Best Two-topping Pizza [According to Survey]

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When it comes to the greatest pizza toppings, we all have different ideas. It’s nearly as contentious as the chicken and egg problem. When it comes to pizza toppings, there are still too many questions. This could easily consume hours of conversation. After all, is it permissible to add pineapple on pizza? Is Margherita pizza the ultimate genuine Italian pizza? What are the two finest pizza toppings?

Pepperoni and sausage are the two most popular pizza toppings, according to a 2021 study of over 6,000 American consumers. 64% and 56% of respondents preferred these two components as pizza toppings, respectively.

The top five are Mushrooms (54%), Extra Cheese (52%), and Onions (48%). In case you were wondering, pineapple (26%) was chosen as one of the pizza toppings by 1,603 respondents. [1]

Two-topping Combo Recommendations for Pizza

Best Two-topping Pizza [According to Survey]

Assume you’re hosting a dinner party at your home tonight. You want to make homemade pizza for your pals. Without a doubt, pepperoni, mushrooms, and more cheese are a winning combo, and you’d be included three of the five favorite components. There is no room for mistake here, but if you’re already wrinkling your nose because you don’t feel represented in this research, let me suggest some alternatives.

Pepperoni and Jalapeños

I had to begin with my all-time favorite couple. If you like me and a little more heat, you should try this combo. The somewhat spicy, crispy pepperoni combined with the bite and freshness of the jalapenos will be a wonderful flavor sensation.

Italian Sausage and Peppers

This duet, inspired by the Italian-American traditional cuisine, will make your mouth wet. Select a variety of colorful peppers and a blend of sweet and spicy Italian turkey sausage. You won’t be sorry if you top your pizza with fresh basil leaves and red pepper flakes.

Truffle and Fontina Cheese

A stunning pairing of luscious mushrooms and cheese can never go wrong. The delicate and distinct truffle taste, combined with the soft and nutty flavor of the fontina cheese, will both surprise and enchant you.

Bacon and Caramelized Onions

If you’ve never tried this pairing before, now is the moment. These pizza components are pre-cooked before being added to your half-finished pizza and baked again. Try adding some green grapes during the onion caramelization process; before serving, sprinkle with rosemary for a finishing touch.

Romanesco Tomatoes and Black Olives (Vegetarian) 

This combo is heavenly. Romanesco Tomatoes’ sweet and acidic flavor complements the earthy and salty flavor of black olives well. If you’re searching for a meatless alternative, this is a great option. For a chef-worthy pizza, top with fresh basil leaves and a liberal drizzle of truffle olive oil.

What Toppings Not to Include on Your Pizza

Best Two-topping Pizza [According to Survey]

I can tell you what items to keep out of your pizza tonight based on the same poll. Eggplant (6%), Anchovies (8%), and Broccoli (12%) are also among the top three, but in reverse order. According to a February study, these three components are the least popular pizza toppings in the United States. Even though I don’t understand how eggplant can be so low on the list of American favorites, I have to agree with the other two. I have no idea what the notion of broccoli on pizza is.

A Pizza Without Toppings

Another intriguing finding from this study is that 2% of respondents claimed they like their pizza without any additional toppings. Do you know anybody else who like their pizza sans toppings? People from Italy!

If you didn’t already know, classic Italian pizza is created with simply tomato sauce, Mozarella di Bufala, and fresh basil leaves. Why? These three components correspond to the three colors of the Italian flag. The tomato sauce is red, the cheese is white, and the basil leaves are green.

Serve the classic Pizza Margherita to your guests if you want to surprise them with superb pizza and a part of history.


What are 2 best toppings for pizza?

🍕 Best pizza toppings
Pepperoni. It’s hardly a surprise to see this classic topping top the list.
Sausage. Meat is king for pizza toppings, and sausage is just perfect on pizza.
Mushrooms. Mushroom is the highest-ranking vegetable on the list, and for a good reason.
Bell peppers.
More cheese.

What are the least popular pizza toppings revealed in new survey?

Pizza Updates

Anchovies were ranked as the least preferred pizza topping by 61% of respondents in a YouGov poll.

What are the 3 best toppings for pizza?

Pepperoni is one of the best pizza toppings for all pizza lovers. It’s no surprise that pepperoni is at the top of the list.
Sausage. Another popular choice that everyone agrees on is sweet Italian or spicy sausage.

Which pizza topping got the 2nd percentage of favorites?

In the United States, sausage is presently the second most popular pizza topping.

What is the most popular pizza combination?

Pepperoni is the most popular pizza topping. It should come as no surprise that pepperoni is the most popular pizza topping in the United States.
Extra Cheddar. Many Americans want additional cheese on their pies, which is also a tradition.
Olives noires.
Green bell peppers.

What’s the best pizza topping combination?

List of the 25 Best Pizza Topping Combinations
1- Spinach, broccoli, brussel sprouts, tomato, mushroom, garlic, and zucchini.
2- Mediterranean Delight.
3- Summer has arrived… on a pizza! …
4 – Pepperoni?
5- Zucchini Parade.
6- Tomatoes, mozzarella, and pesto.

What is the most underrated pizza topping?

In this tutorial, we will discuss some of the most underappreciated pizza toppings that will permanently transform the way you consume pizza!
Beef ground.
Pesto dressing.

What is the least liked pizza topping?

Anchovies are the nation’s least preferred pizza topping: It is disliked by 29% of people.

What is the world’s favorite pizza topping?

Pepperoni pizza’s popularity first began to soar in the 1950s. Beef pepperoni pizza is now the most popular pizza variation, although there are alternative varieties such as fish pepperoni pizza and port pepperoni pizza.

What are the top 5 most popular pizzas?

Here is a list of the top ten most popular varieties of pizza in the world:
Pizza topped with cheese. The little things in life may make a great impact.
Pizza with pepperoni. If I say pepperoni, you say pizza! …
Personalized (create-your-own) pizza.
Pizza with meat.
Pizza with vegetables.
Pizza Margherita.
Pizza with BBQ Chicken.
Pizza with Buffalo Chicken.

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