9 Best Chocolate Milk Powders You Need to Try!

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Kids of all ages have always loved chocolate milk powders. Whether youre 5 or 55, chocolate milk powder can cheer you up and turn even the dullest days into a cherished memory. Still, not all chocolate milk powders have the same effect, as some tend to curd and ruin your impatiently awaited experience. So which are the best chocolate milk powders?

Nesquick, Earth Echo, BariWise, Hersheys, Milo, Pure, Ghirardelli, Aadvik, and NOW Foods are the brands that make some of the best chocolate milk powders with high nutritional value and are recommended as safe and beneficial for children and adults.

As tasty as some find milk, others need to add some magic to make it more appealing. Cocoa powder is the most exploited ingredient known and beloved by many to make milk chocolate. Many brands have developed products that will not only make your glass of milk tastier but will also make it healthier. In the following paragraphs, I will discuss some of the best chocolate milk powders and explain them to make your choice easier.

Nesquick Powder Chocolate Milk Mix

9 Best Chocolate Milk Powders You Need to Try!

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When we think of Nesquick, this is what comes to mind; the classical Nesquick chocolate milk powder.This chocolate milk powder is available in banana and strawberry flavors and has become synonymous with warm memories and happy childhood.

Not only will it take you down memory lane, but this chocolate milk powder will nurture your body as it contains dietary fiber, iron, and potassium.

Earth Echo Cacao Bliss 

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Cacao bliss indeed.This blend consists of ten ingredients, including turmeric, Himalayan salt, mesquite, and cinnamon, all proven immunity boosters.It is vegan, soy-free, and gluten-free and advertised as all organic.

Earth Echo Cacao Bliss contains lots of nutritional elements and is said to be very healthy to consume, especially in the morning to kick off the day.

BariWise Protein Hot Cocoa 

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This cocoa powder is high in protein and low in sugar, so if you want your milk to taste like chocolate, but dont want it to be too sweet, then this product is for you.Also, the Barwise protein hot cocoa is meant to be an energizer; therefore, it is high in calories. Nevertheless, youll be fresh and energized all day if you have it in the morning.

Hershey’s Special Dark Chocolate Cocoa 

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Containing iron, calcium, potassium, and dietary fiber, Hersheys special dark chocolate cocoa is not only good for you but is also suitable for you.The taste is excellent with that recognizable bitterness of the dark chocolate intertwined with sweetness and somewhat velvety texture of the powder, rubbing off on the milk as well.

Nestle Milo Chocolate Milk Powder Drink 

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The Nestle Milo chocolate milk powder drink is packed in individual baggies and is very convenient to have on the go. It instantly turns into melted chocolate once you pour it into your mouth.You can also use it to add some chocolate magic to your milk if youre not in a rush and can enjoy a glass of milk.

The flavor of this chocolate milk powder is intense, but it is still gentle and very enjoyable. Nutrition-wise, this chocolate milk powder contains calcium, vitamins D, C, B2, and B12. It also contains a lot of protein and iron. So, if you need something nutritious, energizing, and satisfying, this product is for you.

Pyure Organic Chocolate Drink Mix With Cocoa

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Containing calcium, potassium, iron, protein, and dietary fiber, the Pyure chocolate milk powder is a healthy and delicious choice to start or end your day.When mixed with this chocolate milk powder, your glass of milk is more attractive, healthier, and silkier. This product is also advertised as organic and gluten-free, so it is safe even if youre prone to allergies.

It tastes strong in terms of the cocoa being a little expressive and noticeable bitter, but the tastes mix so well that everything is nicely balanced out, giving you a true milky celebration in your glass.

Ghirardelli Double Chocolate Premium Hot Cocoa Mix 

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With an intense chocolate flavor with a hint of vanilla, this chocolate milk powder offers excellent value for the price s it is very affordable yet of good quality.This chocolate milk powder contains sodium, iron, and calcium, but it also contains a significant amount of sugars and carbs. Therefore, I wouldnt recommend having a significant amount of this powder in your milk.

Moreover, it is better to have in the morning to have the rest of the day to spend. However, it is energizing, so it will help you perk up and stay that way for some time.

Aadvik Chocolate Flavor Freeze Dried Pure Camel Milk Powder

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This is more of powdered milk than milk powder, as it is milk dissolvable in water.Even though it doesnt fit 100% into the milk powder category, it is still worth mentioning on this list, as it tastes fantastic and has the same chocolate milk effect as the rest of the products listed here.

