How Can You Improve Kraft Macaroni and Cheese? [12 Ideas]

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Kraft Mac and Cheese is a brand of instant pasta that makes a variety of mac and cheese varieties. Microwaveable packs, blue packs, and premium versions are available. The greatest part about Kraft Mac & Cheese is that you can have a finger-licking delicious meal ready in about 10 minutes. All you have to do is boil the macaroni and add the powdered sauce. Your food will prepare itself, with your only task being to stir. However, Kraft Mac and Cheese, although delicious as is, may not be everyone’s cup of tea, since even the finest things may be improved. So, how can you improve on Kraft mac & cheese?

Adding butter, milk and cheddar, herbs, spices, heavy cream, oil and garlic powder, bacon pieces, shredded chicken, mushrooms, onions, and hot dogs, as well as a different method, might significantly enhance Kraft Mac & Cheese.

Even a good concept, like Kraft Mac & Cheese, might be improved. Why not make Kraft Mac and Cheese even more delicious? In the following paragraphs, I’ll offer you some suggestions on how to make Kraft Mac & Cheese even more tasty.At the conclusion of this essay, I’ll share my personal favorite Kraft Mac & Cheese hack with you. Enjoy!

Herb Butter

How to Make Kraft Mac & Cheese Better? [12 Ideas]

When it comes to enhancing pasta, any sort of pasta, and particularly Kraft Mac & Cheese, the first thing you should do is add butter.Kraft Mac & Cheese is highly luscious and creamy, although it may lack fattiness, making it seem dryer.

As a result, adding some butter to the instant sauce is a great way to bring out the flavors. Herb butter, on the other hand, will make pasta creamy and flavorful.

Begin with half a stick and taste it. Adjust the amount to your liking, but don’t go overboard.

Milk and Cheddar

How to Make Kraft Mac & Cheese Better? [12 Ideas]

The milk is optional since the cheddar will be added immediately to the instant sauce, but it is nice to have some additional richness.I suggest grating the cheddar into heated milk and allowing it to melt.

Pour the mild and cheddar mixture into the powdered sauce and stir thoroughly after it has homogenized to the fullest degree feasible. Place the macaroni within the additional cheesy sauce and enjoy.


If you want to boost the flavor but don’t want to put in a lot of work, just add some herbs to the water where you cook the macaroni.Because the cooking time is so brief, you won’t notice much of the herbal flavor rubbing off on the macaroni. So, add the herbs to the water and cook for 10 minutes before adding the macaroni.

Cook the macaroni according to package directions and enjoy an irresistibly enticing herbal depth. You may use whichever herbs you choose, but I recommend dried oregano and basil.


When your sauce is almost finished, season with black pepper, salt, and curry two to three minutes before taking it off the heat.Mix everything well and let aside for approximately 5 minutes before adding the macaroni.

You’ll be surprised how much these three spices may alter and enhance the taste of Kraft Mac & Cheese. If curry is too intense for you, try turmeric instead.

Heavy Cream

If you enjoy the taste of your Kraft Mac and Cheese but want to add additional creaminess without changing the flavor, use heavy cream.

A half-cup may make all the difference in making your Kraft Mac & Cheese silky smooth. Slowly pour in the heavy cream, stirring frequently, until it reaches every nook and cranny of the Kraft Mac and Cheese.

You’ll have a delicious consistency matching restaurant-quality creaminess in just a few minutes without leaving your house or emptying your wallet.

Oil and Garlic Powder

You may also use fresh garlic. Heat some oil in a pot and put the garlic powder within. The combination of oil and garlic powder will give your Kraft Mac & Cheese a Mediterranean depth, complimenting the other tastes already present in the meal.

Once the oil and garlic have been combined, add the powdered sauce to the pan and whisk, using additional elbow grease since the sauce can curdle if you are not cautious. If you do everything correctly, which isn’t difficult, you’ll surely appreciate your Kraft Mac and Cheese more than you thought.

Bacon Bits

If I didn’t include the good old bacon pieces, this list would be complete.Simply toss a handful of bacon pieces into the sauce and let them do their thing. Despite seeming dry and crispy, the bacon pieces still have some fattiness to add to the Kraft Mac & Cheese.

The smokey taste of the bacon pieces is a wonderful complement to the Kraft Mac and Cheese. The dish’s added meatiness will please you with each unexpected bacon bite as you empty your plate.

Shredded Chicken

You can never go wrong with shredded chicken to add flavor to any recipe.You’ll make the perfect choice whether you shred a drum or a piece of chicken breast. While the sauce is cooking, add the shredded chicken to the pan and allow it soak up the sauce liquids.

