8 Funfetti Cake Filling Ideas You Need to Try!

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Happy and cheerful, funfetti cake is a welcomed addition to many birthday parties, celebrations, casual friend gatherings, or just some feel-good self-indulgence moments. No matter the occasion, funfetti cake will brighten up your mood and your table. In addition to the rainbow-colored sprinkles that give this cake its name and reputation, funfetti cake is also known for being incredibly versatile in terms of filing. So what are the best funfetti cake fillings?

Cherry filling, mascarpone cream, vanilla buttercream, classic buttercream, chocolate ganache, coconut cream cheese filling, banana filling, and Nutella buttercream cake filling are the best filling options for funfetti cake.

Funfetti cake offers many filling options and is adaptable, which is why it has many fans worldwide. It can be made with a variety of fillings, each one giving it a new and unexplored dimension, whereby it doesnt take away the cakes authenticity. To help you get the best possible funfetti cake experience, in the following paragraphs, I will discuss which are the best funfetti cake fillings, how to make them, and which brands you should buy.

What Filling Goes With Funfetti Cake?

8 Funfetti Cake Filling Ideas You Need to Try!

To know what fillings are best for funfetti cake, you first need to know what makes the funfetti cake a funfetti cake.The trick is in the cake batter and, of course, the sprinkles. Traditionally, the funfetti cake is white, and most funfetti cake fillings are white, but that doesnt mean you cant experiment with other colors.

However, as long as you get the batter right and dont forget the sprinkles, you can fill the funfetti cake with any of the fillings listed below. A word to the wise, though, you should make the filling as creamy as possible, as a creamy texture is the most compatible with the texture and consistency of the cake layers.

Cherry Filling

Creamy cherry filling is a great idea to freshen up your funfetti cake and make it even more colorful.The cherry filling will be a great addition to your funfetti cake also because of the smooth and soft texture of the cherries, adding that fruity sourness that intertwines perfectly with the already existing vanilla sweetness of the cake.

Making the cherry filling is very easy. Just boil the cherries with sugar and corn starch and let them cool. You can smear the cake layers with the cherry filling alone or top the cherries with whipped cream.

On the other hand, if you dont feel like making the cherry filling from scratch, you can always buy some. Id recommend the canned cherry filling from Duncan Hines Comstock Original Pie Filling and Topping, which is the best ranked for 2022.

Mascarpone Cream

Widely known and famous as the main ingredient in cheesecake, this list would be incomplete without the creamy, rich, and voluptuous mascarpone cream.Sweet, savory, and tangy simultaneously, it will accentuate the vanilla flavor and aroma of the funfetti cake without overburdening the dessert.

Moreover, since mascarpone cream is already white, the funfetti cake will retain the traditional ivory color, making the rainbow color sprinkles even more visible.

To make the mascarpone cream, you need to beat the mascarpone with powdered sugar until it turns creamy. You can also add a few drops of milk to give the mascarpone cream an even more intense milky dimension.

If you dont want to make the mascarpone cream yourself, you can buy the Gusto Dolce Mascarpone Cream, proclaimed as the best for 2022.

Vanilla Buttercream

Vanilla buttercream will flatter the funfetti cake already existing vanilla flavor and will make it even more elegant.The rich buttercream will make the dessert even smoother and softer, making the funfetti cake melt in your mouth.

To make vanilla buttercream, you need to whip butter and heavy cream until both homogenize into a single creamy unit. Add some sugar and a pinch of salt and vanilla extract. Smear this delicious filling on the cake layers and enjoy the creamy refinement, the expressive yet understated vanilla flavor, and the silky texture your funfetti cake offers.

If you want to buy a ready-made vanilla buttercream, I recommend the Duncan Hines Creamy Vanilla Frosting and Pillsbury Creamy Supreme Vanilla Frosting.

Classic Buttercream

Like the vanilla buttercream, the classicbuttercream provides the same creaminess and richness as the funfetti cake,but without as much vanilla flavoring.Therefore,this is the best solution if you like creaminess but dont like the expressive vanilla flavor.

Add powdered sugar and a pinch of salt to make classic buttercream, heavy whip cream, and butter together. If you want to buy this filling, go with the Duncan Hines Creamy Buttercream Frosting instead of making it.

Chocolate Ganache

Chocolate ganache can never go wrong.Rich, soft, and chewy, the chocolate ganache will add edge and character to your funfetti cake. Since the chocolate ganache has a thick texture, it will add volume to your cake and the wonderful way the white and brown will combine, interjected with the rainbow sprinkles.

Chocolate ganache is ridiculously simple, making this filling even better. You just melt finely chopped chocolate and place it in a bowl. Place the bowl over a boiling water pot for the chocolate to melt.

Heat cream, and once the chocolate has melted, mix the cream and the melted chocolate. Stir until it gets cold, and then smear the ganache on the funfetti cake layers.The best chocolate ganache at the moment is from the brand Totally Chocolate, available in the stores and online.

Coconut Cream Cheese Filling

The coconut cream cheese filling contains just a few ingredients and is not onlysimple and easy to make but is also very rich and satisfying.This filling ishighly compatible with the flavors already contained in the funfetti cake, adding some magic of its own.