This product is very nutritious as it is a rich source of vitamins, calcium, iron, and proteins. Moreover, camel milk is known for its nurturing capacity and benefits your health. Even though this powder is intended to dissolve in water, you can use it as a regular milk powder.

Dont fill up the glass, but mix 80% water and 20% cow milk, as camel milk is very strong and it doesnt tolerate a large percentage of other milk.

NOW Foods Organic Cocoa Powder

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Although unsweetened, this milk powder delivers a strong and intense chocolate taste. It is low in fat and calorie, so you can have more than one serving and not worry about it. This chocolate milk powder also contains magnesium, protein, iron, and calcium and is advertised as entirely organic and made of Indonesian cocoa.

This product is beneficial for children as it doesnt contain added sugars and contains nutrients instead.

Which One Is Healthy Chocolate Powder for Milk? 

A healthy chocolate milk powder is a product with a high nutritional value, i.e., it contains vitamins and minerals and is low in sugars, fats, and carbs.Also, the more organic it is, the healthier it is. Gluten-free doesnt necessarily mean that the chocolate milk powder is healthy, but it is a good feature if you are allergy-prone.

All of the chocolate milk powders on this list are healthy, which is why they made it here in the first place. The brands mentioned here are mindful about what they sell, so even though some brands chocolate milk powders are richer in sugar, they make up for it by being rich in nutrients too.

The products listed in this article differ by one or several features, but that doesnt mean that some are worse than others. The ones richer in carbs and sugars are good to have in the morning and maybe cut down to one or two servings daily. Still, none of the products here are harmful or contain harmful ingredients.


What’s the best chocolate milk mix?

Here are the best chocolate milk brands to help satisfy your healthy sweet tooth.
Nesquik Chocolate Milk.
Fairlife 2% Chocolate Milk.
Fairlife Yup! …
Yoohoo Chocolate Drink.
Shamrock Farms Whole Chocolate Milk.
Slate Classic Chocolate Milk.
Snickers Chocolate Low-fat Milk.
Organic Valley Lowfat Chocolate Milk.

Which milk powder is best for making chocolate?

One of the best milk powders for making chocolate is the Dutch-processed cocoa powder. This type of powder is made by treating the cocoa beans with an alkali solution, which helps to neutralize the acidity. Dutch-processed cocoa powder results in a smoother and more intense chocolate flavor.

Which is the healthiest chocolate powder?

Vicky Wasik.
Pure Natural Miracles Cacao Powder. Pure Natural Miracles Cacao Powder, Organic Raw Unsweetened Cocoa, 1 lb. Amazon.Sunfood Superfoods Organic Cacao Powder. Sunfood Superfoods Cacao Powder – Pure Raw Organic. 1 lb Bag. Amazon.
Penzeys Natural Cocoa Powder. Penzeys Natural Cocoa Powder. Serious Eats

Why is Borden chocolate milk so good?

In addition to being low in sugar and high in antioxidants, Borden Dutch Chocolate milk is also an excellent source of calcium and vitamin D—two nutrients that are essential for strong bones and teeth. And because it’s made with skim milk, Borden Dutch Chocolate milk is also low in fat and calories.

What chocolate milk tastes like melted ice cream?

Chocolate delectability in every bottle. Fans say that our chocolate milk is amazing and tastes “just like melted chocolate ice cream!” So, enjoy the extraordinarily rich chocolate flavor of Promised Land Dairy Midnight Chocolate milk and feel good knowing this family favorite is as wholesome as they come.

What does Starbucks use for chocolate powder?

A velvety and smooth chocolate powder, crafted with 42% cocoa powder for the ultimate hot chocolate experience.

What is the difference between cocoa powder and chocolate powder?

Chocolate powder is often confused for cocoa powder, but thankfully we’re here to clear all of that up for you! Chocolate powder is originally from cocoa and is processed with other ingredients; in contrary, Cocoa powder is deemed as the more pure and natural form of chocolate, with no other ingredients added.

Which type of cocoa powder is the most chocolatey?

Dutch process cocoa powder is sometimes called “alkalized,” “European style,” or “dutched.” Dutch process cocoa has a more intense “chocolatey” flavor as opposed to natural unsweetened cocoa powder. Dutch process cocoa powder is neutral.

Which chocolate is best for anti aging?

Dark Chocolate may do wonders in helping one look younger. As per recent studies, it has been worked out that cocoa beans (the main ingredient of real chocolate) have an anti-aging benefit.

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