Best Bread for Tuna Sandwich [8 Ideas]

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The tuna sandwich reigns supreme in terms of simplicity. It is so simple and adaptable that it can be completed in just a minute and will be remembered for a long time. Because bread is a vital component of the tuna sandwich, choosing the proper variety is critical to enhancing your experience. So, which bread is better for a tuna sandwich?

Sourdough, cottage bread, wheat bread, ciabatta, French bread, burger buns, and fantastic varieties of bread for a tuna sandwich are all options.

A decent tuna sandwich requires good carrier bread. The tuna filling is hefty, and it requires a strong basis to prevent it from falling apart in your hands. I’ll offer you some suggestions on the sorts of bread to use for your tuna sandwich in the following paragraphs.


Best Bread for Tuna Sandwich [8 Ideas]

Foccacia bread is a fantastic sandwich bread. It’s thin, but it’s incredibly sturdy and tasty. It has an elastic crust, so it doesn’t disintegrate when you bite into it, but it keeps everything together quite tightly.

The center of the focaccia bread is soft and not excessively absorbent, preventing your cold tuna sandwich from becoming soggy and damp. As a result, your cold tuna sandwich on focaccia bread will be delicious without falling apart.

The main disadvantage of focaccia bread is that it takes time to create, despite the fact that the method is relatively simple. However, supermarket-bought focaccia bread is equally as good as handmade.


A cold tuna sandwich on sourdough toast is an absolute delight. Sourdough bread is one of the greatest bread alternatives for a cold tuna sandwich since it is soft and cotton-like on the inside and solid and protecting on the exterior. Sourdough bread is worth the time and work it takes to produce.

It has a thick core and works well as a carrier bread, absorbing the fluids from the tuna filling without becoming soggy. The crust, on the other hand, is dry and crumbly. Fortunately, the sourdough bread crust is tightly adhered to the layer underneath, so even if it crumbles, your sandwich will not come apart and will stay whole.

Sourdough bread is one of the most delicious and fragrant varieties of bread, and its flavor is highly compatible with the flavor of the tuna filling, so it will enhance your experience.

Wheat Bread

Although wheat bread is not popular among health-conscious people, it makes a great sandwich bread. It is adaptable, sturdy, and tasty, but it is not very healthy.

Its crust is tasty and fragrant, and its thickness varies according on the baking time. This bread’s crust is crunchy but not too so, and it is securely adhered to the remainder of the bread, so your old tuna sandwich won’t break apart.

Cottage Bread

Cottage bread is a traditional white bread baked with wheat flour, water, and yeast. It has an intense yeast taste. You may simply create it at home, or you can buy it ready-made.

Cottage bread makes a wonderful sandwich because of its soft inside and medium-hard crust. If you prepare it at home, you must consume it the same day since it hardens rapidly due to the lack of chemicals. The store-bought version lasts longer.

The crust is flexible yet crumbly, so be prepared for crust crumbs in your lap. Nonetheless, it’s an excellent carrier bread that will keep your tuna filling safe and sound. However, it becomes soggier than most of the bread on this list, but it doesn’t go over the limit, so you’ll get a juicier, but not too wet, tuna sandwich.


Brioche bread is ideal for your cold tuna sandwich if you like experimenting with tastes and blending sweet and milky with sour and fishy. It’s a dense, delicious bread with a lot of butter. However, it is not a traditional bread, smelling and tasting like wheat and yeast, but rather a dessert bread.

Nonetheless, Brioche has developed a reputation for itself as a sandwich bread due to its flexibility, softness, and modest absorbency. Brioche is a spongy bread that isn’t very absorbent, so it won’t go soggy when you add the tuna filling, despite its appearance.


Ciabatta bread makes an excellent sandwich basis and is ideal for stuffing with tuna. It has a rich inside that absorbs just enough fluid to make the sandwich moist but not soggy, and a beautiful crust that is neither too firm nor too soft and spongy.

However, since ciabatta bread often has a thick crust, you may wish to slice it thinner to make biting easier.

French Bread 

French bread is a wonderful carrier bread and a perfect shelter for your tuna filling since it is soft, mild, sturdy, and stable. It features a soft crust that makes it simple to bite and prevents the tuna inside from coming out.

The inside is spongy and soft, fairly absorbent, and opulent. It’s a refined bread that’s perfect for a tuna filling.

Burger Buns 

Burger buns are a popular sandwich filling. There is no filling that burger buns cannot accommodate, and your tuna filling will be as snug as a bug between two soft and tasty burger buns. Furthermore, they are often topped with sesame seeds, which adds a special touch to your cold tuna sandwich.