To make coconut cream cheese filling, you need boxed cream cheese, coconut shavings, heavy coconut flavoring, and unsalted butter. Whip the ingredients together and have a creamy filling in just a few minutes.

Sadly, if youre planning on buying coconut cream cheese filling, you wont have much luck, as no manufacturer sells it according to the above recipe. It will either contain some additional ingredients or will be lacking some. However, since it isnt hard to make, Id recommend you dont compromise and make it yourself.

Banana Filling

Giving your funfetti cake a fruity, rich, and almost exotic whiff, you may findthe banana filling to be the best combination for your funfetti cake fun.Not only is it very straightforward to make, butit contains fresh bananas, which make this filling all the more creamy and satisfying.

You will need to mash milk, bananas, and butter and add some powdered sugar to the mixture. If you want to, you can add whipped cream as well to make the filling even reached. If you want your cake to have an even stronger vanilla flavor, feel free to add some in the filling, as it goes perfectly with the bananas.

Efco banana cream filling is the best solution if you want to buy a ready-made banana filling for your funfetti cake.

Nutella Buttercream Cake Filling 

Last on this list, but certainly not least,the Nutella buttercream filling will stimulate your senses and enrich your funfetti cake in ways you could never have imagined.Creamy, thick, rich, and elegant, this filling will flatter your funfetti cake and enhance the already existing flavors.

All you need is Nutella, butter, and heavy cream for this filling. Whip the three ingredients with an electric mixer until they turn into a single cloudy, airy, and incredibly creamy unit. Spear it on the funfetti cake layers and enjoy.

If you want to save time and get a ready-made Nutella buttercream filling, you need to buy the buttercream and Nutella separately and then mix them together. Id recommend you get the Duncan Hines Creamy Buttercream Frosting.

How Many Layers Should Funfetti Cake Have?

8 Funfetti Cake Filling Ideas You Need to Try!

Funfetti cake istraditionally a three-layer cake.However, there are funfetti cakes with four layers and two layers. The minimum number of layers for a funfetti cake, or any layer cake, for that matter, is two, and you can go as high as you want.

Is Funfetti Cake Just a Vanilla Cake With Sprinkles?

Funfetti cake is a buttery vanilla cake with sprinkles.Funfetti cake is very versatile, and you can combine it with several fillings and frostings, as long as you keep the features, making it a funfetti cake.


What flavors go well with Funfetti cake?

Some flavors that pair well with funfetti cake are strawberry, lemon curd, berry, coconut, even chocolate if you want to get crazy, but usually, funfetti is just white cake and vanilla buttercream.

What are the 6 types of filling use in cakes?

Buttercream is a classic filling choice, but you might also consider trying one of our other favorites to add extra flavor to your cake.
Chocolate Filling.
Strawberry Cream Filling.
Raspberry Filling.
Apricot Filling.
Cream Cheese Filling.

Is Funfetti cake just vanilla with sprinkles?

Is Funfetti Cake Just Vanilla with Sprinkles? Funfetti cake is a buttery vanilla cake with sprinkles throughout the batter and frosted with vanilla buttercream. When it comes to vanilla cakes – they fall into 2 categories: yellow cake – which is made with whole eggs to give it a golden yellow color.

What should be the amount of cake filling?

I recommend about ½ cup of filling for a 3-layer, 8-inch cake and about ¼ cup of filling for a 4-layer, 6-inch cake.

What are good cake and filling flavor combinations?

Other Classic Cake Flavor Combinations
Lemon Poppy Seed Cake with Lemon Buttercream.
Apple Pie Cupcakes with Cinnamon Buttercream.
Sweet Potato Cake with Marshmallow Frosting.
Gingerbread Cake with Mocha Buttercream.
Pumpkin Spice Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting.
Dark Chocolate Orange Cake with Chocolate Ganache.

What are the 3 most popular cake flavors?

Top 10 Most Popular Cakes
Funfetti cake.
Pineapple Upside Down cake.
Lemon Cake.
Black Forest Cake.
Vanilla Cake.
Red Velvet Cake. The second most popular cake is the gorgeous-looking red velvet cake.
Chocolate Cake. The chocolate cake very obviously secures the first rank.

What are the best examples of filling?

Types of fillings

Examples of this type are basic creams, custard- and cheese-based creams, or dulce de leche. Chocolate ganache, fudges and marshmallows. Fruit-based fillings: as well as adding sweetness, fruit pastes are used for functional and health benefits.

What are the 5 types of filling?

5 Types of tooth filling materials
Silver amalgam fillings. This is a popular filling.
Composite fillings. Composite fillings are created from plastic and resin material.
Ceramic fillings. They are created using porcelain material, which makes it both durable and cosmetically appealing.
Glass ionomer fillings.

What sprinkles don t melt in cake?

Jimmies. These are the little rod-shaped sprinkles that you probably see most often, typically in rainbow colors or plain chocolate, and they are the best for baking. They hold up to being mixed into dough without bleeding and don’t melt in the end result.

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