Apple Pie vs. Pumpkin Pie: Which Is Better?

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Apple and pumpkin pies are both delightful delicacies that are also quite simple to create. They will not cost you much, nor will they use much of your time and energy. Nonetheless, they each have admirers who are frequently highly exclusive of the other. So, which do you prefer: apple pie or pumpkin pie?

In terms of nutritional content and preparation, apple and pumpkin pie are extremely similar. Their biggest distinctions, however, are the tastes, smells, and textures. Pumpkin pie is softer, creamier, and earthier than apple pie, which is sweeter and more refreshing.

The Christmas season has here, which means that apple and pumpkin pies will be regular guests in many homes. To assist you in providing the greatest possible treat for your visitors and yourself, I will describe the distinctions between apple and pumpkin pie in the following paragraphs.

Apple Pie vs. Pumpkin Pie: Differences

Apple Pie vs. Pumpkin Pie: Which Is Better?

When it comes to discussing apple pie and pumpkin pie, the junction where they meet is delectable. Despite the fact that they are nutritionally quite similar, they have some significant distinctions. Their flavors and fragrances are quite distinct, making you ponder whether one is superior than the other.


Apple pie consists of an apple filling and a double pie crust. The apple filling is created using apples, sugar, and butter. This component combination imparts a sweet, somewhat acidic, and highly buttery flavor to the apple filling.

Because the grated apple must remain coated by a thick sugar coating, it ferments somewhat and gets a distinct sour dimension. It isn’t too sour, but you can smell and taste the tangy overtones.

The butteriness, on the other hand, balances out the sharpness, sweetness, sourness, and zest of the apple filling and brings it all together. The end product is incredible and finger-licking delectable. There’s a reason apple pie is called apple pie: it’s an exquisite delicacy.

However, apple pie is more than just the filling and the double shell. The crust has a lot to do with the taste of the pie, whether you make it yourself or purchase it ready-made. Even though there are just two layers of crust, the bottom and top, it highlights the pie’s wholeness.

The apple pie filling softens and becomes creamy and silky while sizzling between the two crusts. The slightly crunchy crust edges provide texture to the whole narrative and make it really delectable.

Pumpkin pie is equally delicious, but in a different manner.

Pumpkin makes an excellent dessert and is one of the holiday’s trademark meals.

Although apple pie is more fun, pumpkin pie is somewhat more flavorful.

It’s earthy and less sweet than apple pie. While apple pie is tart and refreshing, pumpkin pie is softer.

when pumpkin is naturally creamy, and particularly when pumpkin pie is prepared using canned pumpkin, you won’t need to soften it, but you will need to sweeten it. As a result, even if you don’t add butter to make it creamy, sugar or another sweetness will be required.

As a consequence, the combination of sugar’s sweetness with pumpkin’s earthiness creates an appealing taste combination. Furthermore, since the pumpkin contains carotenoids, the taste is midway between a cookie and a carrot.

The crust takes on its own personality, absorbing the excess moisture from the pumpkin, balancing the tastes, and adding a new, more pastry-like texture. While apple pie has a double crust, pumpkin pie simply has a bottom crust.


Given that pumpkin and apple are both fruits, you’d imagine that pumpkin pie and apple pie are both nutritious and wholesome. They include essential ingredients, however they are not the healthiest options.

As a result, you should avoid getting them too often.

First and foremost, they both include significant quantities of sugar, as well as carbohydrates from the crust. Because apple and pumpkin pie crusts are comprised of white flour, they include a lot of empty calories, which are calories that develop into fat deposits without providing you with anything beneficial.

Pumpkin pie has less calories than apple pie, while apple pie has fewer carbohydrates. [1] Apple pie also has more vitamin C and dietary fiber than pumpkin pie, whereas pumpkin pie contains more protein, potassium, and salt than apple pie. [2]

Overall, they include a considerable quantity of nutrients from the apple or pie contents. However, when they are baked, the nutritious content decreases.

Preparation Difficulty 

Both apple and pumpkin pies are simple to prepare. The most time-consuming aspect of the job is preparing the fillings. There are several filling recipes, but the most common are grated apples and sugar for apple pie, canned pumpkin or pumpkin puree, and sugar for pumpkin pie.

Most people purchase the crusts, so there isn’t much to it, but creating it is equally simple. It may take one or two attempts, but you will quickly learn the method.


