Best Vegetable Oil Substitute in Cake Mix [9 Options]

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Sometimes you want cake but aren’t in the mood to prepare it from scratch. As a result, a cake mix box may always be found in your cupboard. Work is still involved since you need to add a few more things to your mix. One of these is almost certainly vegetable oil. What if you don’t have any vegetable oil? Is it feasible to substitute another ingredient? So, what are the finest vegetable oil substitutions in a cake mix?

When preparing a cake mix, the nine best vegetable oil alternatives are butter, olive oil, coconut oil, canola oil, avocado oil, Greek yogurt, buttermilk, mashed bananas, and applesauce.

With so many ingredient alternatives, why do cake mixes often request vegetable oil instead of another component? Because vegetable oil is utilized to moisten your cake as well as bind the dry components together. If you want a moist and soft cake, use vegetable oil (it is vegetable oil that allows for that melt-in-your-mouth quality seen in certain baked items). Using vegetable oil will also result in lighter cakes since it slows the gluten production process.


Best Substitute for Vegetable Oil in Cake Mix [9 Ideas]

When it comes to baking, the most popular substitution for vegetable oil is melted butter. It is ideal if you are using cake mix boxes to make a lawyered cake, since butter produces a denser cake that is simpler to stack.

When substituting butter for vegetable oil, use a one-to-one ratio. Because butter is recognized for its richness, put it on chocolate, carrot, or pumpkin cake mixes. You will not be sorry!

Olive Oil

Best Substitute for Vegetable Oil in Cake Mix [9 Ideas]

As a vegetable oil alternative, olive oil will give your cake mix the correct texture. This olive oil substitute will offer a rich taste to your cake while being a healthier option to vegetable oil. Take this into account when selecting the olive oil you’ll use as a replacement. [1]

The proportions for this replacement are simple: replace one tablespoon of vegetable oil in your cake mix recipe with one tablespoon of olive oil. When I want cinnamon cake mix, I like to use olive oil. The end product is stunning.

Coconut Oil

You will never use vegetable oil again after tasting this replacement for the first time. Aside from being the finest choice if you are vegan or follow a plant-based diet, coconut oil is high in nutrients and taste and will take your cake to the next level. [2] The end result? You won’t be able to stop eating this silky and soft cake with a lovely coconut hint taste.

I like to use this coconut substitution while making carrot or pineapple cake mixes. If I’m feeling very fancy, I’ll make a coconut, brown sugar, and butter topping to add to my cake for the final 10 minutes of baking.

The main disadvantage of using coconut oil over vegetable oil is that it is somewhat more costly, but keep in mind that you will end up with a fluffier and more delectable cake. When substituting coconut oil for vegetable oil in your cake mix, use a 1:1 ratio. Simple as that.

Canola Oil

Canola oil is the most comparable product to use for vegetable oil in your cake mix recipe, with the same fat content and consistency. In terms of texture and taste, the end outcome will be almost identical.

For that reason, I prefer to use this in white cake mixes since I know the flavor will be unaffected. The ratio for this substitution is, unsurprisingly, 1:1.

Avocado Oil 

Avocado oil is a great option for vegetable oil since it is heavy in fat. The outcomes will be quite comparable to the originals, particularly in terms of texture and moistness.

Avocado oil, an excellent source of Omega-3 acids and fibre, can provide nutrition to your cake while also adding taste. [3] The replacement ratio is straightforward: one tablespoon avocado oil for each tablespoon vegetable oil.

Avocado oil is pricey, so it is unlikely to be your first pick as a vegetable oil alternative, but if you have some on hand and want to make a cake, give it a go. You will be smitten with the end effect.

Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt as a substitution is ideal for any cake mix taste, resulting in a creamier and richer cake that you’ll like. Because it includes protein, it will make your cake more filling than regular vegetable oil.[4]

For every tablespoon of vegetable oil called for in your cake mix recipe, substitute 4 teaspoons of Greek yogurt. Try this substitution the next time you make an apple, lemon, or pumpkin cake mix. I guarantee it will transform your life.Use 3


When preparing a cake box, buttermilk is an excellent substitution for vegetable oil. The sole disadvantage of buttermilk is its sourness, which will impair the flavor of your cakes.

since a result, I normally use the buttermilk substitute when making a funfetti, caramel, or red velvet cake mix, since I find them excessively sugary. If you wish to use buttermilk in other cake mixes, add one tablespoon of sugar to the mix to reduce the sourness.

