Döner vs. Gyros: What’s the Difference and Which Is Better?

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On the surface, dner and gyros seem to be quite similar. Its likeness extends to the method of cooking the meat: vertically roasted on a revolving spit or rotisserie. Nonetheless, there are some significant differences between these two famous fast food items. So, how can you tell the difference between dner kebab and gyros?

Dner originated from Turkey and it is consumed in Turkish flatbread. Gyros is a Greek meal eaten in pita, a tortilla-like bread. Gyros are normally made with lamb or chicken, while dner is made with lamb, beef, and sometimes chicken. Another significant distinction is that gyros has Mediterranean spices, while dner contains hot Turkish spices.

It is simple to confuse one of these meals for the other. Hence, in this essay, I’ll go through the distinctions between them, as well as the minor details that might help you know which one is which.

What Is the Difference Between Döner and Gyros?

The key distinctions between dner and gyros are their origins, the ingredients utilized to prepare and serve these dishes, and the spices used to marinade the meat. Everything is detailed in further depth below.


When you trace the origins and influences for each of these recipes, it’s easy to see how they became so similar.

By the 1200s, the method of stacking meat in the form of a vertical cone and cooking it on a spinning spit became popular in the Ottoman Empire. This resulted in the development of the dner kebab, which is today one of the most popular meals in that area and many other locations.

Yet, until the eighteenth century, Greece was a part of the same Ottoman Empire. As a result, numerous dishes in Greek cuisine thrived as a result of Turkish culture’s influence. This is especially visible when comparing the dner and gyros.

Yet, they are not identical. Gyros developed and incorporated many features of Greek cuisine after being adopted by the Greeks.


The first visible variation is in the kind of meat used. The meat used in dner kebab is often ground lamb, chicken, or beef.

Nevertheless, the meat in a gyro meal is usually lamb or chicken. Beef and pork are also utilized, although very rarely. Of fact, since gyros have spread to various places of the globe, the sort of meat varies more than custom. Also, unlike when making dner, meat for gyros is not minced ahead of time.

While cooking meat for dinner, a Turkish spice blend comprising cumin, garlic powder, salt, coriander, pepper, oregano, and smoked paprika is used. From this list, you may probably predict that the combination is hot and has a strong taste. You are not mistaken if you thought that.

Gyros meat, on the other hand, is lighter on the stomach than dner meat since it is marinated with Mediterranean spices such as rosemary, oregano, and thyme.

The sauce in the dner is a yogurt-garlic concoction that tastes and feels similar to mayonnaise.

Tzatziki is the Greek sauce that goes with most gyros. It’s a salty yogurt with garlic, cucumber, and, of course, olive oil.


Since they share a similar source of inspiration, the meat cooking method in both meals is almost identical. The seasoning used to improve the taste of the meat is where they vary.

We prepare dner using ground beef, spices, chopped onion, and lamb tail fat. Following that, we form the mixture into a roller on the roastery sticks and freeze it to avoid a crumbly texture.

In contrast, to make gyros meat, thin, flat slices of meat are stacked on top of one another to create an inverted cone. The stack is then gently spun within a rotisserie, which cooks the meat from the outside in.

When it’s ready to serve, the chef cuts the flesh off the outer layer, leaving the remainder on the spit. In both circumstances, this step is the same.

Gyros are now often served in a wrap, similar to burritos. Pita bread is the most widely used in Greek cuisine for this purpose. It may resemble tortillas, but pita is thicker. The meat may be found within a pocket made by the pita. Additional ingredients include chopped veggies and fried potatoes, and the dish is served with tzatziki.

Dner kebab, on the other hand, may be prepared in a variety of ways. Dinner may be served immediately on a plate, with veggies and fries on the side. You may also serve it in a flatbread.

The dner has undergone several regional modifications. In Azerbaijan, the meat is wrapped in lavash, a sort of flatbread. This is also how dner kebabs are served in European nations. In France, dner is sometimes packed within baguette.


