Best Bread for Chicken Salad Sandwiches [15 Delicious Recipes]

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I’m a sucker for a fantastic chicken salad sandwich. I’m really wanting one right now. And, although I have a preferred bread for this traditional noon meal, I understand that not everyone is as picky as I am. Whether you like white bread or can’t live without a hearty whole wheat, I’ve got the ideal alternative for you. And believe me, with these alternatives, you’ll never be bored with your chicken salad sandwich again. But which bread is better for a chicken salad sandwich?

Aside from typical white bread, pita bread, or bagel, wraps, focaccia, potato bread, rye bread, challah, pull-apart rolls, Italian bread, ciabatta, lavash, sourdough, croissant, and crackers are all excellent choices for preparing a chicken salad sandwich.

You can now construct the ideal chicken salad sandwich for any occasion. Whether you want a light and nutritious sandwich or something more full, there is a bread out there for you. We’ve already seen some fantastic sauce alternatives; now let’s look at all the bread options and mix them all in an excellent chicken sandwich!

Traditional White Bread

There’s a reason why classic white bread is so popular, not only with chicken salad sandwiches but with all sorts of sandwiches. It’s adaptable and goes with almost anything. It’s soft but slightly chewy, and it really allows the flavors of the chicken salad shine.

Its subtle taste will not overpower the other elements in your sandwich. It’s also a wonderful choice if you want something that can withstand mayo and other condiments. Furthermore, it is excellent for toasting if you want a little crunch in your sandwich.


When it comes to constructing a chicken salad sandwich, wraps are a terrific alternative to conventional forms of bread and buns. They are lightweight and flexible, and available in a variety of tastes and sizes, allowing you to easily pick one that meets your preferences.

Furthermore, wraps do not need any slicing or toasting; just place the items in the wrap and you’re good to go! There are several choices to consider: For a unique taste experience, pick from wheat, tomato, spinach, or garlic-herb wraps.

However, be delicate while wrapping since too much pressure will shred the wrap, which is undesirable if you’re bringing these sandwiches for lunch!


Because of the addition of olive oil and herbs such as rosemary and oregano, focaccia is another excellent companion to a basic chicken salad sandwich.

The versatility of focaccia allows it to be salty or sweet. For a savory version, add garlic powder, Parmesan cheese, and fresh herbs; for a sweeter one, use honey or other sweets. Even better, you can create your own focaccia dough at home!

In chicken salad sandwiches, focaccia complements the other tastes well. The crisp texture pairs well with crunchy items like as celery and almonds. At the same time, the bread’s heartiness aids in holding all of your components together in one delectable mouthful.

Pita Bread

Pita bread is a light and fluffy alternative to traditional bread pieces. Because it is soft and somewhat chewy, it is ideal for a chicken salad sandwich. It also comes in rounds, making it simple to pack the sandwich with as much filling as you like.

The nicest aspect about pita bread is that you can split it apart to expose two half and use it like ordinary pieces of toast. This reduces carbohydrates, making your sandwich somewhat healthier. It’s also a simple method to construct a wrap sandwich: just fill one half of the pita pocket with your chicken salad mixture, and you’re done!

But you could be seeking for something a little more flavorful. In this scenario, many flavorful pita breads include whole grains, oats, or other healthful components.

Potato Bread

Who would guess that of all the breads available, potato bread is one of the finest for chicken salad sandwiches? But it most definitely is because it has a smooth texture that complements the chicken and celery and is not too thick or bready. It also has a delicate taste that complements the other components.

It’s also OK to create a bit too much chicken salad. If you have leftovers, just pile them on a slice of potato bread for a fast and simple lunch the following day.

Rye Bread

If you want to produce something with a bit of a kick, rye bread is a fantastic option. The earthy taste of this thick, dark-colored bread helps balance out the sweetness and creaminess of the chicken salad. Rye bread also has more fiber than other forms of bread, making it a healthier choice.

When using rye bread, choose something softer; too much crunch might detract from the salad’s texture.

As a result, I recommend opting for marble rye or pumpernickel rye, which are not only soft and supple, but also have enough flavor to stand up to the other elements in your sandwich. With some lettuce and tomatoes on top, you’ve got yourself a tasty feast!


Challah is a terrific alternative if you want something a bit more unusual than your typical white or wheat bread. It’s not only incredibly soft and fluffy, but it also has a sweet taste that complements the savory flavors of chicken salad.

Another advantage of challah is its versatility; you may eat it plain, toasted, grilled, or even transformed into French toast and grilled cheese sandwiches. If you want to be really creative, you may even add some dried herbs or spices to give your sandwich a taste boost.

The options are literally limitless! For the finest results, just get some high-quality challah from your preferred bakery.

Pull-Apart Rolls

Pull-apart rolls are an excellent choice for a chicken salad sandwich. These buns are not only great for sandwiches, but they are also entertaining to eat! Pulling one of these rolls apart shows all of its soft, delectable layers, which make for a terrific texture when coupled with the crispy chicken salad sandwich.

Plus, what could be better than many tiny sandwiches? You may always divide one roll into smaller bits and enjoy the taste in whichever amount you like! Pull-apart rolls allow you to choose your portion size and personalize your sandwich; they may be as large or as little as you like.

These rolls are available in a variety of tastes, including plain, poppyseed, garlic, and onion. And, most of all, theyre generally reasonably priced. So don’t be scared to experiment with these buns; they could just become your new favorite way to eat that scrumptious chicken salad sandwich!

Italian Bread

When most people think of Italy, the first thing that springs to mind is pasta and dough. So, for all of my sandwiches, I always use Italian bread.