Both pumpkin and apple pie are popular holiday table additions, so it’s not so much a matter of how many people love them as it is of when they adore them. While apple pie is popular in the United States, pumpkin pie seems to be less so. Nonetheless, it has a big auditorium.

Both pies have become hallmark Christmas dishes, and no holiday meal would be complete without them.

Appearance and Smell

Before I go any further, I must mention that apple and pumpkin pie smell and look very delicious. Both are round, rustic, and delectably appealing.

If I had to select a favorite, I’d say apple pie is somewhat more enticing than pumpkin pie. Nonetheless, the light-colored crust, paired with the somewhat greenish apple filling peeking out from behind the dough, has a certain allure. But, then again, it might be simply my own preference.

Apple pie is a lady among pies when served with a ball of ice cream or a dollop of cream.

Pumpkin pie has a more rustic appearance and a craggy appearance. Perhaps it’s because it’s dark orange, nearly brown, with little difference between the crust and the filling. Nonetheless, the evident creaminess and thickness of the slices make it rather appealing.

Apple pie smells fruitier and sweeter than pumpkin pie but is a little more subtle. Pumpkin pie, on the other hand, has a more dominating aroma. The pumpkin’s earthiness is the most obvious fragrance characteristic.

Nonetheless, pumpkin pie smells beautiful and quite appealing.

Apple Pie vs. Pumpkin Pie: Which One to Make for Thanksgiving?

This is a difficult issue to answer, particularly because apple and pumpkin pie are staples of the Thanksgiving meal. Your style, preferences, and visitors will all influence your decision.

However, owing to the traditional Thanksgiving table décor, I am more attracted toward pumpkin pie during Thanksgiving. Because pumpkins are the major ornamental feature of the Thanksgiving table, a pumpkin pie makes more sense.

Still, if you want apple pie for Thanksgiving, go for it; it’s no less suitable than pumpkin pie.


Is pumpkin pie more popular than apple pie?

And, no matter how you slice it, apple pie is the winner. More pie trivia? One in every four Americans like apple pie, followed by pumpkin or sweet potato pie (17%), anything chocolate (14%), lemon meringue pie (11%), and cherry (10%).

What is considered the best pie?

Just in time for Pi Day, these are the top five most popular pies in America.
Pie with cherries.
Pie made with pumpkin.
Pie with apples.
Pie with pecans. Is it p-kan or pi-kän? …
Pie with blueberries. With Maine’s wild blueberries, it’s only natural that the New England states would claim blueberry pie as their favorite taste.

What is the healthiest pie to eat?

Choose completely fruit-filled pies over ones with higher-calorie additions like almonds and raisins. Choose pies with just the bottom crust. Use these suggestions to lighten up your next pie. Try a galette (also known as a crostada), an open-faced tart, or turnovers prepared with lower-calorie phyllo dough.

Why is apple pie the best pie?

Apple pies are one of the finest winter sweets since they are simple to prepare, ‘sort of’ nutritious, and remind you of your grandmother’s cooking. For good reason, the recipes haven’t altered much throughout the years. You don’t have to repair anything if it isn’t broken.

What is the most liked pie?

The obvious victor for the United States as a whole was (unsurprisingly) apple pie, with the classic taste accounting for more than 27% of sales.

What is the most liked pie in the world?

The Most Popular Pies on the Planet
Tomato Pie from South Korea.
Pie de Limón (Lemon Pie) from Mexico
No-Bake-Vegan French Silk Pie from Australia.
Apple Pie Chimichanga from Spain.
Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie from the United Kingdom.
Pie with Zucchini, Goat Cheese, and Honey from France.
Boston Cream Pie from the United States.
Tortinha de Morango no Copinho, Brazil.

What is the most popular pie in Canada?

Pie with apples. Apple Pie, a time-honored classic, is still a favorite throughout Canada and the United States, serving as the most popular pie flavor in both nations.

What is Gordon Ramsay’s favorite pie?

The delicious, syrupy caramelized apples are what truly set Gordon Ramsay’s apple pie different from the others.

What is the most pies eaten?

2005. Anthony “The Anaconda” Danson, a weight trainer from Lancashire, established a new record by eating seven pies in three minutes.

Is Costco pumpkin pie healthy?

(Here’s a breakdown of how many calories you should consume every day.) So, no, it’s not a superfood. That isn’t to say you shouldn’t indulge in Costco pumpkin pie, but do it in moderation. It is worth mentioning, however, that it is preservative-free, which is a health plus!

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