How Do You Reheat a Cherry Pie? How long does it last?

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Do you have any leftover cherry pie on the counter or in the fridge? You may eat it right away or reheat it. If you choose with the latter option, you’ll need to understand how to reheat cherry pie and how long it lasts.

You may reheat your cherry pie in the microwave or the oven. If you want to use an oven, prepare it to 250 degrees Fahrenheit and bake your pie for 15 minutes. If you simply need to heat one or two slices, the microwave is a better option. Heat it for 30 seconds at a time. Refrigerated cherry pie can keep for up to 5 days.

Apart from understanding how to reheat your cherry pie and how long it will keep, you need also know how to preserve it. This article has all of these information and more. Continue reading to discover out.

How to Heat up Cherry Pie?

Reheating your cherry pie will refresh the flavor and make the crust flakier. Reheating your cherry pie may be done in two ways: in the microwave or in the oven.

Reheating Your Cherry Pie With an Oven

This whole procedure should take no more than 20 to 30 minutes. Thus, to get started, follow the instructions below.

First, defrost the frozen cherry pie, then set it aside for approximately an hour to come to room temperature. If it is refrigerated, you may even keep it at ambient temperature for a while.

To prevent drying out, preheat the oven to 250 degrees Fahrenheit.

Place the cherry pie on a baking sheet if it has been taken from a tray.

Place everything in the middle of the oven.

Let it to cook for up to 15 minutes, or until the crust begins to become golden brown. If you are still not pleased, cook it for another five minutes. Keep in mind that the larger the pie, the longer it will take to cook.

Remove from the oven and set aside to cool.

Use this procedure with caution. If you don’t keep an eye on your pie, it will quickly burn. During the heating process, you may check it every 5 minutes.

To test the hotness of the pie, insert a knife or a metal skewer into the middle, remove it, and touch it.

Reheating Your Cherry Pie With a Microwave

The microwave is a speedier way to reheat your cherry pie, but you must do it slice by slice.

Also, there is a chance that the cherry pie may turn mushy. Fortunately, you may avoid this by following the procedures outlined below.

  • Layer some paper towels on top of the cherry pie. This doesn’t have to be elaborate; it’s only supposed to capture some microwave moisture.
  • Put it on a platter that can be microwaved.
  • Preheat the microwave to medium.
  • Microwave the pie for about 30 seconds.
  • Remove it from the microwave, but return it if it is not sufficiently hot. Heat the pie in 30-second increments.
  • Turn off the microwave and leave the pie inside for a few minutes to allow the heat to reach all portions of the pie.

How to Store Cherry Pie?

You may keep your pie at room temperature for up to two days if you choose. Just be sure to wrap it in plastic wrap or aluminum foil first.

Store your cherry pie in the refrigerator or freezer to guarantee it lasts longer. Follow the procedures below to do this.

  • If it is still hot, place it on a cooling rack.
  • Let it to cool completely at room temperature.
  • Wrap it in plastic wrap or aluminum foil.
  • Put it in the fridge or freezer. Your decision is influenced by how long you want it to endure.

How Long Does Cherry Pie Last?

The shelf life of cherry pie is determined by how it is stored.

If you store your cherry pie at room temperature, it should keep for approximately two days. If you keep cherry pie in the refrigerator, it should last up to five days.

Finally, it may be kept in the freezer for up to six months.

All of these options for storing your cherry pie work well. Yet, nothing is flawless, and your pie may go bad as a result.

The scent and appearance of your cherry pie are the finest indicators of its quality. If it has an unusual odor or appearance, I recommend throwing it away. Additionally, if mold appears, do not remove it and reheat the pie. Toss it away.


How long is cherry pie good for in the fridge?

Fruit pies may be kept at room temperature or refrigerated for up to two days (covering them with an overturned bowl is a handy way to keep them protected).

How long is a cherry pie good for after you bake it?

Freshly cooked cherry pie will keep at room temperature for approximately 2 days if properly kept. How long does a cherry pie keep in the refrigerator? Freshly cooked cherry pie can keep in the refrigerator for 4 to 5 days if covered loosely with foil or plastic wrap.

How long to reheat cherry pie?

Preheat the oven to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Take the pie out of the plastic container. Place the pie on a baking sheet and in the middle of the oven. Cook for approximately 15 minutes, or until the crust is golden brown.

What is the best way to reheat pies?

Put the pies on a baking sheet and cover with foil to prevent the pie tops from burning. Cook for 20 minutes in the oven. Remove the foil and return the pies to the oven for 5 minutes to ensure they are heated. Let 2-3 minutes for the pie to rest before serving.

Is pie still good after 5 days?

Pies made with dairy may be kept in the fridge for up to four days. Pie dough may be refrigerated for two to three days or frozen for up to three months. Apple and other fruit pies may be stored at room temperature for up to two days, then refrigerated for another two. Pumpkin, custard, or other egg-based dessert

Is pie good after 6 days?

How long may pies be stored in the refrigerator? The pie gurus at Pillsbury recommend wrapping custard and cream pies in plastic wrap and refrigerating them for up to 4 days.

Should leftover cherry pie be refrigerated?

Fruit pies stay at room temperature for two days; they may be stored in the refrigerator, loosely covered, for up to two days longer. (In hot climes, keep fruit pies in the refrigerator.)

How do you reheat premade cherry pie?

Heating Completely Baked Pies:

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Place the pie, turnovers, or pastry on a cookie sheet lined with foil or paper, and top gently with foil. Heat for 15-20 minutes for a 9-inch pie. A 5-inch pie will take 12-15 minutes to bake, while turnovers will take 10-12 minutes.

How do you know if fruit pie has gone bad?

While not perfect, your senses are typically the most trustworthy tools for determining whether or not your Pie has gone bad. The crust is generally the first item to go bad in a pie because the contents begins to lose water and the crust absorbs that water and becomes soggy.

How often can you reheat a pie?

But, in terms of food safety, you may safely reheat the dish several times as long as you reheat it at the proper temperature and for the correct amount of time. Nevertheless, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) suggests that food be reheated only once, therefore adhere to this recommendation wherever feasible.

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