Here’s How to Make a Cake with Betty Crocker Brownie Mix!

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People have a tendency to utilize brownie and cake mixes in ways other than the ones intended. For example, you may easily change a Betty Crocker brownie mix into a cake, but you must know the specific techniques and procedures to do it efficiently. So, how can you transform Betty Crocker’s brownie mix into a standard cake?

When combining the dry ingredients, add a little extra baking powder to make the Betty Crocker Brownie Mix into the cake. This will provide the cake fluffiness, which is the main distinction between brownies and cakes. Also, for the moisture, add extra eggs.

You can simply make a cake from a Betty Crocker brownie mix if you follow a few simple steps. You will also need to understand the distinctions between brownie and cake mixes. I’ve included all you need to know about these sweets in this post so you know what you’re doing during the process.

How to Turn Betty Crocker Brownie Mix Into Cake?

Here’s How to Turn Betty Crocker Brownie Mix Into Cake!

If you like Betty Crocker brownie mix over other cake mixes, you may want to try experimenting with it and turning it into a cake. Fortunately for you, this is feasible, but only if you carefully follow specific procedures that will lead you to your objective.

There are no specific ingredients or processes required for this. However, you must understand how a cake must be produced from a brownie mix.

That is why I have simplified things for you by included some ideas and strategies for making a cake out of a Betty Crocker brownie mix. Simply make a few changes to the recipe and you’ll have a cake texture in no time.

The essential thing to know is that a cake must be fluffier than brownies, therefore you must make a few alterations in the ingredients to attain that fluffiness.

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Decrease The Amount Of Fat In The Recipe 

Brownies often have a more thick texture than cakes, which is due to the increased fat content. This indicates that if you want to construct a cake with the correct texture, you need reduce the quantity of fat in the cake batter. By reducing the quantity of fat in the batter, you will get a lighter texture, which is just what an average cake requires.

To do this, just substitute some of the elements that add to the quantity of fat in a brownie batter. For example, instead of butter or oil, use unsweetened applesauce. Unsweetened applesauce will provide moisture to your cake while keeping it light.

Increase The Amount Of Baking Powder 

You may be wondering why you need baking powder since the Betty Crocker Brownie Mix box states that it already includes this ingredient. However, the baking powder in the mix is plenty for brownies but not for a cake. The cake must have a specific amount of fluffiness, which baking powder is responsible for.

Before mixing the dry and wet components, add a little extra baking powder to the dry ingredients. If you add the baking powder later, the batter may get lumpy. This way, no lumps will form and you will be able to construct your cake precisely.

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Add More Eggs

Each Betty Crocker brownie mix comes with a recipe that requires a certain number of eggs (typically three). However, in order to create a cake with a true, cake-like texture, you must consider the amount of moisture required. Cakes are not just fluffier, but they are also moister than brownies, and eggs help you achieve this.

Cakes should also have a cakey texture rather than a chewy one. As a consequence, adding one extra egg to the mix will make a significant difference in the finished product. You may believe that using a lot of eggs would influence the texture, but remember that you’re preparing a cake, not brownies.

Monitor The Cake During The Baking Time

Typically, brownies and cakes need the same amount of time to bake. Because they use the same ingredients, the baking time will be the same. In general, the Betty Crocker brownie mix suggests baking the brownies for 20 minutes.

You should allow a few more minutes for your cake. But don’t overcook it. Two to four minutes should enough. You will be able to split your cake in half and put a layer of cream in between by doing so.

Make careful to keep an eye on the whole baking process. Some ovens are more powerful than others, so they can do the work faster. Similarly, some ovens are less powerful than others, so you may need to wait longer or raise the temperature to effectively bake your cake.

Check Your Cake

You should not depend only on the suggested time. As previously said, the baking time may vary based on the kitchen equipment you use at home. As a result, always do a brief test on your cake before declaring it to be finished.

The ideal tool for this is a toothpick or a knife. You must insert a toothpick or a knife into the middle of your cake to check whether it comes out clean. When you remove the toothpick or knife, there should be no sticky batter, indicating that the cake is completely done.

Add More Layers

When someone says cake, you immediately see a stacked cake. To create a genuine cake from a brownie mix, divide the mixture in half and top with a layer of cream or jam. Another option is to put the cream and toppings on the top of the cake. In any case, your new treat will taste and look just like a genuine cake.

Brownie Mix Vs. Cake Mix: Differences 

To properly change a brownie mix into a cake, you must first comprehend their similarities and differences. This is vital since you’ll know what to anticipate and what modifications to make to the brownie batter. To make things simpler for you, I’ve provided a detailed comparison of these two combinations so you can see the differences.


When comparing brownies with cakes, the texture is the first thing that stands out. Although they may seem identical, if you touch or taste them, you will quickly notice the difference in texture. Brownies, in particular, are distinguished by a degree of chewiness and density not seen in cakes.

Cakes are light and fluffy, with a texture that melts in your mouth. You will quickly notice the difference if you take one mouthful from each of them. As a result, brownies may occasionally be eaten for breakfast, but cakes are normally regarded a dessert.

These distinctions must be recognized in order to convert a brownie mix into a cake. This way, you’ll know what texture you need to acquire in order to make a cake out of a brownie mix. In other words, you’ll know what to concentrate on while making the batter.


As previously stated, the components in both brownies and cakes are often the same. That is why a brownie mix may be transformed into a cake. For example, the major components in Betty Crocker brownie mix are sugar, cocoa powder, baking powder, flour, and various additional additions that contribute to varied tastes.

Cakes have many of the same components. However, there may not be as many additives as there are in brownies. Also, these substances have been altered in some manner so that you can get the varied texture required for one or the other.

You must examine the components thoroughly to see how they are tweaked and altered.

Butter, Oil, And Applesauce 

Brownies are distinguished by their density, which is mostly due to fat. Butter and oil are two elements that add to the density of brownies. These components may be used in a cake, although in much lesser quantities.

When it comes to turning a brownie mix into a cake, applesauce is usually a better choice for adding fat. Applesauce softens the texture, which is precisely what you want in a cake.

Baking Powder And Flour  

Baking powder is often used in brownies and cakes. Cakes, on the other hand, need more baking powder since they must be fluffier than brownies. As a result, in order to produce a cake, you normally need to add additional baking powder to a brownie mix.

However, if you want to attain true density, you should use flour instead of baking powder. The flour will surely contribute to the density, but it will also provide crunch to your cake.

Brownie Mix Vs. Cake Mix: Which Is Better?

The apparent response is that cake mix is a better alternative since it is particularly designed for making cakes. However, if you want to produce something unique and distinctive, a brownie mix will make a significant difference in your baked dessert. As a result, you can’t say either combination is superior, but you may decide what you want to accomplish while baking a cake.

A brownie mix is your best choice if you want the flavor of brownies but in a fluffier shape. In other words, you get to choose what you want from your cake.

As you can see, if you follow a few basic procedures, you can quickly change a Betty Crocker brownie mix into a cake. If you decide to attempt these tips, you’ll be shocked at how many fresh tastes you can add to your cake with only a few basic components. You can get your brownie mix right here.

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