Best Bread for Tuna Melt

Tuna melt necessitates thicker carrier bread than tuna sandwich, and tuna melt is often distributed on the bread’s surface rather than utilized as a sandwich filler. As a result, a tuna melt requires denser and thicker bread than a cold tuna sandwich.

Multigrain Bread

Because it is solid, robust, absorbent, and tasty, multigrain bread makes a fantastic tuna melt bread. It’s softer and more flexible than rye bread, and it keeps its suppleness even when toasted.

The liquids from the tuna melt permeate into the bread, making it moist yet sturdy enough not to break apart. Your tuna melt will not slip off of your multigrain toast, so create tuna melt canapés for a nicer presentation.

Rye Bread

Rye bread is usually a good choice for a tuna melt since it is firm and absorbent, which is exactly what you want in a tuna melt. You may also toast a rye bread piece to make a crispy tuna melt carrier.

Rye bread is also highly tasty and frequently has a little bitter taste, which complements the characteristics of the tuna melt.

Pumpernickel Bread

Pumpernickel bread is crumbly, yet wet enough to hold its form. It is preferable to use it for tuna melt sandwiches rather than spreading the tuna melt on a slice of pumpernickel bread.

When you use two pieces of pumpernickel bread to sandwich the tuna melt, they support each other out and make a wonderful sturdy sandwich. Smearing a layer of tuna melts on a slice of pumpernickel bread may be too much for the bread, causing the tuna melt to slip down.


Bagels make great tuna melt bread. They’re spongy and tasty, with a thin and pliable crust that’s perfect for tuna melt sandwiches. You may also break a bagel in half and spread tuna melt on one side without covering it with the other.

Toasted bagels are also fantastic for making tuna melt sandwiches because they become sturdier and more suited to hold the tuna melt.


What kind of bread is best for tuna sandwiches?

Tuna belongs only on untoasted whole wheat multigrain bread. Yes, you grew up eating it on toasted white bread, but it was just one of your parents’ many blunders. A tuna salad is too heavy for sweet, fluffy white bread.

What goes well with tuna in a sandwich?

Amped Up Classic – Begin with tuna with a light mayonnaise, then add bread and butter pickles, hard-boiled egg, celery, green onions, and coarse-grain mustard.

Which breads are best for sandwiches?

Best Sandwich Bread (13 Top Picks)
Bread that is white.
Bread with sourdough starter.
Bread made from whole wheat.
Baguette in France.
Bread made from rye.
Bread with potatoes.

Is tuna better on bread or toast?

Because each bread has a particular flavor, swapping them around may give your tuna a unique touch. According to Simply Recipes, if you must use white bread to hold your tuna salad, toast it beforehand since the procedure will protect it from getting too soggy.

What is the best bread for sandwiches that won t get soggy?

Instead of sliced sandwich bread, use crusty bread, a roll, or tortillas. Start with something really solid if you want to make sure your sandwich isn’t mushy when lunchtime arrives. Instead of sliced sandwich bread, use a heartier bread such as a crusty baguette, ciabatta, or a roll.

What cheese goes best with tuna?

Provolone and very sharp cheddar are my favorite pairing. Swiss cheese, Havarti, Mozzarella, Colby Jack, Cheddar Jack, Monterey Jack, or Pepper Jack are other excellent choices. All of these cheeses melt well and provide a satisfying “cheese pull.”

How to jazz up tuna?

Vegetables and fruits. A crunch is ideal for counteracting (what should be) the smoothness of your tuna foundation. This is simple to make using chopped onions, pickles, peppers, carrots, and even veggies like as fennel and spicy arugula.

How do you pack a tuna sandwich for lunch?

Divide the tuna salad across four containers (each approximately 1 cup). Add celery sticks, small sweet peppers, and crackers to each tuna salad box. Wrap the crackers in a sandwich baggie or store them individually for added protection. The lunch boxes may be stored in the refrigerator for up to four days.

What canned tuna is best for tuna sandwich?

It helps to start with high-quality canned tuna when making the greatest tuna salad sandwich. We like tuna packed in extra virgin olive oil since it enhances the taste of the tuna. Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods both sell great canned tuna packaged in olive oil, which is ideal for this tuna salad.

What is the most popular bread used in sandwiches?

White bread: A retro sandwich bread, premade white bread still has a place in the sandwich pantheon. Serve with mayonnaise, tomato, and a pinch of salt, or with peanut butter and jelly, or with ham, cheese, and brown mustard.

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