Gyros vs. Burrito: What’s the Difference and Which Is Better?

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Gyros and burritos are two famous fast food delicacies that highlight the delicious flavors of their respective cultures. These savory meals become famous all over the world due to their taste. As you look at them, you will realize that they resemble each other, therefore you may question what the distinctions are between gyros and burritos, and which is regarded superior.

Gyros is a Greek meal composed entirely of roasted meat, while burritos may be prepared with or without meat. Pita bread is used to wrap gyros, while tortillas are used in burritos. Moreover, gyros’ meat is grilled on a vertical spit. Burritos may be baked, grilled, or roasted.

Therefore, let’s shine a light on these two dishes. We’ll explore at their history, cooking technique, variants, and global appeal.

What Is the Difference Between Gyros and Burrito?

To readily pick between gyros and burritos, you must first understand their distinctions. Well, you’ve come to the correct spot because I’m going to explain what separates gyros from burritos.


Gyros is a popular fast food dish originating in Greek cuisine. The term gyros means “turning,” and refers to the practice of cooking meat on a rotisserie. Its origins may be traced back to the Ottoman Empire in the area that is today known as Turkey.

The process of constructing a vertical stack of meat and grilling it on a slowly revolving spit became popular at the time. Famous meals like as doner kebab, shawarma, and gyros were inspired by this practice. This is why, in terms of preparation, gyros are similar to shawarmas and doner kebab.

Burritos have also been around for a long time. Making flatbread from wheat flour and wrapping it around food are equally old processes, since wheat was one of the first cultivated crops. Burritos may be traced back to the Maya civilisation as early as 10,000 B.C.

There is a famous folktale about the creation of the modern-day burrito. Juan Mendez, a taco seller, rode about on burritos (donkeys in Spanish). To keep the meal warm, he used to wrap it in tortillas. As a result, the dish became known as donkey food or burritos.


Meat, whether lamb, hog, chicken, or beef, is the major component in gyros. Pork is often used in Greek cuisine, while other meats have gained popularity in the West. In a gyros meal, vegetables like as sliced onions, tomatoes, fried potatoes, and so on are usually served with the meat. Extra animal fat and spices are also included.

Gyros pita bread is always prepared using wheat flour. In Greece, pocketless pita bread is used to wrap foods like souvlaki. But, pita with pocket is also popular.

When it comes to burrito ingredients, there is a lot more variety. Burritos are available with or without meat. Nonetheless, numerous veggies are generally used in this meal, giving color and taste. Traditionally, the tortilla used to wrap the burrito is a wheat flour flatbread.


Gyros, as the name implies, are prepared on a revolving spit, also known as a rotisserie. Thin beef slices are stacked on top of one another to produce a vertical, nearly conical stack. The meat is then put on the spit. The rotisserie spins and cooks the meat gently. When it’s ready to serve, the chef chops strips or sections of the stack and rotates the remainder.

The pita bread is made separately. The flour and yeast combination is first allowed to ferment and leaven, a process known as proving the dough. The dough is then shaped into a flat round. The pita is then cooked at high heat. This allows steam to rise and inflate the dough, separating two layers of dough and forming a pocket.

The meat is then served inside or wrapped in pita bread, accompanied by veggies or fries. One side is usually left open so that you can view a lot of the components.

Burritos may be baked, grilled, or roasted. If it contains meat, it may be prepared in a variety of ways. Therefore the manner of cooking the meat isn’t important; it’s the tortilla wrap that gives the burrito its distinct flavor.

Of course, creating tortillas is not the same as making pita bread. To begin with, there is no yeast in the tortilla. As a result, it is entirely dependent on steam to blow itself up. Tortillas, on the other hand, do not need any proving time and are quicker and simpler to manufacture. Tortilla bread is also much thinner than pita bread. As a result, there is no possibility of pockets developing within the tortilla.

When all of the ingredients have been cooked, they are put into a tortilla. The whole item is then folded up, and you have a burrito.


Burritos have long been a mainstay of Mexican cuisine. Burritos have found their way into American society as a result of their strong affiliation with South America. Burrito-specific restaurants and street food vendors may be found in practically every state. As a result, the underlying notion is subject to a great deal of variance.

Gyros is one of Greece’s most popular fast food products. Its popularity has spread to Western society as well as portions of Asia, albeit not to the level that burritos have. This meal, however, is ubiquitous in many regions throughout the globe where Greek diasporas live.

Gyros Vs. Burrito: Which is Better?

Gyros is a certain favorite with meat enthusiasts all around the globe. And the fluffy pita bread is the ideal accompaniment.

Burritos provide additional adaptability. With this meal, you may be considerably more creative. Burritos are also a good option if you like the crunchier texture of tortillas than the soft pita.

To summarize, whether you go for the Mexican flavor packed within a burrito or the meaty deliciousness of Greek ancestry, these two meals will please both your taste buds and your stomach.


What is the difference between gyro and burrito?

So, what makes them different? To begin, the ingredients used in a burrito vary from those used in a gyro. The former generally includes beans, rice, and other vegetables, whilst the latter includes meat, onion, and tzatziki sauce.

Why are gyros so good?

The tzatziki sauce serves as an excellent starter, and the meat feels like a real “speciality,” despite the fact that it is a plain sandwich. Moreover, the various textures and tastes will make your taste senses pop. Gyros are among the most reasonably priced restaurant staples.

What’s better shawarma or burrito?

Shawarma is the meal for you if you prefer kebab-style meat cooking. Burritos, on the other hand, are more adaptable and provide more options, which is particularly significant for vegans and vegetarians. Both of these recipes provide something new to the palate.

Is a gyro just a burrito?

A gyro does not qualify as a burrito (what were you smoking?). Pita bread is used to make a gyro (which has yeast). A burrito, on the other hand, is cooked using a yeast-free, lard-laden flour tortilla, according to Mexican-American culinary rule. There are no alternatives.

Why is gyro so expensive?

Gyros servings, like souvlaki, are more costly because they include more meat.

What are the three types of gyros?

The three kinds of gyroscopes are as follows:
Gyroscope that works mechanically.
Gyroscope that uses light to move.
Gyroscope with a gas bearing.

Are gyros unhealthy?

A brief summary. Although gyros are nutritious, they do contain saturated fat. Gyro meat is often comprised of lamb, beef, or pig that has been mixed with herbs and spices. Gyros are strong in protein and low in carbs and fat.

How unhealthy is a gyro sandwich?

The University of Illinois Extension calculated the nutritional composition of a typical gyro in a health report. According to the article, the sandwich has 445 total calories, 44 grams of protein, 34 grams of carbs, 15 grams of fat, and 100 milligrams of cholesterol.

What type of gyro is the best?

Grilled Chicken Gyro is one of the best gyro variations to try. Greek-style grilled chicken, such as skewered chicken souvlaki, creates a tasty gyro variant…. Sausage Gyros. The choices are practically unlimited when making these sausage gyros. … Hummus Gyros…. Fried Eggplant Gyros…. Greek Salad Gyros…. Fried Fish Gyros.

Why are burritos better?

Burritos are less messy than tacos. You don’t get dirty eating it since it’s all in one large tortilla. Yet, when you order tacos, the insides are revealed. Therefore, when you bite into your taco, there’s a 50% risk that some of the components may fall out into your plate or, worse, onto you.

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