Both dner and gyros’ popularity has spread to far-flung corners of the globe, far beyond their birthplaces. This is mostly due to Turkish and Greek immigrants introducing their traditional cuisines to different regions of the globe.

In Japan, France, Germany, and the United States, Dner is very popular. While dner is available in many parts of the United States in the form of gyros. As a result, we can state that gyros are more popular in the United States than dner.

Döner Vs. Gyros: Which Is Better?

This essentially boils down to personal preference and whatever flavor profile appeals to you the best. The salty, creamy richness of dner sauce with the spicy Turkish spices may sway you to that side.

Yet, if you like the unique taste of tzatziki, chicken over lamb or beef, gyros may appeal to you more.

One area where dner shines is in the variety of ways it may be served. When it comes to dner, you have a lot more alternatives, while gyros are confined to the interior of pita bread.

Thus you now have a better understanding of these two Mediterranean cuisines. Ideally, the next time you go to a kebab restaurant, you’ll be able to tell which dish is which. In any case, you’ll have a fantastic time with these two unusual fast food products.


Is Donner meat good?

Phosphorus – Doner kebab meat contains 75% of the daily needed quantity of Phosphorus, which is necessary for good cell activity. Moreover, it aids in the correct functioning of your body’s cells, supports bone health, enhances dental health, and stimulates development in youngsters.

Is a döner shawarma and a gyro the same thing?

Unlike gyro meat, shawarma meat is marinated for an extended period of time, frequently overnight, to provide for a stronger taste profile. Several of the basic components in gyros and shawarmas are the same, such as the bread, meat, and hummus. Gyros, on the other hand, have a more fresh taste profile, whilst shawarmas are spicier, warmer, and more complex.

Why is doner kebab so good?

Meat that is fresh.

The heart and soul of doner kebabs are the gorgeous, roasted, slightly charred, and tasty stacks of meat. Meat that is beyond its prime or has been frozen for an extended period of time loses its ability to absorb all of the rich marinade flavors as well as its softness and juiciness.

Why is German döner so good?

About German Doner Kebab

Their kebabs are produced using high-quality ingredients that are only available at Doner Kebab Restaurants. The outstanding flavor originates from the SECRET SAUCES that distinguish our goods from the competition. They employ lean, tender beef and pure chicken fillets.

Why do doner kebabs taste so good?

The Delectable Marinade

A juicy and mouthwatering marinade is the secret to a superb doner kebab. Every family has their own secret recipe, but you know a doner is good when you taste charred chunks of meat with spices seeping out. There are two sorts of marinades: dry rubs and saucy rubs.

Is doner meat 100% meat?

A ‘Doner Kebab’ is a common term that should only be used to Doner Kebabs made entirely of sheep meat. If you serve a Doner Kebab that comprises meat other than lamb or mutton, the menu name should reflect this, such as ‘Lamb, Beef, and Chicken Kebab.’

Is döner Greek or Turkish?

Doner Kebab is a popular Turkish meal. It’s served in a pide bread ( similar to a pita bread but thicker in texture). Traditionally, the meat is marinated strips of lamb and beef with Turkish spices.

What is donair vs gyro?

The dinner is prepared differently throughout the Middle East and Eastern Europe. The term donair derives from Turkish. Döner refers to the rotation of the meat being cooked in Turkish. Gyros is a Greek word that signifies “round movement” or “spinning.”

Is gyro and donair meat the same?

The first sort of product (also known as donairs or gyros) is prepared from ground beef that has been shaped into a cone shape and frozen. The second kind of product (also known as chawarmas or shawarmas) is created using marinated thin, entire slices of beef that are piled on a vertical skewer.

Why is doner unhealthy?

“As a meal, it combines lean meat, wholemeal pita bread, and vegetables in the shape of salad. Nevertheless, doner kebabs are sometimes coated in sauces, which add a lot of fat and salt.” Last year, Hampshire County Council food experts discovered that doner kebabs were the fattiest takeout.

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