?

Cream cheese frosting’s creamy richness can be found in anything from Paula’s Pumpkin Bars to Giada’s Spiced Apple-Walnut Cake With Cream Cheese Icing to the traditional Red Velvet Cake. So, does it need to be refrigerated? Kitchens on Food Network: Yes, any cake or cupcake with cream cheese icing should always be refrigerated.

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