Are Funyuns Discontinued? Where to Find Them?

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Have you noticed that Funyuns snacks are becoming more scarce in supermarkets? The issue has been raised all over the place. There was a Reddit discussion about it, and others took to Twitter to express their regret that Funyuns would be gone. Funyuns told everyone that they were just playing hide-and-seek and that they were here to stay. So, what is the truth? Are Funyuns still available?

Funyuns are not being phased out. The original Onion Flavored Rings and the Flamin Hot Onion Flavored Rings are still available in stores, online, and in select vending machines throughout the United States.

In recent years, there has been a nationwide scarcity of these snacks. Fans were concerned, particularly because several Funyuns flavor editions have been produced and then cancelled over the years. There is a reason why individuals begin to believe that there is a scarcity of these corn snacks. Let me tell you everything about it down below.

Which Funyuns Are Discontinued? 

Are Funyuns Discontinued? Where to Find Them?

For the first thirty-two years of its existence, Funyuns were exclusively available in their original Onion Flavored Rings. However, with time, the firm decided to develop new flavors for its popular onion-shaped corn snacks.

Wasabi was the first flavor introduced in 2001. The Wasabi Funyuns version was not as punchy as the company stated, and it was withdrawn one year after it originally debuted on the stores.

Flamin Hot flavored Funyuns were introduced to the globe in 2007, and they were such a hit that they are still available today. Flamin Hot Funyuns, which promise to set your tongue on fire, are just a spicy variant of the classic onion-flavored maize snack.

Funyuns released the Chili & Lmon flavor seven years later, in 2014. These treats, which combined the fiery sting of chili peppers with the citron acidity of limes, were on the market for four years until being removed. Some compare them to the Flamin Hot version since the lime taste was subtle and easily missed.

From 2015 to 2018, Funyuns introduced a new unique taste to its fans: Steakhouse Onion. These snacks, which were advertised as having a steakhouse onion dip flavor, tasted like garlic, tomato, sour cream, and buttermilk on top of the traditional onion flavor.

Only original Funyuns and Flamin Hot Funyuns are now available in various supermarkets and vending machines. Furthermore, PepsiCo has no plans to phase out these two tastes like the others.

The firm stated in 2021 that it will spend $200 million in its Texas factory to install two new production lines to create Funyuns and tortilla chips, predicting a continued growth in demand. To summarize, although certain Funyuns varieties have been removed, corn snakes are here to stay.

Is There a Funyuns Shortage? 

Are Funyuns Discontinued? Where to Find Them?

There is a Funyuns shortage in some ways, and the reason is simple: demand for snacks increased, while the world faced unprecedented production problems (the Covid 19 pandemic affected the production and supply lines of many other foods and non-food related products). That created the appearance that Funyuns were going away for good, raising the issue of whether Funyuns are still available.

There may be a scarcity of Funyuns in certain places, but they still exist, and the best way to get them is online. Amazon, Sam’s Club, Walmart, and Instacart all have Funyuns in stock and can deliver them to your door. Is it possible to get any better than that?

What Are Some Funyuns Alternatives? 

Even though they have the appearance of an onion ring, the Funyuns do not include an onion. The dough contains onion powder as well as roasted onion taste (whatever it is). However, Funyuns are just an onion-flavored cornmeal snack fashioned to resemble an onion ring.

Do you know where there isn’t an onion to be found? Onion Rings Are Wise! They are onion-flavored rings, much like Funyuns, and make an excellent substitute if you can’t locate Funyuns at your local grocery.

Munchos Flamin Hot Potato Crisps are a crisp snack comprised of fried dehydrated potatoes with a chili taste and a tongue-tingling sensation. The maize tortilla chips with a spicy powerful taste, together with Takis, are fascinating additions to the list of Funyuns alternatives. Fritos, another corn chip food, follows suit.

Cheetos are an excellent option if you love cornmeal snacks with a melt-in-your-mouth quality. The cheesy, crunchy orange puffs have been a popular snack in the United States for over fifty years.

On that topic, the PeaTos Crunchy Classic Onion Rings are a healthier, 100% plant-based option. Each pack provides four grams of protein and three grams of fiber and is made with peas, lentils, and fava beans.


Did they get rid of Funyuns?

Funyuns do not seem to be in low supply throughout the country, and they are freely accessible on Amazon. When you go to the Frito Lay website to buy Funyuns, it reads, “We’re working diligently to keep products readily available to our consumers.”

What country are Funyuns from?

Funyuns is the brand name of an onion-flavored maize extruded snack devised by Frito-Lay employee George Wade Bigner and released in the United States in 1969. Funyuns are made mostly of cornmeal and are ring-shaped utilizing an extrusion method to resemble fried onion rings.

What did Funyuns used to be called?

After its original name, OnYums, had already been patented, the late University of North Texas advertising professor Jim Albright is credited for naming the snacks. Albright, who died in 2012, coined the term Funyuns in 1969.

What company makes Funyuns?

FUNYUNS® Onion Flavored Rings | FritoLay.

Are Funyuns actually onion rings?

The dough contains no real onion, just onion powder and “natural toasted onion flavor” in the spice mix. Funyuns, like Cheetos and other junky foods, are just cornmeal that has been molded, fried, and seasoned. Tasty!

What does Funyuns stand for?

According to Wikipedia, a Funyun is “an onion-flavored corn snack invented by Frito-Lay employee George Bigner in 1969 in the United States.” Funyuns are made mostly of cornmeal and are ring-shaped utilizing an extrusion method to mimic the form and feel of fried onion rings.”

Why is it called Funyuns?

OnYums was planned to be the original product name, however this term was already a registered trademark owned by Rudolph Foods for another product. Albright came up with the ridiculous Funyun name, which everyone felt was a better name for the product in any case.

Is Funyuns vegan?

Unfortunately, neither Flamin’ Hot nor Original Funyuns include vegan-friendly milk components. As a result, no flavor of Funyuns is vegan. There are, however, some excellent vegan alternatives to these favorite munchies.

What year did Takis come out?

“Since our Takis Fuego was first introduced in the United States in 2006, the snack has exploded in popularity, especially among teenagers,” stated Rubén Herrera, Vice President of Barcel USA.

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