When it comes to the chicken salad sandwich, this beautiful, strong bread can withstand the weight without becoming mushy. Furthermore, the taste complements almost any form of chicken salad.

Because this bread is light and fluffy, it will absorb the wetness from the chicken salad without becoming too heavy or thick.


Ciabatta, an Italian form of bread, is a popular alternative with a chewy, open-crumb, crispy crust. It’s great for chicken salad sandwiches since it doesn’t become soggy fast, which is important if your sandwich has a lot of toppings.

When selecting ciabatta for your chicken salad sandwich, seek for ones prepared with olive oil and herbs, since they have a stronger taste. The dough should be light and airy with no large holes, and the crust should be golden brown and crunchy on both sides.

It is also critical to ensure that you do not end up with considerably more bread than filling. Your components should be able to stand up to the bread they’re sandwiched between, so don’t scrimp on the chicken salad!


Lavash is my second favorite bread for a chicken salad sandwich. This flatbread is light and airy with a delicate sweetness that complements the savory tastes of chicken salad wonderfully. Lavash may be purchased at Middle Eastern grocery shops or made at home.

Lavash is traditionally served with meats and cheeses, although it also works well in sandwiches. Because it is thin, it is not as heavy or full as other varieties of bread, so you may pile on the ingredients without fear of shattering the bread. It also provides a wonderful crunch to the creamy smoothness of the chicken salad.

When it comes to creating your next chicken salad sandwich, lavash should absolutely be on your list of ingredients.


A bagel is my next recommendation for the greatest bread for a chicken salad sandwich. Bagels are a great alternative for individuals who want to add some substance and crunch to your sandwich. They are thicker and denser than other forms of bread, so they can withstand all of the elements in chicken salad.

The crisp bagel contrasts well with the creamy chicken salad in terms of texture. Furthermore, since bagels have a bigger surface area than slices of bread, they provide the ideal carrier for your delectable chicken salad filling!


Don’t want to eat a sandwich? When you want to add some crunch to your chicken salad, crackers are a great alternative. The beautiful thing about crackers these days is that there is so much diversity, from wheat crackers to buttery, flaky ones. I like a great buttery cracker with my chicken salad, but any sort of cracker will be excellent.

Pita chips are a good option if you want something more substantial. With their robust texture and delicious taste, they create a good contrast. They’re also less fatty than other varieties of chips, so they won’t make your sandwich soggy.

Whatever bread or cracker you choose, your chicken salad sandwich will be wonderful!


If you’re searching for the ideal bread for your chicken salad sandwich, sourdough is the way to go. It’s a rich, chewy bread with a little sourness that goes nicely with the creamy chicken salad.

Furthermore, the somewhat acidic taste of the sourdough bread complements the savory and salty characteristics of most chicken salads.

Furthermore, this wonderful bread has more minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants than some of the other varieties of bread on our list. [1]


Last but not least, there’s a traditional option, the croissant. France has a candidate that goes well with virtually everything, so Italy is not the only country with legendary bread possibilities!

It’s light and fluffy, with a buttery, flaky texture that complements the creamy chicken salad nicely. It also has a lovely crescent shape and is strong enough to retain all of the fittings without breaking apart.


What is the best bread for chicken sandwich?

Ciabatta is the best bread for a chicken sandwich. Ciabbatta is a somewhat sour bread with a robust crust that is sometimes likened to a French baguette.
Roll that has just been baked. Although it may seem simple, a freshly made bun is the icing on the cake – or the gravy on the chicken.
Wraps made from whole wheat.

What is the best bread for a sandwich?

The 6 Best Sandwich Breads
The bread rolls. A roll is a little slice of fluffy bread that may be eaten alone or used to construct a sandwich.
Brioches. Brioche is a sweeter bread that goes well with virtually anything.
Loaves made with oil.

What is the best bread for chicken salad reddit?

A sourdough bread would be a good complement to the really rich chicken salad. That tang makes it ideal for robust sandwiches, and it’s also rather sturdy and can withstand a thorough toasting. Croissants are great, but they’re a nuisance to use as sandwich bread.

What would be good to serve with chicken salad sandwiches?

Salad verde. Because a chicken salad sandwich is rich and flavorful, you’ll want to pair it with something light and refreshing.
Salad with fruits. Fruit salad is an excellent accompaniment to your chicken salad sandwich.
Platter of cheese.
Platter of vegetables.
Pickles with Dill.
Salad with macaroni.

What is the best bread for sandwiches that won t get soggy?

Instead of sliced sandwich bread, use crusty bread, a roll, or tortillas. Start with something really solid if you want to make sure your sandwich isn’t mushy when lunchtime arrives. Instead of sliced sandwich bread, use a heartier bread such as a crusty baguette, ciabatta, or a roll.

Which bread I use most commonly used bread for sandwiches?

The most widely used bread for sandwiches is loaf bread. It’s one of the most adaptable sandwich breads.

What’s the best tasting bread?

The World’s Top 10 Most Delicious Bread Types
Aesh Baladi’s Egyptian Bread.
Msemen, Moroccan bread.
Puri is a town in India.
New York City Bagels.
Baguette française, France.
Italy’s Panettone.
Venezuela, Arepa.
Germany, Pretzel.

What is a better choice than using white bread on a sandwich?

Here are several bread alternatives to consider.

Tortillas made from corn, low-carb, or whole grains. Cheese wraps or slices are available. Wraps with coconut.

What type of bread is most popular?

The top ten most popular breads in the world
Bread that is white.
Bread made from whole grains.
Bread with Pumpernickel.
Bread made from rye.

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