Best Cheese for Pulled Pork Sliders [6 Ideas]

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Nothing beats a delicious pulled pork slider. The finest sliders are made with the correct cheese, and I’ve discovered the six best types of cheese for the most delectable pulled pork sliders. To be honest, all of the cheeses would probably go well in a slider. Nonetheless, these six cheeses stood out above the others in my perspective. They all have distinct flavors and textures that complement the pork. So, which cheese is best for pulled pork sliders?

You may use a variety of cheeses to compliment your pulled pork sliders, the greatest of which being cheddar cheese, mozzarella cheese, Colby cheese, swiss cheese, cream cheese, and blue cheese.

So, which cheese is best for pulled pork sliders? That is all up to you. I propose experimenting with different cheeses to find which ones you like. However, if you want to create some amazing pulled pork sliders, you should absolutely try one of these six cheeses. I am certain you will not be disappointed! Let’s take a look at each of them individually.

Cheddar Cheese

There are several cheeses that may be used on a slider, and each one adds a distinct taste to the party.

However, cheddar was the first cheese I ever used on a slider. I was young and inexperienced, and cheddar was the only cheese that I thought would go well with pig. While cheddar is usually always the greatest choice, it is not the only one, and may not even be the best one for certain people. However, it is the most secure option for all cheese enthusiasts!

A nice cheddar cheese may greatly enhance the taste of your sliders. It’s also a flexible option, combining well with both pig and beef, and it melts and grills beautifully, making it ideal for sandwiches.

Mozzarella Cheese

There’s something about sliders that makes them tempting. Maybe it’s the ease mobility or the fact that they’re the perfect size for a fast snack. In any event, they are one of my favorite things to create.

with, when it comes to slider toppings, nothing beats pulled pork with mozzarella cheese. This semi-soft curd cheese from Italy has a beautiful delicate, creamy, milky taste and is ideal for melting since it has completely different melting capabilities than other cheeses.

The beauty of this combo is that it is both traditional and adaptable. You may keep it simple with a basic pulled pork and mozzarella cheese slider or get creative with extra tastes and toppings like BBQ sauce.

Colby Cheese

Colby is another of my favorite cheeses for pulled pork sliders. It has a pleasant, nutty, mellow, and somewhat sweet taste that complements the pork and melts well. It’s also a refreshing variation from the more popular cheddar or mozzarella.

If you want to put a distinctive touch on your pulled pork sliders, I recommend using Colby. You may be shocked at how delicious it is!

It works nicely with mac and cheese, crackers, prepared foods, casseroles, and fruits, in addition to sandwiches and burgers.

Swiss Cheese

Swiss cheese has a nutty, somewhat acidic taste that complements meat perfectly. It’s also a terrific option for ham or bacon sliders.

While Swiss cheese is milder than other types of cheese, it still has a lot of taste. The slight nuttiness complements barbecue sauce or onions, and the texture contrasts with the juicy pork and other toppings. Furthermore, since it melts rapidly, you won’t have to worry about it turning into a rubbery mess when heated.

And, since Swiss cheese has a moderate flavor, it’s a fantastic alternative for folks who don’t enjoy snacky cheeses with a lot of flavoring. If you want something more subtle but still tasty, Swiss cheese for your pulled pork sliders is a must-try.

Cream Cheese

Cream cheese is a great addition to pulled pork sliders. It has a rich and creamy taste that enhances the pork’s savory flavors. It’s also subtle enough not to overshadow the other ingredients on your sliders, such as onions and BBQ sauce. Because it’s so soft, it melts effortlessly and adds a creamy feel to each mouthful.

Furthermore, cream cheese complements the smokey characteristics of the pulled pork. So, if you’re looking for something a bit more subtle but still wonderful, cream cheese is a great option.

Blue Cheese

If you’re feeling daring, blue cheese is the way to go! Blue cheese is a robust, pungent cheese that may be overbearing when consumed in excessive quantities. When used judiciously, though, it may lend a delectable depth of flavor to your slider. Blue cheese’s powerful and pungent taste complements the delicious, aromatic pulled pork nicely. While it may seem unusual at first, once you try this combo, you won’t be able to stop yourself from ordering more.

I propose topping your pulled pork slider with blue cheese crumbles, as well as pickles or coleslaw. The combination of sweet, creamy blue cheese and smoky, spicy pulled pork will be tempting!

The goal is to obtain a high-quality blue cheese that is flavorful but not crumbly. You want it to be creamy enough that it melts smoothly when cooked and has a strong taste.


What cheese goes best with pulled pork sandwiches?

Cheddar cheese is a traditional topping for pulled pork sandwiches. It has an acidic, crisp taste that complements the pork’s smokey, savory flavor. Cheddar cheese is also strong and holds up nicely when melted, making it an excellent choice for grilled or toasted sandwiches.

What is a good topping for pulled pork sandwiches?

The Best Pulled Pork Sandwich Toppings
Onion rings that have been fried.
Caramelized onions and bacon.
Vegetables that have been pickled.
jalapenos or pickled jalapenos.

What goes good with pulled pork sliders?

20 Best Pulled Pork Sandwich Sides
Coleslaw made with Greek yogurt.
Truffle Aioli over Parmesan Truffle Fries.
Furikake-flavored Elotes corn.
Hasselback Potatoes with Bacon and Cheddar.
Fritters made with corn and zucchini.
Broccoli (Broccoletti) sautéed in 10 minutes… Pan Fried Potatoes with Herbs.
Salad with zesty Italian pasta.

What are the best buns for pork sliders?

Potato buns, in my view, are the ideal buns for pulled pork. If you can’t get them, brioche buns or sourdough bread are suitable substitutes. If none of these options are available, inexpensive hamburger buns will serve.

How do you keep pulled pork sandwiches from getting soggy?

These seven suggestions can help you avoid soggy sandwiches forever.
Don’t be afraid to experiment with spreads and condiments.
Smear on some butter as well.
Sandwich components should be packed separately and assembled at lunchtime.
Instead of sliced sandwich bread, use crusty bread, a roll, or tortillas.
The bread should be toasted.

What kind of cheese goes with BBQ sauce?

Cheddar, mozzarella, Monterey Jack, and Gouda are the finest cheeses to mix with BBQ sauce. When coupled with a tangy BBQ sauce, soft cheeses like Brie or Camembert may be wonderful.

What kind of bread do you use for pulled pork sandwiches?

The 6 Best Sandwich Buns for Pulled Pork
Brioche rolls.
Rolls made by Kaiser.
Buns made with potatoes.
Hawaiian Sweet Buns from King’s.
Ciabatta is a kind of bread.
Bread with Naan.

What kind of pickles go with pulled pork sandwiches?

If you put a “sweet” sauce on your pork, deep fry some dill. If you use a vinegar sauce, use sweet pickles (bread and butter or sweet gerkhin).

What to add to bland pulled pork?

Your pork will be tasteless if it is not well seasoned. Our seasoing is made using pantry items in just the right ratios to provide the greatest taste. Brown sugar, garlic powder, onion powder, cumin, smoked paprika, crushed mustard, salt, pepper, and cayenne pepper are all used in this recipe.

What is served with sliders?

Homemade French Fries go well with sliders. These homemade French fries are really simple to prepare.
Potato Salad (Old Fashioned). Serve this traditional side dish with sliders for a quick and substantial side meal.
Baked Beans in Minutes.
Dip in chili cheese sauce.
Onion rings fried in oil.
Recipe for Corn Salsa.
Pickles that have been deep fried.

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