Because the chicken taste will imprint on the sauce, even if the meat proportion is little, your sauce will be rich and meaty.


Despite their distinct flavor, scent, and texture, mushrooms are a surprisingly diverse meal.As a result, if you want to give your Kraft Mac and Cheese an earthy and deep taste while also enhancing the other ingredients.

Chop some mushrooms of your choice. You may also use fresh, dried, or marinated mushrooms. Cook them in oil before adding the powdered sauce and thoroughly combining everything together. Even mushroom crme will suffice.

You’ll love the outcome since mushrooms not only add taste but also style to whatever meal they’re in.


Onions will suit well in your Kraft Mac and Cheese tale, working well in anything from salads to strongly cooked foods to fast food and pizza.Before adding the powdered sauce, fry some onion rings in high oil.

The sizzled onion rings will also cook with the sauce, adding texture as well as flavor. They will thicken the sauce and greatly improve the overall texture of the meal.

Hot Dogs

Nothing beats small hot dog circles in your mac and cheese for comfort. Before adding the sauce, slice them into medium-thick circles and cook them. The hot dog circles will provide a meaty and fatty flavor to the sauce that will not go ignored.


Even if you don’t add anything, there is a way to make your Kraft Mac and Cheese less sticky and more tasty.

After you cook and strain the macaroni:

  1. Bring them back to the water you cooked.
  2. Pour in around three-quarters of the macaroni water.
  3. Stir them well and set them aside while you create the sauce.

To the sauce, add the macaroni and water. Stir everything together once more. You’ll be surprised at how beautifully this easy approach turns out Kraft Mac & Cheese.


What can I add to Kraft macaroni and cheese?

What Can I Put in Kraft Macaroni and Cheese?
Shredded Rotisserie Chicken.
Crispy Bacon.
Browned Ground Beef.
Crumbled Sausage.
Sun-Dried Tomatoes.
Green Onions.
Hot Dogs.

What can I add to boxed macaroni and cheese to make it taste better?

Here are a few of my favorite ways to jazz up packaged mac & cheese with three or less ingredients:
Broccoli paired with shredded chicken.
Bacon, peas, and an egg.
Pickled jalapeos with garlic.
Grated Gruyère with mushrooms and thyme.
Sun-Dried Tomatoes with Pesto.
Kimchi with bacon and scallions.
Mozzarella + Cherry Tomatoes + Basil.

How to spice up mac and cheese?

8 Ways to Improve Macaroni and Cheese Dinners
Increase the amount of cheese in your meal.
Buffalo chicken mac & cheese is made by combining spicy sauce and chicken.
Include veggies such as broccoli, cauliflower, and spinach.
On top of your meal, scatter some bacon pieces or breadcrumbs.
Season your food with spices and fresh herbs.

How do I make my deluxe Kraft better?

Adding butter to your boxed mac and cheese is one of the finest ways to improve its creaminess. Everything tastes better with butter, and Kraft Mac & Cheese is no exception. Simply add 1 tablespoon more butter to the spaghetti to enhance the taste and creaminess.

What can you top mac and cheese with?

Crushable Ingredients for Crunchy Mac and Cheese Toppings
Chips made from potatoes. Kettle chips are a popular macaroni and cheese garnish.
Chips with a “Crab” flavor.
Crisps with cheese sticks.
Crackers with butter.
Saltines with oyster crackers.
Fried Onions in French.

How to spice up Kraft Mac and Cheese reddit?

oregano or Italian seasoning mix.
Chili paste or flakes may be used.
Tomato paste, garlic paste, or garlic powder are all options.
chopped cherry tomatoes.
Corn or peas that have been frozen.
Parmesan.Things I like to include:

How do you make mac and cheese less boring?

The addition of cold butter to the sauce, as well as baking the mac in the oven, improves both texture and taste. Real cheese, bacon, or leftover vegetables may transform packaged mac & cheese into a whole dinner.

What to add to mac and cheese when bland?

For pasta meals, salt is an essential requirement.
A sprinkle of spicy sauce provides taste without adding heat if used sparingly.
Replace the milk with heavy cream.
Top with panko, breadcrumbs, butter crackers, or smashed croutons.

How do you add egg to Kraft mac and cheese?

After mixing the cooked macaroni with the milk, butter, and powdered cheese, add the yolk while the mixture is still warm. The residual heat slowly cooks the egg while whisking it into the cheese sauce. The end product is richer than the original recipe without being noticeably different.

What spices to add to boxed mac and cheese?

Red pepper flakes, cayenne pepper, Italian seasoning, chile, onion, and garlic powder are all basic spices that you may already have in your cabinet. Spices like cumin, curry powder, dry mustard, and paprika are all great additions if you’re ready to go shopping.

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