For a smoother cake, replace the vegetable oil with a 1:1 ratio. Don’t worry if you don’t have buttermilk but want to test it as a replacement for vegetable oil in your cake mix. Add a few drops of lemon juice to ordinary milk and set aside for 10 minutes to make buttermilk.


When making your cake mix, use mashed bananas instead of vegetable oil. Using bananas as a replacement will result in additional softness, wetness, and taste. In terms of moistness, mashed bananas are unrivaled. If you’re searching for a thick and mushy cake, bananas are the ideal substitute.

Because banana is heavier and more intense than vegetable oil, use a 1:1 ratio when substituting it for the vegetable oil specified in your cake mix recipe. Remember that adding bananas will definitely impact the taste, so combine it with cake mix flavors that go well with bananas, such as brownies or chocolate cake, or my favorite red velvet cake mix.


Applesauce is another excellent nondairy alternative to vegetable oil. The texture won’t be the same (less soft), but the incredible additional apple taste more than makes up for it. Furthermore, applesauce has less calories than vegetable oil and no fat, making it a much better substitute for the original component.[5]

Applesauce adds a particular fruit taste to chocolate and vanilla cake mixes that you’ll adore. Remember to use unsweetened applesauce so that your cake does not turn out too sweet. A tablespoon of applesauce is equal to one tablespoon of vegetable oil.

A friend’s advice: if you want your cake to be airy and fluffy but wish to use applesauce instead due to the reduced calorie count, combine it with another oil (such as coconut, avocado, or canola). I love doing this with my brownies!


What can I use in place of vegetable oil in cake mix?

Melted coconut oil or butter may be used in place of vegetable oil in baked items like as muffins, cakes, and cookies. The resultant texture will be pretty similar, while the taste may alter somewhat. For vegan and plant-based diets, coconut oil is the greatest option.

What is a substitute for vegetable oil in Betty Crocker cake mix?

Can I replace the vegetable oil in Betty Crocker Supermoist Cake Mixes with butter or margarine? You certainly can. The good news is that you may use butter, margarine, shortening, and any kind of oil in lieu of the vegetable oil specified in the SuperMoist package recommendations.

How much butter do I use in place of 1 3 cup vegetable oil?

3 teaspoons melted butter).5 tablespoons oil 1You may completely replace the vegetable oil with butter. Use the same amount stated in the instructions (for example, if 1 is supplied).

Can you use butter instead of vegetable oil in cake mix?

It is easy to substitute butter for oil while baking. Most cake mixes ask for oil, but butter adds incredible taste. To use butter instead of oil in baking, just melt the butter, measure it, let it cool, and then add it as you would oil.

What can I sub for vegetable oil?

What are some alternatives to vegetable oil?
The oil of olives.
Oil from walnuts.
Oil made from flaxseed.
The oil of avocado.
Grapeseed oil is a kind of oil.
Sesame seed oil.
The oil of coconut.

What can I substitute for vegetable oil in Duncan Hines cake mix?

You may use these fats instead of oil, but you must melt them first and then measure them in liquid form. Use exactly the quantity mentioned in the recipe. Remember to allow it to cool before adding it to your favorite blend.

Can I use sour cream instead of oil in cake mix?

There are several dairy products that may be substituted for oil, and some of them may surprise you. We discussed using skim milk with your applesauce, but buttermilk is another acceptable dairy option. The sour cream.

Can you use olive oil instead of vegetable in cake mix?

Any dessert recipe that asks for vegetable oil is an excellent opportunity to substitute olive oil. The substitution would be one-to-one in these recipes. In other words, if a recipe asks for one cup of vegetable oil, use one cup of extra virgin olive oil instead.

How much butter to use in place of 1 2 cup vegetable oil?

Butter in Place of Oil

It couldn’t be simpler to replace butter with oil in a 1:1 ratio. Olive, canola, veggie, and coconut oils should all work. Simply melt and chill the butter to room temperature before proceeding with the recipe (for example, if the recipe asks for 12 cup oil, use 12 cup melted and cooled butter).

What is the equivalent of 1 stick of butter to vegetable oil?

How much vegetable oil does one stick of butter equal? One stick of butter is about 93.75 mL or 6 teaspoons liquid vegetable oil.

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